I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – Magic Saint

Part 1


(I’m back.)

“Ah, welcome back!”

After we finished the sightseeing tour on Earth, we were relaxing at my house when Master Usagi returned. He went out of his way to ask for help from the Magic Saint in order to help Merl-san’s request as we were sightseeing on Earth.

Before Master Usagi said anything, Merl-san first operated the terminal so that Master Usagi could also understand the language of planet Amel.

(…Yes. I think you can understand my language now.)

(…It’s true.)

Master Usagi was surprised that he could now understand Merl-san’s words.

Then Iris-san called out to Master Usagi.

“So, how did it go? Is he going to help us?”

(Yeah. And his disciple too.)

“His disciple? He has a disciple?”

(Yeah, and it’s a human twin.)

“No way…”

Seeing Iris-san in a daze, I, Lexia-san and the others tilted our heads.

I wonder if it is that strange for the Magic Saint to take a disciple?

…Could it be that he’s a difficult person?

“Well, that’s fine. So, where is the Magic Saint?”

(Oh… he’s outside the other world’s house. Let’s meet him first.)

(R-right. And since he will be helping me this time…)

Merl-san nodded to Master Usagi’s words, and we all headed for the garden of Sage-san’s house.


“W-what is this place…?”

“Amazing, isn’t it, Rill?”

“Yes, it is, Ruri!”

There was a man who was looking around Sage-san’s house in somewhat of a daze and two girls whose faces looked exactly alike. The girls seemed to be human, but the surprised man had long ears and looked like an elf from a fairy tale.

Kagurazaka-san seemed to think the same as I did, and her eyes widened.

“O-oh… He’s not a human, is he?”


Well, I’ve met a lot of non-human beings: the Evil isn’t human, Master Usagi is a rabbit, and Merl-san is an alien, but I’m still surprised every time I see a race different from humans.

The man who was looking around seemed to have noticed something and opened his eyes even wider.

“W-wait. This magic… could it possibly belong to the sage…?”

(Odis. I know you’re interested, but why don’t you introduce yourself first?)

“You still look like an idiot researcher, huh…?”

Master Usagi and Iris-san said to the surprised man… perhaps he is the Magic Saint.

As if their words had reached his ears, the man looked a little uncomfortable and came over with the girls.

“U-umu… I’m sorry. I had heard about it from Usagi, but when I saw it myself, I just couldn’t resist…”

“That’s Master’s bad habit, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Master’s bad habits.”

“Shut up, you two.”

The man was tediously dealing with the girls’ words. Maybe those girls were his disciples.

The man then came out into the garden and looked over at us.

“So, who’s the owner of this house?”

“Oh, that’s me! My name is Yuuya.”

“You’re Usagi and Iris… Rather than that, what kind of magic is this…!”

The man stared at my body and then opened his eyes.

“You have very sophisticated magic power constantly flowing through your magic power circuit… which is nothing short of perfect, and you have a huge amount of magic power, and yet you are a disciple of the Kicking Saint and the Sword Saint? That’s nonsense…!”

“Well, everyone feels that way at first, right?”

(Hmph. He has to be that good to be my disciple.)

“What nonsense… No, it’s going to take a long time if we argue here. I’m Odis, the Magic Saint. And these two are my unworthy disciples───”

“I’m Ruri!

“I’m Rill!”

“”Nice to meet you!””

That’s how the Magic Saint’s Odis-san and the others introduced themselves.

As it were, everyone introduced themselves, and then Odis-san turned his gaze to Merl-san.

“And so, you are the one…”

(Yes. My name is Merl. Thank you so much for lending me your help… )

Merl-san looked over at us again and bowed her head.

By the way, Merl-san has already operated the terminal so that Odis-san and his two disciples can understand her language.

Odis-san looked at us again and nodded.

“I see, so these are the people who are going into space this time.”

“Ah, as expected, we can’t take Lexia-san with us, but…”

“Yuuya-sama? I-I’m coming with you too!”

No, Lexia-san. I can’t take a princess with me…

Luna is also holding her head at Lexia-san’s words.

“Hey, Lexia… what can you do if you follow them…?”

“I can cook!”

“Yuuya. I’ll do whatever I can to stop her.”

It would help if you did.

I’m glad Lexia-san said that, but her cooking is very unique…

And I don’t think I have enough energy to fight while protecting Lexia-san and the others.

When I thought about it, I realized that I hadn’t introduced Ouma-san, who was the only one sleeping in the house.

“Oh, he hasn’t shown up here, but there’s a dragon in my house named Ouma-san.”

“…Usagi had told me about him, I believe he is the Genesis Dragon…”

“Yes. He usually sleeps all the time, but he’s very reliable, you know?”

“Hmm… if there’s the Genesis Dragon, we should be safe unless something goes wrong…”

“Err… Ouma-san is capricious, so I’m not sure if he would cooperate…”

“──I can hear you.”

Then Ouma-san spoke directly into my head from inside the house.

“The Genesis Dragon alone is a surprise, but the wolf, pig, and the bird are no ordinary magical beasts either… Who are you, really…?”

“E-even if you say so…”




“”They’re so cute!””

When I was at a loss as to what to say in response to Odis-san’s words, Ruri and Rill raised their voices when they saw the reaction of Night and the others. Night and the others are cute, indeed.

Then Luna, who had been watching our exchange, opened her mouth in exasperation.

“…But then again, Yuuya has surprised me since the first time I met him… I never thought I’d get to know the Holy like this…”

“This is because it’s Yuuya-sama! It’s only natural!”

“I don’t know why you’re being so pompous, but maybe you’re right…”

I don’t think it’s because of me, but as Luna said, you wouldn’t normally expect to be acquainted with people with titles like the Holy.

When I was feeling this way about Luna’s words, Odis-san approached me with a slightly excited look.

“By the way, Yuuya-dono!”


“I’ve been thinking about this house for a while now… Are you the one who activated the barrier that surrounds this house?”

At Odis-san’s question, Master Usagi, Iris-san, and also Luna were all looking at me as if they were curious.

Speaking of which, I explained that the barrier would prevent monsters from coming in, but I don’t think I told them that this house was actually Sage-san’s house…

“Err… there’s actually something I haven’t told you guys…”

“Something you haven’t told us?”

“Yes. Actually, this place was originally Sage-san’s house…”


“Not only the house but also my magic circuit and the weapon I use were all inherited from Sage-san…”


Hearing my explanation, not only Odis-san, but also Iris-san and others widened their eyes.

Even the usually calm Master Usagi froze at my words…

“W-what’s wrong?”

“Wait, Yuuya-kun! What’s wrong, you say? No, no, no! Is this really the house of the sage?”

“T-that’s right.”

“…Yuuya, you don’t seem to understand how amazing it is…”

N-no, Luna-san. I’ve already gotten accustomed to the fact that it’s so natural for Sage-san to be amazing…

Feeling uncomfortable, Odis-san continued in an increasingly excited manner.

“L-listen, Yuuya-dono! The sage is a legendary existence that everyone who lives in this world has heard of! He is a miraculous person who is said to have died as a human being while holding the power of a god in his possession! Every country is searching for the research materials and magic left behind by such a sage and is desperately studying them. But, to inherit the legacy of the sage in such a simple way… and even though you are from another world… how can anyone not be surprised by that?”

“A-as expected of Sage-san…”

It’s really amazing that even after death, he can still have such an impact on future generations.

Then Odis-san shouted as if he noticed something.

“You said that you inherited… but are you sure that the sage hasn’t died yet?”

“Ah, no… Sage-san is already dead. I didn’t even know that I had inherited it until I read the letter that was left in the house…”

“Y-you mean he foresaw that someone would come to this place sooner or later…? I should say that he was indeed a sage, but as legend has it, he is no longer with us…”

“Yes.. it seems that he died quietly in a cave in the depths of this [Great Devil’s Nest].”

“A cave?”

“Yes. That’s where I found Sage-san’s body.”

“What? Is that true?”


Odis-san came up to me while breathing hard.

“Where is it? Does it still exist?”


Of course, I remember the place where I found Sage-san’s body.

However, the area was recently wiped out by Avis, so I did not know what happened to it.

“I remember the location, but the battle with Avis the other day wiped out most of the [Great Devil’s Nest]… I’m not sure if it’s still safe or not…”

“….It’s hard to believe that most of the [Great Devil’s Nest] were wiped out, but that’s how strong the ultimate perfection’s Evil was. But even if they are not safe, as a magician, I still want to take a look at the place where the sage lies. Please, take me there.”

Odis-san lowered his head as he said that.

I don’t mind that, but Merl-san is also in a difficult situation, so I looked at her, and she nodded.

(It’s fine with me. The place where this sage lies isn’t far away, is it?)

“Yes, you’re right.”

(If that’s the case, let’s head there once and then depart again. Since you’re helping me, I have no problem with that.)

As we were preparing to leave immediately, Ouma-san, who had been sleeping at home, came over.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Ouma-san?”

“You are going to the place where the sage is lying, aren’t you? If so, I’m coming with you.”

By the way, I never properly explained to Ouma-san where Sage-san was lying…

As I was regretting that I should have told him earlier, I saw Lexia-san and Luna.

“I’m so excited to be going to the place where that sage is lying…!”

“No, we’d better get back.”

“Eh? W-wait, Luna!”

It seems that Luna has decided to leave at this time.

Just like Lexia-san, Kagurazaka-san was surprised by the suddenness of the event, but she also understood and nodded in agreement.

“We went out to register Mai in the adventurer’s guild to give her some combat experience. So we happened to head to Yuuya’s house… As expected, we can’t just follow him. We’re not going to hold them back any longer.”

“N-no way…!”

“What about Mai? Do you want to leave Yuuya’s house and go back to your world?”

“…Yes. But the Evil Beasts are still in this world, aren’t they? If that’s the case, I’ll stay here for a little while longer.”

“I see… that makes sense. Lexia, the three of us are going back to the Regal Kingdom.”


Lexia-san, who was acting like a spoiled child, was not very princess-like.

However, Iris-san and the others agreed with Luna’s idea, so in the end, she agreed.

Once the preparations were complete, we took Lexia-san and the others to the [Great Devil’s Nest] entrance and parted ways with the three of them once again.

“See you then. I think it’s safe to say that you’ll be fine with such a strong lineup, but… be careful.”

“Yes, thank you.”

When I nodded at Luna’s words, Lexia-san looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“Ugh… Yuuya-sama…”


I didn’t know what to say to her in this situation, and I could only be confused.

“Ah, Kagurazaka-san, if you want to come back to Earth, you can always go back from my house, so don’t worry. As expected, it’s dangerous to go through the [Great Devil’s Nest] alone, so you’ll probably have to go back with Iris-san or me, but at least you can go home by yourself.”

“Yes, I understand. I will continue to work in the Regal Kingdom for a while, so please come and get me if anything happens.”


After exchanging a few words with each of the three, they left.


“Alright, then… let’s head to the cave!”

I once again head to the place where Sage-san lies.


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