I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Part 4


While Yuuya and the others were sightseeing on Earth…

In the other world, Usagi was on his way to the place where the “Magic Saint ” lived in order to help Merl.

Previously, Usagi and Iris had been traveling to the Magic Saint’s place, but they ended up seeing Yuuya, so they postponed it.

As a result, he was once again pushing forward through the mountains against the powerful monsters of [Sky Mountain].



However, even the powerful monsters were powerless in front of Usagi and each of them was brought down with a single kick.

(Good grief… to live in such a troublesome place. I wish you would consider the people who are going to visit your home.)

Usagi went on, complaining about the “Magic Saint” who was not present.

However, after a certain amount of progress, he suddenly stopped.

(Well… this is where it starts.)

Unlike before, Usagi braced himself and took a step forward.

At that moment──.


A magic circle appears above Usagi’s head, and a huge water spear emerges from it and tries to pierce through Usagi relentlessly. He jumped to avoid it, but as if his movements had been predicted, several magic circles appeared in other places, from which water spears were released one after another.

(The number of these traps… is why I hate this…)

Usagi nimbly dodged the magic while making a disgusted expression from the bottom of his heart facing the magic that came towards him.

Then, using a tree as a foothold, he gathered all his strength at once and gazed toward the mountain summit.

(It’s too much trouble. I’m going to go through with this──!)

When he released all of his accumulated power at once, the trees and ground that Usagi had used as footholds flew apart from the impact.

The speed was incredible, and Usagi flew towards the top of the mountain like a single bullet.

More and more magic circles were added in an attempt to shoot down Usagi as he ran across the mountain, but they were unable to catch him.

In the end, the magic didn’t hit Usagi until the end, and he reached the top of the mountain.

(I have arrived, huh?)

In front of Usagi’s eyes, there stood a wooden house that gave off an atmosphere similar to that of Yuuya’s house in the [Great Devil’s Nest], and it was surrounded by a fence.

As Usagi approached the house without any particular hesitation, a figure appeared from the inside of the fence.

“Huh? Is someone here?”

“Huh? It looks like someone’s here.”

“Do you know Master?”

“You must know Master.”

Then there were two girls looking around. Moreover, the girls had identical faces and were definitely twins.

Usagi was also faintly surprised, as she hadn’t expected to find another human in the place where the “Magic Saint” lived but was quickly convinced.

(…Did he take a disciple too? Even though he was originally a misanthrope… I guess it’s not completely impossible, huh?)

The twins’ eyes widened when they finally saw Usagi as he headed towards the entrance while muttering this.

“Wow! Is that a rabbit?”

“Wow! It’s a rabbit!”

The twins had not expected the visitor (?) to be a rabbit. They ran back toward the house, their eyes shining with excitement.

“Master! A rabbit is coming?”

“Master! A rabbit is coming!”

“──What’s all the noise?”

Then another figure appeared from inside the house. The person had slightly different features from a normal human.

He had long blond hair, green eyes, and long pointed ears. His eyebrows were wrinkled, and he wore glasses, which suggested that he had a somewhat serious personality.

The guy who had just appeared seemed to be bothered by the twins but suddenly seemed to notice a presence at the entrance…

“Hmm? You are…”

(You look no different, Odis.)

The man Usagi addressed as Odis widened his eyes slightly, but his expression quickly changed to one of annoyance.

“…So, Usagi, huh? As you can see, I’m busy. Go back now.”

(You don’t look so busy, though.)

Odis let out a big sigh at Usagi, who didn’t seem to be leaving.

“…Sigh. It’s okay. So, what are you doing here? Did you encounter any Evil guy?”

(…You really don’t know anything, do you…?)


The fact that Odis, who was the Magic Saint, was unaware of the fact that Evil had appeared in the first place made Usagi want to hold his head.

(…Evil had appeared. It’s also the ultimate perfection.)

“Wha? What does that mean? I don’t know anything about that!”

(That’s because you’re a shut-in…)

Usagi’s head hurted more and more as Odis showed no signs of being offended. Then the twins, who were watching the exchange between the two, looked at each other.

“Is Master a shut-in?”

“Master is a shut-in.”

“Shut up, you two.”

Usagi also looked at the twins again and asked Odis.

(Are those humans your disciples?)

“Yes. That’s because they have something special for a human.”

(It’s unusual, isn’t it? I thought that if you were to take an apprentice, it would be an elf as well…)

“Hmm. It would be nothing more than a hassle to take on such a haughty bunch as my disciples.”

(…Those words come straight back at you.)

Usagi let out a sigh of exasperation.

“It’s not about that! I don’t think we have time to talk here. The Evil has appeared, hasn’t it? If that’s the case, let the other Holy──.”

(Didn’t you hear? I told you they had appeared.)

“…What? What do you mean…?”

This is where Odis finally understood what Usagi was talking about, and he gave him a dubious look.

“Then what is it? That Evil has already been defeated?”



With the fact that it was so quickly admitted, Odis fell silent.

Then Usagi gave Odis some additional information.

(As I mentioned earlier, Evil has become the ultimate perfection.)

“That’s it! I was curious. What is it? What is that ultimate perfection…?”

(It’s just that. It means that it has taken in the other Evil and appeared as the one and only Evil that is complete.)

“Can such an existence really be defeated? Or is it possible that Evil was even weaker than we imagined?

(No. It’s more like the opposite. There’s no way I could have defeated it, and neither could Iris.)


It was because Odis was well aware of Usagi’s and Iris’s skills as a Kicking Saint and a Sword Saint that he was taken aback by Usagi’s words.

After hearing everything that was said up to this point, Odis realized that there were more things happening in the world outside of his house than he thought.

(Don’t worry. I’ll explain everything to you in detail. That’s one of the reasons I came to see you, you know.)

“…Alright. Go inside. You two, prepare the tea.”


When Odis invited him into the house, Usagi explained everything that had happened to him.

The fact that Usagi made Yuuya his disciple, and then Iris also became his master.

And the fact that Yuuya’s family defeated the Evil instead…

He told him everything.

After listening to the story, Odis held his head, which was a complete change from the beginning.

“I’ve been studying magic for a while now…”

(Well, it’s not something you’d believe, is it?)

“Of course, the Evil story is one thing, but as for me, I’m also surprised that Usagi and Iris took on an apprentice. Well… if he’s not the kind of person who can inherit your skills, he won’t be able to compete with the Evil…”

After convincing himself of this, Odis looked at Usagi again.

“So, you’re here only to report that the Evil has been defeated?”

(Hmm? You’re surprisingly calm. I thought you would be angrier, but…)

“Don’t make fun of me. I didn’t even know that the outside world was in such a state; I had no right to be angry. Although I’m not sure how your apprentice beat it…”

(Hmph… Well, at least we won’t be fighting Evil in our generation ever again. More importantly, while it is true that reporting is one of the reasons why I came to see you, the original purpose is another.)

Usagi then explained in detail again about his apprentice Yuuya being from another world and about the alien invaders from outer space, the Dragonias, and Merl, another alien who had begged for help from their invasion.


“What the hell is that situation…!”

Odis held his head.

“It’s not just that it’s a different world, but that it’s in space? How much more confusing can it get…!”

The twin disciples, who had never seen the Magic Saint distraught before, were wide-eyed at their master’s appearance.

“Wow. Master is confused, isn’t he?”

“Yes. Master is confused.”

(…Well, I can’t understand what is going on either. But it’s also true that I actually saw them and fought them.)

For a while, Usagi ignored Odis, who could not seem to recover from his confusion and turned his gaze to the twins.

(So, what about you two?)

“Ah! We haven’t introduced ourselves yet?”

“We didn’t introduce ourselves!”

“I’m Ruri!

“I’m Rill!”

“”It’s nice to meet you!””


NyX Translations


Ruri and Rill bowed together.

Both of them have green hair in side-tails, each tied on the opposite side.

Although there are some differences other than their appearance, such as how Ruri often speaks in the question form, it would be hard to tell them apart if you are not used to it.

While listening to the names of these two, Usagi was assessing their abilities.

(Fumu… Rather than saying that each person is complete, would it be correct to say that the two of them are one person?)

“Oh, you understand perfectly, don’t you? We’re only half a person when we’re alone, but our master says that when we’re together, we’re one person.”

“Well, I’d like to be called full-fledged when I’m alone…”

“…Hmm. Even with two, you’re still only half as good, you idiot.”


After recovering from his confusion, Odis said to them and faced Usagi again.

“I understand the situation for the moment. So what do you want from me?”

(It’s not that difficult. I just need you to lend us a hand. As I said before, the alien is asking for our help. My apprentice is going to take care of it, and Iris and I will lend a hand with it. Thanks to my apprentice, we were able to defeat the Evil. We can say that we will repay that debt. However, as we found out after fighting the aliens, we are not strong enough to fight them alone. That’s why I’ve come to ask for your help as well.)

“Cooperation, huh…? From what I’ve heard, that world and universe seem to be an environment where the power of science, not magic, has a strong influence. I’d be interested to see if there’s any new magic technology out there that I haven’t seen before…”

When Odis said that, Usagi suddenly remembered Yuuya’s house.

(By the way, the house where my apprentice lives uses barrier magic that I’ve never seen before.)


(I’ve seen many of the magic you use, but it’s even more powerful than that. It’s a barrier that allows him to live safely in the [Great Devil’s Nest], after all.”


(Yeah. It’s a ridiculous barrier that prevents any physical or magical attack. In fact, even the attacks of the ultimate perfection’s Evil had no effect at all…)

“Wha!? That would be impossible without the magic of the legendary sage.”

Hearing Usagi’s words, Odis was once again stunned.

This is because the place where Odis and the others live is also a dangerous place, and the house where they live now has a magic barrier around it, just like Yuuya’s house.

However, the barrier was not perfect, and sometimes monsters entered beyond the barrier.

Despite this, Odis could not imagine that Yuuya’s house was completely protected from the threat of monsters by the barrier alone, even though it was located in the more dangerous area called the [Great Devil’s Nest].

(And then, just as the barrier magic on the house, of course, the magic controlled by my apprentice who lives there is also non-standard and powerful. This is a great chance to meet such a man… Are you interested?)

Odis looked thoughtful for a while, but then he let out a sigh.

Sigh… If you say so, I’ll have to check.”

When he said that, Odis straightened his posture.

“Alright. I’ll help you fight this alien thing.”

(Is that so?)

“And, is it okay to bring the twins?”


(That’s fine, but… are you sure? The destination is an unknown universe, and it’s also quite dangerous, you know?)

The twins, as well as Usagi, were surprised by Odis’s words, and he nodded.

“I’m aware of that. But you want a fighting force, don’t you? Then you can use my apprentice. One, or even two, would be of help.”

“”Master. That means that the two of us can be a full-fledged──.””

“Don’t get carried away, fool.”

Although Odis had said so, Usagi had intuitively sensed that the two of them would actually be able to help.

Usagi nodded while laughing at Odis’s untruthful attitude.

(I understand. Then we’ll head to my apprentice as soon as possible. Is that okay?)



──In this way, the “Magic Saint” and his disciple joined the group.


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