I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 3 Part 3

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Part 3


(…There’s no sign of spaceships in the vicinity. I think it’s safe to say we’ve escaped.)

“Haah… that’s good to hear.”

I was relieved hearing Merl-san’s words, and was finally able to relax my shoulders.

“But why were we ambushed, anyway?”

(As I said before, they calculated the distance we traveled by warp from our path. Immediately after the warp is deactivated, the spaceship has no choice but to be in a vulnerable situation…)

It’s true, as Merl-san said, we were sitting in our seats when the warp was deactivated, and more importantly, the ambushers could just aim at us and attack.

(However, since there are several possible locations for us to release the warp besides the place where we were ambushed, the Dragonias must have been waiting in several units. Fortunately, thanks to that, the number of spaceships waiting in ambush was small…)

It seemed that as a result of a combination of various luck, we were able to get through this safely.

I didn’t expect to be attacked at that moment, but it was still a great experience to be able to battle in space.

I don’t know what will happen next time we fight the Dragonias, but I think I will be able to move better.

As I was thinking about this, I suddenly had a strange feeling.

“H-hmm? W-what is it?”

“Yuuya-kun? What’s wrong?”

Iris-san, who noticed my strange reaction, called out to me.

However, I don’t know what to say… I feel strangely shivery.

“Um… I can’t really describe it, but I feel like something is calling me.”



“──It’s the Sage’s sign.”



Then Ouma-san, who had been sleeping at his own pace despite everything that had happened, only woke up at this point.

More importantly, what is Sage-san’s sign?

When all of us were surprised by Ouma-san’s words, he continued on, yawning unconcernedly.

“Fuwah… what? Didn’t we go to the cave where the Sage rests before we came to space? It’s just that I felt the same vibe as when I was there.”

“Could it be… the sign of Sage-san’s legacy…?”

It’s true that at that time, it was written that the location of the legacy sealed on a certain planet in the universe can be found by approaching… but is it really in this vicinity?

Then Ouma-san turned his gaze to Merl-san.

“Little girl. Proceed in that direction.”

“Hey… Ouma-san!?”

“What is it? Don’t you ever wonder what the sage’s legacy is?”

“No, I’m curious about that, but I’m also curious about Merl-san’s homeland…”

I said that, but Merl-san shook her head.

(It’s okay, Yuuya-san. Although we were able to avoid the attack by the Dragonias, they will probably come after us soon. So, there is a risk that our current route we are taking to my homeland will be easily predicted. Therefore, I’d like to change course to shift the time and distract the pursuers.)

“I-I see…”

If Merl-san is willing to accept it, I am honestly interested in Sage-san’s legacy.

The weapons and magic circuit alone are outrageous, but what in the world did he hide in space?

(By the way, we’re close to the sage’s sign, aren’t we?)

“You’re right…”

“It’s not that far away. At the rate we’re going, we should arrive soon.”

(I understand. Then please guide me there.)

Following Merl-san’s words, Ouma-san and I worked together to lead the way in the direction of Sage-san’s sign.


Eventually, a planet came into view.

Then I noticed that Merl-san, who had been operating the spaceship until now, had a grim expression on her face.

“Um, what’s wrong? Could it be that there is a Dragonia alien spaceship…?”

(No, that’s not what I mean. Is it a malfunction of the… map? It seems that the planet we’re heading to is not shown on this map, which was created using Amel’s technology…)

“Hah… but, space is such a big place, it’s not surprising that there are places like this, isn’t it?”

It was not surprising that there were places that are unknown in the vastness of space.

However, Merl-san shook her head.

(As Yuuya-san said, it’s nearly impossible to investigate the entire universe, but this area is one of the most thoroughly investigated places in the universe. That’s probably why the Dragonia were able to guess our movements. But I can’t believe that such an unknown planet exists not far from this point…)

Even from Merl-san’s perspective, the planet that appeared in front of us seemed to be a mysterious existence.

And then Ouma-san, who was listening to the conversation, answered.

“Hmph. That’s just natural, I suppose. The Sage’s magic has been cast all around here. He probably wanted to make sure that only Yuuya, who is qualified to inherit his legacy, or someone like me, who can sense the sign of the Sage, would be able to reach the place.”

“A-amazing… to think that he could deploy magic on this scale…!”

While everyone was amazed by Ouma-san’s words, Odis-san was particularly moved by them and raised his voice. He must be interested in that kind of amazing magic because he was a magician.

Anyway, the planet that appeared in front of us was a desolate land of only soil, just like the moon I had seen in the video.

I couldn’t see any water, green trees, or even any signs of life, but I could see a strange structure standing there.

The fact that I could see it even from a distance meant that it was huge.


“Is that a… temple?”

It was a magnificent building surrounded by large pillars, just like the Parthenon that I had seen in videos and pictures.




While Yuuya and the others were traveling through space, Lexia and the others were returning to the Regal Kingdom in the different world.

Lexia and the others, who had just returned, were told that Orghis wanted to talk to them and were taken to a private room.

“You’ve come back. How are you doing? Are you enjoying the country a bit?”

“Yes. I think it’s a nice, lively country.”

After the attacks by Quarro and Avis, the entire country could have been in a state of fear, but the people of Regal knew their role and were concentrating on reconstruction activities.

Lexia and the others were surprised to see the resilient side of the people of Regal.

When Orghis heard these words, he nodded in satisfaction.

“Yes. I love this country, too. The people are truly wonderful.”

“By the way, Orghis-sama? I heard you wanted to talk to me…”


With Lexia’s urging, Orghis nodded gravely and told her about the council that had been decided while Lexia and the others were away.

“Actually… I have decided to hold the [King’s Council].”


[King’s Council]?”

Lexia was surprised by Orghis’s words, but the words were unfamiliar to Luna and Mai, so they looked at each other and tilted their heads.

“Orghis-sama, could it be that… you are going to announce the fact that you have summoned a saint to the Kings all over the world? But if you do that, there will be Kings who will condemn you for it…”

“I’m prepared for that.”

Already determined, Orghis nodded without hesitation.

“If I open this council, I will be scorned upon by many of the Kings. But I can’t keep it a secret anymore.”

“…I see that you have already made up your mind. So, did you call me here to report that?”

“No, that’s part of it, but I would like Lexia-dono and the others to be present at the meeting too.”

“Us too?”

Lexia was surprised by the request from Orghis, but Orghis continued without concern.

“Yes. Of course, we are going to talk about Evil at this meeting, but it will be hard for people to believe my words alone. Besides… we’ll also be discussing about Yuuya-dono.”


“He’s not a Holy, but he’s a special person who can resist the Evil… Lexia-dono may want to hide his existence from the outside world, but I think it should be announced to the Kings.”

Orghis looked straight at Lexia and told her this.

Lexia also looked back at Orghis, but… Lexia did not realize that she had forgotten to tell Orghis about something.

Of course, Lexia knew that the Evil had been destroyed, but soon afterward, she went to the Earth and witnessed a shocking event that made her forget about the Evil, and she forgot to inform Orghis that the Evil had been destroyed.

On top of that, when Orghis told her that she should tell the Kings about the greatness of Yuuya, Lexia’s enthusiasm was triggered.

As a result, Lexia’s reaction was different from what Orghis had imagined.

“Right! Let’s make the other Kings understand how amazing Yuuya-sama is!”


Orghis looked uncomfortable at Lexia’s reaction.

Lexia then tilted her head curiously.

“Ara? What’s wrong?”

“N-no, um… is that okay? For the Alceria Kingdom, he is like a final secret weapon, isn’t he? Maybe he will be recruited by other countries…”

“Yes… if we publicize Yuuya-sama, there will be people who will approach him for his power. But more than that, I think everyone should understand that Yuuya-sama is amazing!”


“And besides, Yuuya-sama and I are engaged! I don’t have to worry about him being taken away!”

“You’re not engaged to him.”

“What, Luna! Is it not good? Is it selfish of me to say so?”

“You’re too selfish.”

Luna was taken aback by Lexia’s words. Mai also smiled bitterly at this side of Lexia.

It was supposed to be a serious consultation for Orghis, but in the end, it was decided that Lexia and the others would participate in the council in a rather sloppy manner.




Inside the Dragonia mothership, a Dragonia alien was running in a hurry.

When the Dragonia alien reached the room where Draco III was waiting, he hurriedly knocked on the door.

(Your Majesty! I have something to report to you immediately…!)

(Come in.)

After receiving permission, the Draconia alien entered the room and immediately knelt down.

(What do you want?)

(Y-yes! The third unit has received orders from Your Majesty to capture the Amelians and their collaborators, but we’ve lost contact with one of the platoons…)

(…What? What’s going on?)

The Draconian alien was about to be crushed by the enormous pressure emanating from Draco III, but he continued desperately.

(I-it seems that all of them were wiped out in an engagement with the Amel aliens in question. We had received a report that they were going into battle, but communication from that point forward was cut off…)

(We got hit in return, huh.)

Draco III let out a heavy sigh, and the Dragonia who reported it stiffened.

Draco III took no notice of the situation and opened his mouth.

(Good work. Go back now.)


The Draconia bowed again and left the room.

Draco III was left alone, sitting deep in his chair.

(…I guess I’ve underestimated them. Even though Drade is out, the third unit can’t handle it… And this is in a space battle? I had thought that the special environment of the subspace was a major factor in the Drade’s defeat, but it seems that this was not the case. The Amelian collaborators must have excellent individual combat skills. That’s why they are so much better than my troops at fighting in space…)

After pondering for a while, Draco III eventually came to a decision.

(A change of plans. Although we could not take the blueprints from the Amelian, we should destroy the planet Amel itself before the blueprint reaches them. It may take a little bit of our strength, but with our current power, we will definitely be able to destroy the planet Amel…)

Unbeknownst to Yuuya and the others, Draco III had finally begun to make his move.


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