I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


(I see. I guess that means you’re my opponent.)


On the other hand, Usagi was confronting another one of the Dragonia aliens. The Dragonia didn’t have any weapons and was wearing a pair of gauntlets and leg armor.

(From the looks of it, it seems that you fight with hand-to-hand combat…)

(…What an odd little animal. But since you are here, I will not show you any mercy.)

Usagi laughed in amusement at the Dragonia, who readied himself while saying that.

(Kukuku… It’s been a long time since I’ve been treated as a small animal. Don’t worry. There is no need for mercy or hesitation. You’re going to lose to me here anyway.)

(Hmph… Do you think this First Unit Commander, Dran, will be defeated by a small animal like you? What a funny joke…!)

In an instant, the Dragonia alien, who called himself Dran, closed the distance to Usagi and kicked at his small body mercilessly.



(I told you, didn’t I? There’s no need for mercy or hesitation.)

Usagi countered Dran’s kick with a similar kick, easily offsetting the attack.

Dran quickly distanced himself and smiled ferociously.

(Fufu… You’re so cocky for a small animal. Do you think you’re on the hunter’s side with that level of power?)


(I don’t know where you got that kind of power, but… don’t get carried away…!)

Dran wrapped his body with a kind of fighting spirit, and he closed in on Usagi with a speed that was incomparable to the first strike. He then lowered his body at once and unleashed a powerful fist that struck at Usagi.


Although it was just a fist attack, the multiple shock waves released easily destroyed not only the surrounding Dragonia clone soldiers but also the asteroids floating in space.

But even in the face of such an attack, Usagi was in no hurry to evade and stepped on top of Dran’s outstretched fist.


(That’s the extent of your barking, huh?)

(…Screw you!)


Against Usagi, who stood on top of his fist, Dran’s gauntlet changed instantly, and suddenly an energy cannon was fired from it.

However, Usagi was not flustered by such an attack and jumped up to avoid the gunfire with a relaxed attitude.

(What’s wrong? Is that equipment just for decoration?)

(Don’t you ever underestimate me!)

At Usagi’s provocation, Dran deployed a variety of weapons. In addition to the energy cannons, Dran’s gauntlets were equipped with energy shields to cover the defensive aspect.

Furthermore, his leg armor was equipped with a jet mechanism, and his toes were also equipped with energy cannons, just like his gauntlets.

Making full use of these armaments, Dran unleashed a series of powerful attacks, but Usagi easily avoided all of them.

On top of that, while avoiding Dran’s attacks, Usagi analyzed the characteristics of the Dragonia aliens from their attacks.

(Fumu… I’ve never encountered such weapons before, but it seems that your pure combat power is not that high.)

(What the! What are you trying to say?)

(I’m saying that while your weapons are flashy, your skills are not. That’s why… one of your people has already been defeated.)

(Wha… Drad?)

In response to Usagi’s words, Dran immediately turned his attention to Drad, who was fighting Iris.

At that moment, he saw Drad being sliced open by Iris.

And then…

(──How dare you to look away so casually?)


Usagi didn’t miss the moment when Dran took his eyes off him and dove straight into his chest, taking advantage of his small body to deliver a sharp kick to his torso.

([Kicking Flash])


Dran was blown away by the kick before he could defend himself. Usagi didn’t even give him time to regain his stance, and in an instant, he went behind Dran and kicked him in the back.

([Heaven Leg])


In space, where there is no ground, to begin with, it is difficult to hold on unless one uses magic or science technology to adjust one’s stance.

So, Dran was sent upward without being able to catch himself. He managed to adjust his stance and looked around frantically, trying to locate Usagi.

(W-where is he!? Where──)



Before he knew it, Usagi had moved above Dran’s head and slammed a kick into his head.

Dran continued to plummet at an incredible speed.

(It’s impossible… This can’t be happening…! My weapons, filled with Dragonia technology…! Why doesn’t it work? How can a mere small animal attack…!)

(──[Star Drop])

In addition to creating a foothold with magic, Usagi also used the magic he learned from Yuuya to clothe his legs with magic power. He approached the falling Dran, spinning like a wheel, and struck him with a powerful heel drop.

It was the best blow that Usagi could deliver right now, and it sent shockwaves around him, blowing away a spaceship that had been waiting nearby.

Usagi stared at Dran, who disappeared like Drad, and snorted.

(Hmph. What’s wrong with being a small animal? You lost to an existence like me. That’s all.)

After turning his back on the vanishing Dran, Usagi headed for Yuuya.




(What is it? Are people from that remote planet so lacking in strength that they need to use their pets? Huh?)




Night and the others were also confronting one of the commanders of the Dragonia aliens.

(The other guys are dealing with some interesting people, and I’m dealing with stupid pets. Eh?)

It was Dracul, the commander of the fourth unit, who blurted this out.

Dracul wore thicker armor than the other commanders and had a huge axe in his hand. Moreover, his armor was equipped with various energy cannons and shields, making him the most powerful defender among the Dragonias.

This time, not only Night but also Akatsuki joined the fight against such an opponent.

Dracul looked down at Night and the others and snorted in annoyance, but when he caught Ciel’s eye, he remembered something.

(Huh? I remember seeing that bird in Drade’s report… I believe it has some kind of unknown power? If I catch this bird, I can brag to Drade for letting it go, and I might even get a reward from His Majesty… Kukuku. I thought it would be boring, but it turned out to be a hit.)


“Grrrr… Woof.”

Seeing Ciel’s frustration at remembering that he was almost taken away by Drade, Night became angry and, at the same time, released magic.

However, Dracul didn’t even change his expression when he saw the magic and just waved his arm carelessly to make the magic disappear.

“Oh! Can you use magic even though you’re an animal? I like it more and more!”


Despite his huge size, Dracul charged at Night with agile movements. He raised the axe in his hand and swung it down on Night.

(Oy, I’ll smash you!)


Night hurriedly jumped away from the place, but Dracul was already waiting ahead of him and swung his axe again.

(You think you can escape from me, you little beast?)


“Pi? Piiiiii!”

As Night was blown away, Ciel raised a flame of anger and charged directly at Dracul.

Then Dracul’s eyes widened at the attack.

(Uooh! Is this the unknown power that Drade was talking about?)


The blue flames strengthened Ciel’s strike, which blew away even Avis. But Dracul, who already knew how to deal with Ciel, smiled mockingly.

(Hah! Animals are stupid, aren’t they? Do you think that I don’t have a countermeasure for you?)


When Dracul put his hand on his chest armor, the part flew out in six parts and expanded to surround Ciel. Each of the parts constructed like a cage released energy and generated a strong gravitational pull at its center.

At that moment, Ciel, who was heading towards Dracul, was pulled into the center of the cage and was unable to move from that spot.

“Pii! Piiiiii!”

“Fugo! Buhi, buhi!”

Akatsuki hurriedly tried to help him, but he could not do anything about it as he had no fighting strength.

(Gyaahahaha! This is what happens when you oppose me like that, you little bastard!)

“Buhi! Buhi!”

Dracul approaches with a leisurely gait.

Even in the presence of such Dracul, Akatsuki still tried hard to get Ciel to escape somehow.

“Pii! Pii!”

“Fugo! Buhi!”

Ciel appealed to Akatsuki to run away alone, but Akatsuki shook his head at Ciel’s words and continued to attack the cage desperately.

(Hey, hey. Small fry like you will never be able to break my cage, you know?)


As if to make a last effort, Akatsuki threatened Dracul, and Dracul smiled wickedly.

(Kuh… Gyaahahahaha! Do you want to fight me? You’re nothing but a pig!)

He laughed for a moment but then quickly stopped it.

(Hah… So annoying. Enough already, I’ll just kill you.)


(Know your place, you annoying little bastard!)

Dracul, with a fierce gaze, slowly reached out to first crush Akatsuki.

(Don’t worry. The pain will only last a moment. Here, you──)




──Suddenly, a tremendous roar echoed through the space.

The roar destroyed the surrounding spaceships and crushed a large number of clone soldiers.

(Gaaaahh? W-what the hell?)

Dracul quickly covered his ears and looked around. At that moment, he received a tremendous impact and was blown away, destroying the asteroids from the impact.


After destroying hundreds of asteroids, Dracul finally succeeded in adjusting his stance and vomiting a large amount of blue blood from his mouth; he desperately searched for the presence that had attacked him.

(W-what the hell is going on?)



A shadow landed behind Dracul noiselessly.

When Dracul hurriedly turned his attention to the shadow, he saw that a huge [Night] was standing there.

(H-huh? What the heck… what is it with you…?)

The jet-black fur was reminiscent of the night sky. And with sharp red eyes, the dignity that emanated from a huge body was second to none, even compared to the Genesis Dragon.

Akatsuki and the Ciel were well aware of such a wolf.




NyX Translations


It was Night, who had been blown away by Dracul. For the first time, Night, who had only been a puppy before, appeared as such a large, magnificent figure.


This was the effect of a skill that Night had never been able to use before, the [Night God Wolf’s Divine Authority].


He had never been able to use this skill before because he was too young, and the conditions for activating the skill were not met.

However, it was the feeling of helplessness that he had felt in the battle with Drade the other day and experiencing it again in this battle with Dracul. In addition, the fact that Akatsuki was trying desperately to help Ciel made him even angrier at himself for being so helpless.

And the most important trigger was the name of Night’s skill… [Night]. [T/n: The skill’s name is Yoru, which means Night too.]

While in the other world and on Earth, [Night] had a time constraint, but in space itself, there was no sunlight, and therefore it was [Night] and the power to release this skill was stored in Night’s body without his knowledge.

With all these conditions in place, Night was able to activate the skills that he should not have been able to use yet and transformed himself into a magnificent Black Fenrir with a fighting strength that rivaled Ouma.

Night, who had been calmly staring at Dracul, shifted his gaze to Ciel and barked lightly again.


“Pi? Pi!”


With just that, the cage that held Ciel was destroyed, and Ciel was free once again.

However, Dracul, who was temporarily removed from Night’s consciousness because of his gaze on Ciel, immediately took up his axe and attacked Night, taking advantage of the momentary gap.

(You idiot! You turned your back on me!)



Ciel and Akatsuki rushed to stop Dracul, who was about to deliver a blow with tremendous force to Night, but they could not do so in time.

(Fooooollll! Dieeeeeee!)

It was a ruthless attack by Dracul with all his might.




It was Dracul’s axe that was obliterated.

Dracul watches in dismay as his axe disappears from his hand. He quickly came to his senses and fired the energy cannon mounted on his full body armor at close range.

(W-what the hell did you do, you bastard!)

However, Dracul’s excessively fierce attack was easily crushed.


Night barked again.

In fact, Dracul’s entire body armor shattered in an instant, and even the bones in his body were shattered as he flew through the air helplessly.

(Aaghh… Gaaaahh…!?)

Dracul was no longer able to move, let alone adjust his stance in the air. As if to crush him, Night raises his arm──.




(Hyii. W-wait───)

When Night swung his arm down, the surrounding clone soldiers and spaceships, including Dracul, disappeared into dust.

Night, who was quietly watching the scene, suddenly began to groan in pain.

“Uoo… Grrr…”

“Pi! Pii!”

“Fugo! Buhi!”

Ciel and Akatsuki hurriedly rushed over and tried to save Night by using their respective skills. However, instead of recovering, Night suffered even more and finally let out a loud howl.


And then, as Night slumped down, his body began to glow. After a while, the light subsided, and the usual young Night was lying there.



As Ciel and Akatsuki used their skills with all their might, Night roared slightly and quietly opened his eyes.

“W… woof?”

“Pi! Pii!”



Ciel and Akatsuki immediately hugged Night, but Night tilted his head, not seeming to understand what was going on. When Night returned to his normal state, he had no memory of the time when he was the Black Fenrir.

Although it was good that he was awake, he was still exhausted, so Night and the others looked worriedly at Yuuya and prayed for his safety.


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  2. These people could speak normally in space… even though sound waves could not travel there. This must have been a superpower too.


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