I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 4 Part 4

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Part 4


“That’s… Black Fenrir? Why is it here?”

“Answer. That’s Night. He’s been with us this whole time.”

“That one? What’s going on with Yuuya-dono’s family…”

While Yuuya and the others were dealing with their respective commanders, Yuti, who was standing on top of the spaceship that Merl was desperately trying to control, and Odis, who was dealing with the bombardment from the Dragonia spaceship, were having a conversation.

Not only Odis but also Merl and the others were astonished by the sudden appearance of the legendary being.

(Oh, so that’s Night-san’s true form…)

“That’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“That’s amazing!”

As Ruri and Rill also became excited, Ouma, who had been sleeping for a long time now, opened his mouth and sighed absently.

“Fuwahh… I’ve been expecting his awakening to come soon, but I didn’t expect it to happen here. It’s not a complete awakening, it seems… Fufufu. As expected of a race that can rival me. It’s not perfect, yet it gave me a shiver.”

Over the course of working with Yuuya, Ouma had never once mentioned such a thing, but is now commenting on the presence that emitted from Night.

This was literally proof that Night possessed a power rivaling the Genesis Dragon.

“Affirmative. Night is a capable boy.”

“That’s right. To think that he’s already that smart as a kid, it’s going to be scary when he grows up.”

“…I don’t know, but why can’t I see that Black Fenrir anymore?”

When Odis asked this, Ouma replied while laying down again.

“It’s simple. As I said before, he is not fully awake yet. The burden on the body is too great. So he won’t be able to use that skill for a while.”

“I see… If we had that power, this battle would have been over in an instant… It can’t be helped.”

Odis was right. If Night had been able to maintain that awakened state, this battle would have been settled literally in an instant. However, since it was his first awakening, Night was still unable to control his power. Immediately after defeating Dracul, he returned to his normal state.

If Night in that state had gone on a rampage without being capable of thinking, he could have destroyed not only the Dragonias but also Yuuya and the others, and even the planet Amel.

However, Night had instinctively sensed this. When he defeated Dracul, he canceled his awakened state.

This was the reason why, from Ouma’s point of view, Night’s latent abilities were so frightening.

However, even though they had defeated most of the Dragonias leaders, they still had to deal with Drade, the clone soldiers, and the biggest problem of all, the giant spaceship Dragoon.

“Even so… it seems that Iris and the others fought quite spectacularly. I thought they would struggle more, even if they could not overwhelm them like Night-dono did…”

“Of course. They are strong. But there’s no end to the number of spaceships the enemy has…”

(Kuh…! There’s still way too many of them…!)

“Hmm, I wonder how long the magic power used to defend this ship will last? It’s pretty intense, you know?”

“Yes, very intense.”

As Merl was desperately trying to avoid the bombardment from the Dragonia spaceship, Ruri and Rill, who were deploying the magic barrier from inside the spaceship, raised their voices in peril.

“Merl-san, are you okay?”

(Ruri-san, I’m sorry…! I wish I could lessen the burden on the two of you, but with this many enemies, we’re still likely to get hit…)

“It’s inevitable, isn’t it?”

“It can’t be helped. It’s crazy that we have to deal with such a large number all by ourselves.”

“I agree with my disciple on that. This situation is disadvantageous no matter how you look at it. In fact, if this were the case, there would not even be a fight. However, because Iris and Usagi are more capable than expected, we can still fight like this. Apparently, the two of them were able to defeat the enemy leaders, and I guess our job is to protect this ship and hopefully shoot down some of the enemy spaceships.”

(I understand that, but with the armament on this ship, it would be difficult even to get a decent fight against the enemy spaceships… If I were to go in there myself, I think I could take out a ship or two with my restored armament mode…)

“I’m not going to let Merl-san, who is the only one who can pilot this ship, go out there. And even if you could take down a few ships, you’d still be at a disadvantage. Let’s hope Usagi and the others can drop as many enemy ships as possible…”

“Master. Can they do that?”

“I’m sure they can. I don’t think they could take down that one big ship, but I’m sure they could do something else.”

“What about you, Master?”

“…I’m busy shooting down the bombardment that’s coming our way.”

When Odis slurred his words, Ruri and Rill became agitated.

“Ah! Master just went away?”

“Yes, Master escaped it.”

“Those two are amazing, aren’t they? But Master is not that great, is he?”

“Ruri, I feel bad if you compare him with those two. He’s a shut-in, after all.”

“Right. That’s true, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes. That’s true.”

“…Is that all you have to say?”


“It can’t be helped… If you’re so concerned, take a good look.”

Odis called out to Yuti, who was on top of the spaceship shooting down enemy fire with him, with a vein in his forehead.


“Answer. Did you call for me?”

“I’m sorry, but can you handle the attacks coming our way on your own for a moment?”

“…Understood. But I can’t handle this many for long.”

“It’s okay. It won’t take long.”

As soon as Odis said that, he immediately formulated his magic power. Then, as if in response to Odis, a magic sphere appeared outside Merl’s spaceship, and it gradually grew larger.

Yuti watched the scene as she shot down the bombardment.

“Astonishing. Amazing magic power… this is the Magic Saint…”

Merl also operated the spaceship more carefully so as not to interfere with Odis’ concentration and continued to avoid being hit.

And then──.

“──[Destruction Magic].”

The moment Odis slowly opened his eyes and chanted that, the magic power that had already formed into a huge mass shrank at once and was released in the direction where there were many spaceships.

The mass of magic power that had shrunk to a tiny size reached the center of the swarm without difficulty, unnoticed by not only the clone soldiers but even the Dragonia spaceships.

“Blast them all!”

At that moment, the magic that had been compressed exploded all at once, and the mass of magic power became a destructive force that wiped out all the surrounding spaceships.

The aftermath was tremendous, and the impact was fierce. It was felt not only on Merl’s spaceship, which was far away, but also by Usagi and the others who were fighting the enemy.

The impact was so great that Usagi voiced his complaint.

(Hey, Odis! If you’re going to unleash such crazy magic, give me a word first!)

“That’s right! You almost got us caught up in that!”

Odis was on his knees in the spaceship, breathing hard as he replied to Usagi and the others who were complaining.

“Hah… hah… You’re safe, aren’t you…? That’s okay then…”

“Hey, are you okay? You’ve been reckless, haven’t you?”

“Of course… I can’t shoot that thing… many times… but I took care of most of the spaceships. I’ll leave the rest to you…”

(…Hmph. I’d like to complain about this to your face, but for now, rest. But remember that this when all is said and done?)

“Huh… I don’t want to──”


Odis finally couldn’t take it anymore and collapsed on the spot.

Ruri and Rill immediately rushed to embrace him, and Merl gave instructions as she piloted.

(There’s a bed over there. There is also a medical function installed in that bed, so please let him sleep there.)


Ruri and Rill carried Odis to the bed as instructed by Merl.

As she watched them go, Merl steeled her resolve even more.

(We were able to reduce the strength of the Dragonias in one move thanks to Odis-san. However, it seems that the Dragoon is completely locked onto us, but at the same time, my compatriots on Amel must have noticed my presence. The only thing left to do is to see how far… Yuuya-san and the others can go──)

Merl maneuvered her spaceship to avoid the attacks from the remaining Dragonia aliens while praying for Yuuya and the others to put up a good fight.


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