Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 154

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Chapter 154 – Please Don’t Eat It!


Spirit alone is no match for drugs. Some of the drugs didn’t work, but Isla was muttering something like, “As expected.” Isla-san, you used me as a guinea pig in the heat of the moment, didn’t you? Just remember…!

So, what is the situation now?

“Hmm… aguagu.”

Grande was half-covered, snuggled up to me as she slept. And for some reason, she was biting my left shoulder while sleeping. When I looked over, the area where Grande was biting was red, and there were subtle teeth marks on it. Please don’t eat me.

What happened to Isla and the others? I don’t know, but they’re not in this bedroom. I don’t know if they woke up first or if they never slept in this room in the first place. I think they were here at least halfway through last night.

I tried to move, but with her tail wrapped around my right leg, my right foot underneath Grande’s, and my left shoulder aching, I could only move my neck and right arm.

“Grande, wake up, wake up, and also stop eating me.”


I stroked Grande’s head while calling out to her, and she woke up. She looked at my face and my left shoulder in front of her with a sleepy gaze and then started to lick my left shoulder, which was covered with drool and teeth marks.

“That tickles.”

I said, but she didn’t stop licking. She seemed to be completely sleepwalking, didn’t she? I thought, but then she stopped licking me.


Then, for some reason, she put her left shoulder in front of my mouth. Err? What does this mean?

“Do the same.”



I felt my right leg tighten. Ouch, that’s a powerful tail. I had no choice, so I bit Grande’s thin, white shoulder as gently as Grande did. To the extent that it doesn’t leave teeth marks.




“Ouch, ouch. Like this?”

I bite Grande’s shoulder a few times, hard enough to make teeth marks, and lick her slightly reddened skin. It might taste a little like sweat.


Grande’s eyes wander to my left shoulder and her own left shoulder, and she grins. I don’t know what this is. It feels strangely embarrassing.

“Let’s get up.”


Grande releases the tail restraint on my right leg and gets off of me. Hmm… I feel pain in every part of my body. Whether it’s because I couldn’t turn over, or because I overworked myself last night… it’s probably both. Surprisingly, my strength and stamina gauges are not decreasing. Is this due to the drugs that were injected into me…?

“I want to get cleaned up.”

“Do you want to take a bath?”


“Like dipping in water.”

I put on just my underwear and left the bedroom to find Isla and the Harpies in the living room. Apparently, they were preparing breakfast for us.


“I see.”

“You’re doing great.”

“That’s great. I’ll try that next time.”


All eyes focused on me and Grande’s left shoulder. Please stop it. It’s embarrassing. Why does Grande have such a smug look on her face? I pulled Grande’s hand while she was smiling and took a bath. I felt refreshed.

Eh? I’m just going to wash off my sweat and stuff, so I won’t be in there that long. It’s morning, and food has already been prepared. When I got out of the bath, there were clothes ready for me… Why only underwear and pants? You want me to spend the rest of the day naked?

“Don’t hide it.”

“Yeah, no.”

“You can’t.”

“You don’t need to.”



This is peer pressure…! I’ve been defeated by that. Yes, I lost. Because if I try to wear clothes that cover my shoulders, Grande looks like she’s going to cry. I had no choice but to use the golem workbench in the morning to make a running shirt.


Grande is in a good mood and is eating the barley porridge that Isla and the Harpies made for her. Although it is called barley porridge, it is a kind of Chinese porridge that contains dried Gizma meat and vegetables. The broth from the Gizma meat came out well and was delicious.

After breakfast, I met up with Ms. Zamir, and Shumel and the others. We will continue to gather information and rest today. We plan to gather in the evening to share information and decide where to explore. Also, I will make Ms. Zamir’s short spear that I was supposed to make last night.

“It would have been foolish to go into that place.”


I will make a short spear of mithril iron alloy as requested by Ms. Zamir. I thought it would be another one with a long blade, but the length was within the range of a normal short spear.

“If you make it too long, it will just be difficult to use. Since the emphasis is on maneuverability in tight spaces, it won’t be wielded much.”

“I see.”

However, the blade is wide and thick. I can’t tell if the priority was on sturdiness or striking power. Apparently, Ms. Zamir prefers spears with special blades.

“Well, we’re still gathering information as we did yesterday…”

“We’re going to fly around and scout the area. There are three locations that we know of, and we’re going to check out how to get there.”

“We are going to grab the hunters and the guard and ask them if there are any other suspicious places.”

“I will be in charge of protecting Kosuke-dono.”

Shumel and the others will gather information in the base, and Ms. Zamir will accompany me.

“I’ll go to Ovis and ask him if there’s anything troubling him in this base.”


“He’s a sheep beastman. He’s the guy in charge here.”

“Oh, I see. I’ll go with you then, okay?”

“I’ll go with you too.”

Grande is back to her normal self and seems to be coming along with me. Well, Grande is only cooperating with me; she is not a member of the Liberation Army.

After confirming our plans for the day, we each split up and started moving to our respective destinations. I was in a formation with Isla on my right, Grande on my left, and Ms. Zamir behind me. Isla is holding my index and middle fingers as she did yesterday, while I am holding one of Grande’s fingers, or rather her claw. I guess that’s what it means to have a flower in each hand.

This is how I came to see Ovis, the sheep beastman who was in charge of coordinating all the activities.

“Is there a problem…?”

“Yeah, I’ll see what can be done.”

“Since I’m here, I think I can help with most problems. Buildings, farmland, expansion of the base…”


“I’ll use my powers as I see fit, Isla.”

“…Yeah, I understand.”

Both Isla and Sylphy are opposed to the fact that the Liberation Army relies too much on my power. Indeed, an organization that relies on the power of one person is not a healthy organization at all. But I think it’s better to use it if possible. Although I don’t mind bondage play, I think it’s something that only a few perverts do.

“Farmland… isn’t really farmland, but…”

After pondering for a bit, Ovis opened his mouth. A fluffy bipedal sheep is kind of cute to look at. The voice is that of a stern old man, though.

“The wood is very difficult to procure. Bringing it in from the Black Forest would be difficult, and there are no trees growing around here. We have tried several times to bring saplings from the Black Forest and plant them, but they die outside the base even if we water them properly. They grow around the farmland, though…”

“Oh, I see… Greening the wilderness, huh? That’s a lot of work.”

“Not really. The land that Kosuke cultivates will allow plants to grow normally in the wilderness. Even if it’s not a farmland block, we tried this at the beginning of the construction of the base.”

“Yeah, I remember that. Oh, I see. And now I have this, right?”

Then I took out a hoe from my inventory.


・Mithril Hoe +9 (Auto Repair, Efficiency Enhancement III, Range Enhancement III)


“Eh, what’s with the shiny, high-grade hoe?”

“The magic Mithril Hoe. When wielded by Kosuke, one swing of the hoe will plow an area of approximately one square mile.”

“Err… you’re kidding, right?”

“I’m afraid I’m not. You’ll see for yourself.”

So, I decided to go outside the base with Ovis and all the other visitors, carrying mithril hoe +9.

“If we have to go green, where do we start? It’s not good to be too close to the walls, is it?”

“Considering that we’ll be expanding the base later on, it’s better to stay a little further away.”

“Yes, let’s walk a bit. Thanks to the wards that keep the monsters away, Gizma rarely comes near this area.”

We walked for about thirty minutes, listening to any other problems. There didn’t seem to be any urgent problems at the moment, but I heard that some people were a little sickly and some elderly people had bad backs, so I was going to check on them later. Other than that, there were no problems.

“If we can have a large green space, grazing will go well. If we can make progress in animal husbandry, our diet will improve greatly.”

“Hahaha, leave it to me.”

This is where it gets good, so I decided to wield my mithril hoe +9 right away.


The hoe sticks into the ground with a crack. The next moment, a shockwave of sorts erupted, plowing an area about 20 meters wide and 50 meters deep in an instant. When Ovis and the visitors saw this scene, their mouths dropped open in astonishment.

“I can do this all over again. The tilled soil is now ready for normal crops. Of course, ordinary grasses will also grow.”

“But it doesn’t rain much around here, does it? What about water?”

Even if the soil is good, plants will not grow without water. Irrigation will be necessary.

“There are many ways to do it. We could draw a canal from the base or make a magic tool that activates the water magic. Since we can make as many magic crystals as we want, the running cost is practically zero.”

“I see.”

The water in the base is provided by multiple infinite water sources, so it is better to draw water from those infinite water sources. In the center of the base, there is a higher water tower than the walls, which uses infinite water sources, so you can also supply water from there. As Isla said, you can also use a magic tool that uses water magic.

“There is a magic tool that sprays water.”

“It’s not a luxury to use a magic tool to water a field. We can do it because of this base.”

“So you want to start with development? Then I have an idea.”

“Really? Tell me about it later.”

A magic tool like a sprinkler would be good. If you want to generate water with magic, you don’t need plumbing. You can make it look like a stake that you stick into the ground and then devise a structure for the head so that you can replace the magic crystals… No, it’s too much work to replace them one by one. So maybe you can connect them with a conductor that passes magic power and then fit the magic crystals into the parent unit?

Why don’t we just build water towers with infinite water sources at regular intervals without having to go through all that trouble? I’ll have to consult with Isla about that as well.

“In the meantime, let’s just keep plowing.”

“Yeah, work hard.”

After this, I plowed the wilderness like crazy. To be honest, it was more difficult to move than to plow.


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