It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 1 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – I Tried To Face The Great Flood


When I went to the lobby of the Adventurer’s Guild, I found Iris already there.

“Good morning, Kou. …Ara? You weren’t wearing that coat yesterday, were you?”

“I made it this morning with my skills.”

“Then it must have a great performance… It looks like a luxury item. What kind of pelt are you using?”



Iris froze in surprise and blinked repeatedly.

“Fenrir, you say? Um, that Fenrir, right? The one with an even higher danger level than S…”

“Well, I didn’t get the material by defeating it, though.”

I put my face close to Iris’s ear and whispered to her, explaining the [Material Alchemy] effects.

“Kou, you’re really becoming less human… Turning a Lonely Wolf’s pelt into a Fenrir’s is already in the realm of the gods, no matter how you look at it. Amazing is not enough to describe it.”

Even so, [Material Alchemy] does not create something out of nothing. It’s a skill that is only possible with materials and calling it an act of God is certainly an overstatement.

While I was thinking about this, it was already nine o’clock in the morning.

From the back of the guild, Chief Zitan appeared and came towards us.

“Good morning. Kou-kun, Iris-kun. Were you able to sleep well last night?”

“Yeah, I feel great today, thanks to you.”

“Good morning. You can count on me.”

“Haha, that’s good to know. Well, I look forward to seeing your work today.”


As of last night, I had already discussed with Chief Zitan what to do from here.

First of all, I head to the underground city and open the locks on the doors. It’s not easy to open and close the doors every time refugees come.

After that, I gathered the Helper Slime and explained about today’s activities.

──A lot of people will be evacuated from Aunen.

When I told them that, the Slimes’ eyes brightened up.

“Wow! Customers! It’s the customers!”

“We’ll take care of them!”

“We’ll welcome them!”

“We have to get ready for the welcome party!”

“Let’s go!”


The Slimes shouted in unison and scattered to prepare to receive the refugees.

An hour later, the first refugees appeared with the guild staff.

I hid behind a building for a while and watched them.

As the refugees entered the underground city, they stood there in amazement.

“I didn’t know there was a city here…”

“I’d heard about it, but it turned out to be true…”

“Hey, hey, isn’t this more magnificent than Aunen?”

As the people were puzzled, the Helper Slimes gathered there, jumping up and down.

“Welcome to the underground city!”

“We welcome you!”

“This city was built by Master-san!”

Well, I’d better greet them.

I stepped out of the shadows and headed toward the refugees.

“Hello, I’m Kou Kousaka, Master of this underground city. I’m currently working as an adventurer in Aunen.”

Oops, I couldn’t resist using polite words. However, it would be uncool to change my tone now, so I should continue talking like this.

“The living environment has already been prepared. Please follow the instructions of the guild staff and enter your respective residence.”

“…Kou Kousaka, could it be that you’re the Bear Killer?”

One of the refugees muttered.

“Yeah. That’s what some people call me.”

I nodded and answered.

…The reaction of the people to this was unexpected.

“I thought I’d seen that guy before, but it turns out he’s the Bear Killer.”

“I asked him to clean up my yard for a city quest, and he did it so diligently.”

“I never thought I’d see that famous guy here…”

“I’ve heard he’s a skilled adventurer, but he seems like a nice guy.”

Apparently, I’m more well-known than I thought. It seems there are no bad rumors, and although I was embarrassed, I was quite happy.


After that, the evacuation proceeded smoothly.

Just to think that nothing would happen at this point, without any trouble whatsoever, Milia came running up to us with a grim expression on her face.

“…We just received a call from the observation team. It seems that the monster outbreak has begun in the Phatos Mountains to the north.”

“Does this mean the Great Flood is coming?”

“How far has the evacuation gone?”

When Iris asked, Milia lowered her eyes apologetically.

“We’re about seventy percent of the way there. We’re ahead of schedule, but…”

“You mean we’re not going to make it?”

“I’m very sorry to impose this burden on you two, but please intercept the…”

“Don’t worry about it. The evacuation was going well, and the Adventurer’s Guild is not to blame.”

“I was just bored, and I’m glad to have a job. Right, Kou?” 

“Indeed. If we make it through, you can offer us a special reward then.”

“…I-I understand! The Adventurer’s Guild and I will provide you with as much reward as we can!”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. …Iris, let’s go.”

“Yeah, let’s hurry up.”


As Iris and I stepped out onto the ground, the sky turned into the color of sunset.

We headed through the forest towards the north.

On the way, we passed people who had evacuated from Aunen, but all of them had anxious expressions on their faces.

I guess it was a natural reaction to the fact that a herd of monsters was approaching.

The reason why there was no panic was because the guild staff who were leading us were using [Persuasion] and [Calm] to calm the people down. It can be said that this is a response that only a world with skills can provide.

We stopped at a point halfway between Aunen and the Phatos Mountains.

It was a vast grassland. There was nothing to block our view, and we could see far into the distance.

“We’ll intercept them here.”

“There’s no place to hide, are you sure?”

“It’s okay. …We’re going to blow them up anyway.”

I opened my [Item Box] and focused on taking out the Destroyer Golem.

A magic circle floats on the ground, and a steel giant appears from it.

“That’s an impressive size…”

Iris muttered with a look of surprise on her face.

“It’s probably twice the size of the Orichalcum Golem…? You are really out of the norm, Kou, to be able to create something like this…”

“It’s thanks to my skills.”

Immediately after I answered that, the Destroyer Golem’s two eyes flashed blue.

“Hello, Master. …Is that a sign of the Great Flood?”

“Yeah. It’s your turn. Can you do it?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

It happened suddenly. The Destroyer Golem’s eyes flashed, and its entire body emitted a vibrant driving sound.

“Thank you, Master! I’m honored to have the opportunity to play an active role!”


The Destroyer Golem was suddenly in high tension, which made me confused.

For a machine, he is quite emotional…

“I’ll do my best!”


After several minutes of waiting with the highly motivated (?) Destroyer Golem, a swarm of monsters is approaching from the mountains, raising a cloud of dust. From a quick glance, I got the impression that more than half of them were highly dangerous monsters like Armored Bears and Black Spiders. If they were not stopped, they would not only kill the people evacuating, but all the adventurers guarding them as well.

We definitely need to stop them here.

“Iris, are you ready?”

“Of course.”

Iris held the Dragon God’s shield in her left hand and the spear in her right. I also took out Gram from my [Item Box] and activated my [Dexterity].

“Super-high-powered magic laser cannon, start filling energy.”

The Destroyer Golem thrusts both of its arms into the ground and takes a slightly forward-bent posture. The driving sound becomes more intense, and lightning flashes around his right eye.

“It is now charged. Master, please give me your orders.”


I thought about it for a moment, then pointed at the crowd of monsters and told him. 

“…Mow them down.”

The next moment, an extremely large magic laser shot out from the Destroyer Golem’s right eye.


NyX Translation


It was a massive torrent of light. The pale blue torrent became an overwhelming violence that swallowed up the monsters. The ground was gouged out, and a crater was created with a huge explosion.

At that moment, an inorganic voice echoed in my brain.


With this acquisition of experience, you are now level 71; your HP and MP will increase, and your physical abilities will improve.


Apparently, when the Destroyer Golem defeats a monster, the experience value will come to me, the master.

The fact that I can level up without fighting seems like a cheat, or at least, a benefit.

Eventually, the torrent of light passed, and a charred wilderness remained. It was like the end of the world.

The monsters in the line of fire had evaporated, and not even ashes remained.

“That’s an impressive power…”

Iris muttered in a daze.

“If Kou decided to get serious, you could easily destroy one or two civilizations…”

“…It may be so.”

The Destroyer Golem’s magic laser had more destructive power than expected.

In other words, it’s like having a nuclear missile in my personal possession, and I have to be careful how I handle it. If I get carried away, I don’t know what will be waiting for me.

But for now, since this is an emergency situation of a Great Flood, I should not hesitate to use it.

“Cooling of the weapon is complete. I will now begin to sweep away the remaining enemies.”

The Destroyer Golem emitted an electronic voice and pulled its arms out of the ground.

Most of the enemies were blown away by the super high-powered magic laser cannon, but the monsters that were out of the line of fire and those that were far away remained. It’s a big group, tens of thousands of them, after all. There was always a chance that a shot would go astray.

The Destroyer Golem’s arms are equipped with rapid-fire magic laser cannons, which it uses to burn up the remaining monsters one after another.

Oops, this is no time for idle gazing. I guess we should work a little too.

“I’ll take the left. Iris, you take the right.”

“Let’s see how many of them we can kill. Dinner’s on the loser.”

“All right. I have to be serious about this.”

Iris and I nodded at each other and immediately started running.

Since I’m going to be doing this, I want to test out my new equipment.

First of all, let’s try to use the Fenrir Coat’s granted effect…《God Speed Protection EX》.

The effect is to gain lightning speed in exchange for magic power consumption.

As soon as it was activated, my concentration increased to the limit. I felt as if time was flowing slowly, and only my body was moving as usual.

No, it was much faster than usual.

I ran hundreds of meters in an instant and jumped into a group of monsters.

There were four Black Spiders, and my past self would have had a bit of trouble with them.

But not now.


I swing down Gram. The quick slash cut the Black Spider in half on both sides.


In return, I cut off the heads of the second and third monsters and stopped the《God Speed Protection EX》.

This was all done in about two seconds.

It’s an amazing acceleration, but the magic power consumed is extraordinary. It took nearly 60 percent of my total magic power.

My MP recovers one percent per second, but even so, I should think about how to use the《God Speed Protection EX》. If I keep using it, I’m going to be in trouble when the time comes.

Now, there is only one Black Spider left, and it let out a frightened “beeeeeee!” and tried to flee the scene at full speed.

I wonder what to do.

The《God’s Speed Protection EX》is good, but I should also try out Gram’s granted effect. Yes, the《God of War Slash S+》.

When I poured about 10% of my magic power into it, Gram’s blade was enveloped in a silvery glow.


When I swung my sword down, silver flashes were emitted as if tracing my movements. Although the Black Spider is a monster known for its quick movements, it could not escape the blade of light.

It was slashed from behind and fell to the ground.

One hit, one kill.

The experience value increases, and I am now level 72.

HP 810, MP 30500.

My MP is still exceptionally high, and it’s getting to be a ridiculous number.

In addition, the《God Speed Protection EX》consumes 10000 MP per second and can last for about three seconds. As for the《God of War Slash S+》, it is possible to adjust the amount of magic power it consumes, and the more magic power you put into it, the higher the range and power will be.

As soon as I thought about trying full power next time… I suddenly heard a sharp metallic sound from Gram.

What happened? What the heck is going on?

As if to answer my question, [Full Assist] was activated, and an inorganic voice echoed in my brain.


The resurrection of the Black Dragon has been detected. This will activate《Dragon Slayer S+》.


Apparently, the real battle starts here.


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