Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 164

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Chapter 164 – I’m Really Sorry


After finding the book we were looking for, we immediately rushed back to the base, so Isla could decipher the scriptures, I could make a large airboard, and everyone else could rest as they wished.

The creation of the large airboard itself was not particularly difficult. It’s just a matter of enlarging and reinforcing the various parts. The only problems are adjusting the power output of the levitation tool and propulsion system and adjusting the throttle. I’ll also try to add a directional rudder.

For wind and dust protection, I’ll use a glass windshield… No, it’s cheaper to make masks and goggles for the passengers. A large glass windshield would weigh a lot. If Isla’s hands are free, I’ll have her make a magic tool that deploys wind barrier magic.

The problem is the running cost. The propulsion system is quite fuel-efficient, but the levitation magic tool seems to eat up a lot of magic power. For now, one levitation tool for each of the four corners of the rectangular board is… long, and a levitation device is fine. I have a levitation device, but I wonder if there’s any way to reduce it.

How about changing the board itself from a rectangle to a triangle and using three levitation devices? No, how about making the levitation device super large and using the entire ground surface as the source of buoyancy?

Right now, there are multiple points called levitation devices to support the board. Since the board is a rectangle, there are four of them, and they support the board with four points. What if I make it a surface instead of a point? Let’s give it a try.

“He looks so serious.”

“Danna-san always looks like that when he’s making things.”

“Sometimes he gets that look, and then something terrible comes out.”

From a short distance away, Bella, Capri, and Ms. Zamir are watching me as I work on a modified airboard. No, I don’t think Bella is watching over me; she’s just curious. Maybe she thinks that she wants to ride the airboard again.

Next time she crashes and wrecks it, I’m going to put her in a tiger-print micro-bikini, you know. The kind that covers only the tip and is almost out of the fabric area.

“Ugh? I got a chill.”

Perhaps her adventurer’s intuition sensed the danger, and she shivered. It’s a pretty good reaction. But unless you break the prototype again, that future is not going to happen, so it’s probably safe. Maybe.

As I continue to work, I hear what seems to be the sound of battle in the distance. I can’t find Ms. Zamir, so she and someone else are probably having a mock battle.

The large propulsion unit that I tested the power output with had another accident where it blew off in the direction of the Black Forest, but other than that, I think it’s safe to say that everything went smoothly. No, I reflected on the mistake I made the other day, fixed it to the stand, and tested the output. But the output was more than I imagined… It’s not my fault. I hope no one was unlucky enough to be hit by the flying propulsion unit.

I mean, that’s what it is if you think about it. Isn’t it just right for sending the magic sparkling bombs far away to explode…? If I wanted to annihilate a large area over a long distance without thinking about the precision bombing, I could use a 20-rocket system or something like that, and it would be incredible. It would probably crush an army of tens of thousands of people.

Hahaha, let’s put away all the dangerous thoughts for now. It could literally be a weapon of mass destruction. I mean, using multiple rocket launchers against an opponent who is coming at me with spears, swords, cavalry, etc., is beyond ruthless, isn’t it? Hahahahaha! Let’s develop it secretly.

“Isn’t that a really bad look?”

“That’s the face he makes when he gets an idea for something dangerous.”

“Is everything all right?”

“If it’s something really dangerous, he won’t take it out unless there’s a serious problem.”

I am slightly shivering at Pirna’s ability to guess. After all, Pirna has been watching me since I started making guns and bombs, right? So I guess it makes sense that she has developed the ability to guess about me.

Anyway, as for the airboard, I can make just the parts on the workbench, but I can’t make the complete airboard on the workbench. I wonder why this is? Is it because I’m still in the trial and error stage? I wonder if the fact that I can craft parts means that I’ve already reached the level of a finished product in component units.

I’ve been doing a lot of testing on my abilities for a good amount of time, and there’s still a lot I don’t understand. I really wish there was a help function or something.




In the end, I didn’t get to finish making the improved airboard, so I’ll finish it tomorrow. As the sun was going down, we all gathered for dinner, and after dinner, I asked Isla about her progress.

“As it turns out, this is definitely the very scripture that the nostalgists were looking for.”

“Is that so?”

“Hmm. I’ve only been able to decipher halfway through, but so far, I can’t confirm any content that excludes subhumans and recommends enslavement. I’m not that well versed in the teachings of Adel, but I do know that the famous anti subhuman article has a completely different content.”

“Oh… that’s interesting too.”

It seems that I have the ability to automatically understand the language of this world. I wonder what would happen if I saw this scripture? So I skimmed over the original scripture in front of Isla.

“Can you read it, Kosuke?”

“Yes, I can.”

I could see that the characters were clearly different from those used by Isla and Sylphy, but the contents entered my mind without any problem. I wondered if it would be much better if I helped her decipher it.

When I turned my gaze to Isla, I was met with a fierce glare.

“I’ve had a lot of trouble deciphering it.”

“…I’m honestly sorry about that.”

“I think you owe me an apology for this.”

“I’m really sorry.”

I thought that Isla, who was a mage and in charge of brainwork, was the right person for deciphering these old documents. I’m not really aware of the fact that I have the mysterious ability to understand the language of Dragons or any other language of the other world.

In the end, I managed to get Isla in a good mood by providing her with the meals and desserts she requested for the whole day tomorrow. I think Isla is kind enough to forgive me for wasting half her day’s effort.

That’s why Isla and I are going to decipher the scriptures tomorrow. I was also a little curious about the doctrines of the Adel religion, so maybe it was just right.


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