I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 10 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1 – Daily Life After A Long Absence

Part 1


“Finally, tomorrow…”

I ── Merl muttered inside the spaceship.

In my hand, I had the uniform of an educational institution called “Ousei Academy,” which Yuuya-san attends.

“It’s strange, isn’t it? When Yuuya-san guided me around Earth before, I looked into this planet, so I knew there was such a thing as school uniforms… but I never thought I would be wearing one like this… “

The suit I normally wear is made to be comfortable in space and is made to fit the wearer in the most comfortable way possible. Moreover, if I operate the device on my left arm and collect data on clothing on Earth, I can use that data to adapt my suit to match the outfits on Earth.

However, what I have in my hands now is a uniform that was authentically made on this Earth, not a suit with the student uniform data put into it.

“So it has this kind of feel to it… although I’m concerned that the lower half of the body is not very protective…”

This skirt, a garment that I had worn before, albeit on data, was a type of shape that I had not seen on Planet Amel, so it was very new to me, but at the same time, it was somewhat embarrassing to expose my legs to this extent.

──Why am I holding the same school uniform as Yuuya-san like this?

It was because of my father’s order when I was escorting Yuuya-san and the others back to Earth.


Orders from my father.

That is, to obtain Yuuya-san’s genes.

If this were just to create a clone, it would have been enough to bring back some of Yuuya-san’s body tissues, such as his body hair. Of course, even so, I could not create a clone without asking for Yuuya-san’s permission.

But that is not what my father wants from me.

He wants me to bring back the genes… in other words, he wants me to give birth to a child with Yuuya-san.


My face heated up as I realized this again.

After I escorted Yuuya-san back to Earth and parted from him, I compared and verified my body with that of the human race on Earth to see if I could really carry out my father’s orders.

As a result, I found that it was possible for Yuuya-san and me to have a child, although there were some differences in the way our bodies were built.

The method for having a child is apparently the same on my planet as it is on Earth, so there is no problem there either.

However… I had no such experience yet.

On Earth and on Planet Amel, the relationship between men and women is exactly the same. They are connected to each other through their hearts.

In some planets, men and women do not communicate with each other, and this is common to the entire universe. There are also cultures that share partners throughout the planet, but this is not the case on my planet and on Earth.

Regardless of that, I had never experienced a heart-to-heart… or, in other words, love.

“No way, this me…”

As the daughter of a father who is the representative of the planet Amel, I have lived my dream of ending the war with the Dragonias since I was born.

That is why I had no time to even think about love.

“W-what in the world am I supposed to do…?”

In the meantime, I have been gathering information about attending an academy on Earth. For example, the range of subjects students will study and what is popular among students today.

In that sense, I don’t think I will have any problems adjusting to the school. The only problem was how to get closer to Yuuya-san…

From the perspective of Earth values, it is not a good idea to suddenly ask for genes. I-I’m in trouble too.

It would take time, but this would be the most natural way to unite through love.


“…What do I think about Yuuya-san…?

I don’t know about it myself.

Our first meeting was not very good, with me storming into Yuuya-san’s house. But Yuuya-san forgave me for that, and on top of that, he lent his strength for us.

Even though I was putting him in danger myself…

Even on Argena, a world apart from Earth, Yuuya-san took it upon himself to protect me.

Having traveled alone in space and lived under the watchful eye of the Dragonias, it was a new experience for me to have someone protect me.


As to whether this is enough to make me fall in love with him, I don’t know.

But there was no doubt in my mind that I was fond of Yuuya-san.

I hope Yuuya-san feels the same way…

“…It’s no use thinking about this and that. You can’t know what you don’t.”

Having changed my mind, I changed my approach and gathered different information.

It was about what life was like for lovers on Earth.

“Let’s hold off on how to become lovers with Yuuya-san… it would be helpful to go one step further and see what people do after they become lovers. All that remains is… to set the data to be collected to the same age as Yuuya-san and the others…”

I operate the terminal and gather information on how student lovers on Earth behave.


“I see… that there are such things as amusement parks and aquariums that are date spots.”

There was nothing else that looked too special, such as the usual commercial facilities, but facilities such as amusement parks were of some interest to me.

“I see… that amusement parks are places where not only lovers but also families and friends often go to play together.”

Frankly, there is a lot that cannot be known from the data alone. But I would say I am now prepared.

“Now, all I need is for Yuuya-san and me to go to this place…”

I don’t know what will happen, but I will do the best I can in my own way… that’s what I thought.




A few days after picking up Kagurazaka-san.

Finally, summer vacation ended, and I went to school at Ousei Academy after a long time.

“Good morning, everyone.”

“Ah, Yuuya-kun! Good morning!”

“L-long time no see!”

When I arrived at the classroom, my classmates, like Kaede and Shingo-kun, immediately called out to me.

…At my previous school, I used to get depressed after long vacations, but now I can’t believe that I felt lonely not being able to meet everyone…

We hadn’t seen each other for over a week, even though there were school days throughout the summer vacation. And since I was in space with Merl-san and the others fighting the Dragonia aliens, it felt even more like it had been a long time…

As I felt that way, the members I often chatted with gathered around, and our homeroom teacher, Sawada-sensei, came over to us.

“Oh, you guys, take your seats. I have big news for you today.”

“Big news?”

As everyone took their seats, they tilted their heads at Sawada-sensei’s words.

Then Sawada-sensei grinned.

“Yes, that’s right. What a surprise, we have another transfer student coming to this class.”


At Sawada-sensei’s words, the whole class began to murmur at once.

“Is the transfer student… a girl? Or is it a boy?”

“More importantly, aren’t there a lot of transfer students lately? It started with Yuuya-kun, and then Yuti-chan came to the middle school as well…”

“Whatever it is, it’s unusual.”

It seems to be a rare situation where transfer students arrive one after another, starting with me, after all.

I wonder what kind of person is coming?

“Hey, come in!”



When I heard the voice that answered Sawada-sensei’s call, my eyes widened.

Eh? That voice was…!

To my surprise, it was a phosphorescent blue-haired girl ── Merl-san who entered the classroom!

Unlike her previous suit, Merl-san is now dressed in the same uniform as the rest of us.

While everyone was stunned, Merl-san looked around at us and smiled when she spotted me among them.

“I’m Merl, and I’ll be transferring to this school starting today. I don’t know much about this country yet, so I hope you can teach me a few things.”


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“And well, as you just heard, she’s not from this country, so take care of her in many ways!”


Sawada-sensei tells us so quite naturally, but it is not so for me. I know that Merl-san is an alien, so I couldn’t think of anything yet…

“I know it’s an unusual name, but… I wonder if she’s similar to Yuti-san?”

“It’s more unusual to have blue hair, though, isn’t it?”

“What’s with the glowing? Huh? Is it just my imagination?”

“No, it’s normal to have glowing hair, isn’t it?”

“Normal… so, was it…?”

Huh? Is it possible that it is accepted as normal?

It seemed that Merl-san had already performed some kind of cognitive manipulation on the students in the class, and they all naturally accepted the fact that Merl-san’s hair was glowing. Ugh, space technology is as outrageous as ever…

“For the time being, your seat is behind… Yuuya. You see, it’s behind that prominent boy over there.”

“Yes, I understand.”

As I stared at Merl-san with an indescribable expression on my face, she whispered to me as she passed by me.

“…It’s good to see you again.”


I could only smile dryly at the unexpected reunion.


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