Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 176

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Chapter 176 – Speculation And Departure


Outside the assembly hall stood Ms. Zamir. She was fully armed, carrying a mithril large-body crossed spear, Meteor, and a mithril alloy short spear also hung on her back.

“When did you…”

“I’ve been guarding you from behind ever since you left the lord’s mansion. There is also Harpy over there.”


I looked beyond Ms. Zamir’s gaze and saw a pink-feathered Harpy waving her wings in our direction. That’s Bron. I hadn’t noticed her at all. I’ve been kidnapped in Erichburg before. I guess they have tightened up the security even when I go out to run errands.

“I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“It is not a bother. Kosuke-dono is of the utmost importance to us.”

“Hmm, that treatment is already heavy. I know it can’t be helped. So, from a Lizardman’s point of view, are those people trustworthy?”


At my question, Ms. Zamir pondered for a while before opening her mouth.

“The Dragonis Mountain Kingdom and the Dragonis Order themselves are not to be alarmed. Their faith and respect for dragons and their riders are absolute.”

“That’s a little scary.”

“There is nothing to fear. For them, Grande-sama and Kosuke-dono are like quasi-royalty. That means you are walking on the same path as the founder of the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom.”

“Does Ms. Zamir have anything to do with it?”

“No. My home is the Merinard Kingdom. But for a Lizardman, it’s one of the places I’d like to visit at least once.”

“I see.”

At least I understood that they did not seem to be enemies. I’ll have to report this to Sylphy and Melty, that’s for sure.




“Dragonis Mountain Kingdom…?”

After hearing the report from Ms. Zamir and me, Melty put her hand on her shapely chin and thought about it. Sylphy, too, looked difficult and crossed her arms in thought.

“I understood that Grande-san and Kosuke-san will be the object of their faith. However, if we are talking about the country to country, it is unthinkable that they would give us support without any consideration. The question is what the other side will ask for in return for their support.”

“Assuming the worst of the worst, it could be the handover of Grande and Kosuke, for all I can tell.”

“That would be unthinkable… It would inevitably cause displeasure for Grande-san and Kosuke-san. And if it goes badly, it’s war. If it’s in that direction, I’d like you to visit the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom once, or to make Grande’s lodge a place of pilgrimage, or to make out with her once a week or once a month at the lodge, or to actually fly on her back, or something like that.”

Shaking her head in denial of Sylphy’s words, Melty listed a series of “likely stories.”

“Well, maybe they just want to make a mutual defense pact… but no matter what Kosuke thinks, if Kosuke is in danger, Grande-san will go berserk on the battlefield. It would be a great honor for their country just to be able to fight alongside Grande-san. After all, it is the products of the Elves, isn’t it? That country can use flying dragons as a means of transportation. They are not only strong in arms, but they are also excellent merchants.”

“They’re literally flying merchants… It’s a good backer, or rather a good partner to join hands with. From what you’ve told me, they’re a predominantly Lizardman country, aren’t they?”

“Yes, it is said that there are many Lizardmen. But I hear that humans and other races live together as well, of course. The royalty is subhumans with the characteristics of dragons. They are called Dragonmen or Dragonians.”

“How are they different from Lizardmen?”

“I hear it’s different from what it looks like. It is said that the subhuman form of Grande-san looks more like a human being. In that country, there are many scales which are said to be half Lizardman and half-human.”

“The scales?”

“They are a race of people whose limbs and parts of their bodies are covered with scales and have tails like Lizardmen.”

“I see.”

You mean a reptilian subhuman who is less lizard-like than a genuine Lizardman like Ms. Zamir. I’m a little curious to know what they look like.

“I understand about the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom. So, has Grande agreed to go to Merinesburg?”

“That wasn’t a problem. I’m still trying to figure out what to do while we are over there.”

It would be best if I could stay with Lime and the others.

“Is everything all right?”

“I’ll be staying with Lime and the others, won’t I? Maybe it’s just a matter of how well she gets along with Lime and the others or the location.”


Sylphy nodded as if he had guessed. Since Sylphy is aware that the hiding place of Lime and the others are in the sewers, he must have guessed a lot of things. I’ll be fine if I just hold out for the entrance, but Grande will have a much better nose than I do.

“Oh, and I’m leaving early tomorrow. I want to be over there by midday when Lime makes contact with Ellen for communication purposes.”

That way, I can tell Ellen on the spot that I’m arriving over there, and she can promptly begin coordinating to meet me. For whatever reason, the only time we can give information to Ellen is when she and I are communicating with each other via the Golem communicator. Basically, that would be the only time Lime and the others would contact Ellen. No, I heard that they are escorting her behind the scenes, or is that not so? I don’t know. Well, there’s nothing wrong with going early.

“Well… are you prepared?”

“I have everything I need in my inventory, you know.”

I have the original scripture, the original manuscript, and the translated notes in my inventory so that no one can steal them if they are in my possession. I can’t lose them by any chance.

“I see. Then I guess we’re done for the day, right?”


“Yes, that’s right. Though the sun is still high.”

“Wait. What are you guys talking about?”

I sensed something disturbing, and I retreated back… and Melty came around very quickly. I looked to Danan for help.

“No problem with political affairs. I’ll take care of the urgent matters.”

The bastard turned his head away from me and looked down at his paperwork. You, you! Just remember this! I’ll leave you behind someday when the same thing happens to you, too! I’d rather kick your ass down the drain!

“Zamir, I’m sorry, but can you tell someone from the Harpies that we need to convene?”


Ms. Zamir gave me a look of pity and then walked off. How can you abandon your guard duty and not fulfill it? No good.

“Calm down, and let’s talk about it. I have to go into enemy territory tomorrow and do my duty. You shouldn’t have to worry about my physical conditioooooonnnnnーーー.”

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone was just worried about me, yes.




The next morning.

Thanks to the fact that they took it easy on me, my max life and max stamina loss was only about 25%. That’s very compassionate and brings tears to my eyes. By the way, could you go easy on me to the extent that my maximum life and stamina are not reduced? Is it impossible? Yes, sure.

If I eat well and rest well, my max value will recover in time, hahaha. Well, it will heal while Grande is carrying me.

“Kosuke, don’t ever let your guard down. Not many people over there know your face, but Qubi hasn’t been caught, after all. I don’t think they know that we are in contact with the saint, but if they did, it is possible that a trap has been set. I say again, never let your guard down.”


I nodded at Sylphy’s words as she looked me over. If I screw up again and get caught, I’ll be causing trouble for everyone in the Liberation Army. Melty might cut off her horns again and try to sneak in or something, and I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

“It’s too late now, and I’m not saying you don’t befriend the saint. As far as I’m concerned, we can use the setting that the saint says you’re an apostle of God or something like that. But please don’t forget that Kosuke-san’s place of return is with us.”


I’ll nod to Melty’s words as well. I’ve already told Ellen my thoughts on that area when we discussed it before. My priority is Sylphy and the others. If the time comes when I have to choose between them, I will choose Sylphy and the others.

“I have nothing to say. Come back safely.”

“Of course.”

“Don’t worry; I will be with him. If push comes to shove, I’ll just fly back with Kosuke in my arms and wipe out everything in my path.”

“Hmm. I’m counting on Grande to do it. Keep Kosuke safe.”


I was a little relieved to see Isla and Grande, who are about the same height, nodding at each other. Yesterday, though, they tag-teamed me and attacked me… hahaha, I’m glad they seem to be getting along so well.

“Danna-sama, be sure to come back safe and sound.”

“Danna-sama! Don’t forget to bring me back some souvenirs!”

“P-please be safe and… we’ll be waiting for you.”

“Just don’t hurt yourself, okay?”

The Harpies surrounded me and talked to me. They also do skinship with me, stroking me with their wings and pressing their heads against me. Thank you so much for going easy on me yesterday. I’d be happy if you’d go a little easier on me in the future as well.

“I’m off then. I’ll be contacting you every day, just in case.”

“Yeah, be careful. Don’t get involved in anything strange.”

“I wish you’d stop raising flags…”

When you say it like that, I’ll get involved in some weird stuff. Everyone’s eyes were on Sylphy as if they somehow understood what I was trying to say, even though they didn’t know what the word “flag” meant.

“I-I’m not the one who’s to blame!”

“No problem. It’s just that now I have something to make fun of.”

Melty smiles at Sylphy, who is flustered. That was definitely an evil smile. I can see that.

“Don’t tease her too much…”

With a wry smile, I took out a one-person gondola and climbed in. I made it for when it’s just the two of us, me and Grande, traveling alone.

“I’m off. Take care, everyone!”

“Yeah, and Kosuke, too. Come back soon.”

“Then let’s go.”

Grande takes off with me in her arms, being seen off by Sylphy and the others. This should bring us to the outskirts of Merinesburg by noon. Well, I’m just going to give them the scriptures, the manuscripts, and the translations, so I should be able to come back soon.

I have a feeling that I’m going to get into some weird stuff if I think about it… Bing bong. I can’t help but feel that someone or something that brought Ellen and me together has an agenda. I wonder what will happen this time. I hope it’s as easy as possible.


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9 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 176

  1. Missing ingredient in church reformation arc: direct confrontation with obviously corrupt forces, heroism of the apostle. The change he brings to the religious canon is no less than a major prophet who becomes a part of the mythos everafter.


  2. [I sensed something disturbing, and I retreated back… ]
    [Ms. Zamir gave me a look of pity]
    [The bastard turned his head away from me and looked down at his paperwork]
    are you sure you are fighting with the right group?

    [my max life and max stamina loss was only about 25%. ]
    what kind of plays are they doing for him to lose hp? ryona?

    [but Qubi hasn’t been caught, after all.]
    ah… a flag has been raised…

    ps: why is he making hair dye? why isn’t he disguising himself?


    1. He’s probably just suffering simple exhaustion, considering he’s spending every night with half a dozen women; you could probably also say that he’s not getting a full night’s sleep for the same reason and thus he isn’t fully rested.

      As for Qubi, once Kosuke escaped he immediately booked it out of Merinesburg and went deeper into Kingdom territory, either because he feared Kosuke’s revenge or because he knew the “White Pig Cardinal” would try to pin the escape on him. I don’t think he’s just going to come waltzing back into town right in time to run into Kosuke again, and even if he does they know he’s a traitor so they won’t be caught off-guard a second time.


      1. Another factor is third party being involved in the war (most likely the Empire of Subhumans).

        This war is probably a proxy and will want compensation if they succeed (betting Sylphi) and no connections if lost, Kosuke getting involved and his abilities and the fact his Marebito status (prophet/apostle of God(s)) prob nuked their plans and is potentially a threat.


  3. Dragonis Mountain Kingdom royalty can be described as draconewts too, right? Can they still use dragon breath, I wonder?


  4. “Sylphy nodded as if he had guessed. Since Sylphy is aware that the hiding place of Lime and the others are in the sewers, he must have guessed a lot of things.”
    he –> she (twice)


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