Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 186

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Chapter 186 – Return & Preparation


The return trip to Erichburg was smooth. There were no monsters in the Sorel Mountains that could catch up with Grande, who was flying at high speed. However, since it was a little late to depart from the other side, Grande seemed to have taken the flight a little more seriously.

Even so, we arrived at Erichburg just before the sun went down, so we made it just in time. The area around Erichburg is relatively safe thanks to the fact that it has become the headquarters of the Liberation Army, but the gates are closed at night. Well, even if the gates are closed, Grande and I can still get in whenever we want. Both in terms of authority and physically.

“Welcome back.”

“Yeah, I’m back. There wasn’t… much danger.”


“It hurts.”

Sylphy greets me and pulls both of my cheeks while glaring at me. She could tear my cheeks off when she gets serious, no joke, so I’m sure she’s just taking it easy on me.

“Welcome back.”

“Yeah, I’m back.”

While I was being pinched on the cheek, Isla hugged me and looked up at me from my chest. I patted her head, which was in just the right position, and she squinted her big eye pleasantly.

She’s so small, but she’s older than me.

“I’m glad to hear you’re all right. How did it go with the saint?”

A horned demon, who was smiling with a big smile on her face, asked me such a question from a little distance away.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

“She didn’t attack you like an animal, did she?”


I was about to be pushed down. It’s almost, though.

“I mean, I’m glad that you’re happy to see me safe, but we’re running out of time, so I’m going to cut the pleasantries a little bit short.”


The Harpies, who were waiting for their turn to come out now, started booing loudly. There are more than ten of them, and if each one of them were to give her own story, it would take up the whole day, wouldn’t it?




There is not much to discuss at this stage of development… and it would be much more efficient for me to spend the time I have to spend on discussions on the production of equipment and leave the other adjustments to Sylphy and the others.

However, it is not only making things that I have to do.

“It makes a very loud noise, so those who are sensitive to sound should be careful… okay? Then I’ll shoot.”

After saying that, I pulled the trigger and fired a bullet.

The sound of the gunshot echoes continuously as if it is tearing through cloth, and the bullets that continue to be fired cleave the armored targets lined up on the shooting range in a single sideways flash. This machine gun, called Small Moustache-san power saw, has a very short firing interval.

Yes, what I have to do is to teach the proper people how to use weapons from “the other world” that do not exist in this world.

“This weapon is an extension of the bolt-action rifle. A machine gun ― what is a machine gun, you ask? As you can see, it is powerful enough to tear an opponent to pieces, regardless of whether they are wearing armor or holding a shield. The ammunition used is exactly the same as the bolt-action rifles everyone else is using.”

Saying this, I pull out a rifle clip from my inventory. In this case, it might be better to call them machine-gun rounds rather than rifle rounds.

“This thing fires bullets at a tremendous rate of 1,200 rounds per minute. But, of course, if you keep firing bullets at such a high rate, the barrel will heat up and become a terrible mess, so you have to replace the barrel frequently. You still need a spare barrel, though.”

Saying this, I opened the hatch next to the air-cooled barrel cover and pulled out a heavy barrel.

“It’s hot!”

I almost got burned and hurriedly put it back inside the barrel cover. I should have worn gloves.

“What are you doing?”

The captain of the riflemen, Jagira, who was watching the scene, smiled wryly. Her ears were flattened down, and I was impressed by the way she kept the noise down. A Beastman is helpful in so many ways. I still have an earache, though.

“I mean… that’s a hell of a weapon.”

Jagira looked at me with a flattened ear and a grim expression.

“Is it too powerful to use against humans?”

“Hmm, well…”

Jagira nodded at me. The rest of the riflemen had the same look on their faces.

“Yeah, well, it’s reasonable to think so. Bolt action rifles are just an extension of bows and crossbows. They are tools for individuals to kill individuals, and I think they can be called ‘weapons.’ In contrast, this machine gun, I believe, is a ‘weapon’ designed to allow a small number of people to overrun and mop up a large group of people unilaterally.”

Jagira and the others listened to my words with serious expressions on their faces. After confirming this, I continued.

“I think this kind of weapon, including bolt-action rifles, is something that should not exist in this world. A battle using this weapon would no longer be a battle, but a one-sided violation. But I will still put it on the battlefield and let you use this weapon to kill your enemies. Because it is absolutely necessary.”

What will be needed in the battle ahead is the mobility of the airboard. However, mobility alone is not enough. You need to have enough offensive power to stop the enemy in its tracks. It must be an offensive capability that can inflict certain damage without taking advantage of the overwhelming force of the enemy.

“Sylphy and Danan will tell you about the riflemen’s mission in the future. But in order to accomplish that mission, this weapon will definitely be needed. So you will have to learn how to use it.”

“I understand. How about all of you?”

The riflemen nodded in response to Jagira’s question.

If there is such a thing as hell in this world, Jagira and the rest of the riflemen will be along for the ride. If possible, I would like it to be just Sylphy and me. I think there are some extenuating circumstances since Jagira and the others were coerced by us.

“What are you talking about? Come on, tell me what you’re doing with that thing.”


I replied to Jagira’s voice and began teaching her how to load ammunition, change barrels, and so on.

I’m going to recommend them to leave before they use it to attack the Holy Kingdom army, but I’m sure it will be useless… bombs blew up thousands of people and hurt the Holy Kingdom army in the territory of the Merinard kingdom in many other ways. Anyway, I’ll do my best not to cause any damage to the riflemen who handle this thing due to outbursts or accidents.

It would take an omniscient and omnipotent God to save an enemy who is approaching with a weapon. If it were a game, it would be easy because the enemy character just falls down and disappears in a flash, but… it’s just not possible. Good grief.


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10 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 186

  1. This guy keeps on going on about how horrible he is for introducing modern weapons and how he can’t help it because they’re necessary, when he can single-handedly end his enemy without them.

    At anytime, he can just go to the enemy capital, with his gravity suspending block, build his infinite water blocks, and just let the water flood the capital until whenever he decides to stop. Just this 1 move and it’ll completely halt the enemy’s government, military, economy. Want a quicker, sure fire way? Explode the barracks, castle, granary and stuff. Fin. Country collapse, civil war ensues, other countries take the opportunity to attack them. Hell, it’ll also let his side recapture their lands without needing to worry about reinforcements.

    Ah, I am ranting.


    1. Well, there’s a couple of issues with that. First and foremost, they don’t want to harm the civilians within the Holy Empire because they aren’t to blame for the Church and the military’s misdeeds, and doing so would just needlessly antagonize the humans and give them legitimate reasons to hate demi-humans.

      Secondly, there’s always the concern of escalating force. Earlier on the Holy Empire just sent a few hundred soldiers out because they assumed the Merinard army was just a tiny slave uprising; after Kosuke blew up that fort and took out 3000 soldiers at once they started taking things more seriously, including sending in the mages they’d been holding in reserve. If they did something really out there like staging an attack on the Empire’s capitol, their military could very well reason that they have no reason to hold back anymore and could march everything they have – soldiers, mages, and whatever else – straight for Elven territory with the intent to turn it into a lifeless ruin just like the Great Emit Wastelands.

      Not to mention that the Empire likely knows a good deal about Kosuke and his technology already due to Qubi ratting him out. Even if they don’t know the exact specifics of things like firearms and grenades, they could always try to recreate them using magic and alchemy, which might not level the playing field but would certainly have an impact. And of course there’s also the idea that they might try to kidnap Kosuke again, or just straight-up assassinate him since they know that he’s super critical to the Merinard resistance.


      1. Regarding innocents, I understand what you, and MC/author saying. I just disagree. An organization can only do what they do when the people allow it, thus no one is innocent. Anyway, as for the rest…

        Unless MC or his side screams ‘We did it!’, no one knows. MC is in a world without modern technology. No one knows him, no one knows his ability. A few heard of it, but no one will ever believe it unless they see it. MC can just casually walk into their capital and no one would know. If he floods the capital, no one knows how he did it or where he is. If the higher ups say it’s the demi-humans, that means they f* up and the enemy are at their doorsteps. If they reveal MC, that means they are admitting the enemy have a SINGLE man that can end them, which no one will believe. Either way, stability breaks down, panic ensues, and that’s only if their government is still functioning. No one wouldn’t take this opportunity to attack them, especially the the ones already fighting them. No power-hungry lord or priest wouldn’t take the opportunity to take control, in-fighting and civil war. And all this happening when the capital, and headquarters of the church, is roasted. MC isn’t limited to producing firearms, he’s ability is Minecraft. Spare the ‘innocents’? He can dig under the capital’s castle/church/barracks, place explosives and boom. The end.

        This is what I mean by MC being able to single-handedly end them. There’s a reason why terrorist are so hard to get in the real world. (Yes, MC acting like one would be the fastest way to end the story, lol) Now imagine without modern surveillance and the target using unheard of god-like magic.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. If it follows minecraft rules, infinite water would only flow a certain distance or could be blocked off with small walls.

      Seems to me MC has been trying his best to not get directly drawn into conflict, probably to protect his mental health. It’s one thing to give the people you know the means to fight their enemies and another entirely to directly face those enemies yourself. Sure, he could solve everything himself, but what effect would that have on his allies? Wouldn’t some of them feel robbed of the chance to commit vengeance? Maybe some of them would become fearful. Chances are high that he would draw the wrong kind of attention in the form of assassins or maybe some other apostle/god (who knows what powers are out there? Even the elves had weapons of mass destruction)


  2. Discovered the Manga awhile ago and loved the story. The novel takes you deeper into the adventure and the characters in hopes of regaining their home from overwhelming odds. Kosuke tries to restrain himself in all things but the forces for him and against him are immeasurable. Look forward to the rest of this story someday.


  3. [This machine gun, called Small Moustache-san power saw, has a very short firing interval.]

    LOL,he is referring to German MG42, dubbed “Hitler’s Buzzaw”.


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