Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 192

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Chapter 192 – Quick Surrender


“We’re finally here.”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s not going to be easy.”

Today, as usual, we continued on for several hours, destroying several defensive bases. Finally, our high-speed strike force reached the front of Merinesburg. Today is the third day since we left Erichburg, and considering that we have destroyed every defensive base along the way, I think our speed is astonishing. If we had enough airboards to transport more troops, we wouldn’t have to destroy the defensive bases along the way… It will be a challenge in the future to transport a large number of troops. I wish there were an easier way.

“But still, that’s a lot of people… How many are there?”

“Well, I’d say more than 1,000, but less than 2,000.”

Sylphy and I both looked ahead and saw the soldiers with matching armor and helmets lined up in an orderly fashion. The vanguard was made up of heavily armored infantrymen. Behind them were long spearmen with long spears outstretched, and behind them were archers with bows and arrows. On either side of the group were mounted cavalrymen on horseback.

Our number was exactly 500 men. I would have to wait for a report from the scout, the Harpy, to know the difference in numbers alone, but the difference in strength between them and us is about two to three times. If we were to clash with them, we would have no chance of victory.

“Considering the situation as it is, the difference in strength is hopeless…”

“…We look like sitting ducks.”

Sylphy mutters with a wry smile at the sight of the enemy’s formation while Isla blurts out something absurd next to her. 

“Will you do it? The surrender recommendation.”

“Well, yes. It’s just a formality. I don’t think they’ll comply, though.”


Basically, numbers are the deciding factor in this world of warfare with swords and spears. Therefore, it is unlikely that the side with more numbers will surrender at the behest of the side with fewer numbers.

Although we are riding in strange vehicles, our numbers are less than half of theirs. Even if it is a battle against subhumans with superior physical capabilities, they must think that if it is a field battle on the plains, they have the advantage because they have more numbers.

“Let’s do it.”


I handed Sylphy the microphone of the external speaker, and after clearing her throat a few times, she began to speak through the microphone.

“I am Sylphielle Danal-Merinard, commander of the Merinard Kingdom Liberation Army. Attention, Holy Kingdom Army deployed in the territory of the Merinard Kingdom. Disarm and surrender! Or else you are doomed to be exposed to this place. If you disarm and surrender, I promise to send you safely back to your home country.”

Sylphy’s voice echoed through the speakers. Then, after a short pause, laughter erupted from the enemy camp. My ears can’t hear it accurately, but I can sense the nuance of mockery.

“It doesn’t sound like they’re going to surrender.”

“Yes. It can’t be helped ── riflemen, begin the attack. It’s a big place. Stir them up to your heart’s content. Harpy bombers, destroy the enemy’s rear guard. Infantry, stand by. Your turn will come after we destroy those fools who challenged us to an open battle.”

Many replies came back from the other end of the transmitter, saying, “Understood.” At the same time, the Harpies began to take off from behind us, and the airboards on which the riflemen were riding began to accelerate, gliding smoothly.

In response, the Holy Kingdom’s army brought its long spearmen forward, their bluntly glowing tips sticking out like hedgehogs. It seemed that the Holy Kingdom’s army had judged the airboards to be a kind of chariot. But, unfortunately, it’s not such a lukewarm existence.

Intermittent sounds of gunfire began to be heard in the distance. At the same time, the long spearmen deployed in front of the infantry unit were reaped, and the spear line collapsed in the blink of an eye.

“Ah, the enemy archers are shooting at us.”

“It’s pointless in front of the halting barrier.”

True to Isla’s words, the rain of arrows that are pouring down seems to be losing momentum and falling before reaching the riflemen’s airboards. The mage on the airboard uses Isla’s newly developed barrier magic to prevent the arrows from reaching the airboard. I don’t really understand how it works, but it seems to be special barrier magic that takes away the kinetic energy of flying arrows. I heard that it took a lot of effort to specify and condition the target.

As the airboards of the riflemen were chipping away at the enemy soldiers in this way, intermittent explosions occurred behind the enemy lines. The Harpy bombers, who had reached the skies above the enemy lines, began dropping air bombs one after another from altitudes beyond the reach of arrows.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this.”

“It’s a one-sided massacre, isn’t it?”

The Holy Kingdom’s army is already in a state of extreme confusion.

That’s probably true. Their front and back are being torn to shreds. The soldiers in the vanguard are exposed to unknown attacks and are in a state of panic, while the rear is being overrun by air bombs and is a festival of mincemeat. The chain of command was no better. It wasn’t a good idea to be so densely packed.

Soon after, the Holy Kingdom Army’s Merinesburg defense force was destroyed. With the machine-gun fire of 20 riflemen and the relentless aerial bombardment of the Harpy Bombardment Squadron, the number of Holy Kingdom troops in the area was reduced to between 1,000 and 1,500 in just a few minutes. It was too much.

“Should we rescue the survivors?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure.”

Sylphy’s sharp gaze was fixed on Merinesburg as she said that. She seems to be on the lookout for something.

“I couldn’t find any mage units among the enemy. There’s a risk that they might fire chorus magic at us during the rescue operation.”

“Ah, I see.”

Indeed, we can’t go forward carelessly, can we? The place where the Holy Kingdom’s army was positioned is relatively close to the walls of Merinesburg, maybe not more than 100 meters. Ordinary magic would probably not be able to reach that distance, but the chorus magic used by the Holy Kingdom’s mage corps would probably have enough range to reach it.

While I wondered what to do, several white flags went up on the city walls, and the gates, which had been closed, began to open with a sound. The sudden turn of events caused tension in the vehicle.

“What is going on?”

Sylphy called out to the scout Harpy and the riflemen via the golem communicator, and a bewildered voice came back from the riflemen’s airboard.

“Um… Some Adol Priests with white flags are coming out of the city gates. What should we do?”

Priests, priests, huh? Does this timing mean Ellen did well?

“What shall we do?”

“If they raise a white flag, we can talk anyway.”

Saying this, Sylphy shrugged her shoulders. At any rate, is this the end of the battle for Merinesburg? It was quite astonishing… probably that’s how well Ellen handled it.

Anyway, we have no choice but to deal with them without letting up on our vigilance. It would be bad if they responded with enthusiasm and were rounded up.


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