I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 10 Epilogue Part 1

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Part 1


“Well, thank you so much! You’ve been a big help!”

“N-no problem.”

A little while after I finished slaying the false dragon, Lanael-san came back.

“I really wish I could have helped you, but there was a movement with the main body of the False God just above and… I was called back. I’m sorry.”

Lanael-san bowed her head apologetically.

But Zenovis-san indifferently told her.

“If you and the others in the upper dimension had been more firm, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Ugh… T-that’s true, but…”

“Be that as it may, the false dragon has been defeated. You have no more business with us, do you? As promised, return Yuuya to his original time.”

“Of course, of course! B-but Observer-samas still want Zenovis-sama to cooperate with us…”


Zenovis-san looked at Lanael-san in a troublesome manner.

“I’ve told you many times, settle matters in the upper dimension in the upper dimension. Don’t involve me in it.”

“I-I know that! That’s why Observer-sama says he will welcome Zenovis-sama into the upper dimension!”

“I have told you repeatedly that I refuse to do so. Why do you insist on me so much?”

In response to Zenovis-san’s genuine question, Lanael-san seemed reluctant to answer but spoke honestly.

“…The truth is, in the battle between the False God and Observer-samas, Observer-samas’ side is currently at a disadvantage… The reason is that the False God is trying to invade our world using a large number of sentinels, just like the Genesis Dragon that the two of you defeated. Their number is more than Observer-samas expected…”


“In order to counter this army of false gods, we need to ask for help from beings with power equal to that of Observer-samas! But such beings are few and far between…”

“A-and Zenovis-san is one who fulfills that condition, isn’t he?”


Lanael-san drooped down powerlessly.

In this case, I should say that Zenovis-san is too amazing or that the observers are too different in dimension…

Zenovis-san, who heard Lanael-san’s story, nodded without changing a single expression on his face.

“I see. I understand what you said.”


“I understand and refuse.”

“No way!”

Zenovis-san ruthlessly refused, and this time Lanael-san sank to the ground.

But there was more to Zenovis-san’s words.


“I refuse, but as an alternative… I recommend Yuuya.”




I was stunned by these unexpected words. I immediately understood the meaning of the words and shook my head in panic.

“W-wait! To recommend me… that’s impossible, isn’t it? I’m not as strong as you, Zenovis-san!”

“For now, yeah.”


“I told you, right? You are strong. And there’s a good chance you’ll surpass me.”

“N-no way…”

“That’s why I’m recommending you. Of course, it will be tough at this stage, but I’m sure the observers will do something about that.”

Zenovis-san seemed to have already decided in his mind that I was going to go, and he turned to Lanael-san once again.

“So, that’s it. You can take him with you.”

“N-no, even if you say that…!”

No matter how much Zenovis-san told me, it was not so simple to nod my head.

After all, we will fight a powerful enemy just like the false dragon I just faced. 

The false dragon was defeated because of Zenovis-san’s power, but it was not necessarily defeated because of the help of observers.


“B-besides, I’m going back to my own time, you know? So I don’t think I can participate in the battle against the false gods…”

“The passage of time is different in the upper dimension and in this world. By the way, the only reason Lanael was able to manipulate time to get time for your training is because she was forced to pull time from the upper dimension. And even if you returned to your original time, it would only be by a few days in the upper dimension.”

Is there really that much difference in the speed of time…!

As I thought this, Zenovis-san suddenly thought for a moment and realized something.

“…I see. So this is how it happened, and you’re the one to inherit it.”



“Then let me put it this way. Instead of giving away everything I own, you should go.”


Zenovis-san smiled mischievously at me, and I was stunned.

“I didn’t know how and why you had inherited all my armor, etc., including my magic circuit, but… perhaps this is the moment.”

“N-no way…”

“At this moment, you are making a contract with me. That is why, in the far future, you will have my property.”

The words struck me with such a feeling… that everything I had ever done before seemed to connect. [T/n: Yes, welcome, Time Paradox-chan.]

Why was it so easy for me to inherit Sage-san’s legacy when I first visited another world?

And now that I am here in the past, everything connects, including the fact that I am the first otherworldly person in this world.

However, there are still some things that I don’t understand.

“B-but the future Argena didn’t know about me, you know?”

Then Lanael-san, who had been watching what was going on, opened her mouth.

“Oh, about that… all the information related to this false god will disappear from this planet.”


“The fact that Yuuya-san had come to this time period and the existence of the Genesis Dragon, which became a sentinel of the false god, will all be erased from this world. For Observer-samas, the fact that the sentinel of the false gods was created in the lower dimension is an incident that they want to cover up…”

“I see. I wasn’t particularly aware of this, but I suppose it is significant that we fought in this place. Of course, it would be harder for even observers to falsify information in a place where many people are present. But if it is just Yuuya and me, it is still possible to erase the information, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. However, since Zenovis-sama is originally from this era, only the facts about Yuuya and the false god’s sentinel will simply be erased.”

In other words, if I return to my original era, everything I experienced will be erased from this planet.

But it’s still there as my memory, and it’s still firmly…

“S-so that’s why I didn’t hear about the other Genesis Dragon in the future…”

“I think that’s probably what happened… If there was only one dragon from the beginning, then the information must have been falsified.”

Otherwise, there is no way Ouma-san would not have talked about it, and there is no way the world would not have noticed such a big event as the disappearance of one of the Genesis Dragons…

“I understand that the information about the false gods, including me, will disappear. But if that’s the case, it won’t make sense for me and Zenovis-san to sign a contract here…”

“Since we will make a soul contract. That’s not a problem.”

“A soul contract?”

“Even if I don’t remember you, the one who made the soul contract will surely carry out that contract. In this case, I will have to make a lot of preparations for my successor without knowing who that person is.”

“I-I wonder if Zenovis-san doesn’t find it strange to be in such an ambiguous state?”

I’d be absolutely creeped out by the idea of preparing a legacy for someone I don’t know who is, and I’d probably throw it out in the middle of the process…

“There’s nothing wrong with it. As long as I move that way, you would assume that there was some reason for it. If it were me, I wouldn’t be manipulated by anyone. I will always understand that I am doing it of my own volition.”

A-as expected of Sage-san…!

Then Zenovis-san held out his hand.

“So, will you do this favor for me?”


Zenovis-san stared straight at me.

──I have been able to acquire many important things thanks to the legacy that Sage-san has given to me. 

I have had encounters with Lexia-san, Luna, Yuti, and Kuro.

I met wonderful people like Master Usagi, Iris-san, Odis-san, and others.

And… Night, Akatsuki, Ouma-san, and Ciel.

I wouldn’t have the family I have today without Sage-san’s legacy.

Without anything else, I was just an abused high school student.

I would still be spending miserable days on Earth.

But now I have a place on Earth.

I can’t thank Zenovis-san enough.

That is why…

“I understand. I don’t know how much I can replace Zenovis-san, but if I can be of any help to Zenovis-san… even just a little…!”

I shook Zenovis-san’s hand.

“Thank you.”


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When Zenovis-san smiled gently, something warm permeated my body through my hand and Zenovis-san’s.

It stayed around my heart for a while, and then it seeped into my body.

“…This concludes the soul contract. You are now my successor.”


When Zenovis-san told me this with a somewhat radiant expression on his face, my eyes lit up.

“Well… Zenovis-sama is as extraordinary as ever… It’s amazing that you succeeded so effortlessly in making a soul contract that has a terribly low success rate and, if it fails, will destroy both souls…”



While I was surprised by the bombshell from Lanael-san at the last minute, Zenovis-san laughed out loud for the first time here.

The next moment, my body was gradually enveloped in light.

“W-what is this?”

“Oh, it looks like it’s started!”

I was panicked by the suddenness of the situation, but Lanael-san continued calmly.

“Don’t worry! It’s just that Observer-samas are preparing to send Yuuya-san back to your original time.”

“I-I see…”

For the moment, I realize that it is not dangerous, so I look at the situation.

What can I say… it’s a strange feeling, a little like the scene when you defeat a monster.

It’s like my body is gradually turning into particles of light and disappearing… but strangely enough, it wasn’t terrifying.

After all, the sage, Zenovis-san, is right in front of me. So I’m sure everything will be fine.


“──Well then, Yuuya. I’m really glad to have met you.”


“M-me too!”

When it comes time to say goodbye, sadness comes over me.

Perhaps sensing my feelings, Zenovis-san smiled softly.

“After you leave, I will forget you. But my soul will remember you. ──May your future be blessed.”


At last, I can return to my original time.

Just as I thought that, Lanael-san dropped another bombshell.

“Oh, by the way, the Evil that was fighting Zenovis-sama here was called forth in the time when Yuuya-san was originally present, and that Evil will be brought back to this time with Observer-sama’s power, but it will be troublesome if he resists, so it would be helpful if you could hurt him moderately!”

“Hey! Eeehh──”

“The Evil is supposed to appear right in front of you, so don’t think too much about it and just slash it with your sword!”

I hurriedly tried to ask for more information, but to no avail; I was sent back to my original time.


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    1. Reason yuuya looks like zenovis , as original look of yyuya was not like zenovis, but due to soul contract and using zenovis power and also being a succesor of zenovis his transformed version looked like zenovis


  1. Yo what! No he did not do this. Zenovis is like “I don’t want to become a god, I want to be normal” , but when it comes to Yuuya he is “I don’t want to be a god so you do it for me”. I’m gonna say it, that’s the most b**ch line I have ever read. Like can’t you just think for a minute, Zenovis is a lonely guy who doesn’t want to be a god on his whim, on the other hand Yuuya now is someone who has people that are important to him. Becoming a god means that Yuuya has to leave everything behind. Author-san, seriously, what were you thinking?

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    1. There is a difference though. Zenovis was always alone. Yuuya has family and friends. I know it’s an overplayed trope but it makes sense here since Yuuya has friends to rely on closely and family he needs to protect giving him a purpose stronger than just mastering everything emotionlessly.

      Besides, his personality is different too which is why despite inheriting everything, he is weaker but has potential to be stronger.

      The only thing that annoys me is



  2. Yuuya’s life story so far:
    Somehow I inherited my deceased grandpa’s OP stuff and the sage’s OP stuff and became OP myself.
    I need to get stronger to feel safe, so I trained by killing OP monsters and become even more OP.
    I even got 2 OP masters teaching me, and become even more OP than before.
    Eventually even the planet gave me her blessing, and I inherited an OP robot from the sage, resulting me becoming the most OP existence of this other world planet.
    But somehow, I still believe that I’m a weak-ass nobody, and regularly fall into despair when some nobody tries something on me.
    Still, apparently, the ultimate OP sage from the past thinks I will be able to surpass him in the future… teehee~


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