I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 10 Epilogue Part 2

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Part 2


Immediately after Yuuya was transported to a past era.

The “Evil” ── Evil, who was fighting the sage, smiled wickedly. [T/n: The second Evil was his name.]

“Well then… let the carnage begin.”

“Do you think I’ll allow that?”

When Ouma returned to his original non-standard size, he opened his mouth and his magic power converged into it.

But Evil was still smiling wryly when he saw it.

“Hahahaha! If you want to shoot me, then shoot! Then, after I have prevented it perfectly, I will teach you what defeat is!”

“──Stop. I won’t let you!”


Then Yuti and Night jumped on Evil simultaneously and attacked him with everything they had, but Evil just stared at them blankly.

“You are just a nobody. Don’t get in my way.”



“Piii! Piiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Night and Yuti are blown away by the wind pressure from a light wave of his arm.

At the sight of the two, Ciel’s body was filled with flames of anger, and he charged straight at Evil.


“Hmph. Now a fly. You seem quite confident in your power, but… it won’t work on me.”


“Fugo! B-buhi…”

Ciel, who at the time of Avis had recovered instantly no matter how much damage he took and had attacked many times, for some reason could not heal the wounds inflicted by Evil’s attack and was blown away, as were Night and Yuti.

Quickly, Akatsuki transformed into a giant and caught Ciel with his body, but the impact alone nearly knocked Akatsuki down.

“As purely “Evil” as I am, I can block any ability and take away any life. There will never be another “Evil” as perfect as I am.”

“You bark so much!”

Having finished converging his magic power, Ouma compressed it to the utmost limit and released it at the Evil.

The magic power that was released like a ray of light contained such power that even a slight brush of it could erase the person’s existence.


“Perish here!”

Facing such an attack, Evil held out both hands without even a thought of avoiding it. Stepping as hard as he could on his feet, he caught the incoming ray of light with his hands.

“Nnn… nuoooooooooo!”


As expected, Ouma did not think his attack could be caught with bare hands, and his eyes widened at Evil’s action.

Evil was desperately enduring while raising a tremendous cloud of smoke from his feet.

“T-the blessing of our goooooooooddddddd──!”

“””Hooray, hoor──!”””

The impact of the attack released by Ouma obliterated all the evil cult members present.


“Ku… kukuku…”


Despite having injured his arm, Evil was able to survive Ouma’s blow.

“Kuhu… kuhahahahaha! How is this, O Genesis Dragon! This is my power! Now, next is my──.”




“Wha ── gyaaaaaah!”

“Eh… Yuuya!”

Evil, who was continuing to laugh loudly, had his body bashed by Yuuya, who appeared in front of him without notice.

The space in front of Evil’s eyes suddenly seemed to distort, and a glowing vortex appeared from it, and suddenly Yuuya appeared.

Yuuya, in fact, had simply taken out [Omni-Sword] and swung it down without thinking much as soon as the transition was complete, as per the instructions given by Lanael before he disappeared before Zenovis.



“I-I really did cut something, but it’s okay, isn’t it?”


He was still flustered about it after all this time.




I felt the transition was over, so I took out the [Omni-Sword] as Lanael-san had requested, and I swung it down.

Of course, to say that I had no idea what I was doing was a figure of speech, but I was only aware that I had actually swung the [Omni-Sword] down at an opponent who was releasing a presence that I did not know about.

So when I looked again at the being I had slashed, I saw a man like Avis, who had become the ultimate perfect form, desperately holding down his slashed body.

“Ah, that guy…”



“Yuti! Night! And everyone else…!”

Hearing the voices of Yuti and the others, I realized that I had safely returned to my original time.

I tried to rush to everyone’s side, but that didn’t seem to be possible.


“D… don’t mess with meeeeeeee!”



The man who was cut open by me stared at me with a horrified expression.

“You bastaaarrddd! Where did you come from? If it weren’t for you, I could destroy everything in the world with my power right now!”

I knew that the person I slashed at was definitely the “Evil” that Zenovis-san had originally been dealing with.

The only thing I don’t know is under what circumstances he came to this time.

I don’t know… but there is no way I can overlook the fact that he will destroy everything in this world.

“Dangerous. Yuuya, that man blocked Ouma-san’s attack as well.”


“Hmm? Yuuya?”

If it had been me before, I would have despaired that I was no longer able to get a hold of him just because he had stopped Ouma-san’s attack.

However, since I was sent to the era where Zenovis-san was, with whom we defeated the false dragon there, and was recommended by Zenovis-san to fight against the false god, I could not be afraid here.

“Yuuya, you…”

Ouma-san seemed to have noticed something about my condition and was speechless.

Then, the “Evil” stuck out his right arm and concentrated his magic or “Evil” energy there.


The power of that attack was more powerful than the one Avis unleashed in the past, and if it landed anywhere in the [Great Devil’s Nest], this time, the entire land would be obliterated.

I calmly stare at the extremely compressed ray of attack, and I hold my [Omni-Sword] in the upper position.

And then──.





With just that one thought in mind, I swung my sword down.

The sword that I swung down collided with the man’s ray of light, and after a brief moment of struggle, it sliced through the attack as it was.

“…..No, way…”

The Evil’s other half, which had been unharmed from the first attack, was also severely wounded now.

The Evil fell to his knees, and suddenly particles of light began to envelop his body.

“N-no way… am I going to go back to my original time…? Even though I have been able to come to a time without him this way…!”

The man began to shout as if he had lost all his composure.

“H-hey! Somebody! I don’t care who you are! Heal my wounds! Oh, I’ll disappear, I’ll disappear! No! T-there is no way I can beat him in this condition──”

The man desperately struggled to his last breath, but the evil cult that had caused all this commotion was gone before long, and in the end, with no one to help him, he returned to the time of Zenovis-san’s existence.

“…Finished, I guess?”






Everyone, including Yuti, hugged me, and I managed to hold on without collapsing.

“A-ahahaha… I’m back.”

“Question. Where in the world were you, Yuuya──?”

The moment Yuti tilted his head in wonder, I encountered a situation that had a sense of déjà vu.

It was…



A voice was falling from the sky.


“Yuuya-saaann! I’m here to pick you uuuppp!”


When everyone looked toward the voice… there was the figure of Lanael-san, falling with tremendous force.




Meanwhile, on Earth──.

“Shirai. You are sure this information is correct, aren’t you?”

“Of course it is.”

“Then there must be a chance for us too…!”

The document she was holding in her hand from the Ousei Academy has Yuuya’s picture pasted on it, and it contains detailed information, including his background up to this point. 

If only he would transfer to Nittei Academy, we would no longer be afraid of Ousei Academy! Shirai, I’m going to go scout for him right now!”


──Thus, a new movement concerning Yuuya also began on Earth.




Evil returned to his original time after being seriously wounded by Yuuya.


As soon as he returned to his original time, the wound he received from Yuuya had opened wide, and he fell to his knees as he vomited blood.

“D-damn it! This is… for this me to experience this…!”

Struggling desperately, Evil managed to stand up and tried to leave the scene to heal his wounds as best he could.

“Yes, I have to hurry and heal my wounds…! Kuh… I have been so seriously injured by that incomprehensible being… I will never forget this──”


“──What are you talking about?”



The words thrown at him so casually made Evil’s body stiffen.

It was the voice of Zenovis himself; the very person Evil should be avoiding most at this moment.


“Hmm. I was about to slay you, but I didn’t realize you were already dying…”

With a curious expression on his face, Zenovis looked at Evil’s wounds and smiled, his eyes widening faintly.

“…Hoh. It’s wonderful. Apparently, there is a swordsman somewhere who can reach you.”

“If only you… if only you weren’t hereeeeeeee!”

Evil used all his remaining strength to unleash an all-out attack.



“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


A single strike.

Evil could not even comprehend what had happened.

He was cut to pieces by Zenovis’s attack, which was seemingly slashs at random, and he found himself with a single line running down his neck.


Evil’s head rolled off his torso and disappeared as it was, becoming a particle of light.

When Zenovis saw this, he quietly looked at his hands.

“…What a strange feeling. I feel an inexpressible sense of satisfaction, even though it was just defeating an “Evil.” It’s as if I’ve had some kind of interesting experience──”

Zenovis muttered quietly and smiled.

“…Right. With this feeling, it might be a good idea to research new magic again. For example… magic that crosses over to a different world than here──”

Zenovis decided quickly and left the place.


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