I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 90 – 91

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Chapter 90 – Rock ‘N’ Roll


“A monster, you say…? That’s a golem.”

“What are you talking about? Golem is a monster, isn’t it? Isn’t it just right to defeat it?”

On a slope overlooking the Dark Forest, we watch a huge golem roaming about.

The mounted golem is said to be an artificially modified wild species, but its appearance is more different than we had imagined.

Instead of the robot-like shape I saw on the way to and from the imperial capital, it looked somewhat like a haniwa (clay figurine). It was about 4 meters tall and made of stone. Not ore-like, but mossy rock. It is like a rocky golem. In his hand is a club… or rather a tree itself nearly 3 meters long. It is scurrying around, looking for something.

“It must be looking for us.”

“What did you do, Myrril?”

“I had to let some Beastman escape from the forest, so I put a .45 right in its eyeball. It didn’t scare it off, though.”

“Of course, shotguns wouldn’t work either. The sodofu* couldn’t even reach the upper half of its body. I tried shooting at it with a thirty-ought-six from above the canyon, but that was also repelled.” [T/n: Sawed-off shotgun.]

Myrril and Minya talked without a trace of regret. From the beginning, they probably didn’t think they would be able to beat it.

That’s true. Handguns, shotguns, and rifles are not meant to break rocks.

Well, as for RPGs…

“Okay, then, Yadar, you want to go first?”

“Ohhhh, can I shoot?”

I took the warhead out of storage and inserted it into the firing tube. Then, after confirming that it went all the way in and evacuating the Beastman from behind Yadar, I handed it back to her.

“Safety device check. Scope light on.”

“Safety confirmed. Scope confirmed.”

“Raise the firing hammer.”

“Hammer’s up.”

“Align the target with the center of the horizontal bar and the top of the vertical bar.”

“Target in line.”

“Backward check. Safety release.”

“Safety off.”



Surprisingly, the sound is not loud. Although there is a huge burst of flame from the rear of the tube, the recoil is reduced by it, and in fact, there is almost no shock. However, the speed of flight was much faster than seen in war movies.

When it hit the left flank of the slowly moving rocky golem, it was gouged out with a dull thud, and its left arm was ripped off.

“…Amazing, what a power!”

Without screaming or showing any anger, the golem noticed us and began to walk toward us.

“Who’s next? We don’t have much time.”

“I’ll do it.”

Biot, the Bear-Beastman, raises his hand. We can hear the golem’s footsteps approaching. Just as well, since he is a serious and calm type. The RPG-7 looks so small in his huge hands. The trigger guard looks tight, but there seems to be no problem.

After a series of safety checks, he holds up the firing tube with the warhead set.


Immediately, the golem twists itself, causing the aim to be slightly off. The bullet lands on its right shoulder and explodes. The golem, which had lost both arms, stamped its foot in a small gesture of anger.

“Hey, Myrril, does the golem have emotions?”

“I don’t know that, but… even monsters are living creatures, so I can’t say that they don’t.”

If they were intelligent enough to communicate, I wondered if they had any feelings of guilt, I thought to myself in the corner of my mind.

After killing more than 30,000 “human beings,” it is meaningless to talk so nicely about it now.

The golem loses its balance as it tries to rush in and falls over, unable to get back up. It looks like an old comedy, but there is nothing comical about it.

The golem crawls and writhes, gets up on its knees, and prepares to lunge again.

“Next… then, Perun, it’s you.”


He’s the young Werewolf who served as Heimann-jiisan’s bodyguard at the Machine Gun Seat. Perhaps it’s because he’s been through the ordeal, or perhaps it’s his original personality, but he’s somewhat aloof and has a strong sense of humor.

After quickly and accurately confirming the safety, he holds up the firing tube.



The warhead flew straight up and pierced the golem’s gouged left flank. Yadar’s first shot blew out the back of the cavity, which was already crumbling, and shredded it from the waist up. Whether there was a core there or the connection to the limb was severed, the rocky golem collapsed and stopped moving.

“That’s good; let’s pick another target for everyone after that.”

“I’ve heard that they often attack in couple between the male and female golems.”

“Eh? What do you mean by ‘male and female’… golems have a male and female?”

“I don’t think they reproduce. They are often found in pairs, one large and one small, so we just call them “couple” as a matter of convention.”

Whether it was a male or a female, the sound of tree canopies shaking and trees crunching in the depths of the dark forest was definitely heard.

“Yoshua, does it take three shots to kill a large golem?”

“No, it only takes two shots. However, if you can target a specific part of the body, such as the hip or waist, you may be able to do it with just one shot.”

However, at first, you want to take it easy and limit the number of people on the front line to three at the most, with a total of at least ten warheads.

The reason for keeping the number small is also a matter of safety control. The firing flame of this weapon stands out like a flash every time it is fired. There is even a story that it is called a suicide weapon because of the concentrated fire it receives after being fired.

I don’t want to send my comrades to the front line with such a thing. That’s why I support them.

Let’s hope the RPG-7 will not have many chances to appear in the Casemaian after I’m gone.


Chapter 91 – The Start of a Deadly Battle


“All right, then, you Beastman. Are you ready?”


I look down at the oncoming golem horde, then turn and give a twisted smile.

“…Let’s go; it’s time to hunt.”

I thought I was acting just like a Demon King, but when I made the smug face, the response I got was a warm smile that said, “Wow, Demon King-sama is so cool!”

I know it was a slip-up, so stop it, please.

Of the 14 Beastman volunteers, six were selected as grenadiers.

The remaining eight volunteers had already confirmed the operating procedures and test-fired the grenade for future use. They should be able to play an active role as backup personnel if the need arises.

Those who were quickly judged to be suitable were Yadar, the tiger girl, Biot the Bear-Beastman, and Perun, the young Werewolf, who are used to fighting.

The other three were a bit difficult to select, but they were chosen after all the volunteers agreed with my proposal.

These latter three were chosen not because of their aptitude as grenadiers but rather because I thought they could make the most of their racial characteristics. These three would be separated from me, Yadar, and the others.

The participants in the operation are assembled, and their positions are confirmed. At my side was Myrril, who was playing the role of chief of staff. Kemich, the elf archer, who was carrying a Simonov anti-tank rifle; and Rinko, who was the brain.

At this point, the enemy entering the plain from the south is one ore golem, two tree golems, and three clay golems. Each of them is behind the shielding with a shell pole at the ready.

They may have judged the tank cannon to be a greater threat than they had imagined after the first shot, but they did not seem to be charging in unprotected.

“At the moment, their priority target is the T-55, but once that threat is eliminated, they will attack the ramparts. We will crush them before that happens.”


“Kemich, the ore golem will be taken care of by tank cannons and RPG-7s, but can you handle the others?”

“The clay golem prioritizes maneuvering speed over the defense. That one can be taken down with no problem. The problem is the tree golem.”

That was a bit of a surprising response. I had heard that it was light and fast but not so strong.

“Looking at the flow of the magic light, the output of the core is being directed to the magic barrier. I’m not sure if bullets would be enough to finish it off.”

Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to just by looking at it. Is it the unique ability of Elves to see the magic light?

“Yoshua, that tree golem is equipped with an ejection stake in its hand.”

“An anchor? Is its purpose of attacking tanks?”

“The tanks must not have been known to exist until they arrived in Casemaian. If so… maybe, but I think it’s designed to climb the cliffs.”

“You mean they could come all the way up to the ramparts without having to go around the ramp?”

“Whether tree or clay, it would be difficult to deal with them if they got into our pockets.”

Kemich’s concern was valid.

In addition to the six that have entered the plain, there are four clay golems that have sent infantry into the moat in the outer extension and a total of about ten clay golems that are handling mortars in the forests to the south and east.

Although the main target in the eastern forest, two ore golems (one of which is a large six-legged type), have not moved yet, it would be troublesome if they were trying to time the disturbance.

This is only a matter of finishing off the infiltration force alone as soon as possible.

“Kemich, change of plans. Use the KPV on the tree golem.”


The KPV set up in front of the cliff is a 14.5 x 1, the same as Kemich’s anti-tank rifle. It is a heavy machine gun that uses 14mm rounds, nearly 1.0 times more powerful than the 30-06. The KPV weighs more than 50 kg, so it is mounted on a tripod.

The gun has 400 rounds of ammunition, all of which are incendiary armor-piercing rounds.

“After the elf attack, the grenadiers move to their firing points. Prepare to attack!”



◇ ◇


The battlefield has become silent. Most likely, it is the harbinger of a simultaneous attack.

Klein, the commander of the mounted golem unit, is in the manic seat of the clay golem, listening to the reports from the various riders.

“We lost two clay golems, a tree golem, and an ore golem, and Armie’s golem is damaged in the head, manic seat and left leg, and I myself am in one-armed condition.”

“Forty accompanying infantry have entered the enemy position from the east.”

――Almost 50 of the men who entered from the south side were killed, though.

The 40 infantrymen available were all that remained, plus the survivors from the south side, who had little chance of survival. Klein keeps his mouth shut, saying that he is responsible for that, too.

When Squire Zarpa finishes adjusting the magic line, he flops down from the hatch. In his hand is a short staff of assault magic for the cavalry.

“I’m going to join the infantry over there. Good luck, captain.”

“…Oh. In this situation, I’m guessing you will say something cool. Unfortunately, you’re not in the mood for that right now, huh?”

“Stabbing the Demon King in the back is a pretty cool way to end your life.”

Klein looked off to the rear of the group as he ran away smiling happily and shook his head with a laugh.

“As I thought… he’s more alive when working with the infantry.”

Klein inhaled and prepared himself, facing the intermagic communication device with the line open.

“The ore golem will take out that crazy artillery position with all the cavalry. Armie and I will be on the east side of that earth-colored one, and Quebec and Sora will be on the south with the white one.”


“The claymores will disrupt and destroy the infantry, while the gunners will advance to the forest’s edge and charge after launching all their rounds. Don’t think about those who went in first. They ain’t accurate enough to aim at anyway.”

“””Roger that. “””

“The tree golem should only aim at the main camp above the canyon. That’s where the Demon King should be.”

“”Roger that.””

I move the cavalry. The left half of my body creaks, but I am not immobilized. I smile ferociously, thinking that I’ll go on a rampage at the most.

“All right, open all cannons! At the same time as the explosion, all cavalry charge!”


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