I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – Burning Desire


“Yoshua, enemy artillery incoming!”

I looked up at the voice of Myrril and saw ten cylinders flying from the forest. They may have moved forward since the last time, or they may have changed the angle of their projectiles, but they are flying in a low trajectory to the far side of the forest. If they get in a little further, they will reach the city walls.


The first ten were stored by making full use of the individual designation, but another ten were launched in rapid succession, and the next ten again. Four or five that could not be stowed exploded in the center of the plain. There were no casualties, but the horse fences that had been placed as shields were shredded by the barbed wire and scattered.

The explosion signaled the arrival of clay golems, five each on the south and east sides, from the forest in the outlying areas, swinging their poles and rushing toward the area. Behind them, three ore golems. One from the south and two from the east. One of them on the east side is large, moving like an insect.

Their target is the T-55. The humanoid ore golem coming from the south rushes toward the Carretta tank commander’s No. 2 tank.

Black smoke rose from the left side of the white T-55’s body toward the side. It must have blown its engine. As it jumped out of the tank bunker and started moving backward, the full extent of what was under the ground was revealed. Turning the vehicle body on the spot, the golems’ movements slowed for a moment. Perhaps they were frightened in front of the tank, an unknown object, and the unfamiliar movement of the super-cinematic turning, but their hesitation made the difference between life and death.


The humanoid ore golem was hit head-on by an anti-tank grenade, breaking at the waist or in the shape of a rake. The upper and lower halves of its body fell apart and rolled, scattering ore, explosive flames, and pale light behind it.

Bang! Bang!

On the battlefield, where the impact of the tank cannon had not yet awakened, Kemich began sniping.

The 14.5mm objective rifle rounds land one after another in the clay golem’s chest, gouging out the interior and exiting backward.

It is unclear whether it was the core or the occupant that was hit, but the golem falls forward with a faint glow, or it falls back onto its buttocks and is motionless.

The surrounding golems realized they had been hit and immediately scattered, each swinging their shell poles.

The T-55 had already moved to the rear when the mass of heavy metal slammed into it, firing its coaxial machine gun to keep its distance. The coaxial machine gun’s 7.62×54R round pierces the clay golem but is blocked by its low-positioned, guarded arms and is not fatal. The bullet was deflected, and sparks were generated, indicating that the left arm was equipped with a shield-like function.

If 7.62×54R is impossible, it is highly possible that even 30-06, which has a similar energy level, won’t pass.

“T-55 vehicles, lower targets are fine, fire!”

“Roger that!”

An anti-tank grenade is fired from Carretta-jiisan’s second tank, blowing the two overlapping clay golems to smithereens. The tree golem, which was hit by either a stray bullet, shrapnel, or collateral damage, lost its balance, but it began to run at full power, drawing a pale light, without worrying about the damage to its allies.

It seems that even non-Elves can see the magic light at full power maneuvering. Or perhaps he is overloaded that much.

The distance was just over a kilometer, and at that speed, it would take less than 20 seconds to reach the edge of the canyon.

“KPV, open fire!”


At Kemich’s voice, the elf shooter begins firing their heavy machine guns. There is an ear-tickling roar and a burst of flame, and when the warhead is sucked into the chest of a tree golem that is rushing straight toward us, particles of white light scatter with the explosion of flame.

“Is that the magic barrier…?”

“Keep shooting, you idiot!”


The tree golem continues to rush forward, not slowing down even though its arms have been shot off and its head has been crushed by bullets. Every time a bullet is fired, incendiary armor-piercing bullet flames and white magic light shimmer and scatter, and it can be seen that magic power and physical damage are competing with each other.

“Damn, it still won’t go down…!”

I had heard that the tree golem was low-powered and vulnerable to fire, but I realized that it was only “among golems,” and that was all it meant.

I wondered if the golem could withstand 30 rounds of heavy machine-gun fire, enough to destroy the fuselage or light armored vehicle. When it reached about 400 meters into the canyon, the tree golem finally stopped.

Walking slowly, it still tried to come closer, but its huge body began to burn. Whether it was the limit of the magic barrier or the limit of the occupants, a high-pitched scream could be heard from inside the torch-like interior, and it went down in flames while kneeling down.

“Yoshua! There’s a big one coming from the east!”

A huge six-legged ore golem had crossed the moat and was invading the plain.

The opponent is a monster that has been shelled by armor-piercing bullets. The green T-55, tank 1, was already in its sights and was retreating out of its tank bunker, firing its tank guns at it, but the giant, nearly twice the size of other ore golems, was still moving slowly, but it had no time to react. The movement seems to have slowed down, but whether the angle is bad or the magic barrier is strong, it has not been able to make a decisive blow.

“Heimann-jiisan, fall back as fast as you can! Keep your distance and be on the lookout for the humanoid ore golem to the southeast, and cease-fire on the six-legged golem to the east!”


The ore golem does not pursue the T-55’s body as it retreats at full speed. Looking at it, the left side leg, which seems to have been hit, is distorted and tilted. It can barely stand, but its maneuvering seems to be hampered.

“Grenadiers, get ready!”

First, I gather the three members, Yadar, Biot, and Perun, and distribute warheads to them. Three warheads are stuck into a cloth-backed case.

“After loading, perform the transition. Raise the firing pin just before firing. Do not forget to check the line of fire and the safety of the rear.”


The three of them are grouped together, and they move to the firing point in the trench. The position is right in front of the large ore golem, which does not seem to be targeting us yet.

Fortunately, Heimann-jiisan’s T-55 had retreated, so only the enemy was in the firing line.

“We will fire at our own discretion, and immediately afterward, we will make the transition.”

Wosh, wosh, wosh, they fired in rapid succession. The target was moved shortly before the firing was confirmed. It flew to the other side, on the eastern edge of the plain, almost at the end of the trench line.

From the large ore golem, it was to the left rear. It is unclear how much damage it has sustained since it is on the opposite side of the position from where the shot was fired, but it is struggling with its head down and white smoke billowing out of its fuselage.

“Safety is confirmed; reload the warhead!”


Each of them reloaded their warheads, and in the meantime, they searched for the location of the remaining humanoid ore golem. It was either hidden by shielding or knocked down and was not within visual range.

As I was looking around, I felt a strange presence behind me.

…It’s bad!

“Stay safe, don’t move!”

I teleported back in with the Beastman archers, who were about to set up their RPG-7s. When I got out under the belly of the large ore golem, I saw the place where it had been just before exploding into flames.

“W-what’s that…”

“It was the golem’s accompanying infantry. I knew they had entered the plain, but they seemed to be more troublesome than I thought.”

“Are there mages attacking now… or maybe they have magic weapons designed for offensive purposes.”

According to Biot’s assessment, it was the latter, but there was no way to confirm this. Yadar regrets that she did not bring a weapon with her while she was on the lookout for the surroundings. No, if she were to swing a machete at the infantry here, the golem would trample her down, and that would be the end of her.

“We’ll deal with the others later. The priority is this one.”

I point to the quivering ore belly above my head. It’s a lot shorter than it should be, probably due to accumulated damage to its legs or reduced power output. If we go to the belly, we will be crushed.

After lightly holding Yadar and the others, I shift to the right rear of the large ore golem. The enemy seemed to hesitate to attack their own golem, so there was no attack on the position where we were at the very front. The enemy infantry seemed to have lost sight of us because we hid in the trench immediately after the teleportation.

“Yoshua, a humanoid ore golem with infantry is headed your way!”

It’s time to go. I tell her that I will withdraw at once in response to Myrril’s warning.

I carry the Beastman grenadier to the front of the ramparts with teleportation and look out over the plain to see a large ore golem crushed into a belly crawl, blowing smoke from all over the place and deploying panels on its rear hips. As if about to launch a final attack, a humanoid ore golem was guarding its surroundings with a huge shell pole. The pea-like objects deployed around it were probably accompanying infantry.

Both T-55s were unable to get a clear shot because they were behind shields as both vehicles retreated.

“Your Majesty, can you leave the rest to us?”

Hearing his cool voice, I accepted his offer of opinion as a chance to try a new tactic.

“Both T-55s stay where they are and only deal with targets that come into view.”

“Roger that.”

“But what about the ore golem still trying to do something?”

“Don’t worry. The strongest force in the Casemaian will be there.”

A phrase that tickles every chuunibyous. They stand on the cliff, fully prepared, and I point to the enemy target and tell them.

“The ‘Casemaian Swooping Grenadiers’ are on their way.”


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