I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 93 & 94

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Chapter 93 – Having a Secret Intention


“We are honored.”

Smiling at the cliff edge of Casemaian are the winged tribe’s sisters. They are Luvia-san, Maeve-san, and Owe-san.

All three of them are slender and tall, perhaps because of their shape for flying, and they all have a model’s body, which makes them look more calm and mature than necessary… I don’t know enough about other winged tribes to determine if that’s a racial characteristic or the result of becoming more like their leader, Luvia-san.

I’m not used to women, so I tend to speak in an honorific tone, which is a problem.

Anyway, the ladies had successfully completed the test-firing yesterday, but it took a little time because they tried their own formation against the female (temporary name) golem.

As a result, everyone seemed to have a good response, and I could feel their trust and affection for the RPG-7.

“Luvia-san, what’s that equipment formation?”

The only ones holding the launchers were Luvia-san, who had long, flowing black hair, and Maeve-san, who had chestnut-colored semi-long hair in a loose ponytail.

Owe-san, who has bouncy, curly hair that is cut very short, is equipped with an M4 assault rifle and has three warhead cases slung over her shoulder. Owe-san’s firing tube is carried on both shoulders by Luvia-san.

“We have thought it over thoroughly. We believe you will be satisfied with the results.”

A formation with one person as an escort? They must have had their own ideas, as their battleground is the sky, where there is no hope of shielding them. I nodded and decided to respect their decision.

“Then, Your Majesty, the Demon King. We’re off.”

With a sudden leap, they opened their wings and flapped them in a gliding motion, quickly gaining altitude.

The winged tribe’s soaring figure seemed to have been seen by the enemy, and soon after, from behind some shields, attack magic fire bombs were launched into the sky above. After spinning around and effortlessly avoiding them, Owe-san fires a point-blank 5.56mm round to check the infantry.

Flying around at the speed of a reciprocating fuselage, Owe-san’s shooting is almost acrobatic in its accuracy, as she hits the target while taking evasive maneuvers.

Although the distance between them makes it difficult to see the extent of their injuries, each time she fires, the infantrymen who fall and roll over and their comrades who carry them into the shield can be seen. This is the disgusting nature of small-caliber bullets, which have low energy and low killing power. The toll on the enemy in combat is far harder than killing them instantly.

Although we are putting it off, for now, it’s war until we can defeat those infantrymen.

“Once the golem is defeated, we will go down to the plain and sweep up the rest of the enemy. Will you come with me?”

“Of course.”

That was all I heard back. But that was all I needed to know. I know that Myrril is ready and prepared to go with me, no matter when or where, no matter what awaits us. I feel like crying a little.

The remaining clay golems and infantrymen charge through the shielding, but they are shot through by the Elven shooters and fall. The situation was already in a sweep, with the enemy on the plains unable to see us well enough.

Bang, bang…

With a dull sound, the wing-like panels deployed from the rear back of the large ore golem begin to glow.

“What is that? They look like wings… Rinko, do you know what they are?”

“I don’t know… that kind of thing is a case that’s completely shut out even within the Imperial Army, except for the people involved. But I don’t think it can fly…”

Indeed, I don’t know what that thing is, but I think it’s only a big target when it comes to flight capability here. If what is required of the golem is an overwhelming combat capability to spread destruction and fear, then…

“A magical weapon, I suppose.”

The panel intensifies its light with electrifying sparks, simultaneously generating a blue-white wall to the front.

“I’ve never seen a magic barrier… thick enough to be visible.”

“Should we evacuate now?”

“No use. If the attack of such a high-powered magic weapon, a little distance and shielding are meaningless.”

What’s the point of further fortifying the defense when it had already put up a magic barrier to repel tank cannons even in its normal state?

“Could it be that the fuselage itself cannot be protected by a magic barrier now?”

“Yes. If you put up two magic barriers, one for attack and the other for defense, they will interfere with each other.”

Rinko pointed to a barrier deployed at a distance from the fuselage.

“The barrier is also designed to repel attacks from the front until it is filled with magic power. The opening is still unprotected. Those sisters, they might be able to do it.”

Rinko wagged his finger in an unusually cheerful voice.

Ahead of her finger, I saw Luvia-san and Maeve-san, who had flipped themselves up high in the sky, folding their wings and falling down vertically. Their bodies, squeezed thin like diving athletes on the verge of landing in the water, plunge straight down at an astonishing speed.

…Hey, are they okay?

Opening their wings so low that you would think they were going to be slammed into the golem as it was, the two of them fired three RPG-7s and flew away. The warheads, impaled on the deployed rear back, explode after a slight pause.


Like a beast that has had its spine snapped, the giant golem bobbed up and let out a squeak that resembled a roar. A blue light, perhaps a residue of attack magic or an overflowing magical light, exploded, engulfing the surrounding area.

The humanoid ore golem, rolled over by the impact, rouses itself and looks at us with its shell pole at the ready.

I knew what it was thinking. A soldier who was prepared to die in the face of a terrible defeat was at least willing to give it a shot.

The Simonov anti-tank rifle and KPV heavy machine gun open fire but are repelled by the ore golem. It’s not without damage, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to take it down.

“Aim for the joints!”

“Too late; they are coming!”

The ore golem cleaves the surroundings with its shell pole, smashing and ticking up the wreckage of the wagon assembled for shielding.

It realizes that the debris it has bounced off and scattered around it is a check on the winged tribe circling above.

Luvia-san and the others are in evasive maneuvers to keep their distance so no damage is done, but then a golem with a bluish-white light leaps up and begins to dash toward the canyon.

The golem is nearly 10 meters tall, so it doesn’t care about horse-proof fences or barbed wire. Holding low to protect the core on its chest, it throws a shell pole at us with a full swing. The heavy metal mass, which must have weighed more than a dozen tons, flying at us with a roar is enough to make us feel fear, but it is not enough to make us feel that we are in danger.


It was clear that there was another purpose.

The ore golem that had run into the cliff dashed its toes into the middle of the cliff and, using it as a fulcrum, stepped boldly into the air and leaped into the air.

The edge of the cliff is reached. The huge hand supports its own weight, even though the edge is heavily damaged.

“It got its hand all the way to the main wall…”

An ore golem appeared in front of the ramparts.


Chapter 94 – The Enemy Generals Who Struggle to Hold the Ground


“All hands, retreat to the city walls!”

I shout as I turn around.

I check on the Elves and Beastman running for cover and fire the RPG-7 from my storage.

The face of the ore golem that was approaching me blows up, and glassy shards that look like its core are scattered around.

“The eyes are on its head and chest!”

Rinko shouts from a distance. Does this mean that there is a receiver for the crew to obtain external information? The debris flying around now must be some kind of camera.

After a short teleport to avoid the huge hand that was swung at me, I pull out a spare launcher and fire it at the chest of the ore golem that is trying to climb up from the cliff.

An explosion bursts into flames, and particles of bluish-white light, typical of a magic barrier, scatter. The area where the cockpit is located is well-protected, and although the golem is pushed away, the damage does not penetrate the body.

“Yoshua, retreat to the city wall!”

As I jumped in with a short-range teleport, Myrril yelled over the communicator.

“Clear the line of fire at the ramparts!”

At the same time, the ore golem’s fuselage vibrated strongly. For a moment, it seemed to withstand the damage, but immediately afterward, something stabbed into its back and pierced through its chest and right armpit. It scraped through the giant’s internal organs and scattered them with a blast. An anti-tank grenade from a tank gun. I could understand if it was fired from the flat side and went up, but it went down?

I looked up to see winged tribe grenadiers circling above, waving their launchers.

The huge body of the ore golem, which had tilted limply, lost its balance and fell over on its side with a roar. It began to spew flames from inside while in a prone position.

“…Looks like it won’t be reusable.”

“Idiot. If you were attacked by a group of golems, you would normally be thankful to be alive.”

The Beastman looked at each other and laughed at Myrril’s dumbfounded point of view, which was absolutely right.

I saw Luvia-san and Maeve-san, who were circling above us, receiving warheads from Owe-san, who was equipped with M4s, and reloading them, which triggered an alarm in me.

“Myrril, are there any remaining enemies?”

“I don’t know, but Luvia-san says they’re short one clay golem.”

I was about to shout an alarm to the surrounding area when a scream and a shout echoed from inside the walls.


“Riflemen stay here! Kemich!”

If the remaining enemy is a clay golem, rifle rounds won’t get through. So only RPGs, tank shells, or anti-tank rifle rounds would be effective.

I teleported to the top of the ramparts with the giant elf in my arms.

Looking down from behind the breastworks, I see a clay golem in the ruins of the city, looking at me. It grabs the werewolf’s young girl with its right hand as a hostage and holds her to its chest, where the cockpit is located.

Although the distance was about a quarter of a mile (400 meters), we knew immediately who it was. It was Meifa-chan who had evacuated from the kingdom’s Yerkel village.

She has a strong sense of responsibility, so she must have tried to let even the younger Beastman escape and got herself caught.

Around her, there were Beastman and Dwarves who had apparently been knocked down in an attempt to rescue her. I could see them struggling and crawling around, but I knew that my blood was rushing to my head.

“Where the hell has he been all this time?”

“There must have been the fuselage caught in a tank shell fired by the six-legged ore golem.”

Kemich answered my question. The golem’s left arm was missing from the elbow onward. Probably that fuselage. The reason for the delay in counting it as a remaining enemy is that it didn’t come out of the back of the fuselage for a long time.

“I guess it’s about to go around the dark forest and enter the city walls from a blind spot.”

Kemich spat out a look of contempt and pointed his Simonov at the golem.

I guess so. He used his friends as pawns in the assault. There is no evidence, but my intuition tells me that he is the one who commanded the troops who seemed to be used to warfare.

“Don’t move, Demon King!”

A distorted and cracked voice echoed, perhaps from an external speaker. No one would be stupid enough to move when told not to. I don’t know what he wanted, but the situation would not get any better if I just stopped.

Kemich’s silent voice conveyed a sense that he was ready to fire at any moment.

“Can you aim for the shoulder?”


A 14.5mm armor-piercing bullet shot out of Simonov easily ripped the clay golem’s arm from its shoulder.

I flew by teleportation, caught the falling Meifa-chan’s body, and took up a distance with a short-range teleportation. I quickly check for injuries. She is frightened, but there are no noticeable external injuries. I entrusted her to a Beastwoman who was watching nearby and tell her and the other residents to evacuate.

“Meifa-chan’s been rescued! Everyone, hide in the shadows!”

The golem, which had lost both arms, shakes its body as if in agony and lunges at me.

“Kemich, kill him!”

At the same time I shout, the sound of Simonov’s gunfire echoes.

The golem was shot through the knee with its outstretched leg and slammed to the ground from the chest down without an arm to support it.

The fuselage rolls onto its back, and the chest hatch opens. A middle-aged male soldier crawls out with a devilish expression on his face. In his hand is a well-worn dagger.

“Screw you, Demon King…!”

I set the MAC10 selector from storage to single fire and shot the man in the right elbow.

I shot the man in the knee as he was about to run out, not caring about his broken arm or the dagger that flew out of his hand. The man almost falls to the ground, but he quickly rises to his feet, holding onto the hand that is still in perfect condition. It’s a scary persistence, but he’s a scum who attacked without reason and then took a girl hostage. He may have a right to resent me, but he has no right to curse me.

I shot him in the other knee as well. He falls to his stomach, and when he finally stops moving, he looks up at me and smiles.

――Oh, yeah, that’s right.

I was shallow to think that I could extract information about the Imperial Army by taking away its fighting power. No, it was a completely wrong decision. This is a guy who is used to fighting. I should have expected it.

Having used his comrades as bait and rushed in, he himself was also a decoy.


I turned at the sound of Myrril’s voice and saw a small figure holding a magic dagger on the roof of an abandoned house. Oh, shit. The distance was far, the target was small, and the MAC10 I raised as quickly as possible was just a little too close to miss.

The staff which the tip was about to glow was torn off along with its owner’s arm and blown away, and a slight delay was followed by the sound of a barrage of UZI fire.


From behind me comes the cry of a man who appears to be the commander.

The assassin who had been the mainstay of the group was defeated, and the ambitions of the schemers who had been so consumed with their own scheming had been crushed. In the face of growing anxiety and a bad premonition, I pushed down Myrril, who came rushing toward me and held her with all my might.

“Wha, Yosh…?”

Behind me, the place where the man in command was lying. The ground shakes as it glows violently. Pieces of flesh, splashes of blood, and a tremendous blast of flame.

I cursed the man in my fading consciousness, saying, “That piece of shit blew himself up, involving everyone around him in the end.”


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