Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 198

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Chapter 198 – Harmony In A Family


“Kosuke, wait ― what’s this all about?”

Sylphy, who had come out of the room, shouted in bewilderment. I can understand that feeling very well. When she came out of the room, she found Ellen and me in a state as if we had been half taken in by the three slime girls. We, however, were in a state of paradise. We are being rubbed all over on the most comfortable bed, and on top of that, we are being enveloped by the unexplainable fresh fragrance that Poizo emits.

It was like receiving a full-body massage and aromatherapy at the same time. It is very effective for me and Ellen who have been overworking our bodies and minds. It feels so good that nothing else matters.

“Hey, you’re sure there aren’t any nasty components in this stuff?”

Sylphy stares at Poizo while covering her mouth and nose with a cloth she pulled out from somewhere. Ahhh… it feels great…

“It’s not addictive, you know-nodesu?”

“Release Kosuke and the saint now.”

Sylphy declared this to Poizo in a serious tone and clenched her fists. Hehehe, yo Sylphy! Don’t be so hot headed like that. This smell is the best high I’ve ever had, you know?

“You know how stressed out these two are-nodesu?”

“I’ll take your word for it, but it’s not a good idea to make them so worn out that they’re useless right now. Let’s get them cleaned up quickly.”

“The spirits are being used roughly-nodesu.”



Suddenly, a terrible aroma that tingles in the back of my nose penetrated my brain. This is that one; it’s like having too much wasabi! It hurts! I’m tearing up!


Ellen also held her nose and got teary-eyed. It’s too stimulating, even if it’s just a distraction. But the teary-eyed Ellen is kinda cute, though.

“Have you come to your senses? Kosuke?”

“Fuha, fuha.”

 Sylphy pinched my nose while puffing out her cheeks, forcing me to turn toward her and pull my gaze away from Ellen. The slightly puffed-up cheeks are cute. What a cute creature. Is it jealousy? Is she jealous? She’s jealous, isn’t she? That’s the most intense outburst I’ve ever seen! It’s not that it hasn’t happened before, but isn’t this the first time that Sylphy has revealed her feelings of jealousy to this extent?



Next to me, Lime was doing something with her hand on Ellen’s nose. No, I know what she is doing, but you know what? In some cases, that kind of behavior may result in a SAN check, so don’t do it.

“W-what an insult to me, a precious saint…”

Ellen, freed from the slime bed, is on all fours and shivering. The slime-style nose-teasing was a shock, apparently.

Me? I’m being pulled out of the slime bed by Sylphy’s hands, and my slightly disheveled attire is being fixed. I have learned that at times like this, it is best to be honest and pampered, or rather, to leave things as they are done to me. I’m a smart guy.

“Audience… No, we’re ready for the conversation. Come in.”

“Roger that.”


Ellen snapped… and instantly went into expressionless saint mode. It’s kind of funny to see Lime behind Ellen, stretching out her tentacles to fix Ellen’s disheveled attire. I mean, in that way, Lime seems to like Ellen quite a bit. I don’t feel any kind of separation from Ellen from Beth, who has become Ellen’s bed, or from Poizo, who has become a comforter. In fact, they even seem to like her.

Did Ellen become good friends with Lime and the others while they were exchanging information with the Liberation Army in a way that I am not aware of? Or does Ellen also have something that makes the spirits like her? I guess it could be either.

I entered the room that had been frozen until a moment ago, thinking such things in the corner of my mind…


I managed to hold back the thought that I was about to erupt.

Yes, Aquawill-san, well, that’s okay. I mean, she is wearing a little frilly, or rather, the magical girl-like outfit I made for Isla before, but it’s okay. It’s just a pretty dress, depending on how you look at it.

But Ifrita-san. Why are you wearing a red potato jersey? No, I think it’s a garment that seamlessly hides bare skin, but why the red jersey? Is it because her hair is red that she wore a red jersey as well? Red jerseys and elf princesses are too much of a mismatch.



When I looked away, I saw Driada-san wearing a sleeveless knit sweater. Oh… excellent. I still think the choice is a mystery, but it suits her well. A vertical knit sweater on big boobs is the best, right?


“You’ve seen too much.”

Sylphy pinched me on the thigh. I don’t think I’m staring at her as much as she says… See, Driada-san is squirming shyly because Sylphy said that.

“It was a great cause. Kosuke-dono… No, Kosuke-sama.”

I was called and turned to the owner of the voice.

She was a beautiful person in any case… how should I put it. Her eyes are the same amber color as Sylphy’s, and each strand of her hair is like a shimmering silver thread. Yes, she is a woman with silver hair and amber eyes, just like Sylphy. Her face also looked somewhat like Sylphy’s. It is probably because they are mother and daughter.

She was wearing a black dress and smiling at me with a slightly melancholy smile. I kneeled down in front of her and lowered my head. Regardless of how she will be treated in the future, she is the wife of the late King of Merinard. I thought I should be as respectful as possible. I put aside for the moment the fact that I had been groping Sylphy and the fact that I had given the sisters an impolite look.

“I am not worthy of your kind words. I was born and raised in a different world from this world, so I may be a bit rude in many ways, but please forgive me.”

“There is no need to be so formal. Sylphiel told me that without your help, it would have been difficult for Sylphiel to step on this land. Besides, you are a marebito, a visitor from another world, aren’t you?”

“Yes, well, yes.”

“Then, even more so. The real marebito are, in a sense, as authoritative as kingship… From what Sylphiel, Melty, and the others have told me, there is no doubt that you are a marebito.”

“That’s… that’s how it is, isn’t it?”

“That is what it is. Above all, you are Sylphiel’s husband, aren’t you? I have no interest in making my son-in-law kneel for my satisfaction.”

Seraphita-san smiled slightly. I wonder if it was a joke in her own way. I don’t know how to react!

“I’d really like Kosuke to have a long talk with my dear mother and sister. But we don’t have much time right now.” [T/n: Sylphy called her mother with Hahaue here.]

“You can call me Mother as usual, okay?” [T/n: And Seraphita corrected it with Oka-sama.]

“…Kosuke, I’m sorry, but I need you to keep my late father’s body in your inventory. It will be safest to have you keep his body until we can hold a funeral for him.”

“Sylphy-chan has been ignoring me… Dri, Sylphy-chan seems to be rebellious. What am I supposed to do?”

“Mother. Sylphiel seems to be very busy…”

Yoyoyo, Driada-san is appeasing Seraphita-san, who is making a fake cry. Hmm… I wonder if she’s just acting tough. I guess she is trying to keep her grief over the loss of King Ixwil in the back of her mind and is trying to cheer up Sylphy, Driada-san, and the others by acting cheerful.

“I will follow Sylphy!”

The red jersey started to say something absurd.


Aquawill-chan… I mean, san? The girl in the frilly, light blue, almost white, magical girl outfit looked up into the face of Ifrita-san, AKA the red jersey, who was standing by her side.

“Before I went to sleep, Father told me to give up, but I won’t give up on fighting those people. This is a good opportunity; I’ll fight them too.”

The red jersey snorted as she said that. Well… I don’t know much about Ifrita-san, so I can’t say anything about her. From her name and appearance, I have an image that she seems to have a high affinity with fire spirits = high fighting ability, but I wonder how she really is. I think she might be a bit of a loose cannon because of her position as a princess, which would only bring trouble.

“If-aneesama. I’m sorry, but I want you to keep quiet for now. We can’t waste any time now to take control of the whole of Merinesburg.”

“Sylphiel, you’ve grown a lot in size and attitude in the little time I’ve been away from you, haven’t you? Just leave it to me. I will burn all the people of the Holy Kingdom with my spirit magic.”

Saying that, Ifrita-san was puffing out her thin chest. Hmm, this is a bad one, isn’t it? I gently looked at Melty and Isla, but both of them closed their eyes, shook their heads, and made troubled expressions. I see. I grasped it.

“Sylphy. We’ll take care of the situation in Merinesburg, so you can spend your time with your family.”

After saying that, I glanced at Ifrita-san. When she saw me looking at her, she hugged herself as if to protect herself and let out a cat-like growl. It was like she was a cat or something.


“Hey, wait a minute, where did you just look and laugh? I’m going to kill you.”

“Well then, Sylphy, please.”


“Wait a minute ― Whoaa! That’s powerful! Hey, Sylphiel, when did you turn into an Ogre?”

“Fufufu… Ifrita-aneesama. Shall we play a little?”

“I’m not in the mood… hey, ouch. What are you ― Aahh!?”

The red jersey screams coming from behind are shut out by closing the heavy door.

“Lime, Beth, Poizo. I’ll leave the defense of this place to you.”

“Leave it to me, okay?”

“It can’t be helped.”

“I understand-nodesu.”

“Isla, Melty, Ellen, and Ms. Zamir. Let’s go.”

Let’s do what we have to do while Sylphy is restraining the cannonball.


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  1. I know that in Japanese a “jersey” is a tracksuit, but I wonder what a “potato jersey” looks like (the illustrations don’t help, since the outfits for Driada and Ifrita don’t really match the descriptions).


  2. Love the work you put in and Thank you for the hard work.

    I got suggestion as followed;

    1. I found “well well well” which I think you change that directly from “ma ma ma” in which, in Japanese, can mean “it’s alright, it’s alright” as a mean to pacify the listener to not worry. Change it to “well well well” is weird. Let it stay as “ma ma ma” is OK with me since I understand that.

    2. “Yes well yes” might come from when Kosuke change informal language to formal language, as from “Hai” to “Soudesu”, so I might suggest change to “Yes- I mean, you’re correct/right/that’s right/that’s correct” or other forms.

    3. If it’s not too much work for you, the conversation phases should match with name of the speaker, so the reader can understand who said what, like [“Yes well Yes” (Kosuke)] or something along the line. If only 2 person talk together, you don’t needed to, but when 3+ persons, it can be confuse.
    I also found once or twice that the same person talk 2 lines. You can put that together or attach the name.

    4. I kind of like “Marebito” since it’s kind of specific the status of Kosuke. Visitor can mean Guest which don’t necessary coming from other world. It’s my opinion on this case.


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