Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 202

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Chapter 202 – Kosuke’s Interest: In The Case of The Eldest Sister


“The Harpies are moving around in a hurry.”

In the corner of the vast courtyard of the royal castle. I was digging up the soil with my mithril shovel to create a medicinal herb garden there. I looked up at the sky and muttered to myself. 

“Is that so?”

The one who asked me this question was a beautiful woman with blue eyes. The pointed ears peeking out from between her gorgeous blonde hair like golden threads were loudly asserting what kind of race she was.

“Yes. Perhaps Ellen, I mean the saintess’s boss ─ may have been captured. They seem to have arrived later than originally planned.”

“I see. It must be difficult to travel long distances by carriage.”

The beautiful blonde woman, Driada-san, nodded her head in understanding.

In this world, the means of long-distance travel is basically by horse-drawn carriage. However, carriage travel is often troublesome. Although they seem to have devised ways to prevent breakage by using demonized wood and other materials, axles break when they break, and wheels sometimes come off the axle and are damaged. An attack by monsters or bandits can cost not only time but also lives.

Therefore, it is rather normal for a long-distance journey to be late. Well, Ellen’s boss is the leader of the nostalgic faction, whose position in the Holy Kingdom is rapidly deteriorating, and there were probably various obstructions from the mainstream faction, the rival faction.

“But still, Kosuke-san is a mysterious person, isn’t he?”

“Well, I am aware that I have not only one foot in the interesting people, but both feet in them, and I am immersed in them up to my shoulders.”

Now that I can dig up a large area of soil with one swing of the shovel, I don’t think I can deny Driada-san’s words at all.

“Were these mysterious powers bestowed upon you by the spirits?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really know. When I came to, I found myself in this world. I don’t remember conversing with any spirits or gods. I entered the forest that was right in front of me in order to survive, and I suddenly became aware of my abilities, and just then, I met Sylphy.”

“I see… Um, how did you meet Sylphy? I’m curious.”

Driada-san asked me excitedly, her cheeks flushed with excitement. Meeting Sylphy. My encounter with Sylphy, right…

“I was knocked out of my bed in the morning when my vision didn’t work.”


“I was panting from the impact of the fall and tried to retrieve my weapon, but she stabbed me with a knife or something that went through the back of my hand and into the palm of my hand.”


”I was confused by the pain, and then I got kicked in the face. With the sole of her boot.”


“Then I fell down, and she stepped on me. Her boot on my head. My skull was creaking.”

“Um, you’re talking about your encounter with Sylphy, aren’t you…?”

“That’s right.”

Now that I remember it, I still feel a shiver down my spine. If Sylphy had intended to kill me, I would have ended up being strangled in my sleep without even waking up.

“The encounter was extremely violent. It really was.”


Driada-san, who was probably expecting a romantic encounter, covered her eyes with one hand and let out a deep sigh.

“After that, well, I managed to avoid being killed and succeeded in exchanging information, I was taken to the village of the Elves, and when I was almost beaten up by all the refugees, who were not even the Liberation Army at the time, Sylphy saved me, and I was fitted with a slave collar, and became Sylphy’s slave.”

“…I’ll go talk to Sylphy-chan for a moment…”

“Ah! Aah! It’s alright, it’s alright! Sylphy enslaved me to protect me from the refugees and other Elves who hate humans! She was being nice to me!”

I said this smilingly, desperately stopping Driada-san, who was about to leave the place while emitting something like a terrifying aura. If I let Driada-san go to Sylphy’s, something terrible would happen.

“It was like that when we first met, but as we spent time together, she showed me a lot of her cute side, or rather, she really only behaved violently for the first day. The slavery after that was also to protect me after all, so it was unavoidable, totally unavoidable!”

“…If that’s what Kosuke-san says, I’ll keep Sylphy-chan’s secret in my heart.”

Although she looked unconvinced, she seemed to have decided to stop her attempts toward Sylphy, at least for the moment. Thank goodness, I thought it was over.

“Can I ask you a simple question?”


“Why is Driada-san standing here observing my work?”

I asked her this while designating the area where I would place the agricultural blocks, and she answered my question honestly.

“I wanted to know what kind of person Sylphy’s friend is. It seems that her body has grown up enough, but for my mother and me, she is still just a child.”

“I see.”

Sylphy is still a child, according to their perception, before the age of adulthood. Due to the peculiar ecology of Elves, Sylphy’s body has grown to the point where she can hardly be called a child, and her spirit may be quite mature due to the harsh conditions, but from the Elves’ point of view, Sylphy is definitely still a child. Driada-san, the eldest of the four sisters, and her mother, Seraphita-san, are naturally curious to know what kind of person I am who is acting as Sylphy’s companion.

“Well, I can’t say what my evaluation is from myself… but I can assure you that I love Sylphy, and I’m sure Sylphy thinks so too. As for Isla and the Harpies and Melty and Ellen and Grande… well, I’ll just say that they’ve given their consent.”

I look at her with a distant look in my eyes. But there are no excuses now. They are all important people to me. In my original world, that would be the worst kind of scum talk, but in this world, it’s different.

“It’s wonderful that you can deal with so many women and not worry about them. Would you like to add a few more?”

“Hyiee… tell that to Sylphy and the others.”

Ever since I came to this castle, I have been targeted by three Slime girls who are literally unstoppable and bottomless. If there were more of them, my life would be in danger. My survival instincts are acutely aware of the potential danger to Driada-san.

“I understand; I will do so.”

Saying that, Driada-san left the courtyard with light steps. Eh? Are you serious? Are you seriously going to ask them? How can I say no without getting into the corners? What should I do?

“…Let’s hope Sylphy can help me.”

After thinking so hard that steam was coming out of my head, I decided to abandon my thoughts and get down to work. I’ve got to build a herb garden. We need it to reduce the number of deaths as much as possible. I should also plant some fields so that we don’t overproduce. Fruit trees are also good.

Oh, maybe grapes that can be eaten as is, made into wine, or dried and made into raisins? Alright, I’ll go for it!

I was going to work hard in the fields to forget about the inconvenience and the anxiety about the harsh future that might come.


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  1. ah the good old times

    [“After that, well, I managed to avoid being killed and succeeded in exchanging information, I was taken to the village of the Elves, and when I was almost beaten up by all the refugees, who were not even the Liberation Army at the time, Sylphy saved me, and I was fitted with a slave collar, and became Sylphy’s slave.”]

    I’m legally required to answer, no.

    [Would you like to add a few more?”
    “Hyiee… tell that to Sylphy and the others.”]


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