Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 222

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Chapter 222 – People With Too Much Respect


“I have something I would like to bring to your attention.”

Here it comes…! I braced myself. What in the world is he going to confront me with? Is it about Grande and me having a child together and wanting that child to be his wife or son-in-law? No, I don’t think so…? Perhaps my inner tension was felt. Grande, who had been shutting her eyes, opened one eye and glanced up at me.

“I would like to ask your approval to spread the picture of the two of you to our Dragonis Mountain Kingdom.”


It’s not what I expected. Isn’t it something like the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom will promise to support us in exchange for a demand that’s hard to swallow?

“No, that’s fine, but…”

“Really? That’s good to know! And while we’re at it, may I also pass on the story you just told us about how the two of you got together?”

“It’s fine… right?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Oh! That’s fortuitous! The people are very interested in both of you, who are the second coming of our ancestors. If we can form a friendship with the two of you, the royal family’s authority will be strengthened. I hope we can continue to be friends in the future.”

“Oh, yes.”

The handsome man with the big horns was looking at me with a bright smile.

“And, was it cheeseburgers and hot cookies? If possible, I would like to know the recipe for the food that Grande-sama likes to eat. The people will surely demand the food that attracts her so much.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind that.”

The cheeseburger, or hamburger, ketchup, and pancakes, Isla discovered that a type of ore used in alchemy could be used as baking soda, and baked goods using baking soda are being researched daily in Erichburg.

Now they are also researching baking powder, which I created with my craft, in Erichburg, but it seems that they are struggling quite a bit. I don’t know much about the details of baking powder either… I can make the actual stuff with craft, but I can’t give advice. At any rate, I only know that it’s baking soda mixed with various other things.

By the way, as for ketchup, we use Tomel, which is a tomato-like vegetable in this world, so the color is different. Tomel is generally a green or yellow fruit vegetable, so ketchup from here is green or yellow. Cheese and pickles were not a problem, and patties could be imitated by simply adding seasonings and spices to ground meat and grilling it.

Pancakes were not difficult to make as long as you could find baking soda. I had memorized the ingredients used for pancakes, too. Some parts were a little hazy, but I managed through repeated trial and error. Nowadays, along with hamburgers, they are sold at stalls in Erichburg as Grande-related products. I don’t want anyone to lose out by giving them the recipe.

“There are probably several cooks in the Liberation Army who know the recipe, so you could learn it from them. I’ll make sure to pass on the recipe to you via Sylphy later.”

“That would be very helpful. As for the picture, I have a painter with me on this mission, so I would be happy to ask him to paint when it suits you.”

“Whenever is fine with me. Even after this meeting is over, if you like.”

“Great, by all means.”

“Wouldn’t it be unbecoming of you, Rezalus-dono, to keep asking favors?”

The Lizard shaman restrained Mr. Rezalus, who was smiling with a radiant smile on his face. The restrained Mr. Rezalus hurriedly tightened his expression.

“That is true. Pardon me. I got a little excited.”

Mr. Rezalus, who had adjusted his posture, coughed once and then made a crisp expression. Perhaps it is because he is a handsome man, but it is interesting to see the sudden air of dignity that comes over him.

“I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. From here, I would like to discuss our response as the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom. For our part, we would like to provide as much support as possible to the Merinard Kingdom of Kosuke-sama and Grande-sama. We are prepared to dispatch troops such as flying dragons and mounted warriors, as well as provide supplies, funds, technology, and support in the areas of trade and diplomacy.”

“That’s a big deal, isn’t it? That’s too much to pay for a picture of me and Grande, a story of how we got together, and a recipe for a meal, isn’t it?”

Frankly speaking, it seems to me that the return for what we offered was too great. The price for just a little exchange of friendship, just because I am in the same position as the founder of their country, would be too much.

“I am sure that is not the case. It is a legitimate transaction, both politically and militarily. If the Kingdom of Merinard and its royal bloodline regains power, the Holy Kingdom’s military pressure on us, the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom, will be greatly reduced, and we will be able to enjoy peace of mind. I hate to say it, but the location of the Kingdom of Merinard is a very useful position for us as a shield against the Holy Kingdom.”

“I see.”

“Besides, the new Queen of Merinard is in a position to trade with the Elves of the Black Forest. The trade goods brought from the Black Forest are a much-needed commodity for us as well.”

“Speaking of which, the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom earns foreign currency through long-distance trade using flying dragons, right?”

The dragon flies to its destination without regard to the terrain and is the main means of earning foreign currency in the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom. I also remember hearing that the flying dragon trade is very profitable for the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom because they can fly long distances with a lot of cargo without worrying about being attacked by wild thieves.

“Yes. The trade goods brought from the Elves of the Black Forest have been unavailable since the destruction of the Kingdom of Merinard 20 years ago. The market price has already skyrocketed to the point where it can be said that there is no ceiling. So, if we can get them back, we will be even richer.”

Mr. Rezalus smiles gently. I can’t say I’m an expert on world affairs, but from what I hear, it sounds reasonable to me.

I guess I’ll have to let Sylphy and Melty decide what is really going on, but it doesn’t sound so bad.

“I was really wary that if Grande and I had a child, you might want it as a wife or son-in-law, or worse; you might ask me to give you Grande.”

“No way! To tear the two of you apart would be an act of barbarism as if you were trying to tarnish the legend of our country, trample it down, and spit on it. We swear by our ancestors that we would never engage in such an act. If anyone attempts such a thing, we will do everything in our power to crush and burn them.”


I was shocked. Mr. Rezalus’ eyes were serious. The word “serious” means “for real. He really seems to think so. Mr. Dorn, the military officer, and the old lizard shaman sitting on either side of him nodded their heads deeply again and again. It seems that their awe of Grande and me is far stronger than I thought.

“We would be delighted to invite your son and daughter to our country, but such an act would be too much of an insult… to make it a condition of the deal. We do not wish to take advantage of either of you. We only want to make a friendship with you.”

Mr. Rezalus looked at Grande and me with unclouded eyes. Then Grande said.

“Kosuke, that’s enough. It is clear that these men have no ill will toward us. I’m getting a little hungry.”

“Oh, yes… well, yes. Then let’s give them our full acceptance. I think it would be better to have Sylphy or Melty handle the practical matters, so I’ll talk to them so that we can arrange a meeting.”

“I understand. I look forward to working with you.”

After that, we served Grande’s favorite dishes such as cheeseburgers, pancakes filled with cream and jam, and pudding to Mr. Rezalus and the others and had a pleasant chat. They seemed to like the pudding the best. When I promised to provide them with the recipe for the pudding, they were so happy that they almost jumped up and down.

Thus, the meeting with the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom… the audience… audience? I don’t know anymore. At any rate, the discussion was settled in a very calm manner. As for practical matters, I left everything to Sylphy and Melty. It is impossible for me to deal with military and trade matters on a national level. I should leave it to a specialist for the best results.


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  1. “I also remember hearing that the flying dragon trade is very profitable for the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom because they can fly long distances with a lot of cargo without worrying about being attacked by wild thieves.”

    As opposed to domesticated thieves? What’s the difference? Or is it the distinction between organized crime and freewheeling crime?


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