It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 4 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – I Tried To Fight The Calamity


After finishing the meal, we disbanded for the time being.

I took a 30-minute nap on the sofa in my room, took a shower, and returned to the control room.

“Master-san, the royal capital is in sight!”

Surara was in the control room, bouncing on the floor as he came to my feet. Turning my eyes to the main monitor in front of me, I saw a large city beyond the blue sea.

Is that the royal capital?

It was quite large in scale. It was not as large as Tokyo but about the same size as a large regional city.

The south side of the city faced the sea and was a port like Fort Port. Many ships were coming and going.

Blaznir had been heading north since leaving Fort Port, but here it made a sharp right turn and headed for a place a little to the west of the royal capital.

This is where the calamity will appear.

The wall clock in the control room showed that it was 8:25 am. We arrived earlier than planned.

There was still thirty-five minutes left before the calamity would appear.

It’s good to have a little time to spare. Haste makes mistakes, after all.

Then, let’s move as we decided at the strategy meeting.

“Can you land the Blaznir for a while?”

I said, and all the Helper Slimes in the control room, including Surara, replied with “Yes sir!” in unison.

Soon after, there was a low “whoosh” sound, and I felt a sinking sensation under my feet.

“Master-san, we’ve landed safely!”

Surara told me with a smile.

“Good. I’m going to go outside for a bit.”

“Yes! Take care, Master-san!”

I leave the control room and head for the deck. I opened the door to the outside of the ship.

The first thing I saw was a clear blue sky. The morning sun was shining brightly on the ground.

After descending to the surface via the ladder at the end of the deck, I opened my [Item Box].

I thought about taking out the Destroyer Golem and the Grand Cabin. A huge magic circle floats on the ground, and a mechanical giant and a super-sized carriage appear.

“It’s been a while, Master.”

Dest the Destroyer Golem, with his left arm on his abdomen and his right arm on his back, bowed like a butler.

“Is there something I can do for you?”


I nodded and explained what I was going to do.

The plan is for Dest to take Relic and Milia back to the royal capital. They are both non-combatants.

For their safety, I’ve arranged for them to stay behind.

“I understand! I’ll take care of it!”

When he finished listening to my explanation, Dest tapped his own chest with a thump, looking very confident.

Meanwhile, Relic and Milia arrived.

“Whoa! Is this the Grand Cabin? It’s big, so big!”

“Kou-san, sorry to keep you waiting. I was a little lost on the ship…”

“No problem. I just got here a few minutes ago. Come on board, both of you.”

I opened the door to the Grand Cabin and motioned for them to come in.

“Kou-san. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“What’s up, Relic?”

“As I told you yesterday, there are a lot of unread ancient documents stored in the academy in the royal capital. The documents might contain something useful for Kou-san. So, um…”

Relic seemed to be at a loss for words, and he ruffled his hair with his right hand with a troubled expression on his face.

“Fufu. Relic-san is worried about Koh-san, isn’t he?”

Milia smiled softly and wrapped a smile on her face.

“In times like this, you just have to be honest and tell him to come back safe and sound.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s it! That’s it! Thank you very much!”

Relic turned to Milia with a bright look, thanked her, and then turned to me. 

“I’ve been doing much research and not socializing, and now I’m paying the price. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please be safe, Kou-san. I’m rooting for you.”

“Kou-san. Is it okay if I depend on you too?”

Milia cleared her throat and looked more serious than ever. 

“More than 100,000 people live in the royal capital. …If the situation as predicted by Lily’s [Foresight] happens, it will be a catastrophe of unprecedented scale. I don’t think Relic-san and I will be able to survive.”

“It’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?”

“Yes. …As was the case with the Black Dragon, I am sorry for putting the burden only on Kou-san. If you feel that the White Dragon is too much for you to handle, then please, please prioritize yourself first.”

“…I can’t make any assurances, can I?”

“I know.”

Milia nodded with a wry smile.

“Kou-san is that kind of person, after all. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying something strange.”

“No problem. Thank you for your concern.”


“Well, I’m leaving now. Good luck, Master!”

Dest saluted me with a resounding clang and then pulled the carriage with Relic and Milia away from Blaznir.

After seeing them off, I returned to the ship.

The wall clock in the hallway showed 8:38 am. Twenty-two minutes to go.

When I entered the control room, I was greeted by Surara’s cheerful voice.

“Master-san, welcome back!”

“I’m back. It’s time to launch the Blaznir. Can I leave the ship’s control in Surara’s hands until the battle is over?”

“Yes! Ehehe, I’m being depended on by Master-san!”

Surara quivered happily and pulled out a white hat from out of nowhere. On the front of the hat was embroidered with an anchor-like mark.

“I am now the captain of the Blaznir! Ahem!”

In response to his words, the slimes in the surrounding area reacted.

“Wow! How nice!”

“Captain-san! We are ready to go!”

“Give me the word!”

“Alright, let’s go!”

Surara took a deep breath and announced in a louder voice than usual.

“Blaznir, let’s go!”

“””Aye aye, sir!”””

The Helper Slimes took their places and began moving the ship’s devices.

Soon after, there was a small shake at my feet.

The main monitor in the front of the ship was showing the surrounding scenery, but the ground was gradually moving away.

It seemed that the ship had taken off safely.

“Then I’m off to the deck.”

“Good luck, Master-san! Fight!”

I left the command center, being seen off by Surara.

…Oh, wow.

For some reason, there were rows and rows of Helper Slime on either side of the corridor.

The scene is like a department store just after opening. 

“We’re here to see Master-san off!”

“Be careful! Please don’t hurt yourself!”

“We’re rooting for you! Ei, ei, ooh!”

“Thank you, everyone!”

They were cheering from both sides as I made my way down the corridor.

On the way, I saw the wall clock that showed 8:46 am. Fourteen minutes left.

The time of the decisive battle was gradually approaching.

I went up the backstairs to the deck.

Iris, Lily, and Leticia were already there.

“Everyone was already here?”

“Yes. I felt a little uncomfortable on the ship.”

“Kou-san. We are almost there, aren’t we?”

“Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve had to fight a calamity. Fufu, my arms are itching for action.”

Leticia smiled wryly and delivered a quick jab into the space. It seemed that she was fully fired up.

“Hey, Kou!”

Iris called out to me.

In his right hand, she held the Fimbul, the Holy Dragon Spear.

“Fimbul told us at the strategy meeting, didn’t she? She said that she had fought against the White Dragon 4,000 years ago. She told me the details just now.”


I know Fimbul has consciousness but is she a woman?

…Well, that’s not the main point right now.

Iris told me what happened when Fimbul was an unmarked holy spear.

Four thousand years ago, the people of an ancient civilization had the technology to draw out the power of a sacred weapon, albeit imperfectly, and they gave an unmarked holy spear to a female knight who was known as a master of the spear at the time.

She then challenged the calamity─the White Dragon of Destruction─but the result was a disastrous defeat.

The female knight lost her life, and the unmarked holy spear was shattered into three pieces.

“So, this battle was a revenge match for Fimbul?”

“Yes. She’s so excited to avenge her own death.”

The Fimbul’s tips flashed and flickered as if nodding in agreement with Iris’ words.

“That is encouraging.”

“I’ll do my best. You can count on me.”

“I’ll be counting on you then.”

After saying this to Iris, I turned my attention to Lily. Lily has an anxious look on her face.

I am sure she’s recalling the contents of her [Foresight].

Since the White Dragon will appear soon, it is natural for her to be nervous. It would be better to relax at least a little, but Lily is still young and having mental fortitude is not so easy to do.

I reached out my right hand and patted Lily’s head.


“Lily, don’t worry. I’m sure we can win. We will even defend the royal capital. Isn’t that what we have been doing up until now?”

“Yes… But I still don’t think that the [Foresight] will come true, so…”

When Lily muttered in a thin voice, that’s when it happened.

“──It’s coming,”

Leticia muttered as she looked up at the western sky.

At the same time, my [Item Box] was activated by itself.

A magic circle and triangle magic circle float right in front of me, and the magic sword Gram appears from there.

“…No way.”

I picked up Gram and pulled it out of the magic circle.

The silver blade was vibrating finely and emitting a metallic sound.

It was a sign that calamity was about to appear.

“Wait a minute.”

Iris said with a puzzled expression on her face.

The Fimbul she was holding was also emitting a metallic sound and shaking finely.

“The White Dragon is supposed to appear at exactly 9:00 am, right? …Isn’t it too early?”

“Indeed, you are right.”

Leticia nodded as she pulled a pocket watch from her chest.

“It is 8:52 am right now. It’s eight minutes earlier than Lily-sama’s [Foresight].”

“What does it mean…?”

“Maybe it noticed our presence and jumped out of bed in a panic.”

I made a light remark and patted Lily on the head once more.

“There is no need to be in a hurry. We’ll stick to the plan. Iris, Leticia, please.”

“Understood! ──Fimbul, I need your help.”

“Since we are dealing with calamity, we needn’t take it easy. I will show it the brilliance of the meteor.”

They immediately get into a battle stance in answer to my call.

Both Iris and Leticia were ready.

But they were not panicking. They were going about with their preparations without showing the slightest change in their color.

That’s encouraging.

I let out a small smile.

That’s when it happened.

Safe mode’s [Full Assist] was activated, and I heard a calm, inorganic voice.


The seal of the Yggdrasil Bow is released.

It can be used at 20 percent output.


It seemed that in response to the appearance of the White Dragon, Yggdrasil Bow had also awakened.

This was a good start.

I immediately took out the Yggdrasil Bow from my [Item Box].

The bow radiated a divine green glow.


Using Kou Kousaka’s magical power, it can summon a calamity-sealing arrow.



Calamity-sealing arrows? That’s not a term I’ve heard before.

Just as I think that, golden particles overflow from my body and gather in one place.

Eventually, the particles form into an arrow and settle in my hand. Is this the arrow that seals out calamity?

I decided to give it a try.

According to the information that flowed into my mind, the calamity-sealing arrow is effective when released by the [God of War’s Shrine Maiden] and it greatly weakens the power of the calamity.

In short, it would be like a simplified version of the “Calamity-killer arrow.”

In any case, it was certainly not something that would put Lily’s life in danger. I could use this without any worries.

I turned to Lily and handed her the Yggdrasil Bow and the arrows to seal the calamity. I briefly told her about the arrows and informed her of the change in strategy.

“I’ve never heard of a calamity-sealing arrow before. …You always surprise me, Kou-san.”

“I have to admit; I’m always surprised by myself too.”

I’m not sure I fully grasp my own strength to begin with.

Whenever I face a major battle, I feel as if something unexpected pops out from a black box deep inside my body. 

“I’ll let you know when it’s time to shoot. I will give you instructions on the timing.”

“I understand.”

Lily nodded with a serious expression.

She may be somewhat upset that the development was different from [Foresight], but she is probably keeping that in check with her self-control.

It’s admirable, considering she’s still a child.

I patted Lily on the head one last time.

Then I opened my [Item Box] and drank up the Flying Potion.

Soon after, something strange happened. The western sky distorted, and a huge white sphere appeared.

The surface of the sphere was smooth and shiny.

The sky immediately returned to normal.

Meanwhile, the sphere continued to expand little by little, vibrating repeatedly in small increments. Eventually, a crack ran across its surface.

Come to think of it, a similar scene unfolded just before the Black Dragon appeared.

Like an egg just before it hatches, the cracks keep growing.

One, two, three…

And then the sphere burst from the inside.


After 4,000 years, the White Dragon of Calamity had returned to life.

Good morning, and I hope you go back to sleep forever.

I shout.

“Leticia, please!”

“Very well.”

With the reply, a magic circle appears in the sky. Leticia raised her right hand high in the air, and a chain of light extended from her wrist and was absorbed into the magic circle.

“The one from the heavens will destroy everything. ──[Falling Star].”

As she chanted, she swung her right hand down.

The movement pulled the chain of light, and a huge meteorite appeared from beyond the magic circle.

The meteorite size was equal to or larger than the White Dragon. The meteorite’s surface was red-hot due to friction with the atmosphere and it fell with a roaring sound.


The White Dragon had completely stopped moving. It probably didn’t expect to be attacked so soon after its resurrection.

It was a fatal gap on the battlefield, but for us, it was a great opportunity.


The impact of the meteorite knocked away the White Dragon.

Did she manage it?

…I’d like to say that, but there was no way the game could be won at this level.


The White Dragon roared and spat out a white flash from its mouth. The flash hit the meteorite squarely.

In the next instant, the meteorite was quickly turned into ice.

That flash was, in essence, a freezing ray.


The White Dragon screamed loudly, twisted its body, and slammed its long tail into the meteorite.

With that blow, the icy meteorite shattered into pieces.

“…It’s surprisingly clever, isn’t it?”

Leticia muttered in a whisper.

“I can use the [Falling Star] at least two more times. Shall I continue the attack as planned?”

“No, wait.”

I stared at the White Dragon with my eyes and observed its condition.

It looked like it took a deep breath. 

…It’s coming.

“Iris, set up the barrier.”

“Understood, I’ll take care of it!”

Iris raised the Fimbul high.

The tip of the spear shines, and the《True Dragon God Barrier EX》was activated.

The surroundings of the Blaznir which was carrying us were wrapped in a silvery-white protective wall. Immediately after, a white flash was released from the mouth of the White Dragon.

It was probably the same freezing ray as before.

However, the defensive power of the barrier was so great that it completely blocked the ray of the White Dragon.

“Kou, thank you for the instructions.”

Iris said as she glanced at me.

“How did you know the attack was coming?”

“I had a bad feeling about it. But more importantly──”

The White Dragon’s movements had slowed down considerably.

The damage from the meteorite slamming into it was probably still lingering. 

Now was the time to strike.

“Lily, please.”


With a short reply, Lily pulled the strings. The arrow was released to seal the calamity.

As soon as the arrow slipped through the barrier, it was clothed in a shimmering radiance and turned into a golden meteor.

The arrow pierced the White Dragon’s body and disappeared as it burrowed into the body.


Apparently, the damage from the arrow was minimal, or even zero. The White Dragon looked down at its own body curiously, not seeming to be in any pain.

Eventually, it took another deep breath and tried to release the ray, but all that came out of its mouth was just a breath.

The calamity-sealing arrow seems to have rendered its power to manipulate cold air unusably.


The White Dragon let out an exasperated roar and flapped its wings.

Is it going to charge at us?

No, it wasn’t.

It turned in a circle and turned its back on us. It was about to fly away.

It seemed to realize that it was outmatched and chose to flee.

“I won’t let that happen.”

Iris deactivated the《True Dragon God Barrier EX》 and readied her Fimbul. The tip of the spear shone brightly and brilliantly.

The reason why it felt more dazzling than usual was maybe because it was the perfect opportunity to return the humiliation from 4,000 years ago.


With Iris’s shout, Fimbul’s other granted effect──《Absolute Freeze EX》was activated.

A blue flash is released and strikes the White Dragon. The ice began to spread little by little, starting from the spot where it hit.


The White Dragon roared in confusion.

It was understandable.

It was supposed to have the power to manipulate cold air at will, but now, on the contrary, it was being covered in ice.


The White Dragon, who seemed to have finally understood the situation, wriggled violently and tried to escape from Fimbul’s flash.

But it was too late. Its limbs, wings, and tail are increasingly covered in ice.


Finally, its head was also completely covered in ice.

The White Dragon, which had turned into a block of ice, began to fall.

Iris glanced at me. Our eyes met.

With that alone, I understood what she was trying to say.

──I’ll leave it to you to finish it off.


As I nodded, I used the effect of the Flying Potion to manipulate the wind and soared into the sky.

I poured magic power into Gram and activated《God of War Slash S+》.


As if carrying the sword, I held it in the air and swung it down! A slash of light was released from the blade.


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It sliced the ice-covered White Dragon in half, and the raging energy created a huge explosion. A silvery flash burst across the sky, and the White Dragon shattered into pieces and vanished.

Compared to the previous calamities, the end of the battle was rather anticlimactic, but since our forces were stronger than before, it was a foregone conclusion.



We won.


That’s what I thought.

“Kou, behind you!”

Iris’s shout echoed.

I quickly turned my head to look behind me and saw that a space distortion had occurred a short distance away from my position.

Gram once again sounded the alarming sound.

“You mean there’s a second one coming?”

As if to affirm my mutterings, Gram shuddered loudly. Immediately after that, a huge green sphere shot out from the spatial distortion!

The speed was ferocious.

It was heading not toward Blaznir or me but in a straight line toward the royal capital.


I immediately activated《Divine Speed Blessing EX》.

At once, I accelerated and went around in front of the sphere.

Then, I activated [Spatial Restraint].

This is an application of the [Spatial Manipulation] that I took from the Gluttonous Dragon, and it can restrain the enemies within its field of vision.

It does not matter how fast the opponent is. The sphere stopped moving.

However, maintaining [Spatial Restraint] required magic power, and the amount consumed increased with the area of effect.

Because the sphere was so large, it could be restrained for less than a second.

However, the sphere had completely lost its previous speed due to the fact that the entire surrounding space had been brought to a halt.

It was safe to say that at least the immediate danger had been averted.

I poured my magic power into Gram and activated the《God of War Slash S+》 while I pointed my [Appraisal] at the sphere.


The Green Dragon of Rift and Demise: A calamity dragon that appears only once every 4,000 years. It creates a storm, and its gale brings all civilization to dust. It is currently in the state of an egg, but it will hatch soon.


Was this sphere the egg of calamity after all?

The Green Dragon seemed to have the power to manipulate the wind. Like the White Dragon, if left unchecked, it would cause great damage to the royal capital.

It would be better to settle the matter as soon as possible.

I concentrate my mind and activate my skill.

“──[Limit Break]!”

When I fought the Black Dragon and the Gluttonous Dragon in the past, the deciding factor was the explosive increase in magic power.

[Limit Break] can intentionally increase magic power. It is truly a trump card against calamities.

When activated, my entire body was enveloped in a golden glow, and my MP began to increase at an unorthodox rate.

One trillion, ten trillion, a hundred trillion…

In just a few seconds, it reached 1,000 trillion and soon surpassed it.

In terms of an average magician, this is the magical power of a hundred trillion magicians.

…That’s more than the population of the world.

I think I’m really out of the norm.

When I looked at the sphere, I saw countless cracks running across its surface.

There was not much time left.

I must hurry.

I turned to my left hand.

There was a crimson emblem floating on it that looked like a dragon’s face.

I concentrated my mind and thought of activating the [Calamity Summoning].

“Answer my voice and come to me from the underworld. You who were once called the Flame Dragon, that is, the Black Dragon of Extreme Destruction.”

With the chanting of the incantation, the emblem emitted an intense light.

A magic circle floated right behind me, and the Black Dragon appeared from it.

At about the same time, the sphere full of cracks burst open.

The Green Dragon of Rift and Demise resurrected.



The roars of the Black Dragon and the Green Dragon, two calamities, collided head-on. It would be possible to let the Black Dragon fight as it is, but it would be a deviation from the plan of a short-term battle.

It would be a fierce battle, and the damage to the surrounding area could not be ignored.

──That is why I will take the safer way.

As if in response to my intention, I heard the inorganic voice of [Full Assist].


  1. Kou Kousaka is a [Transmigrator].
  2. Kou Kousaka’s magic power now exceeds 10 trillion.
  3. Kou Kousaka has summoned the Black Dragon of Extreme Destruction through [Calamity Summoning].

Since all of the above conditions have been met, the [divine technique] is temporarily released.

The anti-calamity divine technique [Lævateinn] can be used.



It is the divine technique that once destroyed the Gluttonous Dragon.

The power of the Black Dragon was contained in the magic sword Gram, and it could completely annihilate the enemy.

I said the incantation to activate it.

“Flame of final destruction, purify the calamity with absolute burning heat. ──Lævateinn.”

As soon as I finished, something shook deep inside me.

The body of the Black Dragon was transformed into red particles, which were sucked into the Gram I was holding.

The silver blade emitted a crimson glow.


The anti-calamity divine technique [Lævateinn] lets the countdown begin.

Ten, nine, eight, seven──



The Green Dragon let out a roar and flapped its wings violently. A gust of wind rolled in, which eventually turned into a storm.


Its mouth opened wide. The storm was sucked into it.

A complete windless state arrives.

The next moment…


A storm breath was released from the Green Dragon’s jaws. A direct hit would not leave me unharmed but also the royal capital behind me.

But no problem.


Three, two, one─zero.



I put all my strength into it and swung the Gram down.

A crimson flash was released, tracing its trajectory. The flash of light caught the oncoming storm’s breath head-on and obliterated it instantly.

It also engulfed the Green Dragon and consumed its huge body.


A scream echoed through the air.

The Green Dragon’s body gradually became smaller as it was painted with a crimson glow.

Eventually, it disappeared completely.

There was no other sign of calamity.

This time, for real…


I won.


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