Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 230

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Chapter 230 – Gaining Total Control


Once we had taken control of the lord’s mansion, we quickly took control of the entire city of Gleiseburg. The people of the city cooperated with us because the leader of the forces that did not want to surrender fell into our hands, along with his entourage, and the hostages that had been held captive were safely rescued.

Unfortunately, some of the people who were being held hostage lost their families when the city walls collapsed due to our bombardment. It is a tragic story, but the women who lost their families did not blame us, even though they looked sad. We left the care of people like her to the Adol clergy.

It was too heavy a burden for me to carry alone. The most I could do was to give some large gemstones to the Adol clergy and offer them as funds for their care. Maybe money can’t heal people’s hearts―or maybe it never will―but, well, that’s it. I would be happy to help them find peace of mind.

“You look so distressed.”

After finishing the restoration of the city walls and the lord’s mansion, I was sitting in the lounge of the lord’s mansion, idly thinking about nothing in particular, when before I knew it, Amalie-san was sitting next to me. Her expression was somewhat concerning.

“Well, I have a lot on my mind after the battle.”

I’m already prepared to go to hell with Sylphy, but when I see people grieving the loss of their families in front of my eyes, I can’t help but think about it. In the end, I came to the conclusion that no matter what happens, I can’t stop now, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.

It’s not that I want to dwell on it, but it’s just the way things are. If I had the sensitivity to see this world as if it were a game or something and to see the people who live in this world as if they were characters in a game―in other words, as if they were NPCs or something―then I wouldn’t feel this way.

“Do you really have to go into battle?”

“I suppose that’s true. But it’s not like I’m just going to prepare weapons and not show up at the scene and pretend I don’t know anything about it. Besides, my power will be useful on the front line.”

It’s especially effective against opponents holed up in defensive buildings like this one. This time also, I could have joined as a universal tool to make holes in the wall.

If I had been willing to take out the enemy soldiers and Ehrwig, it would have been quicker to go in by myself. It would probably have been much quicker to break through the wall by myself and shoot them all with a submachine gun. If I had just left the cleanup to Danan, there would have been no trouble. But that’s not the same thing.

“In the end, I don’t think it’s right to do everything by myself. I am a member of the Liberation Army, too, after all.”

“Kosuke-sama, you have a strong sense of responsibility. But you are just one person. Even if you are a visitor, even if you are an apostle of God, you are still a human being, Kosuke-sama. You are a human being. There is a limit to what an ungodly person can bear. Please do not take on too much.”

“Ah… I will do my best. When things get hard, I will turn to someone else.”

It is also common in anime, manga, and novels for people to make a huge mistake by taking on too much without consulting anyone. I’ll try not to make that kind of mistake.

“Yes, that’s a good idea. How about me, for now?”

Saying that, Amalie-san smiles at me and opens her arms as if welcoming me.

Eh? That’s how you want to play it? Isn’t that a little too immediate?

Then I won’t hesitate.”

But without hesitation, I lean down and lay my head on her soft thighs.

I had learned my lesson from Ehrwig. There is no point in running away from something you can’t escape from. If you can’t resist, it’s better to accept it from the beginning so that neither you nor the other party will have to suffer.

Because it seems that I will basically be working with Amalie-san, Bertha-san, and Ellen on this campaign to pacify the country, and it seems that the groundwork has already been laid. In other words, it is already a matter of course for me to strengthen my bond with these girls in “that sense.” Of course, if I were to seriously resist, it would be no big deal, but no one would benefit or be happy if I did.

In the first place, both Archbishop Deckard, who leads the Adol believers, and Sylphy and her close associate Melty, who lead the new Merinard Kingdom, are trying to deepen their relationship by using me, who stands between them, to deepen the relationship between the two forces. In other words, both sides believe that I need to develop a bond with Ellen and the others in various ways in order for both sides to deepen their relationship and get to know each other better.

Then there’s only one thing for me to do. I should accept the situation and be open to the idea so that both parties can work hand in hand. If that makes everyone happy, including me, then that’s all right, isn’t it?

“…I was a little surprised.”

Amalie-san’s cheeks are flushed red as she begins to stroke my head on her lap with a gentle hand as if she were handling a broken object. 

“Kosuke-sama didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic about it.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts. But I don’t really dislike Amalie-san or Bertha-san… or rather, are you really okay with it, Amalie-san, being like this?”

By “like this,” I mean that Archbishop Deckard was forcing her to have such a relationship with me at his convenience. Amalie-san nodded her head, her face reddening as if she had accurately read the true meaning of my words.

“Yes. As I told you before, Kosuke-sama is a man, but I don’t feel scared of you. Besides, if I am with Kosuke-sama, I can be with Eleonora-sama, too, and then…”

“And then?”

“I’ve seen the colors when I took care of you before, you know?”

Amalie-san looked away from me as she said this and moved her body restlessly and fidgetily.

Hmm, this embarrassed expression is priceless. I see.

“Would you like me to touch your arm or something?”


While saying this, her left hand, which is opposite to the right hand she placed on my head, is wagging its way around my body as if she is ready to touch me. Amalie-san seems quiet and modest, but in fact, she may be a bit more aggressive than one might expect.

“Please go ahead, don’t be shy.”

I said and closed my eyes. With me staring at her, it must be difficult for Amalie-san to do what she wants to do.

“W-well, then, I’ll take your word for it…”

Amalie-san’s hands begin to touch my breastplate, flanks, and stomach, seemingly in a state of trepidation. I’ve been doing a lot of jumping and running since I came here. I’ve lost a lot of excess flesh, and now my abs are well defined. You can taste the beauty of my body… Hey, don’t touch my flanks! That tickles! That tickles!


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3 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 230

  1. Thanks for the batch.

    “I’ve seen the colors when I took care of you before, you know?” <- I’m pretty sure that here, as it’s often the case, “iroiro” means “everything”, not “colours”

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  2. “I had learned my lesson from Ehrwig.”

    He forgot to teach a harsh lesson to that Ehrwig, that if you take hostages like a terrorist, you will be treated like one. He should be thrown out from the ranks of clergy and then condemned to become a common criminal slave for the short remainder of his life.


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