Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233 – Three People and the Messenger Activities the Next Morning


It was a long fight. I was by far the most experienced fighter, but there were three of them. Even if I defeated one of them, the other one would heal their fallen comrades while I was fighting the other one. Moreover, my opponents were learning little by little and getting stronger. For me, it was a hopeless war of attrition.

In the end, I managed to win the battle by always giving top priority to Ellen, who had the highest recovery ability. In terms of overall strength, Ellen was the strongest, Amalie-san was the toughest, and Bertha-san was the most aggressive… If I were in the same situation, I probably wouldn’t be able to win next time.




We are all lightly dressed and having breakfast together, but there is no conversation. Not in a bad way; all three of them are still somewhat spaced out, flustered, or maybe… too stimulated. All three of them are somewhat absentmindedly bringing the morning’s sweet and heavy breakfast of pancakes and milk that I pulled out of my inventory to their mouths.

“Who wants some sausage? Raise your hands.”

The three of them look at me, and all raise their hands. It seems that they can hear me, and their appetites are fine. Well, if I leave them alone, they’ll get back to normal soon. I take a plate out of my inventory and place two large pieces of frankfurter-like sausage on each of the three women’s tables.

The three of them stared at the sausage for some reason, then suddenly turned red and reacted fiercely. Ellen took down her fork and put her hands on both cheeks, Amalie-san covered her face with her hands, and Bertha-san was fidgeting and rubbing her stomach area. What did you associate with that, you guys? Well, I was aiming for it a little bit, but…

“Good morning, all three of you.”

“…Good morning.”


“Good morning.”

Amalie-san’s voice was almost inaudible, just like a mosquito’s, but I was glad to hear that all three of them had come to their senses.

“Don’t leave any of the sausages.”

“Yes, I’ll eat it.”

Ellen picks up the fork that she had dropped on the table in desperation, plunges it into the sausage, and bites into it. It’s a sight that makes me swoon for some reason, hahaha. Bertha-san also began to munch on the sausage with a subtle expression on her face. Amalie-san was not so happy about it, covering her face with her hands. Even her ears are red.

The silent time begins again. This time, however, it is not because of the empty space above, but it is a conscious one. There is one person who is muttering what I don’t know is a prayer to God or words of repentance in a mosquito-like voice with her face covered with her hands, but Ellen is too embarrassed to say anything, and Bertha-san is… I guess. That’s a strangely sexy expression on her face. Noticing my gaze, Bertha-san smiles shyly.

“To tell you the truth, I had half given up on the so-called happiness of a woman.”

“Why again?”

Bertha-san is a beautiful woman, and I think she could get as many men as she wants if she wants to.

“I am an inquisitor by the side of Eleonora-sama, and I am also her escort. The mere fact that I am an inquisitor is enough to turn men off.”

“I see.”

“You don’t seem interested.”

“Bertha-san is Bertha-san, and I’m not sure if it’s too late. A title is just a title, isn’t it?”

I only found out about the inquisitor’s title yesterday.

“The silent inquisitor is nothing when it comes to Kosuke, right?”


Bertha-san nodded happily. I don’t care how formidable an inquisitor’s title is. I don’t think they can compete with the Commander of the Liberation Army, the Queen of the new Merinard Kingdom, or the Witch of the Black Forest. I won’t back down from such a thing, so don’t worry about it in the future.

“So, how long are you doing that, Amalie-san?”

“Ugh… but…”

The gap between the fingers of the two hands covering her face is opened a little, and our eyes meet through the gap.

“I-I-I did such and such a thing… and aaaahhh…”

“Amalie was…”

“It was bottomless, wasn’t it?”

“Don’t say it!”

Amalie-san screamed and plopped down on the table. The order in which they went down was Ellen, Bertha-san, and Amalie-san, in that order, although it was largely due to my strategy. Amalie-san showed no sign of endurance at all, or as Bertha-san said, she was bottomless, or at any rate, she was tough, so I decided to take my time and attack her last. I think her toughness was a good match for Melty’s.

“Kosuke was no slouch either.”

“He’s tough.”

“I don’t think we can compete with Amalie on our own. I mean, you were taking it very easy on me at that time, weren’t you?”

I think she was talking about the first time Ellen and I spent the night together.

“I don’t think it needs to be rough or anything; it doesn’t need to be intense… I mean, how long are we going to keep talking about this?”

Perhaps reflecting on her previous comments, Ellen clears her throat in response to my prodding. She must have realized that this was not a conversation for a lady to be having this early in the morning.

“You need to get back on your feet, Amalie-san.”

“I can’t…”

Amalie-san screamed pitifully as she plopped down on the table. This is a serious injury.




If I could, I would have spent the whole day making out with the three of them, but the world is not so easy. We did not come here to have a honeymoon, but to settle down in Merinard, so we can’t just keep flirting with each other. In a way, it’s my job to get along with the girls.

“Alms will be given by the saint and the messenger of God.”


The priests of the Adol religion seat the people who have come to receive alms on the couches and wooden chairs I have prepared for them in order of arrival. I give alms to the people with Ellen, watching from the side.

“O-oh… it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt!”

“Oh, I can walk! I can walk!”

The almsgiving we did, in other words, was an act of healing for the residents of Gleiseburg. Ellen used miracles, and I used the life potions, cure poison potions, cure disease potions, and splints that I had in my inventory to heal them.

It is said that the Adol religion often provides medical treatment, but it is usually during some kind of festival or on a whim when a high-ranking cleric visits the church. Usually, it is said that a reasonable amount of money is offered to the Adol church to have miraculous cures performed.

In this case, it was to show the people of Gleiseburg that we had no harmful intentions toward them, and at the same time, it was to show that I was a messenger of God standing next to the saint Ellen.

I would take out of thin air a potion that would instantly cure injuries, illnesses, and addictions, and with a plain piece of cloth and a piece of wood, I would heal limbs and other parts of the body that were difficult to heal with magic or miracles. Well, depending on how the performance is presented, they may or may not be messengers of God, but they may appear to be unusual and special.

And these clergymen are professionals in such performances. When it comes to the art of elevating a mere mortal to a holy being through preaching and rituals, there is no one better than them. All I have to do is follow the scenario they have created. To be more specific, I would dress up in a slightly expensive-looking clergyman’s costume and smile as I treated the inhabitants of Gleiseburg.

I would bring in sick or injured people who could hardly stand up, and I would heal them with my life potions and cure disease potions. Of course, since they are completely healed, people who have been lying there screaming in agony can get up with a refreshed look on their faces. Even if they don’t, they look refreshed and excitedly shout, “I’m cured; I’m not in pain anymore!”

In the past, it is said that in such a case, the cherry blossom is sometimes used, which is not actually a disease or injury, but in this case, it was a real one. Gleiseburg is a reasonably sized city, but not as large as Elichburg, and if there are people in town who have suffered from incurable illnesses or injuries over the years, many of the people in town are aware of their circumstances. I am the one who will help them recover from their illnesses.

“I honestly thought the idea of a messenger of God was eyebrow-raising, but this is…”

“It doesn’t look like magic or a miracle, but it’s the real deal.”

“I’ve had a little bit of magic in my life, so I know what I’m talking about, but I don’t think it’s magic or a miracle… it’s something much more.”

There are a lot of people who seem to have heard about some big event and have come to watch. Before I knew it, there were food stalls selling food, and it was becoming a bit of a festival. And from among the onlookers, or rather, spectators, I hear a voice that seems to be congratulating one another. It was probably a cherry blossom of the Adol religion.

So Ellen and I were treating the injured and sick in Gleiseburg one after another in the midst of the crowd.


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  1. Cherry blossom is used as some untranslated idiom from Japanese here, right? I wonder what is its original meaning. Maybe something like scam miracles of fake performance? Something staged in advance, certainly.

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  2. Amalie-san showed no sign of endurance at all, or as Bertha-san said, she was bottomless, or at any rate, she was tough, so I decided to take my time and attack her last. <- shouldn’t it be “losing endurance”?

    In the past, it is said that in such a case, the cherry blossom is sometimes used, which is not actually a disease or injury, but in this case, it was a real one. <- [went to check the raws to make heads or tails] It seems like, normally, in times like these they would plant fakes that were in fact neither ill nor injured, but for this time it’s all real. [i.e. when the Adol church makes a healing festival, they would do like those televangelists and hire people to fake illness or injury t pad their miraculous healing section]

    Gleiseburg is a reasonably sized city, but not as large as Elichburg, <- Erichburg

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