I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 11 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Part 2


After the game with the baseball team, I was taken to the soccer field, where the soccer team was waiting for me. As if they had already heard the story, just like the baseball team,

“Now we’re going to have a penalty kick showdown!”

The penalty shootout was a three-round game, with me and one of the soccer players going head-to-head, each taking turns as keeper, with the winner scoring the most goals.

And, of course, the ace student of the soccer team came to the fore.

“Heh! Don’t get carried away just because you beat the baseball team, okay? You’re done here!”

With these words, we began our showdown.

I was the first to kick the ball as the attacker, but as I watched the opposing goalkeeper, I somehow understood where the keeper’s attention was focused. This sense, too, must have been acquired through various battles.

And by using the “Weakness Detection” skill, I can aim my shot at the point where the opponent is weak and make a more reliable decision.

Remembering my training with Master Usagi, I kicked the ball.

The ball flew in the direction the keeper was most concerned about.

“Heh! I knew you’d come there!”

As soon as the keeper turned his body in that direction, as if he had been waiting for it, the ball took an unbelievable arc and changed course to the point that the keeper had been most afraid of.

And just like that, the ball rattled the goal net.


It was a spur-of-the-moment performance, but the ball moved just as I had imagined thanks to the physical control I had acquired through my various experiences.

“I-it was a fluke! I’ll score next anyway!”

We switched sides, and as soon as I was set up as keeper, the other player kicked the ball as hard as he could.

However, I could guess which course the ball was going to take from the movement of his body and the way he looked at me, so I easily succeeded in blocking his shot.

“N-no way…”

After that, all my shots scored, and all my opponent’s shots were blocked, so my victory was confirmed.

I felt bad for my opponent, but I couldn’t lose for the honor of Ousei Academy either.

However, now that I had won this way, Kamiyama-san would have no complaints.

“L-let me go home this time──”

“N-not yeeetttt!”


Kamiyama-san still did not accept defeat, and after that, I was forced to face off against various other sports clubs.

But in every match, I continued to fight using the experience I gained in the other world, I was finally able to defeat all the sports clubs.

“N-no way… this can’t be possible…”

“N-now, you’re not complaining about me being at Ousei Academy, are you?”

As I was inwardly freaking out about what I would do if I were told it wasn’t over yet, Kamiyama-san raised her voice again as if she had just thought of something.

“T-that’s right! The battle up to this point has only been a contest of physical ability! However, since the main task of a student is to study, don’t you think the best way to do that is to compete in a contest of academic ability?”


Don’t tell me that we will compete in studies this time?

It is true that in previous contests, I was able to make use of my experience in other worlds and my improved physical abilities, but this is not the case with studying.

Although I review my classes every day, there are certain subjects that I am not good at, and my grades are not at the top of the class.

As I was wondering what to do, I suddenly heard a familiar voice.


“──That’s enough, Kamiyama-san.”


“What? Oh, you are…!”


I looked at the owner of the voice, and there was Kaori!

She looked at me and smiled, then immediately tightened her expression and turned to Kamiyama-san.

“I am Kaori Houjou, an executive member of the student council of Ousei Academy and daughter of the school’s headmaster. I received a call from a student of our school and have come to pick up Yuuya-san.”


Surely Kaori came because Ryo and the others had informed her that I had been kidnapped!

Then, Kamiyama-san, who had been upset for a moment, immediately became calm and smiled fearlessly.

“Ara, I see. But we are recruiting him now. So can you please stay out of it? You have no right to stop us from recruiting him, do you?”

“No. Yuuya-san is a student of Ousei Academy. Isn’t that right?”

Kaori looked at me a little uneasily, but I nodded as best I could.

“Y-yeah. I don’t want to transfer to Nittei Academy; I prefer Ousei Academy.”

“…The person himself said so. Therefore, I will take Yuuya-san back as it is.”

When Kaori told Kamiyama-san resolutely and was about to leave the place without any further explanation, Kamiyama-san raised her voice impatiently.

“W-wait a minute! Is your school able to provide a satisfactory environment for Yuuya-san?”


“It is true that Ousei Academy has an excellent educational environment. However, it is obvious that our academy’s facilities are superior. And it’s the perfect environment to nurture a talented person like Yuuya-san. This is not about individual needs. From the perspective of the national interest, don’t you think it is necessary for Yuuya-san to be placed in an appropriate environment?”

N-national interest… What are you talking about? I’m just a mere student, you know…?

This is such a messed-up story. Of course, I can ignore it. I’m saying I’d rather be at Ousei Academy than anything else.

But for some reason, Kaori had a bitter look on her face.


“From my research, I found that Yuuya-san is not involved in any club activities at your school, and it seems that he cannot use his talents to the fullest. If that is the case, don’t you think it would be better for him to fully exercise his talents at our school?”

“W-wait a minute! I’m not in the club of my own volition…”

“Yuuya-san, please shut up.”


Are you ignoring my feelings…?

How can I get this person to give up…?

I’m the kind of person who can’t do anything without everyone’s help.

After Kamiyama-san and Kaori looked at each other for a while, Kamiyama-san suddenly smiled.

“…However, I am sure you will not be convinced by this sudden talk. So, why don’t we have another match?”

“A match?”

As I prepared myself for another strange match, Kamiyama-san continued.

“Yes. You have a school festival coming up soon, right?”


“We are currently preparing for the school festival as well. And you know what? The dates of this year’s school festival are the same as those of Ousei Academy… How about we have a school festival competition?”

“A school festival competition?”

“Yes. We will start advertising at the same time and compete to see who has more visitors on the day of the festival. If Ousei Academy wins this match, we will recognize the appeal of Ousei Academy and give up asking Yuuya-san to transfer to our school. However, if we win, Yuuya-san will be handed over to us.”


“…Very well.”


I look at her, not expecting Kaori to accept it.

Then Kamiyama-san smiled fearlessly.

“Fufu… Then, the negotiations were concluded. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of the match.”

…And so, with the school festival competition decided, we left the Nittei Academy.




On the way home from Nittei Gakuen.

Kaori got in her car, and I joined her for a ride home.

There, I asked Kaori.

“Um… why did you accept that match? It all started because I couldn’t say no firmly enough, but…”

“…I thought that Kamiyama-san had a point.”


Kaori looked a little anxious.

I believe that Yuuya-san is a more amazing person than you think you are. Of course, my father and I want Yuuya-san to be free to do what he wants to do. However, as Kamiyama-san said, I also feel that Yuuya-san is not making the most of your overflowing talent…”


To be honest, I don’t know if I’m that great or not.

After all, I was lucky enough to find the [Doorway to Another World], where I inherited the legacy of Sage-san and became the person I am today.

None of this is my power; it’s just something I got by chance.

That’s why it’s not something that Kaori has to worry about, whether I make use of my power or not.



I’m not the grand person everyone thinks I am. But thanks to Kaori, I’m really enjoying my school life right now. I never thought I’d be able to have so much fun in high school, so… that’s why, for me, it’s not about what I can do; it’s more important to be able to spend time with everyone!”


I told Kaori not to worry about weird stuff for me or anyone else, but this is how I really feel.

“W-well, anyway, Kamiyama-san was pretty pushy, too, and if that school festival competition makes her give up on this one, then I guess that’s okay?”

“Yes, that’s right… Sorry, I was just being a little weak-minded.”

Kaori tightened her expression and smiled again.

“Still, I am very glad to hear you say so, Yuuya-san!”

“I am really grateful to you for inviting me to Ousei Academy at that time, too.”

We thanked each other and laughed at each other because we thought it was so funny.

To be honest, I don’t know how the school festival will turn out, but I hope to have a good time with everyone before the competition.


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    The author clearly doesn’t understand the arts of negotiation. How come Kaori didn’t propose her own term if Ousei win? Something that will benefit from the competition? Those agreed term only benefits Nittei so they have nothing to lose.


    1. They already have. If the Nittei lost it will bolster Oussei’s popularity as an elite school with a great environment plus great facillities and events. I dunno if Nittei Girlie thought of this outcome but if they lose, they will lose the last bit of reputation they have for challenging another school to an unreasonable competition without having asked their terms, so its onesided to the publuc but benefits the ones challenged. THEY IN FOR A DEEEEEEPPPP SH*T NOW!!


      1. So their little competition was made public, then? Idk if it’s told in next chapter(s) or not, but from this chapter it seems to me the agreement was only witnessed by the 2 girls and Yuuya.


    1. They’re festivals aren’t usually held on the same day it seems, so just going head to head with ousei like that is a challenge and provocation.


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  5. Thanks for the chapter.
    After everything, the MC has been through why does he not have a backbone yet? IMO he has not developed much as a character. I get that he’s been through harsh abuse and emotional trauma for the majority of his life, and that takes time to heal but everything he’s done at this point are extreme enough that it should of at least developed some level of confidence in him. The guy saved multiple worlds and lives and gets strong enough to go toe-to-toe with some of the strongest beings in both the fantasy and space worlds, manages to get a good-looking face and an attractive body, manages to attract multiple beautiful women to him. It just doesn’t make sense. Like how does he have the confidence to face the perfect evil without batting an eye but he can’t stand up to this pushy chick? Also, why does he not recognize his own feats? Like he has done shit that people literally consider legendary feats. It’s understandable that he’d still be unconfident considering his past but it just doesn’t make any sense that he’s always this unconfident considering his accomplishments. It’d be nice to see him develop some confidence in himself because if this continues it’s just going to end up being annoying…


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