I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 11 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – School Festival

Part 1


While Yuuya and the others were preparing for the school festival on Earth, Lexia visited her father, King Arnold.

“Father! Please allow me to go to Yuuya-sama’s world!”

“W-what is this all of a sudden? Yuuya-dono’s… w-world?”

Arnold was surprised at Lexia’s sudden arrival and her attempts to force the conversation without any context.

“As I’ve said, I’m asking you to let me and Luna go to the world where Yuuya-sama lives!”

“No, I don’t really understand the meaning of the word…”

“It’s okay; just allow us to go!”

“Isn’t that unreasonable!”

As Lexia wanted to head to Yuuya’s place as soon as possible, she vented her anger at the indecisive Arnold.

Watching this in silence, Luna let out a sigh and explained on Lexia’s behalf.

“According to what I heard, Lexia-sama is about to start attending the Aurelia Academy of the Luminous Empire as a princess, isn’t that right?”


After considering her position, Luna informed Arnold in a polite manner.

“However, Lexia-sama doesn’t like the idea of attending there and wants to choose a more meaningful place to study.”


Arnold was puzzled, as the chain of events was not yet clear. Then Lexia, who had calmed down a bit, took over and continued.

“I don’t think there’s anything to learn at Aurelia Academy.”

“N-no, you may be right, but there are other reasons besides study, such as building connections as a princess, you know?”

“For that reason. From Father’s perspective, what do you think is more valuable, the connections obtained at Aurelia Academy or those obtained in Yuuya-sama’s world?”

“…I’m not quite sure what you mean by Yuuya-dono’s world──since a while ago…”

Finally realizing that Lexia was not just talking selfishly, Arnold put on a serious face.

“Father, you know that the saint summoned by the Regal Kingdom is a girl from another world, don’t you?”


“Actually, Yuuya-sama is from the same world as that saint.”


This was a new thing for Arnold.

“So you’re saying Yuuya-dono is from another world too?”

“Yes. And Yuuya-sama, unlike Mai… that saintess, can freely travel between this world and the other world.” [T/n: Geez, is there a limit to your stupidity, Lexia?]


Arnold was absolutely stunned at the seemingly unbelievable content.

But he soon came to his senses and began to understand the meaning of what Lexia was saying.

“D-do you mean to say that Yuuya-dono is from another world and that Lexia wants to study in the other world where Yuuya-dono lives?”

“That’s what I mean!”

“N-no, but… aside from the matter of summoning the saint, to simply acknowledge the existence of another world…”

“I’ve been to that other world once, Luna and I!”


When another bomb was dropped, Arnold’s thoughts went blank.

The fact that Yuuya was from another world alone was a big enough piece of information, but combined with the power to freely travel between this world and another world… and to say that Lexia and the others also had set foot in another world. This was more information than his brain could process right now.

However, Lexia, who did not care about such things, continued innocently.

“So, I’ve already confirmed that other worlds exist! And I heard from the saint that Yuuya-sama attends an academy in the other world. That is why I came to ask Father’s permission for me to attend that school.”

“So that’s how it is…”

After somehow managing to wrap his head around the story, Arnold let out a deep sigh.

If Lexia’s words were true, it was clear that they would provide valuable information and connections beyond what one would learn at Aurelia Academy.

Arnold was troubled, but Lexia took the opportunity to begin her presentation.

“May I? You may not be able to imagine this, but there is no magic in Yuuya-sama’s world.”


“In fact, there aren’t even any monsters.”

“What did you say?”

Arnold’s eyes widened when he heard that there were no monsters or magic, two things that he took for granted.

“What about the people in the other world?”

“Isn’t that exactly what I’m going to study abroad to learn?”


If Lexia was right and there was a world where magic did not exist, there was a possibility that the technology that people in that world used instead of magic could be brought back and used effectively in this world.

In that case, there was no doubt that the first country to bring back this technology would have a great advantage in this world.

Arnold also believed that there might be many beings with special powers like Yuuya and Mai in the other world, and he hoped to one day be able to discover their secrets.

“Besides, there are crepes in that other world… Oh, I can’t wait to go to that world!”

“Wait! What are these crepes?”

“It’s a pastry from another world.”

“What, a pastry──?”

Though Arnold, who was expecting something outrageous, immediately lost interest, Lexia didn’t miss his reaction.

“What is that? What’s with that reaction? Crepes are crazy good, you know!”


“Of course! After eating them, you won’t be able to eat any of the sweets in this world!”

“S-so much…”

In fact, the sweets popular in this world are also delicious, but from Lexia and Luna’s point of view, the crepes they ate on Earth were compensated for their deliciousness by the fact that they were an unknown sweet treat.

“Besides, there must be some other great pastries there!”

“Wait, don’t tell me that’s your real reason!”

“Of course, my real mission is to meet Yuuya-sama.”

“No, shouldn’t you say that you’re going to learn about the culture of another world…?”

Luna held her forehead as Lexia spoke so honestly.

“What are you talking about? Friendship with Yuuya-sama is also a great cultural exchange! And since sweets are part of that world’s native culture, there’s nothing wrong with that! Therefore, we are going to study abroad in Yuuya-sama’s world!”

“You sound as if you’ve already decided to go!”

Frankly speaking, it’s too big a decision to decide right now, but Lexia’s enthusiasm got the better of Arnold, and he opened his mouth with a heavy sigh.

“…I understand. However, there are still many things we don’t know about the other world. Suppose it turns out to be safe after asking Yuuya-dono directly. In that case, I will allow Lexia and Luna to study abroad at the academy in the world where Yuuya-dono lives.”


Lexia was happy to get Arnold’s permission and started moving as soon as possible.

“Then I’m going to head to the Great Devil’s Nest to call Yuuya-sama!”

“W-wait a minute! Lexia, it’s dangerous; you should wait at the castle and send Owen and the others there!”

“No! I’m going to see Yuuya-sama right now!”

“Hah… are they really the king and princess…?”

Luna sighed as the father and daughter continued to push and prod each other.




While the conversation proceeded without Yuuya, a certain topic was making the rounds around Yuuya.

“Hey, did you see that commercial?”

“I saw it! It was for the Nittei Academy’s school festival, wasn’t it? I never thought they would run an ad for a school festival on TV.”

“It’s a school for rich people, after all.”

“Honestly, I’ve only heard of it by name or so, but I’m curious to see it advertised that much.”

The topic was the school festival showdown that was decided between Kamiyama, Yuuya, and Kaori.

As soon as the school festival showdown was decided, Kamiyama moved immediately to take all possible precautions and launched an advertising campaign for the Nittei Academy’s school festival here and there using a huge budget.

As a result, what would normally not have been a big deal for a high school festival became the talk of the town as an unusual situation.

“I heard that this is not a normal school festival.”

“Well, it’s a school festival at Nittei Academy, so it must be different from other ordinary high schools, right?”

“No, it’s not like that. Apparently, they are going to compete with other schools.”

“Huh? Compete? A school festival? How?”

“Hmm… I don’t know the details, but I think it’s something about the number of visitors.”

“Heh… Or rather, who are they going to compete with? No matter how you look at it, the Nittei Academy would win hands down, wouldn’t it?”

“Nittei Academy’s opponent, it seems, is the Ousei Academy, which is holding its school festival on the same day.”

“Now it’s Ousei Academy? It’s another famous name that has come up…”

“That’s right. However, I think it would be tough, even for a super prestigious school like Ousei Academy. They’re going up against a school full of rich people, the Nittei Academy, you know?”

“That is also true. And as for Ousei Academy, they didn’t even do a commercial for the school festival…”

“Well, whatever the case may be, let’s go there when the school festival starts.”

──In this way, while there was a great deal of talk about the Nittei Academy’s school festival, rumors were gradually spreading about the school festival showdown.

It was not only among the general public, but TV shows and famous video distributors, who were requested by Nittei Academy, began to mention the school festival as a topic for their programs.

“Oh no, did you guys see that commercial? I never thought I would see a commercial for a school festival on TV, though. And apparently, it was not a regular school festival, but a rivalry contest with the Ousei Academy! So I’m hoping to show up at one of the school festivals that day! We’re planning to stream it live, so be sure to check it out!”

Meanwhile, Kanade, who was scheduled to perform at the Ousei Academy, was also aware of the rumor.

“It’s kind of important without me knowing it, but I’m looking forward to it.”

However, she was preparing for the concert as relaxed as usual.

──The time was steadily approaching as rumors of the school festival spread throughout the public.




──A few days after the talk with Kamiyama-san.

I continued to practice vocals without a break using the Hell’s Microphone I got from the Hell Frog, and finally, the day of the school festival arrived.

The school festival showdown with Nittei Academy was decided because of me, but Nittei Academy’s publicity power was so strong that the showdown with Ousei Academy spread as a rumor, and as a result, a tremendous number of people gathered at this school.

When I looked closely, I could see many people, not only TV stations but also people who were filming the school festival with their smartphones while doing some kind of live action.


After changing into the butler’s uniform, which is the costume of the café, and finishing the preparations for the opening of the café, I was looking out the window of the kitchen when Kaede called out to me.


“Ah, Kaede!”

I turned my gaze in Kaede’s direction, and there she was, dressed in a maid’s uniform.

Actually, since the first time we tried on the maid and butler uniforms, both men and women were kept in the dark until the day of the event, so we were not able to see each other in them.

That is why this was the first time I saw the girls in their maid uniforms…

“A-amazing… It looks good on you.”

I was taken aback by the sight of everyone in maid uniforms, including Kaede.

Then Kaede smiles bashfully.

“D-do you think so? Rather than that, Yuuya-kun, it looks really good on you too!”

“T-thank you.”

When I tried it on, I was puzzled by the unfamiliar butler’s uniform, but I wondered if it was just flattery. For the time being, Kaede said it looked good on me, so I’ll honestly believe her.

However, I feel like I’m attracting more stares than usual… I wonder if it’s because I’m wearing an unusual outfit… Well, I guess I won’t have to worry about that once the café opens.

As I checked my outfit again, Kaede asked me as if she had just remembered.

“By the way, Yuuya-kun, you are going to do something on stage with Ryo-kun and the others, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

“I knew it. Then I will be there to see it too!”

“Really? Thank you.”

I didn’t advertise it, but I’m glad to hear that people are coming to see it. I’ll have to work harder for that.

“Speaking of stages, I wonder what kind of artists are coming this year?”

“Certainly. I’m looking forward to it.”


While we were talking about that, Sawada-sensei came in.

“Oh, looks like everything’s ready!”

Then she looked over at us and grinned.

“By the way, if we make good sales, the budget we get for next year’s school festival will increase, and so will my bonus. Do it properly, okay?”

After saying that, the teacher left as if she had to make the rounds of the school.

After seeing her off, Kageno-kun stood in front of everyone.

“W-well, Sensei says so, but let’s do our best with the basic premise of having fun!”


When everyone raised their voices, the school festival was finally about to begin.


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  2. Foolish Nittei. By making ads and commercials about the showdown, people will be even more curious about the other school that Nittei picked a fight with. Smart move for Ousei to not making any ads because they will get more visitors from those curious people and the surprise artist.


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