Striving For The Luxury Liner – Chapter 0 Part 1

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Chapter 0 Part 1 – Characters’ File


Wataru Toyomi, age 20. A minor otaku university student who fell into another world. Loves big boobs and is a coward.

Ines, age 19. From the Flame Tiger tribe. She is Wataru’s slave. She has a moderate personality. F.

Felicia, age 62. She is a dark elf. She is Wataru’s slave. She has an earnest personality. F.

Rimu, age 0. Holy Slime. Wataru’s familiar monster. Cute.


Girasole A-rank adventurer party name.

Alesia, human race. Girasole’s party leader. Bright and proactive. Like maneuvering boats. F.

Dorothea, human race. Sub-leader of Girasole. She is calm and dependable during exploration. Likes slime. E.

Marina, human race. Taciturn. Likes slime. Likes to maneuver boats. D.

Irma, golden fox beastman. Sexy. A sensible person. F.

Cara, bear beastman. She likes to eat. F.

Claretta, dog beastman. She likes cooking. Likes stuffed animals. G.

Fuu-chan, wind slime. Marina’s familiar monster. Cute.


The Latina Kingdom, the country where Wataru first fell.

Character from the Southern City. The Southern City is Wataru’s base of operations.

Camille, A beautiful sister fox-eared Onee-san from a commercial guild. She is blonde, sexy, and has large breasts. She is a little scary when doing business. F.

Dino, Wataru’s bodyguard prepared by the commercial guild. Middle-aged. Stern middle-aged man.

Enrico, Wataru’s bodyguard prepared by the commercial guild. A young man. His smiling face is somewhat scary.

Guido Carlo Daniel Barnabas, the owner of a ship that can reach an island in the southeast.

Commercial Guild Master, an energetic old man. He likes to be flashy.

Employee-san, the successor to the innkeeper of Girasole’s regular inn. He has perverted feelings for Girasole.

Duccio, the owner of the slave trading company.

Donino, the master shipbuilder. He is a dwarf.


Siena Village: A village one river front of the southern city.

Consalvo, the village chief of Siena. An old man.


Western City, the first city Wataru arrives.

Beautiful fox eared Onee-san, the guild’s receptionist.

Tough-looking old man, the guild master. He somehow wants to hinder Wataru.

Aldo, Crate, Gaius, Sismondo, Orso. The first adventurer party Wataru befriended.


Dark Elf Village

Federico, the village chief. Felicia’s father.

Cecilia, Felicia’s mother.

Edgard, the captain of the guard force.

Barnabas Bruno, the advance guard who first arrived on the island.

Romano, a young man who is in love with Felicia. He has an unrequited love for Felicia.

Vice Mayor, the former mayor of the village on the lake.


Southern Continent, the production area of pepper.

The Catania Kingdom, the first country Wataru visited for the pepper trade. On the verge of civil war.

Port town Gothenburg

Mear, human race, the receptionist at a commercial guild. 

The Forli Kingdom, the port town of Terni, five days west of Gothenburg. 


Religious State Palermo

Port town of Bergamo, east of Palermo

Filippo, chairman of the Filippo Trading Company, where Wataru first traded pepper.

Barletta, capital of the Religious State Palermo.

Gino, the cook at Solene’s inn to whom Wataru gave a recipe for cooking.

Raimond, the clerk of the Ciriaco Trading Company.

Cardinal Adolfo, a prominent figure on the church side at the time of the presentation of the dragon’s scales.

Enzo, sub-master of the Commercial Guild.


The Brescia Kingdom

The Trade City of Lucca, Girasole’s hometown.

Marquis Justin de Lucca, feudal lord of the trading city of Lucca.

Dumun, commander of Lucca’s knight order.

Bronn, a knight who came to meet.

Viscount Jacopo, Lucca’s senior naval officer, the commander.

Viscount Dupuis, traitor.

Viscount Juma, traitor.

Saverio, Alesia-san’s younger brother. He is a sis-con and is somehow trying to join Girasole with his friends.


The staff of the Castle

Camille, vice-captain, a former staff member of a commercial guild that Wataru pulled out of the southern city.

Mauro, shop manager, former big merchant? He is an old man who looks like a retired man who travels around the countries introduced by Camille-san.

Donatella, chief purser, a beautiful Onee-san introduced by Camille-san.


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