Striving For The Luxury Liner – Chapter 0 Part 2

Chapter 0 Part 2 – Ship Owned And Circulated By Wataru (Spoiler Alert!!)


Wooden rowboat. A boat like those used in rental boats at ponds.

NyX Translations


Rubber boat. Various types. Used for hut boats, food storage, trade warehouses, etc.

NyX Translations


Japanese-style boat. Small engine boat. The boats that Wataru used when goes from Southern City to Southeastern Island. It is based on Yam*ha’s Japanese-style boats.

NyX Translations


Luto. E*ULT 45. Ships used for basic transportation, such as pepper trade, etc.

NyX Translations


Hideaway. O*SOS. An island-like boat with a large Jacuzzi. (Unpowered.)

NyX Translations


Gallete. Ci*arette 46 Rough Rider x3. A powerful boat that can run at speeds of up to 210 km/h.

NyX Translations


Fortress. Ferry. Wataru’s favorite with a restaurant, mini-theater, stores, manga, etc. It is based on S*nflower S*pporo.

NyX Translations


Stronghold. Ferry. Has a complete restaurant menu, a large theater, and luxurious rooms. The second ferry Wataru bought. It is based on Taih*iyo Ferry M.S ISH*KARI.

NyX Translations


Seeker. S*nseeker 155 yacht. Luxury large yacht with a view jacuzzi and luxurious rooms.

NyX Translations


Castle. Oa*is of the Seas. One of the world’s largest luxury cruise ships. The ship looks like a town.

NyX Translations


The Add. The Quad*ki XL. Amphibious buggy.

NyX Translations


The Ranger. The Challenger. A large amphibious bus.

NyX Translations


Chris. Cr*stal Serenity. A small luxury-class cruise ship.

NyX Translations


Overall length. Small 20-30 meters. Medium 50-60 meters. Large 80 or more.


Sailing ships and galleys are roughly standardized in size according to the magic ships that have been discovered. Larger ports can accommodate larger sizes.


Small boats. There are common boats and magic boats.


Sailing boats. Mainly small and medium-sized boats. 


Galleys. Mainly medium-sized galleys.


Magic ship. Small size ships have been discovered to some extent. Owned by nobles and big merchants. Medium and large-sized boats are mostly owned by the state.


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