Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 1 Prologue & Chapter 1

Hey, my dear readers, this is a new story for you.

Well, since it’s a new story, there might be a lot of terms and names that are also new to me in this story, so I hope you will let me know if there are any mistakes in naming and so on.

And I also hope you can enjoy and like this story. Thank you also for your support so far. It has really helped me a lot.

Thank you and, enjoy~

This has been NyX!



“I woke up in a meadow!”

I don’t know what I am talking about.

Why am I in a meadow? Why was I lying in a meadow? Where am I? It’s a big mess.

My cell phone is… no, I don’t have anything… Why, you ask?

As for myself… I’m Wataru Toyomi, 20 years old, a light otaku, likes anime and manga, medium build, average looking, a university student that you can find plenty out there.

I can remember things about myself, and I’m not suffering from amnesia. Let’s see if I can trace back as far as I can.

Yesterday, I had a drink with my college friends, you know? We ate and drank as much as we could at a pub… and then went to karaoke and had a great time until early in the morning. After that… then we split up… and walked home… and I fell into the sea.

Yes, I was pleasantly walking along the seaside road and got tired and sat on the guardrail to rest… I staggered and fell into the sea!

“Why would I be in the meadow if I fell into the sea?”

I don’t remember crawling out of the sea by myself… Did someone help me? …Helped me and left me in the meadow? I don’t get it…

I don’t know what it means, but I can’t stay here. I have to move. I don’t even know which direction to go, but if I keep walking, I’ll find a road, right?

Hmm? I heard rustling sounds, so I checked and saw a rabbit coming out of the bushes… Why does a rabbit have a horn on its head?


As I was escaping from reality, the rabbit jumped at me. I couldn’t avoid it, and the horn grazed my arm. As I was scared of the pain and bleeding, the rabbit with a horn jumped at me again. Not knowing what to do, I started to run away.

I ran to my limit and fell down on the grass. Had I escaped? I wanted to think it was a dream, but I was running out of breath, and my arm, cut by the horn and bleeding, was telling me that it was real.

“Haha, maybe this is a fantasy world. Rabbit with a horn often appears in novels, don’t they? Could it be that I have gone crazy?”

While confused, I recall a certain word…


A translucent screen appeared in front of me in response to the word status, which I said half-jokingly.

“Haha, there it is, the status screen.”


Name: Wataru Toyomi

Age: 20

Race: Human

Occupation: Ship’s captain

Level 1

Physical Strength: 100
Magic Power: 8
Strength: 12 
Intelligence: 22
Dexterity: 18
Luck: 15


Language Comprehension (Unique)
Ship Summoning Level 1 (Unique)


Language Comprehension (Unique)

Ship Summoning Level 1 (Unique)

Looking at the status screen in front of me, I felt a desire to escape reality but also an indescribable sense of excitement, perhaps due to my otaku nature.


There is a blinking beep in the lower right corner of the screen. Is it a… message? I tried to touch it, but my finger slipped through the screen.

“In this case, if I look at the light novel and think strongly… open… Whoa, light novel is really amazing.”

The message that opened was…


“Nice to meet you, Wataru Toyomi-kun.

You have fallen between worlds and wandered into this world. Unfortunately, I cannot return you to your original world. I can’t interfere too much, but I know how difficult it is, so I’ve given you two things: language comprehension and ship summoning.

Language comprehension is a skill that allows you to read and write all languages. As for the ship summoning, I chose it because you seem to have fallen from the sea, and your name sounds like it.

I cannot interfere in any way from now on, so please enjoy this world.


There have been several people who have wandered into this world, and some have been badly hurt in their search for useful knowledge. It is better to keep your otherworldliness to yourself.”


“Is this really another world? And I can’t go back? It seems like something like that, so it was chosen because it seems suitable, huh…?”


“Even though this is a meadow, summon the ship…”

This was the moment I understood that I had wandered into another world.


Chapter 1 – Status Checks and Cheats?


After reading the message, I check the status again, feeling somewhat unconvinced.


Name: Wataru Toyomi

Age: 20

Race: Human

Occupation: Ship’s captain

Level 1

Physical Strength: 100
Magic Power: 8
Strength: 12 
Intelligence: 22
Dexterity: 18
Luck: 15


Language Comprehension (Unique)
Ship Summoning Level 1 (Unique)


“I don’t know anything about ships, so why is my occupation ship’s captain? Is it because I got the ship summoning skill? And this status is not strong, right? Magic power 8 means I have… magic power, which means I can use magic, but I wonder if I can use magic with only 8.”

It hurts to come to another world and not be able to use magic. I have a little bit of magic power, so it doesn’t sound like I’ll never be able to use magic, and I’ll be happy if I can manage it.

“I read the message, and it didn’t say anything about giving me a cheat. There are some monster-like creatures, and I don’t know if I can get to the place where there are people with this status.”

I checked the status, mumbling, and mumbling, and gradually became more and more anxious.

“There’s no problem; I have a skill! It says something about (unique), and unique is supposed to be a great skill, right?”

While muttering this, I look at the skill.

Language Comprehension means I can understand all words and letters.

“I guess Language Comprehension is exactly what it says. But it says “all of them,” which seems to be a unique skill. I can’t fight with it, though.”

If I can understand all words and letters, I could make a lot of money if there are any letters that haven’t been deciphered. Well, that is, if I can get to a safe place.

“No problem, the next step is to summon the ship. Though, I’m in a meadow.”

I pushed aside my fears that I would be stuck with a skill I couldn’t fight with and focused my gaze on the ship summoning.


Ship Summoning Level 1

You can summon a purchased ship.

You can keep the purchased ship in the best condition and control it at will.

You can purchase a new ship from the purchase screen.

Basic Rowboat (wooden). The number of people is limited to 2.

Special Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection.


“I know it, this ship summoning! I knew that summoning a boat in a meadow wasn’t very likely! But it was the only way! I wanted to believe in it!”

To explain a skill that I had thought was thinly disguised in the corner of my mind. With my slightest expectation shattered, I kneeled on the ground and slumped down.

Five minutes later…

Whew, I generally didn’t understand the meaning of the meadow when I fell into the sea. At least if it had been the sea, I might have been able to use the wooden rowboat… but to begin with, a ship captain in a boat floating on a pond… hah, I can’t help but stay here like this, although I’m not convinced, if I don’t do something about it, I could seriously die.

I managed to gather up my shattered feelings and tried summoning a boat.

“I can somehow understand how to summon a ship, probably because of my skills. I wonder if I can summon a ship even though I’m not on the water… I’ll just have to give it a try. Ship summoning!”

I don’t really need to say it out loud, but I just try to be cool, sticking my right arm out in front of me and chanting “Ship Summoning” as if it were an incantation.

At the same time as the word, a light like a magic circle appears on the ground, and a rowboat is summoned from within the magic circle…

I look at the rowboat that has fallen diagonally to the ground with a clatter and checks its status, feeling a helpless emptiness at the gap between the coolness of the magic circle of light and the rowboat that has come out.

“Hmm? My magic power is still 8. Doesn’t summoning a boat consume magic power? Is it because it is unique? Or is it because I can’t use the ship summoning with 8 magic power, so they made it without magic power consumption? …It seems like it could be either. Oh well, now let’s check out the rowboat. I wonder if it could move on the ground with ease…”

As I examined the rowboat with my wish in mind, I found it to be an ordinary wooden rowboat with nothing special about it.

I had a slight, really slight hope. There was no such thing as rowing the oars and then going forward on the ground or floating through the air.

“Whew, I know it’s a rowboat, but these oars are saving grace! It’s made of wood, but it’s big and long, and with it, I think I can manage even a rabbit with a horn.

Can I just leave the oar and repatriate the main body of the boat? Hmm, no. If I repatriate the body, the oar will be repatriated together with it.”

If I could leave the oar alone, I would have been able to proceed with peace of mind.

“I want to get to a safe place before nightfall, so I’ll just take the oars and go on. From there, I can try repatriation and re-summoning.”

At any rate, I take the oars and go on. I’d like to get to the road somehow. I don’t have any drinking water, so if I can find a river or something, I can get drinking water, and the rowboat can be of great use. I have a feeling a river would be better than a road.

I walked for about an hour, frightened by the noise. I think I should take a break and try to repatriate and re-summon around here.

“Yeah, even though I am far away from the (wooden) rowboat, I can somehow tell where the boat is, and I can summon it. I’m glad to know that I was able to resummon the boat without any problems. Come to think of it; I think there’s more to the ship summoning. Let’s check it out.”

Special features? Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection… Huh? This is awesome, right?

“Could this be a cheat? Is this a cheat?”

I look at the features of the status ship summoning, unsinkable, indestructible, and boarding rejection and check it.

Unsinkable, indestructible, cannot be sunk, cannot be broken.

Yeah, unsinkable and indestructible are the best features for a ship… I think it would be a pretty good cheat if the same features were attached to ships that can be bought on the purchase screen.


Boarding Rejection. Nothing is allowed on board without the captain’s permission.

In case the permission is cancelled, the person will be thrown out of the ship.

If anyone tries to kill or injure anyone on board, they will be ejected from the ship.


Does the “boarding rejection” feature mean that people just can’t come on board? If the part about not letting anything in is not only for people but also for monsters, that would be a cheat.

Next time I hear a noise, I should try to avoid it and test the effect of the boarding rejection. If a demon appears, I should summon a boat and check the effect of the boarding rejection and also if I can attack with oars from the top of the boat later.

A rabbit with a horn, or should I just use a horned rabbit now? If it is a horned rabbit, I think I can beat it with just oars, and if not, I will run away.

After a while, I heard a rustling sound. I immediately summoned a boat and took a position on the rowboat. I suppressed my desire to run away and prepared for the attack while holding the oar, but the horned rabbit jumped on me.


I was so frightened that I made a strange noise, but the rabbit was repelled by something like an invisible wall. The invisible wall… seems to have some kind of barrier.

“It seems that monsters can also be rejected to board the ship; maybe this is a cheat! But it is scary because the ship is so small, and the distance between the barrier and myself is so close.”

The horned rabbit has repeatedly hit the barrier and has been bounced off. If it looks like it’s not going to work, why don’t you just give up? In the first place, rabbits are herbivores, aren’t they? So why do they attack people?

After watching the barrier repel the horned rabbit several times, I began feeling more at ease. Let’s try attacking with the oar. The horned rabbit is hitting the barrier with its body. I matched the timing 3…2…1…


When I slam the oar into the horned rabbit, the rabbit bounces off and rolls on the grass. I slowly approach the rabbit and poke it with the oar. It did not react at all.

“Did I beat it? …It seems that I have defeated it. Whew, I never thought a rabbit could be so ferocious. This world must be quite dangerous…”

At least I managed to defeat it. There are still many things I need to check, but I may be able to manage them. First, let’s deal with the horned rabbit.

I don’t know if it is edible or not, but it is too good to throw it away now that I don’t have anything. I think animals have to be drained of blood. I don’t have a knife… What should I do?

After much deliberation, I smashed the horns of the horned rabbit with an oar and stuck the horns into its neck and both ankles. It was not vigorous, but the blood flowed out, so at least I should be able to drain it.

“I’ve heard that draining blood while the heart is still beating is a good idea, but I can’t capture it alive. I’m thirsty. I’m going to die if I don’t find a river.”

With no water, I guess I’ll just have to keep going.


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