I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 11 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Part 2


“──I’m looking forward to working with you today, okay? Kaori-san.”

“…Yes, Kamiyama-san.”

A little after the school festival started, Kamiyama visited Ousei Academy.

Since Nittei Academy also started its school festival at the same time, it was originally strange for Kamiyama to be at Ousei Academy.

However, Kamiyama was here to see if Ousei Academy was really a suitable place for Yuuya. That was why Kaori, who had heard about it beforehand, welcomed Kamiyama and showed her around.

“Hmm… It didn’t look like Ousei Academy was putting much effort into advertising the school festival, but there were quite a few people here, weren’t there?”


Kamiyama was right. Ousei Academy had not done much publicity compared to Nittei Academy.

This was because, unlike Ousei Academy, Nittei Academy had many upper-class families’ children attending the school and therefore had a large budget for advertising.

In contrast, Ousei Academy’s school festival was originally decided by Kaori on her own initiative, and from the point of view of other students, it was just the same school festival as usual.

However, since Yuuya’s performance in the ball game tournament and the athletic festival were featured on TV programs, Ousei Academy was already attracting attention, and as a result, the school had drawn in such a large number of people without any advertising.

As Kamiyama and Kaori looked around the school, there was one classroom with many people lined up.

“W-what’s that?”

Kamiyama was surprised at the sheer number of people and asked Kaori. Kaori was also surprised at the number of people and remembered the class that was using the classroom with the rows of people.

“That is… Yuuya-san’s class.”


Kamiyama was surprised to hear that. But soon, she came to her senses and hurriedly peeked through the window to see what was happening inside.

“Welcome. Have you decided what you want to order?”

“Your order has been placed!”

“Have a nice day, Ojou-sama.”

Kaede and others in maid’s uniforms and Ryo and others in butler’s uniforms could be seen busily at work.

“Tea and pancakes are served here!”

Kaede was moving around energetically, and many male customers were glued to the sight of her.

“Let’s see… sandwiches and coffee, isn’t it? Please wait a moment.”

Rin, also dressed in a maid’s uniform, was shy at first, but after that, she looked calm and served the customers in her usual manner.

Her language was a bit rough, but she was popular with both men and women alike, which was also lovely.

“…Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Yukine nonchalantly served customers with almost no change in her expression, but this also made her popular with some male customers, and she was also viewed as a mascot by female customers.

Other butler-like appearances by Ryo and Shingo and the others were also popular, and Yuuya’s class was a big success.

Among them, Yuuya, also dressed as a butler, was particularly eye-catching.

“Welcome back, Ojou-sama.”

Where had Yuuya learned to do this? Even from Kamiyama’s perspective, Yuuya was able to serve the customers with flawless poise and grace.

His movements were so brilliant that all of the customers present were in awe.

Kamiyama, too, was taken aback by Yuuya’s movements, but she soon came to her senses.

“W-well, I didn’t expect it to go this far…”

Frankly speaking, Kamiyama had underestimated the Ousei Academy.

This was because, although recently falling behind Ousei Academy in terms of reputation, Nittei Academy did not feel like losing in terms of the excitement of the school festival.

They were confident that they could hold a more gorgeous and festive school festival than any other school, using an abundant budget.

However, when she saw the way Yuuya, who works as a butler, carried himself, his movements alone showed that he could match the quality from using that enormous budget.


“H-he certainly seems to do it moderately well, but that won’t change the match’s outcome!”

Even if Yuuya’s ability were amazing, it would be difficult for Ousei Academy to beat Nittei Academy since there was an overwhelming difference in their real advertising power.

Hence, Kamiyama was confident of victory.

However, something happened that even Kamiyama did not expect.

A popular vlogger, who had been talking about the school festival showdown as a topic, visited Yuuya’s class for a live broadcast.

“Yes, next we have come to the class with the biggest line in this school right now! It looks like this place is a butler and maid cafe! Let’s go in right away!”


“Welcome, Master.”



The one who greeted the vlogger was Kaede, dressed in a maid’s uniform. The vlogger was stunned by how cute she looked and was guided to her seat.

However, she soon regained her senses and recorded the scene inside the café.

“I-I didn’t expect to be served by such a pretty girl… I mean, isn’t everyone in this class at a high level!?”

When the vlogger filmed Rin and Ryo as well as Kaede, the chat section of the vlog became very lively.


“I’ve never seen this level even in a real café…”

“The place is so close; I think I’ll go there now.”

The vlogger ordered a dish from the menu, and soon after, the food was brought to the table.

“Whoa! It seems the food has arrived──”

“──Sorry to keep you waiting. This is ‘Fluffy Omu-rice.'”

The vlogger looked at the person who brought the dish and was speechless. The person who was there was Yuuya, dressed in a butler’s uniform.

Yuuya arranged the dishes with such graceful grace that even a casual observer would think he was a perfect butler, and then he bowed beautifully.

“Then, enjoy yourselves…”


“? U-um, is something wrong?”

Since there was no response, Yuuya called out unexpectedly, and the vlogger finally came to her senses.

At that time, a tremendous number of comments were again flowing in the chat section.

“What an extraordinarily good-looking guy!”

“I think I saw this guy on TV a while ago.”

“Isn’t that at some sort of athletic festival special at this school?”

“Aren’t all these people there celebrities too?”

“Eh, this is for real. Oh, man.”

The vlogger was flustered as she looked across the comment section, which was showing an unprecedented level of excitement.

“N-no. Well, your movement was just so beautiful, so I just…” [T/n: Well, I’m not really sure the vlogger’s gender, though, so I’ll just assume the vlogger is a woman.]

“I-is that so? I’m glad to hear you say that.”

Yuuya smiled with embarrassment as he was praised for his movements.


“Yes, he smiled at me.”

“I thought my eyes were going to get crushed.”

“He seems to have a very nice personality.”

The vlogger, who was about to lose her mind again because of Yuuya’s smile, realized something.

“C-come to think of it. Can you draw something on this omu-rice for me?”


The “drawing” that the vlogger was referring to was the drawing of pictures and characters on the omu-rice with ketchup, which was common in maid cafes and other places known to the general public.

However, Yuuya, who did not know such a thing, was puzzled.

“What does that… ‘draw’ mean…?”

“Huh? You see, using ketchup…”

“H-huh… we don’t do that kind of thing in particular in this café, but…”

Even though it is a butler & maid cafe, it is not the type of cafe you would find in the world, and since they only dress and behave like maids and butlers, they did not have any particular service in mind.

However, having been told so by the vlogger, Yuuya wondered if perhaps that was normal and picked up the ketchup.

And Yuuya himself felt that it would be interesting to draw something with ketchup.

“Well, since this is so interesting, let’s give it a try.”

“Eh? I-is that okay?”

“Yes, it’s okay. But this is… my first time to do so, so I may not be good at it.”

“W-well, how about you draw a cute little doggy…?”

Yuuya pondered for a bit about the vlogger’s suggestion.

“Hmm. A dog. If you mean a dog… The cutest doggy I know is…”

And Yuuya drew a dog──Night, deformed with ketchup, although he was not used to it.

Perhaps because this was his first time, there was a little faltering, but there was an adorable dog there.


NyX Translations


“I-is this how it should look like?”

“I’ll give him a million.”

“No, ten million. Therefore, please draw it for me, too.”

“This man is so handsome and can also draw cute pictures. What can I say? The gap is amazing…!”

The chat section was again lively.

The vlogger herself, who had received a picture of Night, was thrilled but then tasted the omu-rice and was surprised again at how good it tasted, and finally, she went back to her home, firmly promoting Yuuya and his class.

Perhaps due to the effect of the live vlog, by the end of Yuuya’s shift, the number of customers visiting the café had doubled, and the Ousei Academy’s school festival became even livelier.

Kamiyama was astonished by the wave of visitors that came with ever-growing momentum.

N-no way… S-Shirai! What’s the situation at Nittei Academy right now?”

“The situation is that… many visitors are flowing to Ousei Academy.”

“I-I can’t stay like this! We must return to our school immediately!”


The school festival showdown, which they had expected to win based on the number of visitors, took an unexpected turn, and Kamiyama and Shirai rushed back to Nittei Academy.

Kaori looked on in dismay.

“U-um… I think Yuuya-san is fine for the time being, right?”

Once again, Kaori, feeling relieved, returned to participate in the school festival herself.


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  3. Thanks for the chapters!
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