I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 11 Chapter 3 Part 3

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Part 3


“Ah, Yuuya-san!”


After finishing my shift, I was on my way to the locker room to change into my uniform when I ran into Kaori.

“How are you doing? Are you enjoying the school festival?”

“Yes… It’s a lot of fun.”

I say this from the bottom of my heart.

At my previous school, I had never been able to enjoy the school festival. Every year, people around me treated me like an obstacle and wouldn’t even let me participate properly.

But this time, for the first time, I was able to cooperate with everyone in the class from the preparations and all the way to the school festival.

At first, I was confused because I had to wear unusual costumes and volunteer to form a band, but now I am really glad that I tried.

Kaori smiled kindly at me.

“I see. If you say so, it makes it worthwhile for me to have you join this academy.”

“Ah… speaking of which, how about the Nittei Academy…?”

To begin with, this year’s school festival was different from previous years; it became a rivalry with Nittei Academy because of me.

In case you’re wondering, even though I didn’t mention it openly, and Ousei Academy didn’t advertise it widely, Nittei Academy advertised it extensively so that it had become a half-known fact. 

“Right… Kamiyama-san was here just a while ago, but she left in a hurry when she saw how excited Yuuya-san’s class was, you know?”

“Eh, Kamiyama-san was here?”

Kaori’s cheeks flushed a little red when she was surprised because I had not noticed it at all.

“Yes. Um… Yuuya-san’s working appearance was cool.”


Once again, remembering that I am now in my butler’s uniform, I feel embarrassed.

The air was indescribable, and at this moment, a person wearing a hat and sunglasses, obviously in disguise, was approaching.


The person let out a shout at the sight of us.

Huh? That voice just now…

I instinctively turned to the person and asked.

“A-are you, by any chance… Miu-san?”


Kaori was surprised at my words and looked at me. Then, the person took off the sunglasses after hearing my words.

“A-ahahaha… I’ve been exposed.”

“I-it really was Miu-san…”

After saying this to myself, I was surprised that Miu-san was at the school festival as I was not expecting her to be here.

Miu-san smiled bitterly and turned to Kaori.

“Kaori-san, wasn’t it? It’s been a while.”

“Y-yes! It’s been a while! So, that… did you come to visit us today?”

“No, actually… I wanted to see how cool… Yuya-san looks…”

“Eh, what?”

“Oh! I met Yuuya-san on his way home from school the other day, and he told me that he was going to perform in a band at the school festival, so I was really interested in seeing him…”


I didn’t expect her to come to see us on stage, so I couldn’t help but shout.

“I was initially going to come just to see Yuuya-san’s band performance, but this school festival has been talked about a lot, and I was curious, so I came a little early.”

“That makes me very happy to hear you say that.”

As a student council member of Ousei Academy, Kaori had been working hard to make this school festival a success, so she was happy to be praised in this way.

“By the way… that outfit of Yuuya-san, is it a butler outfit?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right.”

“It looks great on you!”

“I-is that true?”

It’s nice to get a compliment from model Miu-san, though, in a different way.

We talked a lot, but then I remembered that there was no time left before the band’s performance.

“I-I’m sorry! I wanted to talk with you a little longer. But if I don’t change quickly, I won’t make it on stage in time…”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Please do your best for the band’s performance. I’m looking forward to it!”

“Yuuya-san! Do your best!”

After receiving cheers from Miu-san and Kaori, I headed once again to the locker room.




“U-ugh… I’m so nervous…”

After parting with Kaori, we went backstage to prepare for the band’s performance.

The stage that we would be playing at this time was the gymnasium stage, and as you would expect from Ousei Academy, it was much bigger than an average school gymnasium.

Moreover, a famous artist who had been kept a secret for some time would perform on the same stage after us.

We went up on the stage and made final checks on our instruments.

But as the show was getting closer, I was getting nervous.

It’s my first time singing in front of an audience… and I wonder if I’ll be okay…

“I’ve practiced the [Flame Guitar], but I wonder if I can play it well…

This is where Shingo-kun and I get anxious.

Ryo then gave a wry smile.

“Don’t look like you’re about to die! Let’s have fun!”

“Y-yes, but…”

“When it comes time to go on stage, I can’t help but…”

“What are you talking about? This is our big day! This is where we show what we’re made of, the [Noble’s Band]!”

“I envy your mentality, Akira…”

“Thank you!”

Akira really doesn’t waver at all, no matter what the situation is. Shingo-kun is right, I want to learn from that part of Akira, and I’m envious of him.

However, I, too, am definitely looking forward to it.

I don’t know what will happen, but I just have to put out what I’ve been practicing.

Finally, after the final check, the stage curtains were raised as the signal was made.

And with that, I strummed my [Flame Guitar].

Although I got this guitar in the other world, somehow it connected with the amp on the Earth, and a fiery sound like flames flowed from the speakers.

Akira’s drums, Ryo’s bass, and Shingo-kun’s keyboards followed, and the live performance began.

As soon as we started playing, the students who had gathered in the gym cheered.

Furthermore, as soon as the live performance began, students began to gather one after another from outside the gymnasium.


“Isn’t this band really cool?”

“The vocalist’s voice is so… heartbreaking!”

Good… apparently the feedback from everyone wasn’t so bad either.

So far, in addition to practicing with the [Flame Guitar], I have continued to train with the [Hell’s Microphone]. I’ve been receiving more electric shocks than before.

Toward the end, I received less and less electric shocks, and yesterday, the microphone said to me, “You’ve done a great job so far. Please enjoy tomorrow as much as you can.”

I cried when I heard that voice. I did my best…

“Yuuya-san is amazing…”

“This singing voice… might be as good as Kanade-san’s…”

When I looked closely, I was able to spot Kaori and Miu-san among the audience. I’m relieved to hear they are both enjoying themselves.

I was initially nervous, but gradually my shoulders relaxed, and I found myself enjoying the performance.

We were scheduled to play three songs, and when we started the next song, the crowd went wild.


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The second song was different from the first one in that each member had a solo part, and although I was a little nervous, I couldn’t help but smile when I finished playing my solo part.

After the second song, the band finally started to play the last song.

As soon as the band started to play the intro, the audience was suddenly enveloped in a stir.


I was puzzled, not knowing what everyone was surprised about when I suddenly noticed someone standing next to me.

I hurriedly turned my gaze in that direction and saw a mysterious woman standing there.

She was holding an acoustic guitar and smiling at us.


“Sorry, sorry! You guys played so beautifully; I just had to come out.”



As I was puzzled, not knowing who it was, Ryo, Shingo-kun, and Akira raised their voices at the same time.


“Ka, nade?”

I tilted my head for a moment at that word, but then I suddenly remembered that the original singer of our last song was named Kanade.

I looked at the woman, wondering if it could be true, and she gave me a mischievous smile.

“Hehehe. I’m Kanade. I’m the artist who was invited to this stage this time.”

“Eh… eeeehhhhh!?”

I-it was real!

I was surprised too, and Kanade-san’s eyes brightened up.

“Hey, hey, what are you going to play at the end?”

“Eh? U-um… Actually…”

I told Kanade-san the title of the last song we were going to play. Then she said…

“No way, that’s my song! That’s perfect! Let’s play it together!”


We were surprised at the unexpected proposal.

However, despite our surprise, Kanade-san started to play the intro with her guitar.

Then, Kanade-san looked at us.

We tightened up and began to play the last song.

As expected of Kanade-san, she sang the song herself, but more importantly, her singing ability was incomparable to mine.

In addition to that, her guitar skills were also excellent, which made me feel that professionals are amazing.

I had a great time playing with Kanade-san. I was able to sing my best while listening to Kanade-san’s clear voice.

When we finished the last song, the audience fell silent for a moment and then cheered loudly.


“How wonderful to have Kanade here at our school festival!”

“Everyone was so good!”

While the applause was still pouring in, and we were still stunned by the afterglow of the performance, Kanade-san suddenly reached out her hand to me.

“I’m sorry for interrupting all of a sudden. Your performance was so good; I just had to join in.”

“N-no! We are honored to have you here!”

When I said that, Kanade-san stared at me.

“U-um, is there something wrong…?”

“I was just thinking how amazing you are. The president was right!”

“The president?”

“Ara? Haven’t you heard? I’m in the same agency as Miu-chan.”


I was surprised to find such a connection, and Kanade-san smiled.

“Anyway, it was a pleasure to play with you guys. If there is another opportunity, let’s do it together again!”

“! Yes!”

We shook hands with Kanade-san and left the stage.

“Alright! Now that things are heating up, let’s get started! Everyone ready?”

And as Kanade-san’s stage started, we enjoyed her performance as part of the audience.


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