Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 1 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Daily Life Magic and Carpenter-san


Morning… I was looking for my first request at the guild today. I take in the laundry, get ready, and head to the guild.

Let’s see, I’m F-rank, so I can take requests up to F and one rank higher, E. I look at the quest board marked F. Cleaning weeds, helping people move, looking for cats… hmm, the horned rabbits’ hunt seems more efficient.

As for the E-rank quest board… goblin-related stuff is impossible, and hmm, there are a lot of requests for subjugation at E-rank. Oh, there was a request for horned rabbits, requesting 5 horned rabbits in good condition, with few wounds and properly drained of blood, for 10 copper coins each, up to 8 rabbits. This request sounds good. It’s something I always do, and it’s not likely to go wrong.

I peel off the quest and go to the reception counter. Oh, it’s the fox-eared Nee-san.

“Good morning; I would like this one, please.”

“Good morning; I see you’ve managed to get your equipment in order.”

“Yes, I managed to get it all together.”

“Fufu, you look like a proper adventurer, don’t you? By the way, this will be your first request, won’t it? This one may be a little difficult, but are you okay with that?”


“The rabbit must be in good condition, so it must have minimal wounds and must have been properly drained of blood. It is a request that requires more than just defeating them down, you know.”

“…I am always told by the people at the purchasing counter that I have been handled them properly, and I get paid 8 copper coins for each rabbit, but isn’t that enough?”

If it requires a higher-quality horned rabbit than that one, yes, it would be difficult. I need to improve my technique and the quality of my tools.

“Ara, I think it will be alright since purchasing one horned rabbit for eight copper coins is highly valued. Then, I will approve this request, so please give me your guild card.”

“Here you go, please. Oh, and there’s something else I need to know.”

“What is it?”

“I want to use daily life magic but don’t know how to sense magic power properly. Is there somewhere I can learn?”

“Daily life magic? You were supposed to learn it when you were a child, but you couldn’t do it then?”

“I couldn’t learn it when I was a child because of circumstances. It is a little too late now, but it seems useful, and I would like to learn it if I can.”

Actually, I was in a world without magic until a few days ago.

“I apologize for that. Yes… magic perception is usually done by passing magic through the body and having it flow through the body. I think the doctors in the medical office can do it. Why don’t you ask them?”

“The doctors in the medical office? Okay, I will ask them. Thank you very much.”

“No problem. Good luck with your first request.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

The fox-eared Onee-san is so kind. I know it’s just a duty, but I’d be all over it if I had her support me. Oops, let’s stop by the medical office before taking the request. It would be nice if I could learn to sense magic power.

“Excuse me.”

“Can I help you?”

Wow, the doctor is a beautiful woman in a white coat. And… she wears glasses. For a moment, it looked like a cosplay, but the enthusiasm for the recruitment of staff for the Adventurers’ Guild is unbelievable. There might be a department that scouts for beautiful women.

“Hmm? Is this what you’re interested in? It’s a magic tool to help you with your poor eyesight. Is there something wrong with it, anyway?”

“Oh, no, I, uh… I missed a class on daily life magic when I was a kid. I asked the receptionist if I could learn daily life magic, and she told me to talk to the doctor in the medical office. Can you help me?”

“Oh, that’s what you want. That’s fine. I’ll pass the magic through you for about five minutes and see if you can learn to sense it. The fee for the examination is 10 coppers.”

“Yes, please, here’s 10 coppers.”

“Now stretch out your hands, close your eyes, and relax. I will now channel my magic power into you, and you will feel it and look for a similar power within yourself.”

I am holding hands with a beautiful female doctor; I’m very nervous. …Oh no, I need to concentrate on sensing the magic.

“Can you feel the magic power passing through your body?”

“Yes, I feel a warm, gentle force from your hand.”

“Your magic power must be on the side of that feeling. So look for it carefully.”


I close my eyes and concentrate. I feel warm magic flowing through my body like the flow of my blood. It seems that my magic is flowing on this side of the current. Calm down and explore….. this is…?

“I feel a very thin magic flow near your magic. Is this my own magic?”

“Hmm, I can’t say for sure, but I wonder if you might have a little magic power?”

How does she know? I guess because I said it feels thin.

“I believe my magic power was 18.”

“The amount of magic I’m pouring out is more than your total magic power, so it’s only natural that it feels thinner with that amount of magic power.”

“Can’t I use daily life magic with 18 magic power?”

“No, you can use daily life magic. Remember the sensation of your own magic flowing through your body. If you can gather that magic power at your fingertips, then you should be able to memorize the magic circle from the book of daily life magic that is in the reference room.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“If you can’t do it, you can come back again. Well, I can only channel the magic power, though.”

“Haha, I will come back if I can’t do it. Then, I will be leaving.”

I was offered a tempting proposal. If you told me that, I’d be tempted to come to you every day to get my magic flowing without training. …As expected, that’s a dangerous thought. Too bad, but let’s be serious.

Yes, I still manage to understand the flow of magic power. At any rate, I’m hunting for horned rabbits while paying attention to the flow of magic power. Oh, let’s buy breakfast at a food stall.

By the time I reach the southwest forest, I’m trying to gather the flow of magic power at my fingertips, but it’s not going so well. I can move it around a little, but it soon returns to its original flow. I should calm down and practice when I get back to the inn.

Well, routine work as usual. Finding a horned rabbit, summoning a ship, beating it, draining its blood, and sending the ship back.

I’m making a lot of money, so it shouldn’t be wrong… But is this really how it’s supposed to be? Is it really okay to come to another world and live like this?

But, you know… I didn’t get the templates like bandits attacking horse-drawn carriages. An adventurer at the Adventurer’s Guild bullying newcomers. There is no sign of them at all. Thinking about it calmly, it is a relief because I can’t deal with such situations when I come across them, but… I’m starting to feel like I’m just going to have to go along with it.

Now let’s hunt horned rabbits mindlessly. The right thing to do is to find a horned rabbit, summon a ship, hit it, drain its blood, and send back the ship.

How many rabbits have I hunted… 22, huh? Should I try a little harder?

“Okay, that’s 25 rabbits… Hmm? I see people coming out of the woods …5 people, huh? Are they adventurers? …They look strangely small. …Those are goblins, aren’t they? What should I do…? I think I can win because of the boarding rejection… Okay, let’s go home. I don’t want to overdo it, and I don’t want to stand out in a weird way.

I think I should have challenged the goblins, but what was the right thing to do? …I reach the south gate while worrying. In the meantime, I reported to the gatekeeper that five goblins had appeared in the meadow. The next stop is the Adventurers’ Guild.

It was still a little past noon, so the counter was empty. I don’t see the fox-eared Nee-san… She may have been working until morning.

I was a little disappointed, but I went to the counter of a human woman because it was empty. She is also a beautiful woman. As expected of the Adventurers’ Guild.

“Could you please confirm my request?”

“Yes, I need your guild card.”

“Yes, before that, I was hunting horned rabbits in the meadow in front of the southwest forest, but five goblins came out to the meadow, so I came back. Do I need to report to the guild in such a case? In any case, I have reported it to the gatekeeper at the south gate.”

“Goblins? Thank you for your report. If you find a monster that has not been defeated, we would appreciate it if you would report it to the Adventurers’ Guild.”

“I understand. Here is my guild card.”

“Delivery of horned rabbits, with a minimum of five rabbits, right? I will confirm it.”

“I can deliver up to eight rabbits, can’t I? So please take care of this as well.”

“Yes… I have verified that all eight rabbits are of sufficient quality. The request has been fulfilled. This is your reward, 80 copper coins. Congratulations on accomplishing your first request.”

“Thank you very much.”

The request was successfully completed, huh? I was a little nervous about the request, even though it was the same thing as usual. Let’s take the remaining 17 horned rabbits to the purchasing counter.

“Please buy them. I have 17 horned rabbits.”

“Oh, you’re here early today.”

“Hahaha, I ran away when the goblins came out.”

“Oh, safety first. I think it’s a good decision.”

“The quality is good; you’re doing a good job, eight coppers per rabbit, making a total of 1 silver and 36 coppers. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes, please.”

Hmm, it’s still too early to go back to the inn… I could go out through the gate and buy one of those big fishing rubber boats in an inconspicuous place and try summoning it. If it looks ok as per the measurements, I can find a carpenter and discuss the hut with him.

The south gate is kind of awkward, so I’ll go out through the east gate and walk along the city wall. This is about where it should be. I open the screen and select the big fishing rubber boat on the purchase screen… There’s a color selection, too. I think I’ll go with dark green, which is less noticeable in the meadow. …Huh? How do I pay for it?

A coin slot appeared on the purchasing screen, asking me to insert coins. The skill is a mystery. I put in 2 silver coins and 40 copper coins and pressed the purchase button… Is that it?

Oh, a big fishing rubber boat is on the skill screen of ship summoning.


Ship Summoning Level 1

You can summon a purchased boat.

Can keep the purchased boat in the best condition only and can control it at will.

Can purchase a new boat from the purchase screen.


Initial Rowboat (wooden): Maximum capacity of 2 people.

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection.



Big Fishing Rubber Boat (dark green): Maximum capacity of 4-5 people.

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection.


Let’s summon the boat. When I summon the boat… I can choose which boat I want to summon. A magic circle appears, and a big fishing rubber boat is summoned.

Yeah, the boat’s flat bottom is quite an advantage on the ground. And it’s pretty big. But the outside and inside are quite different in size. Ah, but… it’s nice to lie down.

The big room at the inn has a wooden bed and blankets. Compared to that, the bottom of the rubber boat feels pretty good. I can sleep well enough with a blanket here. I wish I had the hut as soon as possible.

The oar bar seems to be made of aluminum. The tip seems to be plastic. It’s indestructible, but I wonder how its offensive power compares to wooden oars.

Let’s check the size of the boat… dimensions are as per the purchase screen. The problem is that the part where the oar fits is a protrusion. Can I manage a hut to put on top if I get the dimensions right?

Hmm, it’s hard to explain the hut. If I use a string to explain the protruding part, can I explain it properly? Thinking about how to explain it, I return to the city and go to the inn.

“Welcome, you’re early today. Would you like to stay the night?”

“Yes, one night and dinner.”

“Yes, it’s 15 coppers.”

The inn’s landlady seemed to know many people, so I asked her if she knew any carpenters.

“Here are the 15 coppers. I’m sorry to interrupt, but do you know any carpenters?”

“A carpenter? Yes, do you want to build a house?”

“Ahaha, no way, actually, I need something like a small hut, and I’d like to know how much it will cost.”

“Hmm? Well, that’s fine. I don’t really understand, but I’ll draw you a map so you can check it out.”

“Thank you very much. I’ll drop off my luggage and go there right away.”

I’m glad the landlady knows where it is. I knew I could rely on someone with strong ties to the local community. After dropping off my luggage, I looked at the map the landlady gave me and searched for the carpenter’s workshop.

“Is this it? Excuse me.”

“What is it? Are you a customer?”

“Uh, well, I have something I want you to make, but I don’t have much money, so I came to ask you how much it would cost.”

“Oh, I see. If you are a potential customer, that’s fine. Go ahead.”

“I don’t know how to describe it, but… I want a small box-shaped hut… 300 long, 140 wide, and 180 high. I don’t need the floor, but the bottom part is to be tied down, so I would like to have holes drilled at equal intervals, and then there are four protrusions at the markings on this string, so it would be helpful if you could recess this area inward only.”

“You make strange things, like not needing the floor or tying it down.”

“Can you do that? Also, I would like the door to be a sliding door.”

“What is it used for? Well, whatever, what kind of material do you want to use?”

“Well, I’m going to go to the extreme and say that it’s good as long as that rains don’t leak and it doesn’t fall down, so the cheaper it is, the better.”

“Hmm, there is a wrecked covered wagon there to be disposed of. If we use that material, it’ll be a lot cheaper. It won’t look as good, though.”

“The appearance won’t be a problem at this point, but how much is the lowest price you can offer?”

I have a feeling I can get it very cheaply…

“Let’s see… for now; we’ll build a wooden frame according to the dimensions using scrap wood from a horse-drawn carriage, brace everything except the floor, and board up the ceiling. Then, on the four sides, we can dismantle the tops of the carriage and put them on the wooden frame. The entrance and exit would be made with a single brace on one side, and the leather would be rolled up to allow entry and exit.”

“If it can withstand the wind and rain, that’s good enough for me. How much would you charge?”

“If you’ll let an apprentice do it, it’ll only cost you some nails and a silver coin.”

I have no choice but to buy it.

“Please do. How long will it take?”

“I’ll have an apprentice do it… 3 days should be enough.”

“Is it possible to have it delivered to the road behind the inn next to the Adventurers’ Guild around six o’clock in the evening when it is finished? Of course, I will pay for the delivery.”

“Oh, it doesn’t weigh much, so I’ll carry it for ten copper coins.”

“Thank you. Ten coppers and a silver coin.”

“Oh, thank you for your patronage.”

I was going to ask for an estimate and think about it, but the price was so low that I ordered it immediately. Nevertheless, I feel like I made the best purchase possible. My first order was successful, and things are going somewhat well. My schedule is perfectly ripe, and it’s time to head back to the inn.




“Ah, landlady-san, thank you for introducing me to the carpenter. It was so cheap that I ordered it immediately.”

“I see; well, that’s great, isn’t it?”

The landlady looks like she doesn’t know better. I guess she is kind enough to go along with me.

“Well, it seems that they will complete and deliver it in three days. I’ll move it as soon as it arrives, so please let me put it on the back road behind the inn for a little while.”

“On the back road? …It’ll be fine if you can get it out of the way by early morning the next day.”

“Thank you.”

Negotiations were made. I had made a deal to bring it to the inn before asking the landlady, so if she said no, I would have had to go back to the carpenter’s place.

Whew, that’s a relief. Now I have some time before dinner to think about what I’m going to do… and what I will need once the hut is finished. First of all, I need a boat for the hut. Plus, I’ll need a rope to tie the hut. Then I need a blanket for the hut and a lantern… A lantern, huh?

I don’t think I will need it if I can use the light from the daily life magic. I guess it depends on the progress of daily life magic. After dinner, I will have to get serious about training in daily life magic.

Speaking of which, what should I do about the (wooden) rowboat? A rubber boat for fighting and a rubber boat for the hut are more than enough for everyday use, so it might be a good idea to buy some crates and put them on the rowboat (wooden) for storage. I think it would be useful as I will be getting more stuff.

While I was thinking, the bell rang. I guess I’ll have to eat dinner and train for the daily life magic.




After finishing my meal, I returns to my room and explores my magic powers in a comfortable position. The magic power is now recognizable. Now, if I can gather this magic power to my fingertips, I should be able to use it soon because the magic circle of life magic is easy.

 I repeatedly failed in my attempts to gather magic power at my fingertips. The amount of magic power that can be gathered at the fingertips is increasing, but it feels like there is a lot of waste. I’d like to be able to move magic power smoothly and without consciousness. I’ll make it a habit to train for magic power before going to bed.

I’m getting sleepy, I want to take requests from the guild tomorrow, so I’ll check my status and go to bed.

My level hasn’t gone up… how much experience do I need to get? It may have increased. Well, I guess I’ll make money hunting horned rabbits until I get what I need and move to a private inn. Good night.


Balance: 62 copper coins.


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