Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 1 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Horned Rabbit Hunt and the Hut Completion


It’s morning… and I’m getting ready, taking in the laundry, and leaving for the guild. I’m getting used to this activity.

I look at the quest board, but hunting horned rabbits are still the most efficient. I can deliver ten horned rabbits of good quality. Since I came to this other world, I’ve only fought horned rabbits.

But, I’m afraid of goblins and so on, plus I can make a living even with horned rabbits… I take the request form to the reception counter while thinking that.

“Good morning; this request, please.”

It’s a beautiful human Onee-san; there doesn’t seem to be any fox-eared Onee-san here. Is she absent?

“Good morning; I see you have a request for delivery of 10 horned rabbits. If the quality is the same as yesterday, there is no problem, so please do your best. Also, please be assured that the goblin that came out of the southwest forest that you reported yesterday has been subjugated.”

“Thank you very much. I will do my best.”

Wow, that was dangerous. I completely forgot about the goblins. I accepted the request as normal, but if the goblins hadn’t been subjugated, I would have been in trouble.




I buy breakfast for 3 coppers at a food stall and go to the southwest meadow. I need money for the hut boat and equipment, so I’ll make good money until the evening.

As usual, a horned rabbit appeared, and I tried to summon a boat. Oops, that’s right, I can now summon a rubber boat!

I get subtly excited. The oars are made of aluminum too, and I forgot I was going to check what the attack power would be.

Let’s try it out by hunting horned rabbits with the rubber boat for a while. While summoning the rubber boat, I repeat the usual process of finding the horned rabbit, summoning the boat, beating it, draining its blood, and repatriating the boat.

Hmm… looking back on today’s battle while draining the blood from the horned rabbits. The rubber boat is quite easy to fight with just because it is not slanted, though the soft bottom of the boat is a bit worrisome. The oars are also made of aluminum with plastic tips, but they are light enough to use against the horned rabbits.

However, I feel that I am getting used to the other world recently and am letting my guard down. I forgot all about goblins as well as rubber boats. If I am careless, I might make an unexpected mistake, and I should be careful once again.

Flat footholds are wonderful. I hunted horned rabbits while reaffirming the advantages of the rubber boat. However, although I hunted quite a lot of horned rabbits, I don’t feel that the number of horned rabbits in the hunting ground has decreased. Are they increasing differently from ordinary rabbits because they are monsters?

I wonder, but I continue hunting well into the evening. I worked pretty hard and must have hunted quite a few. Let’s count them: …47 rabbits. Oh, a new record! Ah, I can’t fit them in the bag. I completely forgot about it. I’ll have to go back and tie them up with vines again, won’t I? But it’s pretty embarrassing to carry a whole horned rabbit back home, isn’t it?

Yes, the bag should have come with the beginner’s set for adventurers. As one would expect from a beginner’s set, they have an assortment of items that are beginner-friendly. Come to think of it, I left out the potion in the set, too. Maybe I should wear it.




When I return to the Adventurers’ Guild after safely stuffing the horned rabbits into the bag, there is a line at the reception counter, probably because it is evening. Oh, there is also the fox-eared Onee-san, but there is a queue.

When I searched for an empty counter… there was one with the scary-looking old man. Naturally, the counter of the scary-looking old man is empty.

…I wondered whether I should queue up with the fox-eared Onee-san, but my eyes met the old man’s, so I reluctantly went to his place.

“Please confirm my request.”

“Oh, give me your guild card.”

I knew having a beautiful lady at the counter would be very effective. I didn’t expect that coming home tired and just talking to a scary-looking old man could lower my spirits so much.

No wonder there is a line at the counter for the beautiful ladies. Next time, I’ll be sure to line up at the counter of the beautiful ladies.

“Here are the ten horned rabbits as requested.”

“Oh, the quality is fine, too. Ten rabbits for one silver coin.”

“Thank you very much.”

Now, let’s take the rest of the horned rabbits to the purchasing counter.

“Hello, I’d like to sell the horned rabbits, 37 of them.”

“Oh, thank you for hunting so many for us every time.”

“Are they in such high demand?”

“Your horned rabbits are sold at a different place. Other adventurers also hunt horned rabbits, but they are processed into soup or skewers. The rabbits you bring are for roasting whole. They are cheap, good-looking, and tasty.”

“A whole roasted rabbit? It sounds delicious.”

Above all, I was attracted by the primitive sound of “roasted rabbit.”

“Oh, the whole roasted horned rabbit is very popular. But they are still horned rabbits, you know. The price of the rabbit cannot be raised too much, resulting in a shortage of the product.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. I’ll try the whole roasted horned rabbit next time.”

At this rate, I will be able to afford it, and moreover, since I am defeating them myself, it will be cheaper if I bring them in and have someone cook them for me.

“Oh, it’s delicious. And you know, I have been selling a lot of high-quality horned rabbits wholesale lately, so I think the number of requests for horned rabbits will increase on the quest board. Until now, the requests we have sent out have been soaked in salt, and we haven’t received any more requests.”

“I’ll check the request list carefully.”

“Oh, please do. The price for 37 rabbits, all of them high quality, will be eight copper coins per rabbit, and the total will be two silver coins and 96 copper coins. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes, please.”

A whole roasted horned rabbit. I earned enough today. Shall I go back to the inn? No, let’s look for supplies for the hut. I think the guild store might have some, and if I can find any good ones, I’ll get them quickly.

“Welcome; what can I help you with?”

The usual cute shopkeeper greeted me.

“I’m looking for a rope, a blanket, and a lantern. And if you have wooden boxes, I’d like three of them, please.”

“Yes, the rope is five coppers, the blanket is ten coppers, the lantern is 15 coppers, and the wooden boxes are three coppers each.”

“I will take them.”

As expected of an adventurer’s guild store. It seems to have most of the things you would need for an adventure.

“That makes a total of 39 coppers.”


I should put the things I don’t need in a wooden box and put them on the wooden rowboat. I go around to the back of the inn, make sure it is empty, and summon the rowboat. I immediately put the things I won’t use in the wooden box and quickly repatriate the boat. It’s pretty convenient, except for the fact that I have to hide it from the public. Okay, let’s go back to the inn and have dinner.

“Excuse me; I’ll stay for one night with dinner.”

“Yes, 15 coppers. You can have dinner now.”

“Yes, I’ll have it right away.”

I ate dinner, washed my body, and returned to my room. Ah, tomorrow, the hut will arrive at six bells in the evening. I’ve bought everything I need besides the boat, and if I buy another rubber boat when I go hunting tomorrow, I’ll be all ready to go.

I still have 401 copper coins left. Even if I buy a rubber boat, I will still have 160 copper coins left. Shall I move to a private inn? I thought it would take more time, but the horned rabbits are worth more money than I thought. There are going to be more requests from now on, so it might be a good idea to move to a private inn.

I have to pick up the hut and so on until tomorrow, so I’ll stay at this inn and maybe after that. If I hunt 30 horned rabbits, it will be at least 240 copper coins. That would be about 24,000 yen, which is more expensive than a part-time job in Japan.

But you never know what will happen in the other world… I want to have enough money, and I will stay at this inn until I have saved up 20 silver coins, and then I will move on. There is no good thing about getting carried away.

I will probably make enough money to get by even if I move to a new inn, but I may get hurt or need money suddenly. So preparation and affordability are important.

Now that the plan is set, let’s train in daily life magic until I get drowsy. I repeat the process of gathering magic power in my fingertips and putting it back in. I think I can use daily life magic if I take my time in a calm place, but I’m not there yet. At the very least, I need to be able to collect magic power without being aware of it. Otherwise, it won’t be useful outdoors.

I’m getting sleepy. I think I’ll check my status and go to bed…


Name: Wataru Toyomi

Age: 20

Race: Human

Occupation: Ship’s Captain 

Level 7

Physical Strength: 220
Magic Power: 20
Strength: 24 
Intelligence: 34
Dexterity: 30
Luck: 15

Language Comprehension (Unique)
Ship Summoning Level 1 (Unique)


My level is up… It’s like in a certain famous game where you’re killing slimes around a castle. Oh well, let’s go to sleep. Good night.

Balance: 401 copper coins




I wake up with a snap. I’ve completely acquired the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. I miss the days of spending the night out and lazily sleeping in until noon. I felt a little sentimental, but I got ready as usual, took in the laundry, and headed for the guild.

I looked at the quest board and found two requests for the delivery of horned rabbits. I only needed to deliver ten rabbits for both of them, so if I could deliver 20 rabbits in total, I would be able to accomplish the request with a little time to spare. …I wonder if it is okay to accept two requests at the same time? Let’s just ask around.

Oh, there’s the fox-eared Onee-san there. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen her.

“Good morning. Can I accept two requests at the same time?”

“Good morning. You can take on as many requests as you want, as long as it’s not too unreasonable.”

The fox-eared Onee-san is as kind and helpful as ever. She is wonderful.

“Then, I would like to take these two requests.”

“Yes, I have accepted your request. Good luck.”

“Yes, I will do my best.”

Wow, I’m so easy. I’m so motivated just by being asked to do my best by a beautiful fox-eared Onee-san. The Adventurer’s Guild is rolling over on me, isn’t it?

I buy breakfast for three coppers and am off to hunt rabbits!

By the time I reach the southwestern hunting grounds, I feel a little more relaxed. Well, my plan for today is to buy a rubber boat first. Next, I’ll hunt at least 20 horned rabbits, and then I’ll leave so that I can return to my inn in the evening since my hut will be delivered at the six bells.

That’s pretty simple. Let’s buy the rubber boat first. On the purchase screen, I select “Big Fishing Rubber Boat.” I pay two silver coins and 40 copper coins and go to the boat summoner screen.


Summon Boat Level 1

You can summon a purchased boat.

You can keep the purchased boat in the best condition and control it at your will.

You can purchase a new ship from the purchase screen.


Basic Rowboat (wooden): Maximum number of passengers: 2

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection. 


Purchased: Big Fishing Rubber Boat (dark green): Maximum number of passengers: 4-5

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection.


Purchased: Big Fishing Rubber Boat (blue): Maximum number of passengers: 4-5

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection.


Yes, there is an increase. Still, I summoned it just to check. Of course, there is no difference except for the color. Now that I’m satisfied, it’s time to hunt for the horned rabbit.

It’s time for my routine work. Find a horned rabbit, summon the boat, hit it, drain its blood, and send back the boat. These days I can do this without thinking. I hunted 38 horned rabbits in a short time, taking breaks here and there. I had some business to attend to in the evening, so it was time to get back to the guild.

When I returned to the guild, there was still a long queue at the counter of the beautiful lady. Let’s get in line at the counter of the beautiful lady today.

…The scary-looking old man is looking at me. …He is looking at me with a strong gaze. …I give up and head for the old man’s counter with heavy steps.

“Please confirm my request. Here’s my guild card and 20 horned rabbits.”


I wonder how the other adventurers in line at the beautiful lady’s counter are escaping from this scary-looking old man? Is it because my level is not high enough? If I can become stronger, will I be able to escape from this scary-looking old man?

“Oh, 20 high-quality horned rabbits, that’s right, in exchange for two requests, you get two silver coins.”

“Thank you very much.”

With a heavy mood, I went to the purchasing counter. I was not so tired, but just by talking to the scary-looking old man, I felt like I was getting exhausted.

“I have 18 horned rabbits; please buy them all.”

“Aiyo, did you get more requests?”

“Yes, there were two requests, and I delivered 20 rabbits as requested.”

“I see. I think there will be more.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, because more stores are coming to buy horned rabbits. In order to make sure they get them, the number of stores requesting them is likely to increase.”

“Ahaha, I’ll do my best.”

It seems that there is a wave in the market for horned rabbits. I can not miss this big wave, can I? Let’s go for it, and become a horned rabbit master!

“All 18 rabbits are of high quality. Eight copper coins per rabbit make a total of 1 silver coin and 44 copper coins. Is that okay?”

“Yes, please.”

It’s almost time for the sixth bell to ring. Let’s go back to the inn.

“Landlady-san, I’d like to stay one night with dinner.”

“Yes, fifteen coppers.”

“Yes, and I think the hut will be delivered to the back of the inn, so I’ll leave it there for a while.”

“Oh, yes, of course. If you move by tomorrow morning, that’s fine.”

“Yes, I will have it moved by morning.”

While I was talking with the landlady, a carpenter brought in the hut.

“Is that it? It’s kind of a shabby hut.”

“Hahaha. It’s a cheap one, after all.”

“I see.”

The landlady was easily convinced. Yes, it can’t be expensive with that ragged look.

“Carpenter-san, can you carry it to the back of the inn?”


The carpenter and his crew lightly carried the hut to the back of the inn. Either the hut is light, or the carpenter and his crew are strong… or maybe both. That hut is very limited in terms of materials, after all.

“Thank you very much.”

“No, no, I’m getting a fee for transporting it, too. Well, come back if you need anything else.”

After parting with the carpenter, I quickly checked out the hut. It looks shabby, but the leather is solid. What about the inside? …The woodwork is solid, and it doesn’t creak when I put a lot of pressure on it. It’s good enough. No, it’s more than good enough for a silver coin.

It would stand out if I moved it right now, so I’ll move it before I go to bed. Well, let’s eat dinner and wash my body.

After washing myself, I practice daily life magic. I’ve made some progress in gathering magic power at my fingertips, but I’m not there yet. It seems that I still need to practice it continuously every day. Oops, it’s time to move the hut.

I go to the back of the inn and summon a rubber boat next to the hut after making sure no one is around. Let’s see; I can put one person on the boat, I guess? I put the hut on top of the rubber boat, then went around to the other side and put the hut on top of the other boat. That was pretty easy.

Hmm, it would be too noisy to work here now, so let’s repatriate the boat and work in the meadow tomorrow.

Okay, all done for today. I think I’ll go back to my room, check my status, and go to bed.

…My level hasn’t gone up. The level of ship summoning hasn’t gone up either. I summon ships quite often, but maybe there are other conditions. 

Good night.


Balance: 487 copper coins


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