Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 1 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Lots of Horned Rabbit Requests and Hut Ship Completion and Rank Up


It’s morning… and it’s time for another day of hard work! As usual, I get ready, do the laundry, and head to the guild.

I looked at the quest board and saw that there were eight requests for the procurement of horned rabbits. I had heard that there would be more requests, but there were suddenly so many more.

I see that there is also a request to deliver 20 rabbits. If I total up the eight requests, it would be 110 horned rabbits… It’s impossible for me to do it at the same time.

The request period is three days, but there is a possibility that goblins might appear and it might rain. Rain, huh? Come to think of it; it hasn’t rained since I came to this other world.

It rains in this other world, too, doesn’t it? As expected, it rains, right? I am too embarrassed to ask people. I can’t decide how much I should take the request; let’s ask the fox-eared Onee-san.

“Good morning. There are a lot of requests for horned rabbits on the board, but I can’t decide how much I can hunt. Can I just go hunt some horned rabbits and then accept the request and deliver the goods?”

“Good morning. Yes, you can. It is a request for delivery, so if you have the requested item, we can accept it and deliver it on the spot. However, if someone else receives the request first, we will not accept it.”

“Yes, I understand. Even if there are no more requests, I can still sell them at the purchasing counter, right? I will only accept one request for now, and here’s my guild card.”

“Yes, I have accepted it. We are always buying horned rabbits, and the cooks are so pleased that they can now wholesale horned rabbits in good condition that they are sending out requests for them. It seems that there will never be a shortage of requests, so please take care and do your best.”

“Yes, I will do my best.”

Every morning the lady at the adventurer’s guild put all their effort into supporting me… So let’s do my best for today, too.

I bought breakfast for three coppers and set off for the hunting grounds.

Upon arrival, I have to finish the hut-boat before I can start hunting. First, let’s summon a rowboat, and then, since it’s too much trouble, let’s make it a warehouse boat.

Once again, I summon the warehouse boat and take out the cargo. Do the boat repatriation and summon the hut boat. Pass a rope through the hole in the wood of the foundation and tie it to the rubber boat.

Install lanterns and blankets to complete the project. The space is a little larger than a capsule hotel. The ceiling is high, and the floor is soft enough for a rest. It looks more comfortable than sleeping with others in a big room.

I wonder if they sell a stove? If I could boil water, I could make a pot of tea, which would be fun.


I flipped open the leather door and tried to go outside, but a horned rabbit slammed its body into me. It’s a problem that I can’t check outside at all. At any rate, I hit the horned rabbit with the oar. It was a big surprise; I had to be very careful when I got out of the hut boat.

After repatriating the hut boat, it was time for the routine work. Spotting the horned rabbit, summoning the boat, beating it, draining its blood, and repatriating the boat. There are a lot of requests, so I have to do my best.

I take a break in between and continue to hunt the horned rabbits while being satisfied with the quality of the hut boat.

It will be sunset soon… And I got 54 horned rabbits; let’s go back after hunting one more. I easily killed one rabbit, so I decided to go back.

It is getting dark. Did I work a little too hard today? I’d better go back to the guild and check the request list before I deliver the goods.

When I return to the guild, there’s the scary-looking old man watching me. I move to the quest board without looking at him. Don’t lose, I thought to myself.

Good, the request list is still there. It remains, or rather, it hasn’t decreased… It’s really not popular; I pick up the request list for 55 rabbits… I go to the counter of the scary-looking old man who is looking at me all the time… I lost.

“I would like to submit the request I received this morning and these additional requests for 55 rabbits. Oh, and here’s my guild card.”

“Oh, you’ve got a lot. Okay, just give me a minute.”


In the morning, the beautiful guild lady gets me excited, and in the evening, the scary-looking old man gets me down. No matter how you look at it, the scary-looking old man is a distraction.

“Oh, thanks for waiting. Fifty-five rabbits, high quality for sure, it is five silver coins, 50 copper coins, and with this request, your rank will be upgraded to E rank.”

“Rank up? I haven’t been an adventurer that long.”

“F rank is an apprentice, and if you do multiple requests a day, you’ll be up in no time. Now is the real work, so you’d better brace yourself.”

“Thank you very much.”

I wish I had been processed by the beautiful lady at the reception counter instead of the scary-looking old man.

I should stop by the store and ask if they have any stoves or cups.


“Um, do you have tools for boiling water in the field and tableware for outdoor use? Also, tea leaves and tools for making tea, if you have them.”

“Yes, we do. The stove here is 20 coppers. If the magic power runs out, you will have to replace the magic stone. Is that okay?”

“Replace the magic stone?”

“Most adventurers replace them by killing the goblins and get the magic stones themselves, but you can also buy them for five copper coins each.”

“I’ve never killed a goblin before, so can I please have one magic stone as well?”

I still don’t think I can fight goblins. What if I have to keep buying magic stones to replace them?

“There is also a small iron pot, a wooden cup, and a set of wooden plates for ten coppers.”

“I’ll take it.”

“There are black tea and green tea leaves, too. Both will cost five coppers. Also, cups with a tea strainer attached to the mouth of the cups are very popular and convenient, and they cost five coppers each.”

“I’ll have both cups and tea leaves, please.”

“Very well. The total will be 50 coppers.”


Yes, I feel better; I can get back the tension that was lowered by the scary-looking old man with the cute shopkeeper… Well, I can’t do that; I shouldn’t buy things every day.

I went back to the inn and paid 15 coppers and ate my usual stew and bread. What is this diet like when I come to the other world?

Two skewers and bread in the morning, stew and bread at night. It helps that the stew is full of vegetables and looks good for the body, but the downside is that it doesn’t taste much different.

I guess I’ll have to hold off on the delicious meals until I have 20 silver coins saved up. Well, wiping myself with water, doing laundry, and practicing daily life magic.

Well, have I gotten much faster at collecting magic power at my fingertips? I’ll finally try out the magic tomorrow when draining the rabbit blood.

Let’s do a status check and go to bed. I haven’t raised anything today… Good night.


Balance: 969 copper coins.


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