Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 1 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Adventurer Party and Future Plans


I cut out of sightseeing in the city early and returned to the inn to think about the future.

“Welcome back. You are home early today.”

The landlady is a little surprised at my unusual return time. I can tell by the way she looks at me that I’ve been working too hard. Well, god has given me a blast, and I have to do my best while thinking about the rest of the day off.

“I’m home. I decided to take a little time off today. So I’ll be relaxing in my room.”

“Ara, you’re taking a day off? Please take a good rest. What about your dinner?”

“Uh, around six bells, please.”

“Very well.”

I left the landlady and went back to my room. Now, I told the creator god that I would do my best, and if I didn’t take it seriously, I might be punished by heaven or something.

First, let’s sort out the information I was given.

I can get on top of the magic circle of the ship summoning.

When I get on top of the magic circle, I can move to any desired position on the ship. This is very convenient.

The level of ship summoning will increase with the purchase of a ship.

It is said that when the level of ship summoning increases, it also manages conspicuousness, which is somehow worrisome.

While the ship is being repatriated, the cargo on the ship is also stopped in time.

The power of the boarding rejection can easily repel even the dragon breath. It was totally a cheat I was getting. So that’s why the god was angry since I was running away from the goblins.

I can use the stores and facilities opened on the ship by ship summoning, but not the internet and TV. I can eat Japanese food, watch anime on DVD, and movies at the cinema. That’s the most important information. I need to check the stores and facilities on ferries and luxury cruise ships.

That’s all. Considering this information, I would like to reach the luxury liner. In order to get to the luxury liner, I need to make a lot of money. The only way I can think of to do that is to become an adventurer who makes a lot of money or to become a very successful merchant.

Oh, there’s also the way to advertise my abilities to the government and ask them to fund me. If I could market it well, I could buy a luxury cruise ship in no time, but there would be many risks involved, such as ties, assassinations, and all sorts of other dangers, so I dismissed the idea. A ship that will never sink seems like a straight line to war.

So what about adventurers or merchants? As long as I have the ship out in the open, I’m almost invincible on the defensive. But while traveling on land, I’m like a paper with almost no offensive power. The only thing I can use to attack at the moment is with the oars. I feel that not having the power to defeat monsters is quite a problem for an adventurer.

Maybe I should recruit adventurers with high attack power as my companions and let them do all the attacking. The problem is that I don’t have a good eye for people. Hopefully, it works out, but I’m too worried about my ability to be taken advantage of if I’m not good enough and they find out.

The problem would be solved if I had a slave like at the template… If I’m going to buy a slave, I’d rather buy a beautiful and sexy Onee-san and pamper her immensely than buy a burly battle slave. In the first place, do slaves exist? Let’s find out how much they cost.

How about becoming a merchant? I’m more suited to be a merchant in terms of ability. It’s more like a trade than opening a store, but a ship that never sinks is an advantage, and if I can find a profitable route back and forth between countries, I can make money with no risk for a long time.

The problem is the funds to buy a ship. I can buy a motorboat, but I need at least a fishing boat when it comes to trade.

I would like to go to the southern city eventually. I don’t know if I can immediately head to the southern city and make some money. At the very least, I need to be able to travel and reach my destination.

I’ll save up enough money to buy a fishing boat while hunting horned rabbits here, and I’m sure I’ll have enough money in three or four months, but I’m sure damnation will fall on me before then.

First, I need to gather information. Let’s find out about adventurers, the southern city, and slaves. It’s not enough to just hunt horned rabbits; I’ll have to go into the forest as well. Oh, and I also need to find out about the southwestern forest.

“Ding, dong.” The six bells rang. Let’s go to the dining hall.

There must be at least a party of adventurers at the dining hall, so let’s go talk to them.

When I went to the dining hall, I found, as I expected, a group of adventurers eating. I thought I heard that they were mainly taking requests to take down goblins and wanted to challenge orcs. Although we only exchange greetings occasionally, acquaintances are acquaintances. Let’s talk to them.

“Good evening. May I join you for dinner?”

“Hmm? I don’t mind, but it’s unusual. You always eat alone.”

“Ahaha, I’ve wanted to know more about the southwest forest, so I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. I know it’s a little late, but my name is Wataru, and it’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh, now that you mention it, I haven’t told you my name yet. I’m Aldo, the leader, and these two are the swordsmen Crate, and Gaius, the one with the spear is Sismondo, and the one with the bow is Orso. Nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

The waiter came in, and I asked for today’s recommendation and ale for the adventurers.

“Sorry, was that about the southwest woods? You know, we’ve just graduated, and we don’t have much to tell you, do we?”

Even though they’ve just graduated, they’re still very muscular and powerful from my point of view. What is it like to be a first-class adventurer? The people in the adventurers’ guild all look so strong that I can’t tell the difference.

“I would be happy to hear about how to defeat goblins and how to escape from danger.”

“Are you going into the forest? I don’t recommend going into the forest alone.”

“I would like to go into the forest, or rather, I would like to go on a journey at some point. If I can’t defeat the goblins or at least escape, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do anything.”

“Ah, traveling. If so, it is better to form a party. You can’t travel without a night watchman. I would suggest that you hire an escort.”

Night watch, huh? I hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking of staying in the hut boat, but it would be conspicuous when traveling alone.

“Hmm, I guess I need a party. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to be an adventurer or a merchant. It would be a nuisance to form a party in such a state. There is nothing better than to have a little bit of skill, so I want to enter the forest.”

“I see. Then it’s hard to form a proper party. I think it’s best to have a temporary party and gain some experience. The goblins are manageable if you have enough people, and you can learn how to run away from them; going into the forest alone is like throwing your life away unless you have very strong skills.”

“I guess so. Well, I’m going to choose a weapon, train with it, and join a temporary party then.”

“You haven’t even selected a weapon yet?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of a spear, but I’m also thinking about a light knife.”

In my case, I think it would be best to use a knife before summoning the ship and then use a spear once the ship is summoned, but I can’t explain it to them.

“Well, you can try it at the guild’s training grounds. So, I have a question for you, too, if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, sure. What is it?”

“You’ve been hunting horned rabbits all day, haven’t you? You don’t seem to be hurting for money, but do you make a profit?”

Have they finally taken an interest regarding the horned rabbits? Well, I’m going to leave the western city sooner or later, so there is no need to keep it a secret. It would be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other, so I’ll tell them.

“Since I don’t know how much money you all make, it’s hard for me to make a judgment. But I think I can save enough money and make a good living.”

“I see, we’re unstable, but I’d say about eighty coppers a person. I’m sorry, but may I ask how much the horned rabbits are paid?”

“Yes, that’s fine. It depends on how long you hunt, but I hunted from morning to evening and got 50 rabbits, making a total of 5 silver coins.”

“Hey, hey, you’re making more than all of us in the party. How can you make so much money on horned rabbits?”

“If you hunt neatly and bleed them properly, each rabbit costs ten copper coins. If you beat them with a club, you can beat them cleanly, so all you have to do is to get more of them.”

Aldo-san and the others were surprised. Well, it’s a way of earning money, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to just go hunting on the side of an adventure.

“Is it really possible to make that much money? Can we try it too?”

“Yes, it’s a big town, and I haven’t been able to digest all the requests for horned rabbits at all. I think the people who are waiting for the horned rabbits will be pleased. But you can’t get stronger by continuing to hunt horned rabbits. Since you hunt individually, you may lose the coordination you have been improving, you know? I don’t think you will be able to defeat the goblins even if you continue to hunt horned rabbits.”

The level will go up, but for Aldo-san, who has graduated from the beginner level, it will be almost a margin of error.

“Well, it is true that hunting horned rabbits is not enough to develop one’s ability.”

“Yes, it’s good enough to make a living in the city, but it won’t help you build up your skills and become highly ranked.”

“Well, it’s all about balance, isn’t it? We want to be well equipped and go deep into the forest, you know. I’ll talk it over with the party, thanks.”

“No, it is my pleasure. Thank you very much.”

After paying the 35 copper coins for dinner and ale, I returned to my room. I wonder if Aldo-san and the others will come to the horned rabbit hunting ground? It will be harder to use the ship summons, but I need to be able to fight a little without using it, so it is just right.

After all, does it seem reckless to enter the forest alone? If I had the ship summoning, I would be fine, but I can’t use it if I’m going to be part of a temporary party, so I’ll have to train for combat.

Without the ship summoning, I will need a spear. I also think I’ll need a knife and a bow when I’m out of spear range, even when using scouting and ship summoning. I can’t do everything perfectly, so I’ll ask the adventurer’s guild if they can teach me the basics.

I’ll hunt from morning until about 2:00 and then train at the adventurer’s guild. If I can join a temporary party, I’ll join it and gain some experience.

I can’t do anything fancy right away, but since I’m training and going to the forest, god will understand for a while… right? So while I train, I’ll find out about the southern city, about the slaves, and stuff like that.

Okay, now that I have the general idea, let’s practice daily life magic and go to bed.


Balance: 1 gold coin, 31 silver coins, 25 copper coins.


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