Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 253

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Chapter 253 – Winter Greetings and House Arrest


I’m thinking of going on a trip.”


I was afraid for my life as my nightlife was encroaching not only into the night but also into the day, and I offered to Sylphy to go on a trip, but she instantly rejected my offer.

‘But, Sylphy. I’m glad you all love me, but there’s a limit to what I can do. To be more specific, it hurts and is painful in many places, in many ways.

Of course, there are various measures to push beyond the limit, such as recovery magic, a miracle of stimulation, various alchemicals, and Grande blood, but going beyond the limit means that there is a load on some parts. If this continues, I will wither prematurely or die of kidney failure, so I really want to do something about it.

“Well, you know, I’ve been doing a little too much lately, even though it’s winter…”

“If the pace continues at this rate, I may even go underground, relying on Lime and the others.”

“I’ll take care of you.”

“Well, if you ask me.”

“Are you going to see how serious we are?”

In this negotiation, I have brought the slime girls to this place. They were doing a lot of things while I was sleeping, but at least they won’t force me to do anything. At least it’s better than what is happening now.


Sylphy gives me a sad look as I bring up Lime and the others.

“No, it’s fine if it’s just for the night. At least after having dinner and a bath and freshening up. I don’t want it to start in the middle of the day and then the next morning.”

I think it is one of a man’s dreams to have beautiful women and girls as his companions while the sun is still high in the sky and to have them all over the place, but there are limits to what can be done. It would kill me to have all of them onslaught me just because some of them have become happy.

“I’ll tell everyone to refrain from doing so while it’s still light. Also, we’ll discuss it and try not to put too much pressure on Kosuke.”

“I would be very grateful if you would do that. I’m glad I talked to Sylphy first.”


Hearing my words that I consulted with her first, Sylphy looks happy.

I brought Lime and the others with me but did not explain the situation. Sylphy was indeed the first person I consulted. Lime and the others usually listen to me when I talk to them.

That night, the ladies’ meeting was held, and my appeal was approved. I had a peaceful night for the first time in a long time.




When I returned to my normal days of mild… well, mild except at night, before the winter, many visitors came to the royal castle in Merinesburg. They were representatives of the major cities that had reverently submitted to the new Merinard Kingdom.

It may seem surprising, but it seems that about 70% of the city representatives have not changed since the reign of the Holy Kingdom. They are the people who were relieved of their positions as city leaders by showing their reverence to the new Merinard Kingdom, the liberation army that had defeated the forces of the Holy Kingdom from the territory of the Merinard Kingdom.

Well, the relief is only temporary. If they do not follow the policies of the new Merinard Kingdom in the future, their heads will be replaced, physically, as the case may be.

“So I’m being told not to leave my room.”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t know what was there?”

I stretch out with Grande, buried in a pile of cushions. I asked if I didn’t have to greet the delegates as Sylphy’s spouse, but this time I was told to lock myself in my room and never come out. Apparently, it is widely known that I have taken many lovers, and there are a certain number of people who want to secure their own position in the family by giving me a female relative.

“After all, Kosuke is just like a princess who is targeted by starving beasts.”

“It makes me wonder about the definition of the word ‘princess.'”

The representatives who gathered at the royal castle were here to receive their vassalage once again, as the new Merinard Kingdom led by Sylphy had finally taken control of the entire territory of the Merinard Kingdom.

From now on, the new Merinard Kingdom will establish a monarchy with Sylphy as its queen. I will support Sylphy as her consort.

The problem here is the governance of the regions. Normally, it would be better to place Sylphy’s trustworthy subordinates in each region to make her rule absolute, but there are many heads of regional cities who have expressed their respect for the new Merinard Kingdom’s rule.

The reason why the local authorities have gathered this time is this: we will not disobey you, so please don’t kill us; we beg you. If you want, we will offer our child as a hostage. Please make her your concubine, your servant, or whatever. Please help us. That was their intention.

Sylphy seems to think that as long as the city is governed well, taxes are properly paid, discrimination against subhumans under the Holy Kingdom’s rule is eliminated, and soldiers and manpower are properly provided in case of emergency, she is willing to entrust the current representative to govern the city as it is. However, since there is no way to leave the local governance completely to them, she intends to divide the territory of the Kingdom of Merinard into several sectors and appoint a governor.

In Erichburg, Danan will be placed as governor of the south, and in the east, near the border with the Holy Kingdom, Sir Leonard will be placed as governor of the east. In the west, she is planning to place Ms. Zamir as governor of the west, but I hear that she is reluctant to do so because she will not be able to protect me.

The western part of the country borders the Confederation of Small Nations, and beyond that lies the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom. The Dragonis Mountain Kingdom is home to many lizardmen, and I think that Ms. Zamir would be the best choice for governor of the western part of the country, where there will be many opportunities to come into contact with them.

As for the north, Sylphy will rule directly from the center. There are countries belonging to the Holy Kingdom and its allies beyond the north, so it could become a battlefield in the future… We are currently preparing to deploy defensive forces in the east, where the border with the Holy Kingdom is located, but we will have to make sure that we can deploy forces in the north in the near future. We will have to do that.


“What’s the matter?”

“No, I just think we’re in for a rough ride.”

“I see. Not that it’s any of my business.”

“I don’t want to get Grande involved in the humans’ quarrels, you know. Well, as Sylphy’s companion, I’d like to help her in any way I can.”


Grande began to ponder something at my words.

Well, the current concern is the defense of the northern part of the country. Now that we have a handle on the eastern defenses, it’s time to turn our attention to the north. There is a possibility that the Holy Kingdom will invite their vassals and allies located in the north of the Merinard Kingdom to confirm the strength of the Merinard Kingdom.

How about I put my name forward as the governor of the north? I am thinking about it, but I am sure Sylphy and the others will oppose it. If I am sent out alone and am assassinated or kidnapped, the kingdom of Merinard could be at an impasse. Then again, I suppose we could send one of Sylphy’s sisters as governor of the north. In terms of credibility, they are no less than Sir Leonard, Danan, and Ms. Zamir.

I don’t know about Aquawill-san or Ifrita, but Driada-san, the eldest sister, is probably well educated as royalty, both in terms of age and position. In terms of public support, I think she could manage if she were selected by Sylphy, who has regained the kingdom of Merinard.

“I’ll help with anything Kosuke tells me to do. I’m willing to get involved in a little bit of trouble.”

“Thank you. Grande is so cute.”

“Hehehe… I know, I know.”

I hugged Grande, who was lying next to me, stretched out on many cushions as I was, and patted her on the head. I don’t mean to get Grande into trouble, but I’m honestly glad that she cares for me in this way.

“Kosuke, I’m getting hungry.”

“Then let’s have a snack.”


Grande replies cheerfully, and together we escape from the pile of cushions and head for the table. Now, what shall I feed her for a snack today? Shall I make that thing that causes a big war? The round ones with various variations of filling, such as red bean paste or custard. By the way, I’m an Oyaki person.


“Yes, yes.”

Grande pulls me by the hand while I operate my inventory. For now, let’s deal with the hungry dragon in front of me.


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