Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 1 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Quiet Talk: Wataru as Seen From the Perspective of the Town’s People


Wataru from the perspective of the scary-looking old man.

I sit at the counter during the busy guild hours. It is my role to seize any foolish adventurers when they act violently.

One day, an ordinary-looking man with an ordinary face came into the guild. He looked tired and was fed up with the line at the reception counter.

He looked at my empty counter, looked at the other receptionists, and after some conflict, he came to my counter reluctantly. I registered him as an adventurer, and he left with a tired look on his face.

After that, he started hunting horned rabbits and bringing them to me every day. When I gave him a harsh look and urged him to come here, he came reluctantly to my counter.

His eyes are staring at the beautiful receptionists of the guild, but I would not let him do so. Since then, it has become my life’s work to keep him away from the beautiful receptionists of the guild.

He didn’t show up today. As I thought that, one of the receptionists told me. She recommended that he take the day off. He hadn’t taken a day off at all.

After that, he started training and stopped coming to the guild counter during busy hours.

I was pissed off when I saw him happily waiting in line at the counter for the beautiful receptionist at the guild, so I tried to sit at the counter during the time he was coming, but he dismissed me, saying he didn’t need my help. He ran away, and I lost him.


Wataru from the perspective of the fox-eared beautiful Onee-san.

An ordinary young man started delivering horned rabbits to the guild. He’s polite but keeps glancing at my ears as if he’s curious about me. He is an unusual type of young man for an adventurer.

Requests for horned rabbits tended to get brushed away, and there were fewer and fewer requests, but after the young man started delivering horned rabbits, the number of requests began to increase again.

He seems to know little about the basics and often asks questions. Other adventurers are taking on requests to take down goblins and other monsters in order to quickly advance in rank, but he is only taking on requests for horned rabbits, so I asked him why.

Goblins are scary, he replied. He really is an unusual type of young man. Other adventurers take it for granted that they have to show off their strength, and they hate more than anything to be thought of as cowards. I’m a little curious to know how he was raised.

Take care, I say, and have a good day. He replies happily, and it’s a secret that I thought he was a little cute.

For some reason, he seems to be fighting with the guildmaster in a way that I don’t quite understand, and I often see that young man toddling to the guildmaster’s counter. I wondered what he was doing there.

It seemed to me that he was working too hard, so I suggested that he take a day off. The next day, he happily reported to me that he hadn’t done any sightseeing before and that he had enjoyed his day off when he did. I was surprised that he hadn’t even done any sightseeing.

Then he asked me to introduce him to an instructor, saying he wanted to start training. When I expressed my disappointment at the decrease in the delivery of horned rabbits, he told me that other adventurers seemed to hunt horned rabbits when he talked to other adventurers. After that, the number of adventurers delivering horned rabbits increased.

For some reason, the guildmaster wanted to sit at the counter at the time he came in, and when he dismissed him, saying that he didn’t need him, the guy ran away. The smell of nonsense is in the air.


Wataru from the perspective of Aldo and the others.

I thought he was a strange guy who hunted horned rabbits every day, but one day he started talking to me. He seemed to be interested in the forest and wanted to know what kind of place it was.

When I told him it was too dangerous to go there alone, he replied that he was unsure whether to be an adventurer or a merchant and that it was hard to form a party. He said he would start training tomorrow, and he was a serious guy. He seems more suited to be a merchant or a craftsman than an adventurer.

When I asked him about the horned rabbit, he simply told me. He was making more money than our party by himself. I discussed it with the party, and we did as he taught us anyway, and our income easily tripled.

He told us that it would not make us stronger and would slow down our coordination, so we tried to alternate between hunting goblins and hunting horned rabbits, but once we got used to hunting horned rabbits, the rewards were six times more than hunting goblins. The rewards are so different that goblin hunting is becoming pathetic.

As Wataru said he was getting used to the training and wanted to find a temporary party to go to the forest, I told him I would take him to the forest, and he was happy to hear it.

We’re definitely benefiting from it more than he is, so it’s only natural. He doesn’t seem to understand the value of the horned rabbit’s information at all. I’m worried about him becoming a merchant, too.

He was a little nervous, but he was swinging his spear properly and seemed to be able to defeat the goblins easily. However, I was a little surprised when he started saying that slime was cute and started shouting “Mochi mochi fuoo” when he touched it.


Wataru from the perspective of the guild’s instructors

He’s neither good nor bad, but he seems he could be at the general level.


Wataru from the perspective of the knife instructor

He’s not suited for it. It will be no good if you close your eyes when an enemy approaches you. Don’t use a knife.


Other adventurers’ perspectives

That guy hunts horned rabbits every day… how does he not get bored?


Landlady x2

He hunts diligently every day, and he’s polite and well-behaved.


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