Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 2 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Departure And The First Time Boating On The Water


Ahhh… I don’t feel so good. I drank too much yesterday because Aldo-san and the others asked for more ale. It helped that they gave me some travel tips, but wasn’t there a section about not traveling with a hangover?

Today is the day of departure, and there’s no point in dawdling. Let’s get ready and have breakfast!

“Ah, good morning. Thank you for all your help, Landlady-san.”

When I left the room, the landlady was there, so I greeted her. I was a little sad to leave her because she had helped me a lot with my lunch box and the whole roasted horned rabbits.

“We are grateful to you for supplying us with a lot of rabbits. Please come again.”

“Yes, I will definitely come back to stay here again.”

When I parted from the landlady and went into the dining hall, Aldo-san and the others called out to me.

“Good morning, Wataru. It’s a beautiful day, so it’s perfect for your departure.”

“Good morning, everyone. If I didn’t have a hangover, it would be a great way to start my trip.”

“Haha, adventurers are like that, you know.”

The source of my hangover is laughing at me. But since they are holding their heads after laughing, it seems that Aldo-san and the others are also hungover. After all that drinking, it can’t be helped, can it?

“So, Aldo-san, didn’t you have a day off today?”

I thought he said he was going to drink a lot since he had the day off.

“Yes, we had a day off. But I thought I’d see Wataru off to the gate.”

“Haha, thank you very much. But please only as far as the inn’s entrance. Everyone’s too pale, after all.”

I’m glad, but some of them are pale and about to vomit… and I don’t like it like being seen off by vomit.

“Sorry, I think we drank a little too much.”

Aldo-san laughed bitterly and gave up obediently. I guess Aldo-san was secretly at his limit too.

“That’s okay, I had a good time yesterday, and it was a treat.”

The hungover group ate breakfast without energy; I also received my lunch box and left the inn.

“Well then, everyone, I’ll see you again somewhere.”

“Okay, see you later.”

I parted ways with everyone and headed for the east gate. Um, is that the merchant caravan? I head for the flag I’d heard about and ask where Basilio-san is.

“Oh, you must be the adventurers we’re working with; if it’s Basilio-san, he’s right in front of that wagon.”

I thanked the uncle, who kindly told me and approached the wagon I was told about. Ah, it looks like him.

“You must be Basilion-san, right? My name is Wataru, and I will be accompanying you with your merchant caravan. I will accompany you to the riverside town, so I look forward to working with you.”

“Yes, if you need anything, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to help you. Please follow us from the back of the merchant caravan.”


I greeted Basilio-san, but there seemed to be no particular arrangement for us to work together. Well, it’s not a full-fledged escort, just a companion. As I stood by in the rear of the merchant caravan as I had been told, the time for departure approached.

“Let’s go, keep going, and don’t be late!”

With Basilio-san’s order, the five covered wagons were surrounded by the escorting adventurers. The merchant caravan seemed to be small in size, and it was said that a large merchant caravan would have dozens of wagons in a row. I can’t imagine dozens of wagons.

I quietly walked at the back of the caravan. I heard that we would arrive at the riverside town at noon two days later. Not knowing what to expect, I prepared six meals of dried meat and dried fruits. It would be very conspicuous if I summoned a ship and took out a hot skewer or something from a storage boat.

During the break, I talked to some adventurers who were also accompanying the merchant caravan, and they told me that with this number of people, goblins and other such creatures would not attack us.

The only things to be afraid of in this kind of merchant caravan are bandits and strong monsters that don’t usually appear. Although monsters rarely appear, bandits do appear quite often, so it is necessary to be careful.

Speaking of which, if bandits appear, does that mean I have to fight against people? …I wondered. I could defeat goblins without a problem, but can I fight people with a spear?

…I think it is a problem to be able to fight people calmly. But they are going to try to kill me, so I should be prepared not to hesitate if it comes to that. And I feel like I’ve subtly raised the bandit flag by talking about this…




We arrived at the riverside town without any problems; there was a village every other day, we didn’t even camp out in the open, and I had a surplus of food. There didn’t seem to be any bandit flags, so it was a peaceful picnic.

I don’t know what to do; I feel like it would be easier to just follow the merchants… But I’d like to try my ship summoning skill as soon as possible. I should probably split up here since it’s definitely easier to try out the skill on the river where there are fewer people around.

I walk down to the river and walk to a secluded spot. It is finally time to float the boat on the proper surface of the water, not on the ground. A glowing magic circle appears on the water’s surface, and the boat appears.

The boat floats on the surface of the water, as normal, but I am impressed by the boat floating on the water. After all, a boat feels strange unless it floats on the water.

After repatriating the boat, the next thing I wanted to do was to stand on the glowing magic circle floating on the surface of the water, which I had wanted to try since God told me about it! Next, I tried the “Ship summoning,” and then I boldly jumped onto the glowing magic circle floating on the surface of the water.

“Oh, I’m standing. I’m standing on the water.”

The boat soon emerged, but even if only for a short time, I was definitely standing on top of the magic circle floating on the water’s surface. I was more impressed than I thought I would be.

…I guess I should get going now instead of playing with it. But if people see the rubber boat, too, it’s going to stand out. I should probably use the wooden boat I’ve been using as a storage boat. I should reload my luggage.

After reloading, I summoned the rowboat. “Let’s go sailing!” I said, trying to sound a little cool. A rowboat doesn’t look cool, but that’s okay. Let’s try out the unsinkable effect I haven’t been able to try out so far. I’m a little excited to see what happens.

I put my weight on one side of the wooden boat. Did the boat stop around the surface of the water? I put my foot on the edge of the boat and put all my weight on it. Even if I put more weight on the boat, the tilt of the boat did not change. And the water that splashed on the surface of the water was bounced off the boarding rejection.

Yes, it’s unsinkable. It is an indestructible boat, the edge of the boat does not go below the surface of the water, and water does not enter the boat due to the boarding rejection. Yeah, it’s unsinkable. I don’t even know what to do to make it sink. If I allow water to enter the boat, it seems dangerous, but after all, the edge of the boat does not go below the surface of the water, so it does not sink, right?

I was convinced and relieved. If it doesn’t sink, no matter how I do it, I’m safe no matter what most things happen. If I secure myself to the boat with a rope, I’ll probably be okay even if I fall over the falls. In the meantime, I should tie the rope to the boat so that I can tie it to my body as soon as the current gets too fast.

Now that I have confirmed my concerns, it’s time to get going. I lay out a blanket where I can sit, eat my lunch, and let the current take me slowly down the river.

Boarding a wooden boat that moves slowly, eating lunch while looking at the scenery. It makes me happy. But I’m getting tired of it. I don’t even like boats to begin with, so I end up having too much time on my hands.


I tried paddling with the oars, but it was hard. I think it won’t make much difference if I switch to a rubber boat, or should I buy a motorboat?

But I don’t know how to handle a self-propelled boat. It’s definitely better to buy a boat that fits there in the southern city. …I’ll just have to be patient.

Since it can’t be helped, I’m going to practice daily life magic, spear, and bow. When I practice spear and bow, I can’t get my center of gravity, and my body wobbles because the ship is swaying. Come to think of it; I think there is a manga about training on a ship. I have some free time, so I’ll keep practicing.

The sun was setting when I continued practicing steadily. If I tied myself with a rope, I would be able to go down the river even after dark, but it is not a hurried trip, and I should take a rest in the hut boat on the shore.

I climbed to the ground and repatriated the boat. Phew, I feel dizzy from being on the small boat for so long. The small boat is quite bumpy, isn’t it? Let’s take a good rest today. Let’s find a place where I won’t be noticed.

Well, this is a good place. It’s behind the rocks, and the trees on the other side make it hard to be seen. I summoned a storage boat (now a rubber boat), built a campfire, and laid out some food. It’s kind of camp-like and fun, but there are monsters out there. The sad part is that I can’t let my guard down.

But to be frank, I don’t need a fire. I just wanted to make a bonfire with daily life magic, or I could turn off the bonfire and hunker down in the hut boat. Safety first. Oh, but let’s look for slime first. Is there any?

I found it quickly. It’s a green slime. At first, I thought it was poisonous because of a certain game, but it seems that it is purple. Purple slime… It’s kind of cool. Anyway, I take the green slime back to the hut boat and fumble with it.

If I give the slime dried meat, it takes it into its body and dissolves it. It would be fun to take the slime on a boat trip, but since I don’t have the tame skill, it would be impossible to enter the town.

If I had to throw away the slime every time I entered a town, my heart would break with sadness. I should be content just to let me touch it until I can get the tame skill.

As I fumble with the green slime, I wonder if the creator god would be angry with me. I’m not skipping around in my own way, but if the gods were expecting me to be as active as in the light novels… it’s been three months since I fell into the other world. It’s a peaceful life with not a single disturbance… there’s no damnation or anything like that, right?

I don’t want there to be any disturbance, but if there is no disturbance, they’re going to be pissed off… It’s kind of unreasonable. Maybe I’m paranoid, and I should go to church again. If I go to church and they don’t get mad at me, then I should be fine. I should let go of the slime and go to bed. Good night.


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