Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 – Calm Daily Life (Reality)


It has been a week today since I set up this base. The base, which was empty at first, is gradually becoming more and more active. The first visitors were the harpies―a few more flew in the day after we set up the base―but after that, people from Mesutherium and now from the surrounding towns are gradually coming to the base.

“Kosuke-sama, are you going for a walk?”

“Yes, it’s not good for the children if they always stay indoors.”

Walking around the base, I am approached by people who work around the base. Most of them are young subhuman women, some of them with big bellies. They are smiling now, but when I visited them three days ago, they were in a state of physical and mental disarray.

I know this sounds fishy, but why is it that the Adol mainstream discriminates against subhumans as born sinners but prefers to use young subhuman women as an outlet for their desires?

Eh? You wouldn’t say that, would you? Excuse me. As for me, I’ll take responsibility for what I’ve done with my hands, and I’ll treat people with sincerity. I mean, if anything, I’m the one… Yeah, let’s not think about this subject any further. It hurts my heart.

Anyway, all I can do is to provide them with a job to give them peace of mind, a warm place to sleep, adequate food, and a full medical care system to the best of my ability. Although they are not here now because they are in training, subhuman men also gather here in response to recruitment. I can only hope that they will build a warm family with them.

Well, as you may have noticed by now, the majority of the people who have gathered at this base are subhuman. Well, the reason is simple: the treatment of subhuman slaves in the Merinard Kingdom, which has escaped from under the control of the Holy Kingdom, is undergoing a major review. The people who were profiting from the use of subhuman slaves were exterminated and weeded out, and subhuman slaves were liberated from harsh slave labor.

But in reality, this is not the case. The slavers and the reckless slave traders were cut off at the root, but it is not as if the freed subhuman slaves would be happy just because of that. Both humans and subhumans have to work in order to eat. The former slaves gained freedom by being free, but they lost their jobs instead.

Employment measures for former subhuman slaves who have lost their jobs are the biggest concern in the kingdom of Merinard. Well, in other words, the establishment of this base also serves as a kind of employment measure. The job opportunities that this base will create are extremely limited, though. But, as they say, “It’s all a series of small steps.”

“Ah! Hey, Nii-chan! Let’s play hounds! Hounds!”

“After we take a look around the base a little more. Gather everyone in the square.”

“Yay! It’s a promise!”

There are children in the base. They were, well, children of the young subhuman girls I mentioned earlier, or younger siblings, or younger siblings of the apprentice soldiers who were currently out training. They were a bit intimidated the first day or two after coming here, but I invited them to take a walk with me when I took the harpies out for a walk, and we quickly became friendly after that.

By the way, playing hounds means a game of tag. Playing tag with subhuman children with high physical ability is quite challenging… and makes you feel as if you are being chased by real hounds. They are too fast with their feet, those kids.

Well, those children are not actually playing all day long. In this world, children are also a fine workforce. In the morning, they are busy collecting the laundry of soldiers and apprentices, helping to take care of the farmland in the corner of the base, and babysitting children younger than themselves.

They are allowed to play only after working hard in the morning, eating a full meal, and taking a nap.

After leaving the running around children, I went to the farm. Naturally, this field was built by me with my farm block. It grows fast and produces good-tasting crops quickly. The vegetables I’m planting now were planted in the field by me, so it’s almost time to harvest them. I guess I’ll be harvesting tomorrow? The harvest from this farm will be consumed on the base, and personnel on the base will take turns taking care of it.

For now, we started with tomatoes (tomel) and cabbage (gabeji), which are nutritious and can be used in many ways for cooking, but what about the next time onward? There are a lot of kids, so maybe we’ll go with apples or other fruit trees that can be preserved for some reason. Maybe grapes that can be processed into raisins or wine would be good.

Thinking about this, I checked the pump for watering to make sure it was working properly and then took a double jump up to the aerial canal to check for any foreign substances.

“Hey, don’t go anywhere that is out of our reach, okay?”

“That movement is as weird as ever…”

“Shh, he can hear you.”

“I can already hear you, you know!”

I’ll secretly reduce the amount of Bella’s snacks today. No, I shouldn’t do anything so immature. Food resentment is a scary thing. And so, as promised, I finished my inspection, played with the kids―Grande was in the mix, too, before I knew it―fed them their snacks, and finished another peaceful day――.

“Let’s have a drink!”

“You don’t mind if I join you, do you?”

“Well, don’t take it for granted.”

“I don’t mind.”

At night, after dinner, should we take turns taking a bath and going to bed? When I thought that, I was invited by the oni girls to join them for a night of drinking. Well, even though I was invited, I was the one who served the booze and snacks.

Incidentally, a liquor depot has already been set up at the base and is being operated by a group of civilian officials and former merchants. In addition to daily necessities, the liquor depot also stocks liquor and snacks.

Well, sales have not been so good so far since most of the people on this base are not in possession of their own things. After consulting with the base commander, Worg, and the civilian staff, we are discussing the possibility of giving them their first paycheck as a weekly salary and giving them some cash as soon as possible.

“It’s a bit of a letdown. I was expecting more frequent assassins to come to kill you since they went to the trouble of sending us as guards.”

“I don’t want my life to be threatened that often. In case of an emergency, it would be better if it never happens, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s very true. Well, for us, it’s a good job because we don’t have to risk our lives, we get good drinks and food, and we get paid on top of that. But don’t let your guard down too much, okay?”

“Of course, of course. It would be a disaster if something happened to Aniki.”

“You mean me?”

“That’s right. Or would you want it to be Danna-sama?”

“I don’t mind either way, but… That kind of thing?”

When I asked this, Shumel and Bella looked at each other and nodded. Tozume? Tozume’s all stiff and tense and frozen before the drinking party even starts. No, that’s why I noticed it.

“Well, it’s an impossible order to create an atmosphere for us, isn’t it?”

Saying that, Shumel reaches out her hands toward me, grabs me, and sits me down on her lap. She is dressed very loosely today, and I can feel it from the back of my head. It’s huge.

“That’s right. I don’t know anything about that kind of thing. If I liked a guy, I would just take him into the bushes and have sex with him.”

“That’s scary.”

“Oh, I’ve never actually had sex with a guy. I’m brand new.”

“Then you should wrap yourself up with an oblaat.”

“What’s an oblaat?”

I know, there is no such thing as “oblaat” in this world, right? There was no way it could get through her. [T/n: Wrap in oblaat (it’s a starch cover for drugs and desserts). Idiom for room for improvement. He is saying the big girls can be sexy if they work on it rather than resorting to one sided Snu-snu. A lonely cry goes unnoticed on an unforgiving night. Thanks to DKLA for pointing it out.]

“Will Tozume be okay?”

Her big eye is rolling around because she’s so nervous. Isn’t that a no-no?

“Oh… this might not work. We should hold him down and do it while he is still healthy.”

“I guess so. I’ll hold his right hand and right leg.”

“Then I’ll take the left side…”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. The conversation turned dangerous and criminal.”

I stand in front of the frozen Tozume and push them to a halt. What’s with that idea and conversation? If anyone only heard their conversation, they would think they were bandits or something…

Suddenly, an arm reached out from behind me and wrapped around my torso.

Then, the arm wrapped around my body pulled me in with terrifying force.


Another very soft feeling on the back of my head! Yay! I mean, this is not the time to say that. The arms are so tight around me that it makes me feel like I’m suffocating. It’s holding me so tight that I can’t even struggle.

“Fuh…! Fuhh…!”


A rough, hot snort is caught at the nape of my neck, and I involuntarily shiver. There is only one person who can cuddle me from behind under the current circumstances.

“Ah… that’s why I said I’d hold you down.”

“Oh no…”

“Hey, wait a minute, stop, don’t rip my clothes! Hey, calm down! We can talk about this…”

When I turned around, my face was reflected in her big eye. I think I saw a heart mark in the depths of that big eye. Yeah, this is a bad one. I understand.

“Give it up.”

“It is impossible. If you don’t give up, you’ll be in danger, Aniki.”

I looked to Shumel and Bella for help but received a heartless answer.

Yes, I give up. Please be kind.


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