Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 2 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Six Months Later and Holy Slime


Six months have passed since the silly trial ended. Life in the southern city has often been troublesome, and instead, life on the island has been peaceful.

Rather than going to the island for work, I live a peaceful life on the island and feel like I’m going to the southern city to do a job I don’t like.

I was hoping that after the trial, I would be able to relax a bit, but I couldn’t.

It seems that being able to take an entire monster off the island is quite beneficial. Furthermore, up until now, only selected, high-value items were brought back from the island, but now, rare items of slightly lower value and parts of monsters that had previously been given up can be brought back, making both the merchant guild and adventurer guilds very happy. Therefore, invitations, bribes, threats, and raids occur frequently.

Dino-san and Enrico-san are always there to repel the attackers. Recently, the sight of Enrico-san breaking the bones of the attackers with a smiling face is more frightening.

Perhaps it is the influence of living in Japan that makes me feel sympathy for the attackers, even though I know it is a wrong impression, despite the fact that Enrico-san and Dino-san are protecting me. Japan is very peaceful, after all.

The most dangerous of the various types of interference is the honey trap. Even though I know this, I still end up following them around. Dino-san and Enrico-san saved me several times when I was in danger.

I managed to restrain myself since Enrico-san gave me a murderous smile even though he kept his smiling face.

As for monsters, I only hunt goblins just before my adventurer’s card expires, so I haven’t raised my level at all. I recently learned that as one’s level increases, one’s physical body is strengthened, and one’s lifespan is extended.

There is a legend that a hero who reached level 700 lived for 1,000 years. I want to extend my life a little, so I’m thinking of doing my best to defeat monsters.

I feel more rested when I am on the island, so I almost always accept work. Not only Girasole but other A-ranked parties and B-ranked parties got along well with the requests.

They all like the bath and fried food quite a bit, and some of the parties bring a keg of ale when they come to the island for requests.

Guido-san has also added another raft and is building a bath. Besides, I heard that Guido-san has also built a bath in his house. Barnabas-san, who also has a magic boat that can come to the island, has also built one raft, so there are seven rafts floating in the bay.

The adventurers also returned to the tent raft for a rest after being in the forest for so long. They often return to the tent to take a bath, which is the best thing to do.

Some of the strongest among them take a day off and open the tent rafts during the day, soaking in the baths and drinking ale. It’s like a vacation; it costs about three gold coins per night, but apparently, it’s a small price to pay for a high-ranked adventurer.

The tent rafts are occupied by adventurers more and more days, so Guido-san and I are talking about buying another raft to make a tent raft for housing.

Well, I have saved up a lot of money since I am almost always taking on work like that. Balance: 3 gold coins, 81 silver coins, 90 copper coins, guild card balance: 4 platinum coins, 68 gold coins, 80 silver coins. In Japanese yen, that’s about 470 million yen, which is a lot of money.

But to buy a luxury cruise ship, it would cost at least 500 platinum coins or 50 billion Japanese yen. It is a price that makes me crazy when I think about it calmly. Since I currently earn 75 million yen a month or 900 million yen a year, it would take me about 56 years to buy a luxury liner.

I think it is amazing that I can buy a luxury cruise ship in 56 years, but I feel that the creation god will be angry if I make him wait too long. Since I can’t help it, I will buy a cruiser and try my hand at pepper, where I only need to bring back pepper, and it will be 20 times more profitable than before.

The one I’m aiming for now is a premium boat called the Ya*aha Ex*lt 45. I don’t know much about boats, and super yachts are too expensive.

I feel that a Japanese manufacturer provides me with a safe feeling, and besides, the interior looks cool, so I decided on this boat. Other boats can be bought for 40 to 80 gold coins, but this Ya*aha Ex*lt 45 costs as much as one platinum and 37 gold coins, which is a lot of money.

But since I plan on a round trip voyage that takes two months, I decided to buy it even if it is expensive. I’ve got two guards with me now, so I’ll take the opportunity to act alone for a while and see if I can make the purchase.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the island with Alessia-san and the others. After I finish this job, I’ll talk to the guildmaster and prepare for the pepper trade.




“Good morning, everyone.”

“Good morning, Wataru-san. Nice to see you again today.”

As usual, I met up with Alessia-san and the others at the dock, exchanged greetings, and prepared for the boat’s departure.

“Then, we are ready to depart.”

After loading the luggage and making sure everyone was on board, the boat was ready to go.

“Wataru-san, I’ll ask you for a bath this time as well, okay?”

“Haha, I understand. I’ll make sure everything is ready, so please let me know later when you’ll be back. However, Alessia-san, you have become a bath lover, haven’t you?”

Even as the one who made the bath, it made me very proud. I did a good job, didn’t I?

“Yes, I love it. We also want to build a bath in our base, but it is difficult because we live in an inn.”

“If you’re in Girasole’s class, you could at least afford a base, couldn’t you?”

Don’t they make a surprising amount of money?

“We have the money to buy a base, but as adventurers, we still want to travel as well. Then it would be a waste to buy a base.”

Maybe it’s because they’re adventurers, or perhaps it’s just natural for a competent adventurer to want to go to different places.

“If you want to travel, it would be a waste to buy a base. As for me, I’m planning to try the pepper trade next time, too. It’s a little exciting to go to different places, isn’t it?”

Well, in my case, God’s pressure is the main reason. If possible, I’d rather just relax at my base and travel occasionally.

“The pepper trade? I’ve heard that it’s a dangerous trade, and the route is so tough that only one out of every 30 ships can make it round-trip. You’re not going on this magic boat, are you?”

This Japanese-style boat is a nice boat, but it would be hard to stay on this boat for a month, wouldn’t it?

“Of course not this boat. Thanks to this magic boat, I saved up enough money to buy a small magic ship. In where I got this magic boat, I found a good small magic ship, so I think I can manage.”

“But no matter how good the performance of the magic ship is, if you go out to the open sea and are attacked by large monsters from the sea, you won’t be able to escape, and you’ll be sunk.”

Alessia-san told me worriedly. If I didn’t know the capabilities of the ship I was going to buy, I would certainly be worried. But I am a little glad that she is concerned.

“Alessia-san, you are familiar with the open sea, aren’t you? But both this little boat and the small magic ship I’m going to buy have secrets. That’s why I believe I will be successful in the pepper trade.”

“Since we are adventurers too, we have done some research on other continents we would like to visit. But a secret, huh? I’m curious. Can you tell us?”

“Haha, it’s a secret, so I can’t tell you.”

“You can’t? We would like to visit another continent at some point, so can we ask you to do so?”

“Yes, you are welcome. I will have honed my skills by then; you can count on it.”

If we really decide to go together… it will be a very happy boat trip.

“I hope you’ll do well. But are you planning to go alone?”

“I intend to. I can’t have my two current escorts accompany me on the pepper trade. I thought about buying a slave, but I don’t want to be with a man for two months on a small ship, and even a woman would have to be strong, so it’s not easy.”

“But you should do your best to find someone to protect you. I hear that the southern continent is much less safe, and I don’t know if you can find a good escort right away over there. I think it would be better to look for them here anyway. If it’s a slave, there is no need to worry about betrayal.”

It’s a voyage that deals with large sums of money, so betrayal is certainly something to be afraid of.

“There is no doubt that I am weak, and I will consult with the guildmaster.”

I still need an escort, don’t I? But I can’t bear the thought of buying a male slave, and I’ll do my best to find a strong, big-breasted, beautiful slave.

But if it were a manga or a light novel, there would be such a thing as a fateful encounter, but why isn’t there one for me? Even if I come to a different world, it’s still a hard world.

“Please do so. It’s sad that you arrived at the southern continent only to be killed by bandits.”

“Certainly, when I was attacked in the southern city, I couldn’t do anything if I was alone, so I will seriously look for one. Thank you very much.”

“No, we need you to take us to the southern continent for sure, so please do your best.”

“You are right. I will do my best.”

A voyage with Alessia-san and the others… I really wish I could make it happen.

We arrive at the island thinking and chatting about silly things. As usual, I stopped the boat at the tent raft and served tea.

“Wataru-san, we are planning to return at least once in two days this time too. I’ll ask you to take care of it.”

“I understand. I will prepare a meal and a bath for you.”

“Thank you very much. Then, we will be leaving soon.”

After sending Alessia-san and the others back to the island and catching the slime, I greeted Guido-san and the others.

“Hello… Guido-san, you’ve been drinking again. You shouldn’t, you know, in case there is an emergency.”

“I know; I only had one glass. Now that we have a tent raft and more stuff, there’s a lot of temptation.”

“It really is just one glass. Well, it’s true that the adventurers have brought in quite a few more things. But that drink was brought in by you, wasn’t it, Guido-san?”

“Haha, well, maybe we can add another raft. Before, we had only a magic boat, so we couldn’t bring things, but with a tent raft, we had enough room to bring things. It makes life on the island a lot richer.”

Guido-san changes the subject bluntly. But life on this island is pretty comfortable. It would be even more comfortable if we added another raft.

“If you are going to build more rafts, please do so as soon as possible. I haven’t decided when, but I’m planning to try the pepper trade soon.”

“You’re going to try the pepper trade? It’s dangerous, you know. Are you really that desperate for money?”

“I am not in need of money because I already earn quite a lot. It seems like I can get a good magic ship, and I want to try another continent, so I thought I’d do the pepper trade anyway.”

I don’t actually have any debt, but the ship I want is unbelievably expensive. Do you also call this a case of being in financial trouble?

“I see, but you should do some research, and if you think it’s impossible, then give up.”

“Yes, I understand. Then I will return to the tent raft. Thank you very much.”

I left Guido-san, trained, played with slime, took a bath, and went to sleep. My usual calm life has begun.




The Girasole was supposed to be back today. Let’s get the bath and dinner ready. I clean the bath and fill it halfway with water. I made burning stones and a charcoal fire to boil the water, and the bath was ready.

Next, I’m going to make vegetable soup. For the main menu, I will use the meat that Alessia-san and the others will bring back. Karaage is the most popular dish at the moment, and in the case of Alessia-san and the others, they are very likely to bring back a bird for us to eat. They always choose the best birds, so it is a very exciting event for me as well.

After I finished preparations and played with the slime, Girasole returned.

“Welcome back. Are you hurt?”

“We are back. Everyone is fine. Here are some souvenirs for you. Please make us some karaage.”

As I had expected, the souvenir was bird meat. If I opened a restaurant specializing in karaage in this other world, it might be a big success.

“Bird meat, yes, I understand. Let’s go back to the tent raft first.”

“Yes, there is one more souvenir I have for you later. I don’t want to be late for a bath and dinner, so I’ll give it to you afterward.”

“What is it? I’m curious, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Another souvenir… I can’t imagine what a souvenir from this island would be. We went back to the tent raft. I grabbed a hand towel and a cup of tea and headed for the bath raft. I put the boiling water into the water-filled bath to check the water level. It was a little lukewarm, so I threw in a burning stone, and it was just right. Now, back to the tent raft.

“The bath is ready. Who is the first one?”


“Then get in. By the way, Claretta-san, haven’t you been first lately?”

“Ufufu… I have good luck in lotteries.”

Claretta-san smiles a little boastfully. I really envy her.

“That’s nice. I’m not lucky in lotteries, so I envy you. We’re here. Please check the temperature before entering.”


Claretta-san seems to be in a good mood. I returned to the tent raft and prepared the meal. I rub garlic and ginger on the bird meat, make potato sticks and soak them in water. I would finish the rest after everyone finished taking a bath.

“Wataru-san, I am done.”

“I understand. Who’s next?”


I picked up Ilma-san and went to pick up Claretta-san. A big-breasted beauty in hot water, I never get tired of seeing it over and over again. It’s a precious time to be thrilled on a peaceful island. After going back and forth between the tent raft and the bath raft several times, I went to pick up Carla-san, who was the last to take a bath and finished up dinner.

“Dinner is ready.”


Alessia-san and the others came out of the tent rafts with happy looks on their faces as they heard the call for the completion of the meal. Karaage is very popular. Tonkatsu (pork-like meat) is also popular, but karaage seems to be the most popular.

“Thank you very much for the food.”

The karaage I had prepared is completely gone, and the dinner is over. Now, I guess it was time to clean up the dishes and call it a day, right?

“Have you forgotten it, Wataru-san? I told you we still have some more souvenirs for you.”

As I was about to pack up the dishes and move them, Alessia-san called out to me. I must have forgotten perfectly.

“Yes, indeed. I was very much looking forward to it, Alessia-san.”

“Geez, you completely forgot. It’s in good shape, you know. Dorothea, please.”

What Dorothea-san brought out of the tent was a small slime, less than 20 centimeters long.

“C-c-cute, what is this little guy? It’s tiny, isn’t it? It’s glowing slightly, isn’t it? Is it white? No, it’s not white. It’s shimmering a little. Is it shimmering like platinum? It’s so plump. It’s cute. Very cute.”

“Wataru-san, calm down. This is a newborn holy slime. It’s a rare child, but because it’s a slime, it’s not one of the more expensive ones on the island, but Dorothea and Marina said they’d take it with them because it would make Wataru-san happy. Are you happy?”

“Yes, I’m happy. Thank you, Dorothea-san and Marina-san. I am very, very happy.”

I patted, caressed, stroked, and gave the holy slime some dried meat. It’s adorable. Blue slime and green slime are cute, but this one is still tiny and looks like it’s trying very hard to digest the dried meat. So cute, very cute.

“Wataru-san, Wataru-san, can you hear me? …It’s useless; he can’t hear me. Well, I’m sure he’ll come to his senses in the morning, so let’s leave the blue slime and green slime in the cage and go to bed.”


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