Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 2 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Holy Slime and Familiar Contract


Hmm? Morning? …Seems like I’ve spent the night admiring the holy slime.

Oh no, I have to prepare breakfast. But first, I need to feed the holy slime breakfast. Let’s feed it some dried meat and… vegetables, too. It’s still tiny, so it’s important to keep its nutritional balance. Okay, now let’s get breakfast ready for everyone.

“Good morning, everyone.”

“Good morning, Wataru-san.”

As I was finishing the breakfast preparations, Alessia-san and the others woke up at the right time, so we exchanged morning greetings.

“Breakfast is ready.”

“Wataru-san, your eyes are red. Did you sleep well?”

“…Yes, how about you, Carla-san?”

“Are you trying to change the subject?”

Carla-san, even though she’s relaxed except when she’s eating, she’s surprisingly perceptive.

“Haha, that’s not true. Oh, I’m sorry for leaving the blue and green slimes out yesterday. I hope I didn’t inconvenience you.”

“Yeah, you’re never going to admit that you were up all night. I don’t even know why you don’t want to admit it.”

“Carla, just leave him be.”


A subtle helping hand came from Alessia-san. It’s a relief, but Carla-san definitely doesn’t believe me. Oh well. Let’s get breakfast on the table.

“Thank you for breakfast.”

“Thank you very much.”

Somehow avoiding the topic of the all-nighter, the pleasant breakfast was over.

“Wataru-san, I think we will be back in the morning of the last day this time. So we would like to take a bath before returning to the southern city, please?”

Alessia-san and the others, they are completely making their plans around the bath, aren’t they? In the beginning, they used to explore until late afternoon on the day of return, but since when have they started to take a bath exactly every time and return back home? Well, I don’t have any problem with it because it’s a real treat for me.

“I understand. I’ll make preparations.”

I promised to prepare well and sent Alessia-san and the others off to the forest. I want to sleep, but I’ll just have to be patient and clean up afterward. This isn’t Japan, and there’s nothing wrong with breaking the rhythm of life.

But it’s bad when I find myself up in the morning. I’ve stayed up all night playing my favorite game, but what about playing with slimes all night long and then waking up in the morning? Is that normal? …Well, slimes are cute, so it can’t be helped. Let’s hurry up and finish training and play with the slimes.

I suppressed my desire to skip training, play with the slimes, and finish training as scheduled. Okay, now it’s time for free time. I quickly entered the tent and saw three slimes bumping into each other. They were so cute.

A small holy slime is occasionally bounced around, but when that happens, two of the slimes approach and walk back to the center of the room together. It’s a heartwarming scene, and I give the three slimes some dried meat and pet them all.

After petting the slimes as much as I could, it was getting dark, so I prepared dinner. It’s fun to give them vegetable peels, which I don’t use for cooking, because they get so happy when I give them to them. After the dinner preparation, I enjoy dinner with the slimes and take a bath.

Oh no, I’ve been up all night, so my head is starting to feel a bit dizzy. Let’s go to bed. I put the holy slime back in its basket and release the blue and green slimes into the forest and go to sleep.




Ugh… morning? The sun was already up when I got out of the tent. I went to bed pretty early yesterday, but I must have overslept a lot because I had stayed up all night the night before.

I check on the holy slime and prepare breakfast and lunch. Holy slime must be hungry since I left it alone for a long time. I have to hurry up and get ready.

I’m a little lazy, but I quickly finish the preparations and eat breakfast and lunch with the holy slime. It’s fun to eat with the slime, isn’t it? Just looking at them is soothing.

Hmm, I want to keep playing with the holy slime, but I have to do what I have to do. Clean up afterward and train.

…It’s hard to concentrate on the training since the holy slime came. I can put up with normal sized slimes because I can catch them quickly, but the holy slime is newborn and small, and I just can’t help but want to be bothered with it.

I manage to exercise self-control and finish the training. Okay, let’s play with the holy slime. I go back to the tent and play with the holy slime. I wish I could take it with me. I’ve been playing with the slime for quite a while, so I think I should be able to get the taming skill.

I play with the holy slime, hoping to somehow tame it.


Huh? After playing with the holy slime until the evening, I felt something strange.

“Somehow… I think I understand the intention of the holy slime… perhaps?”

I rushed to check my status.


Name: Wataru Toyomi

Age: 20

Race: Human

Occupation: Ship’s Captain 

Level: 20

Physical Strength: 480
Magic Power: 46
Strength: 50 
Intelligence: 60
Dexterity: 56
Luck: 15

Language Comprehension (Unique)
Ship Summoning Level 2 (Unique)
Spearmanship Level 1
Archery Level 1
Daily Life Magic Level 1
Tame Level 1


…Yes, there is the tame skill. I was happy when I got other skills, but this time may be the happiest. I’ll ask Alessia-san and the others to give me the holy slime.

Ah, I should also check the contents of the tame skill.


Tame: This skill allows you to communicate with animals and monsters.

The accuracy depends on the level of the skill, and at level 1, you can only feel the will of animals and monsters.


You can make a contract with animals and monsters and turn them into your familiars.

The way to make a contract is to become friendly and deploy a magic circle and have the animal or monster accept it, or to make the animal or monster accept the magic circle by fighting and submitting to the magic circle.

Hmm, if the holy slime doesn’t accept me, do I have to fight it and force it to make a contract with me? …I can’t do that. I don’t feel like I can attack the holy slime. I’ll just have to hope he accepts me.

It’s kind of like how I feel before I confess my feelings. I never expected to find the element of romance hidden here. The other world is so deep.

I play with the holy slime, respecting its will, which I can now somehow feel. Alessia-san and the others were supposed to come back tomorrow morning, right? I had to get up early and get ready. I must be perfectly hospitable and make sure they give up the holy slime.

When I tried to put the holy slime back in the basket, he asked me for “…Food…” so I put the dried meat and vegetables along with it in the basket. Tame skills are so useful. Well, good night.




As soon as I woke up, I checked the holy slime basket, and it was asleep. Cute. Regular sized slime is cute, but tiny slime is also very cute.

Shall I prepare breakfast and a bath while I’m at it? I don’t know when Girasole will be back, and I have a purpose, so I’m going to be extra enthusiastic about getting ready this time.

Perfectly prepared, I look into the basket and see that the holy slime seems to be awake. It sends me the intention of “… Food…” Oh, that’s it already; it’s too cute.

I eat breakfast together and watch the holy slime playing on the table. I can watch it move around and pull and jump and play for hours.

While I was having a relaxing and happy time, Girasole came back. They are carrying some kind of a big bear. …I am no longer surprised when I see a woman carrying a bear these days. I’m getting used to the other world. I have to go pick them up.

“Welcome back. Is everyone all right?”

“We’re back, Wataru-san. Everyone is safe.”

Come to think of it, Alessia-san and the others have never come back injured, have they? I returned to the tent raft with Alessia-san and the others with the Japanese-style boat and served them hand towels and tea as usual. I’m sorry to ask them when they are tired, but I’m going to ask them about the holy slime right away.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a favor to ask of Alessia-san and the others.”

“Wataru-san, it’s very unusual for you to ask for a favor. What is it? We’re indebted to you, so if it’s something we can do for you, we’ll do our best.”

I’m a little surprised that Alessia-san is so unusual. Have I never asked them a favor before? …No, I was happy enough just to be around beautiful women with big breasts… I feel like I need to be a little more aggressive.

But I wonder how far it’s okay to go with something that could be done… Yeah, I’ll stop doing things that would test me. It’s definitely not possible to ask them if they want to take a bath together, and I can see a future where they won’t even make eye contact with me.

“Now that I’ve finally acquired the taming skill, I’d really like you to give me this holy slime. Can you do that for me?”

“Ara, you got the taming skill. Congratulations, Wataru-san!”

Alessia-san and the others congratulated me one after another. They are all great people, and yet they are not arrogant.

“I told you it’s a souvenir for you. So you can do whatever you want with it.”

What’s that? Alessia-san says something nice to me.

“But this child is very valuable, isn’t it? I can’t accept that for free. I want to pay you as much as I can.”

“Even if you say so, I said so when I gave you the holy slime. I wasn’t sure if you could hear me, but Wataru-san nodded his head firmly. I don’t think I can get the money now.”

Alessia-san said firmly. I didn’t know she said that.

“Haha, I didn’t realize that. I’m sorry, I was so caught up in the holy slime that I missed it.”

“Fufu, at that time, Wataru-san only saw the holy slime, didn’t he? In addition, it’s not free. There was a bath and a meal that I had never eaten before. The work on this island has become a pleasure for all of us. So please don’t mind taking it as a thank-you for that. Well, I didn’t think you could get taming skills, so I thought you could just keep it here or let it go.”

So it was like a thank you. I didn’t mind because it made me happy when Alessia-san and the others were happy too, but I guess they felt indebted to me.

“…I’m very happy to hear you say so. I know it’s impudent of me, but I’ll take it gratefully. Thank you very much, everyone.”

“You’re welcome. Now, I think it’s time for a bath. After everyone is finished, we’ll have breakfast, and then you can show us the familiar’s contract.”

“I understand. I’ll get it ready right away.”

Alessia-san and the others finished their baths (I was able to enjoy the sight of all of them after taking a bath), and we ate breakfast. It was time for taming.

“Are you sure it’s okay here?”

‘Yes, I’m asking you, so this table will be fine. There are other options, such as fighting, but I can’t fight this child. If it doesn’t work, I’ll release it into the woods.”

If I have to release it into the forest… I’m confident I’ll cry.

“Okay, good luck.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

I talked to the holy slime that was twitching on the table.

“Will you make a familiar contract with me and come with me? If you agree to come, you must accept the magic circle.”

I activate my tame skill, and a magic circle floats in front of the holy slime. The holy slime seems to be thinking about something as it continues to slide.

I watched with bated breath as the holy slime continued to slide for a while, and then suddenly, it accepted the magic circle with the thought, “…I like to…” I’m so happy. I think my nose is going to bleed.

“Yay! Thank you, holy slime. I’ll take care of you from now on.”

I hugged and petted the holy slime on the table. I’m really happy.

“Congratulations, Wataru-san. What are you going to name this child?”

“Dorothea-san, thank you so much. …Name, huh?”

Come to think of it, a name is necessary. It’s tasteless to call it holy slime forever. I had never given a name to slime before, thinking about when we would part ways, but this child is my contracted slime. There is no problem if I give it a name. In fact, I have to name it.

Name… Su*taro, Su*mi, Su*rin, Puru, Puni, Poyo, no. I think it might be a problem.

“Umm, I’ve decided. I’ve decided to take the “Ri” and the “Mu” from the Holy Slime and call it Rimu.” [T.n: Ri from Hori, Mu from Suraimu.]

“Rimu, huh? I don’t know why you took the “Ri” and the “Mu,” but it’s a pretty name.”

“Thank you.”

Dorothea-san praised me. Yes, Rimu, it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s kind of a pretty name.

“Holy slime. Your name is Rimu, and it’s nice to meet you.”


“That’s right; your name is Rimu.”


“Hahaha, you must be hungry. Yes, it’s dried meat.”

I put Rimu back on the table and fed it dried meat. It doesn’t seem to know its name well yet. Well, let’s try to get to know each other better and better from now on.

“I’m sorry to keep you all waiting. I have successfully completed the contract and given it a name. Thank you very much.”


Alessia-san and the others were also pleased with the completion of the contract. I was moved. While I was immersed in the excitement, Rimu, who had finished eating the dried meat, jumped on me. That’s a behavior that didn’t occur to me until we signed the contract. It reminded me of the past when I had to arrange the dried meat to get it on my lap.

Oh, it seems to have fallen asleep, as if it felt safe in my arms. You are too cute, Rimu.

“Wataru-san, what’s the status of Rimu-chan?”

“Status… Dorothea-san, can I see Rimu’s status?”

“I think the contractor should be able to see the status of any animal or monster that has been made a familiar.”

“I’ll give it a try. Status.”

I look at the sleeping Rimu while chanting “status.”


Name: Rimu

Race: Holy Slime

Age: 0

Occupation: Wataru’s familiar 

Level: 1

Physical Strength: 10
Magic Power: 50
Strength: 3
Intelligence: 15
Dexterity: 7
Luck: 30

Holy Magic Level 1
Healing Magic Level 1
Physical Resistance


“Let’s see, Rimu, zero years old and level 1. It has twice as much luck as I do… skills are amazing. There are holy attribute magic and recovery magic. But I wonder if Rimu can learn magic circle?”

And I just gave it a name a while ago, and it’s already reflected in its status. That’s plain amazing, isn’t it?

“Holy Slime is amazing. Holy attribute magic and recovery magic are precious. And I think magic is okay. It is said that monsters use magic by instinct, not by a magic circle. So I think Rimu-chan will be able to use magic too. If its level goes up, it might evolve and become able to use even more amazing magic.”

“Claretta-san, do monsters evolve?”

“Yes, they do evolve. For example, goblins evolve into goblin leaders and eventually become goblin kings.”

Goblin King… how many levels of evolution does it take to become a king?

“I didn’t realize that. I wonder what kind of child Rimu will become. I’m looking forward to it.”

I’m sure Rimu will evolve into a very cute slime.

“Holy slime is a special kind of slime, you know. Whatever kind of evolution it will undergo, I am looking forward to seeing it. Well then, Wataru-san, it’s time for us to return to the southern city.”

Alessia-san’s closing words brought the place together nicely. It would be troublesome to arrive in the southern city after dark, so let’s leave quickly.

“I understand. Thank you, everyone.”

“Fufu, it’s all right. The first time I have ever contracted with a familiar, so it was a lot of fun.”

The contract with a familiar is quite a rare thing, apparently. After returning the sleeping Rimu to the basket, put the big bear on the Japanese-style boat and cover it with a cloth, then leave for the southern city. I learned the tame skill and was able to make a contract with Rimu. This was the best job I’ve ever had.


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  1. Every Isekai MC obviously needs his slime companion. And of course it‘s a special slime.
    I liked this novel, because the protagonist was not overpowered from the beginning and progresses slowly, even if it‘s a bit too much slice-of-life.
    But now all the clichés kick in, one after the other. Every woman is pretty and has a huge cup size, humans with animal ears, upper nobility fairer than then the lower one, having a slave is okay, slime taming…
    I‘m fed up with this and I should leave Isekais behind for a while. It seems it‘s too difficult a market for authors to just drop these templates.


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