Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 2 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Guild Consultation and Shopping


We arrived at the southern city, and Alessia-san and the others offered to escort me back to the merchant guild. I am grateful for their help every time.

“Camille-san, please confirm the end of the request list and call for my escort. I also have a few more things I’d like to discuss with you.”

“I understand. I will show you to another room after the reward procedure is finished. First of all, here are the 15 gold coins for the fee. What would you like to do about it?”

Camille-san accepts my request with a smile. It’s nice to know that she’s willing to discuss things with me without a single look of disgust, isn’t it?

“Please put the reward in my account.”

“I understand. Then, I will show you to another room.”

After completing the procedures quickly, Camille-san leads me to another room. …I’m used to coming to this other room. I’ve been involved in a lot of things, and it can’t be helped.

“So what is it that you want to discuss, Wataru-san?”

“Yes, first of all, this child.”

I took Rimu out of the basket. It seemed to be a little scared, so I pet it to calm it down.

“I brought Rimu, which is a holy slime, with me this time because I made a contract with it. Do I need to do anything?”

“Well, a holy slime, that’s a very rare slime, isn’t it? Well, if it is a familiar, there is no problem if you register it on your guild card at the counter. After we are done talking, let’s register it.”

“Thank you very much. The next thing I want to discuss is the possibility of buying a small magic ship. Is it okay if I withdraw the platinum coins suddenly?”

It might be a nuisance to suddenly withdraw a large sum of money or something. It may not be necessary, but I’m indebted to her, and I’ll try to cause as little trouble as possible.

“Well, congratulations. Well, if it is too large a sum of money, we will have to take some time, but if it is less than ten platinum coins, we can have it ready for you on the same day.”

Billions of dollars on the same day? They must have a lot of money, being a merchant guild and all.

“I understand. I will ask you for it before I buy the ship next time. I’m thinking of trying the pepper trade after I buy a ship. If I do that, I won’t be able to go to the island during that time, so I’d like to discuss that with you. Is that okay?”

At the mention of the pepper trade, Camille-san’s face clouded over.

“The pepper trade is very profitable, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Wataru-san is a valuable person who can go to the island, so as a merchant guild, we’d like you to avoid the dangerous pepper trade.”

I knew that would be the case. But it’s tough to buy a luxury cruise ship without making a big profit. If I didn’t have that restriction, it would be enough for me to go back and forth between the island and the southern cities and go somewhere for fun once in a while… I guess that’s why the creator god blasted me for being such a character.

“I, too, have done my research and know that the pepper trade is dangerous. But the ship I’m going to get is from the same place where I bought the small boat that goes to the island. That ship is quite capable, and I believe the pepper trade will be a success.”

“Fuh, I see that you have already made your decision, Wataru-san. I would like you to choose a safe and definite profit if you can, but the merchant guild does not have the authority to force you to do so. But it is really dangerous, so please be careful. I will talk to the guild master. So, would you be willing to introduce the merchant guild to someone who would be willing to sell us those high-performance boats?”

…No, I could fully understand Camille-san’s concern, but she caught on to the profit in the end. It makes me a little sad.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t introduce him to you because he doesn’t like to meet people he doesn’t know very well.”

In general, from whom is the boat being bought? Is it the creator god who gave me the skills? I have no idea how to even introduce him to her, do I?

“I see; that’s too bad. If the person wants to sell the boat separately, it would be helpful if they could contact the merchant guild. …So, is there anything else I can do for you?”

“I understand. I don’t know what will happen, but I will let you know. The last thing I want to ask is since I cannot ask Dino-san and Enrico-san to accompany me on the pepper trade. So I am thinking of buying a slave to escort me. Could you introduce me to a slave trader?”

“A slave? …I can just introduce you to one, but if you ask the guild master to introduce you to one, you will have a better chance of getting a high-ranking slave offered to you. Shall I ask the guild master?”

Oh, a high-ranking slave. I don’t know about that, but if it’s a high rank, it’s likely to protect me from a life-threatening situation, so I should ask for it.

“Can you please do that for me?”

“I understand. Please wait a moment while I go talk to him.”

“Yes, thank you.”

I saw Camille-san leave the room and have time to play with Rimu. It jumps on my chest and crawls up to the top of my head, which is its favorite thing to do right now. Climbing up and down and jumping on it… It’s too cute.

While I was leisurely playing with Rimu, Camille-san came back with the guildmaster.

“Wataru, don’t do the pepper trade; why are you such a greedy fellow when you can just relax and make a lot of money?”

“Hahaha, well, I’m also curious about things and want to visit another continent, so I can’t really argue with you.”

“So that holy slime on top of your head is a familiar of yours? It’s just a child.”

“Yes, its name is Rimu. It looks like it was just born.”

“You’ve made an unusual slime your familiar. What are you doing to give them more reasons to target you?”

“Will I be targeted?”

“Well, even if they don’t know about Wataru’s magic ship, they can tell the value of the holy slime at a glance. It is likely to attract thieves.”

“I see you have such a worry. But I can’t think of losing Rimu now, so I want to repel them somehow. It depends on the guildmaster’s introduction, so I’ll be counting on you.”

“Hmm, a slave trader, right? If it’s an escort, there will be a lot of men. Is that all right?”

“If possible, I would like a skilled female slave.”

“A good slave is expensive, you know?”

“It depends on the price, but we will spend a long voyage together on a small ship. Besides, if I am going to buy a slave, as a man, I would prefer a female slave.”

“I will introduce you to the best slave trader in the southern city. Take this with you.”

“Thank you very much, but I forgot to ask you, can I withdraw money from the other continent with this continent’s guild card? Also, I would like to know what I can sell for a higher price if I bring it to another continent.”

“Fumu, there are also merchant guilds on the other continent, but we hardly communicate with them. It would be better to bring them cash. Spider silk fabrics should sell for a high price. Buy them from the merchant guild when you go.”

“I understand, and I appreciate all your help. Thank you very much.”

“Well, if you go, make sure you succeed. The guild will be enriched if the pepper is brought in.”

“Haha, I will do my best. Camille-san, may I ask you to register my familiar?”

“Yes, let’s go to the counter to complete the procedure.”

After registering Rimu at the counter, Dino-san, Enrico-san, and I went to the Black-tailed Gull’s inn. When I showed Rimu to the landlady, she said it would be free of charge as long as I didn’t make the room dirty.

I ordered dinner at the cafeteria and talked with Dino-san and Enrico-san about my future plans.

“Dino-san, Enrico-san, I’m going to try the pepper trade next time. For that purpose, I am going to buy slaves for my escort tomorrow.”

“I see you have chosen a dangerous path. In that case, are we to be released from our duties tomorrow?”

“No, I need to consult with you about that. I am thinking of buying two skilled female slaves tomorrow, and since I will be on the island two more times, would it be possible to have you teach the slaves how to escort me during that time?”

“Hmm, playing the role of instructor, huh? I’m not sure if Enrico can teach people things, let alone me.”

“Don’t be so mean. I can also teach the basics of escorting.”

“Well, Enrico-san, please don’t tell me that the basic rule of a guard is to break bones.”

“If you break bones, they can’t escape, and the next time they come at you, it will take a while.”

“No, I don’t think breaking bones is a good idea.”

“Alright, let’s say 12 days, I can teach them the basics, and I’ll take care of it. Is that okay with you, Dino?”


“Then, sure.”

I returned to my room, played with Rimu, and made plans for tomorrow. I’d better buy the ship before departure because if I’m conspicuous, I’ll be attacked again. I want to have enough food for two months, but I can’t take the boat out with the escort.

I’ll buy some small rubber boats and summon them in my room, or I’ll reveal my abilities to the slaves, so I’ll use the boats as food storage and gather lots of meat, vegetables, wheat, bread, and food from the food stalls.

Also, the ship has a shower but no bath. The outside part after the ship, what do you call the aft deck? Let’s ask Donnino-san to make a bath that I can put on the aft deck.

It will be a small bath because it will be placed on top of a smaller rubber boat, but I want to try a bath on the sea.

For now, let’s buy four rubber boats without extra protrusions, one for the bath boat and three for the food storage boat. Each of these boats will cost me one silver coin and 50 copper coins. That’s six silver coins in total; let’s check the screen.


Ship Summoning Level 2

You can summon the ship you bought. +1

You can keep the purchased ship in the best condition and control it at will.

You can buy a new ship from the purchase screen.



Auto-maps the places you have been to.


Ship Disguise 

Change the appearance and texture of the ship without changing its performance.


Initial Rowboat (Wooden): Maximum number of passengers: 2

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection



Rubber Boat (blue): Maximum number of passengers: 2 (Bath boat)

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection


Rubber Boat (green): Maximum number of passengers: 2 (Food storage boat)

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection


Rubber Boat (red): Maximum number of passengers: 2 (Food storage boat)

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection


Rubber Boat (black): Maximum number of passengers: 2 (Food storage boat)

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection


Big Fishing Rubber Boat (dark green): Maximum number of passengers: 4-5 (Hut boat)

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection


Big Fishing Rubber Boat (blue): Maximum number of passengers: 4-5 (Warehouse boat)

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection


Japanese-style boat: Maximum number of passengers: 12                                       

Features: Unsinkable, indestructible, boarding rejection


The number of boats has increased, but the level of ship summoning has not increased. I wonder if the condition for leveling up is not how many boats you bought but the value of the boats you bought.

“Rimu, let’s go to sleep.”


Rimu jumped into the basket it had been in all day today. I wonder if it thinks it is its own room? Tomorrow I’ll buy a slightly better basket where I can lay a towel in it.

“Good night, Rimu.”


* * *


Morning, huh? There’s a lot to do today. I get ready and go to the cafeteria with the two guards and a sleeping Rimu in a basket. Was it the smell that caught its attention? Rimu came out of the basket with a pop. I wonder if slime can smell?

“Good morning, Rimu.”

“…Good morning… food…”

“Yes, it’s breakfast.”

I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m wondering if I’m the only one talking to Rimu because Rimu’s words are only being communicated to me. The two guards are smiling wryly. Well, it’s okay because there’s no way I’m not talking to Rimu.

I order an extra breakfast for Rimu and have breakfast. Rimu is happy to have a variety of tastes and is moving from one dish to the next, digesting them all. So cute.

After finishing our meal, I put Rimu in a basket and went shopping. First, we went to a bag shop, where there were various kinds of bags, but Rimu liked a solid leather shoulder bag that cost four silver coins.

Next, let’s ask Donnino-san to make me a bath.

“Good morning, Donnino-san.”

“Oh, Wataru, it’s been a long time.”

“Yes, I’d like a slightly smaller version of the bath you made me the other day. The size is 150 x 70, and the height is 80.”

“Thanks to Wataru, I’ve received a lot of orders from Guido and the others. So, I’ll make it for you at a great discount of 60 silver coins.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, because I’ve made a lot of money thanks to you.”

“Well, please then, here’s 60 silver coins.”

“Okay, it’ll be ready by tomorrow night. You want me to take it to the dock?”

“No. Can you take it to the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn?”


Now finally, the slave trading house. It is a place where nobody has any problem in this world, but I guess it is the result of Japanese education that the mere thought of slavery makes me feel guilty. But I guess the fact that the thought of slavery makes my heart pound is a result of the influence of the novel sites that post stories.


Balance: 3 gold coins, 11 silver coins, 60 copper coins.
Guild account balance: 4 platinum coins, 83 gold coins, 80 silver coins.


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