I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 12 Prologue Part 2

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Part 2


“Let me and Luna attend the academy in Yuuya-sama’s world!”


After the battle with the false god, we returned to our original world.

Then, Ouma-san told me that my acquaintances were being attacked by monsters in the [Great Devil’s Nest], so I went to help them and found Lexia-san and Luna there.

After rescuing them, I asked them why they had visited the [Great Devil’s Nest], and this was what they answered.

As I froze at Lexia-san’s unexpected comment, Iris-san, who had come with me to see what was going on, raised her voice.

“W-wait a minute! What do you mean by… the school in Yuuya-kun’s world?”

“I mean it as it is, Iris-sama. We want to attend the school that Yuuya-sama attends!”

I thought I had misheard something, but it seems to be true.

I finally finished digesting Lexia-san’s words and hurriedly asked.

“U-um, you want to attend the school I go to… What happened?”

“The truth is, it is customary for us royalty to enroll in the Aurelia Academy in the Luminous Kingdom when we reach a certain age. The school attracts children of royalty and nobility from countries other than ours in the Kingdom of Arcelia, so I was to enroll there for networking, diplomacy… and other such reasons.”


“But it’s boring to go to school for political reasons or to look the part of a princess like that! If that’s the case, I thought it would be more fun to go to the school that Yuuya-sama goes to!”


The reason was even crazier than I thought!

“I-is that okay? If you have such a diplomatic reason, you should go to that Aurelia Academy…”

“It’s fine! It is far more important to deepen my relationship with Yuuya-sama than it is to deepen the connections I can get there! And there are many things in Yuuya-sama’s world that I can never experience in this world… so it would be best if I could experience many things in Yuuya-sama’s world and bring what I learned there back to the Kingdom of Arcelia.”

I don’t really understand, but I guess Earth is a more valuable place for Lexia-san and the others than for them to deepen their relationships with other countries in this other world…

That being said, if it were the other way around, would that be the case?

I guess it’s like saying that the other world might have resources lying around that we don’t have on Earth and are worth exploring, rather than diplomacy among the countries that exist on Earth today.

When I was thinking about this, Luna let out a sigh.

“Hah… well, you see. Lexia is ready to go to the academy that Yuuya is attending…”

“Ara, so Luna isn’t going too? That’s fine if that’s the case, though?”

“Wha!? I-I’m not saying that! …A-anyway, if she goes to the Aurelia Academy, I will have to accompany her as her escort. And that would inevitably lead me to participate in the troublesome exchange between nobles. I don’t want that either. That’s why, this plan includes me too, I would like to be taken care of in Yuuya’s world…”

“W-wait a minute!”

Then Iris-san hurriedly interrupted Luna’s words.

“I understand that you don’t want to go to Aurelia Academy. I know what kind of academy it is, and I’m sure it’s a hassle… but what do you mean you’ll be taken care of by Yuuya-kun!”

“Actually, I’ve already talked to my father about it. Then my father said that if he knew that the Earth… where Yuuya-sama lives, is a safe world, he would be willing to change my study destination to the academy where Yuuya-sama attends! Then, the only acquaintance we can rely on is Yuuya-sama, and I thought it was inevitable that… we would be under Yuuya-sama’s care.”

“Why? You see, that ‘Saintess’ called Mai is on Earth, too, right? Why don’t you live with her!”

“Unfortunately, Mai goes to a different school than Yuuya-sama. I got permission from my father to go to the school where Yuuya-sama is.”


Iris-san bit her teeth in frustration as Lexia-san told her so in a happy mood.

As I was appalled by their exchange, Lexia-san suddenly took my arm.

“So, Yuuya-sama! Will you please come with me?”

“Eh? W-where are we going?”

“To the royal castle, of course! I want you to explain to my father that Earth is a safe place!”

The conversation went on and on, and it was decided that I was going to head to the Royal Capital.

With Iris-san present, we were able to get out of the [Great Devil’s Nest] without incident, but there we parted ways with Iris-san.

“The truth is… I really want to go with you…! If anything, I want to spend my school life with Yuuya-kun too…!”


Unfortunately, Iris-san and I are obviously different in age, so no matter how hard we try, we won’t be able to spend our school life together.

Anyway, Iris-san was reluctant to part with me until the very end, but I guess she was still busy with her duties as a Sword Saint, and she left with regret.

After parting with Iris-san, we headed directly to the Royal Capital.




When I arrived safely at the royal castle in the Royal Capital, I found myself being taken to the audience chamber, where I was to have an audience with Arnold-sama.

Then, sitting in the depths of the audience chamber, Arnold-sama stared at me with a somewhat tired look on his face.

“Oh, Yuuya-dono… it’s been a while.”

“I-it’s been a long time…”

“Now, Father! I’ve brought Yuuya-sama!”

“Hmm… what a lot of energy she has, despite being my daughter…”

“This is the result of Your Majesty’s pampering.”

“Don’t say that…”

Arnold-sama frowned even further when Owen-san made a small rebuttal to him, but he regained his composure and turned to me.

“So, I’m sure you’ve heard the story from Lexia…”

“Y-yes. She said that she wanted to study at my school…”

“That’s right.”

“Um, is that okay? From what I’ve heard, she’s originally going to attend a place called Aurelia Academy…”

“If you’re asking me if it’s okay, I can’t say it’s really okay.”

“Hey, Father?”


“But the world you live in, Yuuya-dono, is also important to us.”

Arnold-sama spoke in a dignified manner.

“Certainly, the connections formed at Aurelia Academy are a part of our tradition and have been valued up to this point. But it is no exaggeration to say that the connections that can be forged there are ultimately dictated by the relationships between countries at that given time. In other words, for example, it is not possible for people from hostile countries to get along with each other. This inevitably leads to a fixed network of contacts.”

“I-I see.”

“In comparison, the world of Yuuya-dono is a far more unknown territory for us. That is precisely why I am willing to bet on it.”

After saying all of this, Arnold-sama let out a heavy sigh.

“…However, I am also worried about Lexia’s safety. So I would like to ask Yuuya-dono.”

“W-what is it?”

“Is the world where Yuuya-dono lives safe?”

It seemed that his heart as a father prevailed more than as a king.

“Well, yes… first of all, I can’t say that it is absolutely safe.”

“Mm… that would be true.”

“But I think it is very safe.”

There is no place in any country where there is no possibility of being involved in a crime.

Of course, Japan, where I live, is definitely safer than other countries.

And needless to say, there are no monsters, so I think it is less dangerous than this country.

“Besides… if something should happen to Lexia-san, I will definitely protect her.”

In response to my words, Arnold-sama closed his eyes and then quietly opened his mouth.

“…I understand. I will officially approve Lexia and Luna to study there.”

“Yay! We did it! Father, I love you!”


At Lexia-san’s words, Arnold-sama pressed his chest and smiled happily.

“I-I see. Umu.”

“I’m glad for you, Your Majesty.”

Owen-san said so with a bitter smile.

Then, somewhat embarrassed, Arnold-sama cleared his throat.

“Hmm! So, I accept Lexia’s study there, but Yuuya-dono will take care of her in your world, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will.”

I can’t just suddenly throw Lexia-san and Luna out to the Earth, can I…?

“I see. Well, if Yuuya-dono is around, it will be a great relief. However! I won’t allow you to touch Lexia!”



I could only give a wry smile to Arnold-sama, who was intimidating me as if to remind me.




While various thoughts were crossing in various directions, a certain agenda was being discussed in the student council room of Ousei Academy on Earth.


“──As expected, our school should have a big promotion like the Nittei Academy!”


So declared a cheerful young man with brown hair.

At first glance, the young man looked like an idol, but his eyes sparkled with a boyish curiosity that could not be contained.

He was the student council president of the Ousei Academy──Sou Kitaraku.

The student council members who were present at the time turned a blind eye to the outlandish comments made by Kitaraku.

Then, the first to come to his senses was a young student council member… Yuu Inukai, whose eyes lit up just as brightly as those of Kitaraku.

“Well, I agree! Let’s do it!”

“Oh… Well, that’s a bad habit of Kitaraku-senpai…”

Contrary to Inukai, the girl who spoke up in a somewhat languid manner was Nekota Yume, also a student council officer.

Seeing their extreme reactions, Kitaraku laughed happily.

“Hahahaha! That’s good! You have to challenge everything!”

“That’s right!”

“The last time you said that you even suggested that we do some weird project like ‘Nagashi Soumen‘…”

“It was a pain to have to stop that one! That would have been fun…”

“I’m glad they stopped it, though… If you want to know, the teachers said a lot of things about it during the athletic festival…”

“Was it? Hahaha! But the athletic festival itself was a success, wasn’t it?”


The student council takes the lead in planning and carrying out school events at Ousei Academy, so all the events that Yuuya has participated in so far have also been held under the leadership of this student council.

At the recent athletic festival, the student council was able to incorporate a number of new events and activities, and they were able to do just about anything they desired.

Naturally, the teachers tried to stop them at least once, but because of their strong pushiness and the fact that all the past events were a great success, the council and their outlandish plans were tolerated at any rate. However, there is a limit to how much they can do, and the teachers will stop them if their plans are too outrageous.

The teachers were always nervous about what Kitaraku would say because they never knew what he would say.

Kaori, who belongs to such a unique student council, raised her hand ostentatiously.

“Um… specifically, what do you mean by promotion…?”

“That’s a good question! What are we going to do… I haven’t decided on anything yet!”

“You haven’t decided what you’re going to do?”

Kaori was surprised to hear Kitaraku say it so matter-of-factly.

“It’s obvious! I just came up with the idea, after all!”

“Do we always get pushed around by your ideas…?”

“Hey, hey, Nekota! Are you complaining about what Kitaraku-senpai is doing?”

“You are too thoughtless.”


“W-well, well…”

While Kaori is quieting them down, Kitaraku is lost in thought.

“Fumu… I’d like to do some big promotions, but when it comes to concrete ideas… hah! That’s right!”



“How about a school idol?”


“””School Idol?”””

While the three tilted their heads at Kitaraku’s outlandish statement, Kitaraku nodded his head as if saying it was a good idea.

“Yeah! School idols have been the subject of many anime and video games, right? However, there are only a few schools that actually do it… So! If our school has a school idol, it will definitely increase the school’s recognition more than ever before!”

“A-as expected of Kitaraku-senpai!”

“No, no, no! I don’t think the teachers will give us permission if we suddenly propose such a thing!”

“I’ll push through!”

“You always do that, don’t you?”

“B-but, isn’t the idol a bit too much…?”

When Kaori uttered this, Kitaraku thought for a moment since she was the board chairman’s daughter.

“Mm, if Houjou-san says so… no, but the board chairman is a man who can understand what I’m talking about, and I’m sure it will be alright…?”

“Even if the board chairman allows it, I’m sure the other teachers will oppose it…”

“Is that so? Well, the school festival was also a spectacular one, following the athletic festival. It was a lot of fun!”

“It’s strange that you can call that fun, Kitaraku-senpai…”

“I-I apologize for the inconvenience…”

The school festival showdown between Nittei Academy and Ousei Academy over the enrollment of Yuuya was decided to be carried out at the sole discretion of Kaori, so the student council, which was planning the school festival as usual at the time, became very flustered.

Although they did not actively advertise the festival externally, they instead carefully selected the artists they invited every year and strengthened the school’s security, and there was a lot of hard work that was not visible to the public.

However, even these hardships are done by Kitaraku because it was “fun,” and the hardships of the student council members who had to go along with it were immeasurable.

“In the first place, who will be in charge of this idol project? I know you know that, but we can’t do it, can we?”

“Mm? Is that so? If we work hard, we can manage…”

“No, we can’t.”

Nekota anticipated and crushed Kitaraku’s statement.

“And I’m sure it’s going to be tough to select those school idols, to find someone to take charge of the project itself, and most of all, to convince the teachers! It’s all going to be tough!”

As Nekota said this while exhaling a sigh, Kitaraku pondered.

“Hmm… Nekota has a point… Can’t we somehow convince the teachers while selecting the candidates for the school idols, as well as deciding who will be in charge of the project…?”

“I don’t think that’s possible…”

Thus, Kitaraku began to think of ways to move forward with the school idol project.


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