I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 12 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1 – Different World Exchange

Part 1


Although it was decided that Lexia was going to study at Ousei Academy, there were many things I couldn’t do on my own. So, just as I did with Yuti, I decided to ask Kaori for advice, and after school, I approached her.


“Yuuya-san! What’s wrong?”

“Actually, there’s something I want to talk to you about…”

“What do you want to talk about?”

I look around, lower my voice a little and tell Kaori.

“Um… Do you remember Lexia-san and Luna?”

“Yes, of course, I remember them. Lexia-san was… the princess of the other world, right?”

“Yeah. It seems that… Lexia-san wants to study in this world…”


As expected, Kaori also raised her voice, probably because she was not expecting it.

Then the people around us looked at us in surprise, and Kaori hurriedly dropped her voice.

“Study in this world… Do you mean that she will be living in this world?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“U-um… We can’t stop Lexia-san and the others, of course, but will it be alright? Lexia-san is a princess, isn’t she…?”

“It doesn’t seem to matter. Rather, Lexia-san’s father, the King, has allowed it… Well, he has given me a lot of conditions.”


“Yeah. I will take care of her at my house, along with Yuti.”

“At Yuuya-san’s house? W-why?”

The moment I said I would take care of Lexia-san and the others, Kaori rushed over to me.

But when she noticed the stares from the people around us again, she moved away from me with an embarrassed look on her face.

“I-I’m sorry… I was just surprised… B-but how did that happen?”

“It seems that the King feels it is safer if she’s with me, I guess.”

“That… That may be true, but…”

Kaori has a complicated expression on her face after hearing my explanation.

Well, that’s just natural. Even now, I live with a girl named Yuti, and soon Lexia-san and the others will join us.

From the outside, it’s natural to worry that something might go wrong.

I’m also worried about many things… and Arnold-sama told me to be very careful and not to do anything strange…

Kaori, deep in thought, eventually let out a sigh.

“Sigh… I understand. As long as the conversation has already been decided, there’s nothing I can say… So, you’re talking about studying abroad, but what will you do about the school?”

“Um… I don’t know if it’s a good idea to discuss this kind of thing… but is it possible for them to study at Ousei Academy?”

Normally, there is no way you can immediately study abroad when asked in this way.

However, if this Ousei Academy is no good, the Nittei Academy is the only other school that I know of or can introduce them to…

Lexia-san and the others said they wanted to study at the same school as me, and more importantly, Arnold-sama made it a condition of their study abroad that they be safe. In that sense, if they could attend the Ousei Academy with me, I would be able to protect Lexia-san in case something were to happen.

Besides, Lexia-san and the others were here to study abroad to learn about the culture of this planet. In that sense, Ousei Academy would be the perfect place for them to challenge themselves and experience a variety of things.

However, there is no doubt that I am asking for something reckless.

If it doesn’t work, I will have to think of some other means…

When I thought so, Kaori said as if nothing was wrong.


“I understand. Then, I’ll take care of the transfer procedures.”


“Eh? I-is that alright?”

I was surprised at how easily she accepted my request, but she smiled at me.

“Yes. Above all, it’s a request from Yuuya-san!”

“A request from me, you say… but I’m not really that important…”

No, that’s not true! Thanks to Yuuya-san’s active role in this school, my father also said that his work as board chairman is going well.”


Kaori’s father, Tsukasa-san, is indeed the board chairman of Ousei Academy, but I didn’t think I had any influence on that work.

“Anyway, Yuuya-san, don’t worry about it! I’ll take care of the formalities on my end.”

“Thank you so much…!”

It is thanks to Kaori that I was able to enter this school.

I really can’t stand up against Kaori…

“So, I’m going to ask you again, but I was wondering if you could help Lexia-san and the others prepare the daily necessities they will need to live in this world, just like you did with Yuti…”

“No problem! We also need to prepare our school uniforms, so let’s get them together then!”

I was able to get Kaori to cooperate with me, and we made arrangements to bring Lexia-san and the others back to Earth.




“Kaori! Long time no see!”

“Have you been well?”

“Lexia-san, Luna-san! Long time no see!”

Lexia-san and Luna arrived safely at the Earth through the door in my house.

The three of them were delighted to see each other after a long time. For a moment, Lexia-san looked at me and began to talk with Kaori in a hushed voice.

“…Kaori. Now that I’ve come to live in this world like this, I won’t show any mercy to you as a rival from now on, okay?”

“Hmph! As I thought, Lexia-san is here for that reason…”

“Yes, of course!”

“That can’t be true… W-well, it’s one of the main reasons for her, but I hope she can learn a lot of things in this world and use them for the development of her own country.”

“…I see. But I’m not going to lose, either…!”

“Yes, that’s what I want!”

There seem to be some sparks flying between the three of them, but… I don’t sense anything serious in that atmosphere. What in the world are they talking about…?

“Well, for the time being, we’ve prepared what we can in advance, so all that remains is to prepare the clothes that you two need to be measured for, such as your sizes.”

“Yes, please!”

“The only clothes I have from this world are the ones I got from Mai before. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of things there will be.”

I followed Kaori as she prepared the clothes for Lexia-san and Luna.

“Ara, these are so cute! What do you think, Yuuya-sama?”

“Hey, Yuuya! Not only Lexia but… M-me too…”

“U-uh… It really suits you…?”

“Geez! I wish you’d call me cute.”

After trying on one outfit after another at the clothing store, Lexia-san and Luna asked for my opinion every time.

To be honest, shopping with women is a very high hurdle for me, but when I am asked to give feedback on their clothes, it is a very difficult thing for me to do.

Above all, from a few moments ago, there was a great deal of staring from those around me.

“Hey, that…”

“A-amazing! Are they celebrities?”

“They are all beautiful, and the man is handsome… Well, it’s a pleasure to the eye.”

“Kuh! That guy… I-I’m so jealous!”

Some of the men glared at me as if they were about to shed tears of blood, which was very scary.

I was so terrified that I could not relax as I stayed vigilant about my surroundings in case something happened to Lexia-san and the others.

Thus, as we finished shopping with my nerves on edge, the last thing to do was to try on the Ousei Academy uniforms that Kaori had prepared for them.

“Wow…! This outfit is so cute!”

“Y-yeah. Um, Kaori. Are you really going to wear this kind of clothes to school?”

“Yes, we do. If it’s a different school, the uniform will be different again…”

“I see…”

“There are a lot of pretty uniforms in the academies of our world, but the uniforms of the academies attended by royalty and nobility are strangely formal, difficult to move around in, and troublesome.”

“Kaori and the other students who attend the school all wear the same uniform, right?  That part is different from ours.”


I was surprised at Luna’s explanation.

Since it is a school, I thought there would be no major differences in appearance, only something different to represent each grade level, even if the designs were different.

But listening to Lexia-san and Luna, it seems that there are quite a few differences.

As I was thinking about this, Lexia-san smiled mischievously and turned her gaze toward me.

“So, what do you think? Does this uniform suit me?”

“O-of course, it looks good on you.”

“Then… Am I cute?”

“Ugh! I-it’s cute…”

“Fufu! Yuuya-sama said I’m cute! Now we have no choice but to get married!”


“You forced him to say it. In addition, he never said that you are cute. He said you were cute in your uniform.”

“What did you say?”


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“Ahaha… They’re so lively, aren’t you?”


Lexia-san pressed Luna and showered her with one complaint after another.

But Luna brushed Lexia-san off and did not seem to respond at all.

──This is how the preparations for Lexia-san’s and Luna’s study abroad program ended without incident.


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