I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1 – Disciple of Claw Saint

Part 1


Luna asked Lexia as they walked through the bustling hustle and bustle of the royal capital.

“But where are you going when you say journey? Do you have a destination in mind?”

“No, I don’t have a destination in mind.”

Luna almost fell to her knees at Lexia’s nonchalant answer.

“No matter how you look at it, it’s too unplanned…!”

“It can’t be helped; it was a sudden decision.”

“Well, that’s true, but… there’s nothing we can do about not having a place to go. Is there at least a place you want to go? Do you have any acquaintances in other countries…?”

“Hmm, an acquaintance…”

Lexia thought for a moment and then looked up quickly.

“Then let’s go to the Regal Kingdom! We can go to Regal where we can meet Orghis-sama and Laila-sama!”

Regal is a neighboring country to the Kingdom of Arcelia and is the world’s largest magic powerhouse. And Lexia, as the princess of the Kingdom of Arcelia, was appointed as its ambassador.

Originally, the two countries had a friendly relationship, but recently they have deepened their friendship even further, partly because Lexia is close in age to Princess Laila, daughter of King Orghis of Regal.

“Certainly, it’s easy to go there since it’s a neighboring country, but… won’t they be bothered by our sudden intrusion?”

Luna was skeptical, but Lexia confidently puffed out her chest.

“We haven’t seen each other in a while, and I’m sure we’ll be welcomed with open arms. I would like to greet them on our departure. Besides, if Orghis-sama or Laila-sama have any problems, we might be able to help them! If so, we can immediately fulfill the purpose of our journey, which is to help people!”

“Hah. I hope it works out that way.”

Despite Luna’s resigned sigh, Lexia pointed triumphantly to the sky.

“So, the destination has been decided to be the Regal Kingdom! Once we arrive in Regal, we’ll go to the royal castle first!”

“Good heavens, I can already see the future ahead…”




“Lexia-dono, Luna-dono. What happened this time?”

After arriving at the royal castle of the Kingdom of Regal, the two were immediately taken to the audience chamber.

A stern-looking man dressed in dignified clothes──King Orghis of Regal──greeted them, surprised at their sudden visit.

“Good day to you, Orghis-sama. I know it’s sudden, but we’re on a journey!”

“O-on a journey…? What do you mean by a journey, just the two of you? How in the world did you come to…”

“Well, I suppose that’s the expected reaction.”

Orghis is puzzled, and Luna mutters quietly.

But Lexia, not caring about Orghis’ reaction, cut to the chase.

“You don’t look well, Orghis-sama. Is something wrong?”

“! …Oh, no, I’ve been busy recently. I’m just a little tired; there is nothing to worry about…”

“It’s not just Orghis-sama. The castle is not very lively, and everyone seems to be in low spirits. ──And I can’t see Laila-sama. Hey, Orghis-sama, where is Laila-sama?”

Laila, the first princess of the Kingdom of Regal, is highly popular among the castle’s servants, soldiers, and the people because of her radiant beauty and intelligence. She always supported her father, King Orghis, by his side, and would usually welcome Lexia and the others with open arms.

“I-it is…”

Seeing the agitated Orghis, Lexia leaned forward with a serious face.

“Perhaps something has happened to Laila-sama?”

“…Laila is…”

Orghis is at a loss for words for a moment. However, he slowly opened his mouth with a somber look on his face, as if he had come to the realization that he could not keep this a secret forever.

“…The truth is, I haven’t announced it to the kings of other countries, let alone to the rest of the country, but… Laila is in the Kingdom of Sahar right now.”

“In the Kingdom of Sahar?”


Lexia and Luna were unintentionally startled.

The Kingdom of Sahar is a large, long-standing kingdom located in the south. It is called the Land of the Sun because of its thriving trade and its hot, lively, joyful, and jovial atmosphere.

However, it is a considerable distance from the Regal Kingdom, and there is no mention of a close friendship between the two countries.

Orghis squeezed out a voice filled with bitterness.

“King Braha of the southern kingdom of Sahar has asked her to be engaged to their first prince… I didn’t want to let her go, but Laila thought it would be good for peace between the countries, so she left for the kingdom of Sahar.”

“Engagement? No way, I thought there had never been any talk of an engagement before.”

“It’s very sudden, isn’t it?”

Lexia rolled her eyes in surprise, and Luna agreed with her.

Orghis dropped his shoulders and let out a deep breath.

“I, too, am surprised at the suddenness of the matter. Laila was urged to come as soon as possible, and she left in a hurry, not having prepared herself well. She had been told that it was the first prince’s fervent wish…”

“Laila-sama once said If she is going to be married, it has to be a strong gentleman.” Is the first prince of the kingdom of Sahar an outstanding man in Laila-sama’s eyes?”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing, but…”

“Do the people of the Kingdom of Regal already know about Laila-sama’s engagement?”

“No, the matter is still within the castle. The people know nothing about it.”

“The people will be saddened when they find out about this…”

The people of Regal were proud of Laila’s nobility and stature and of her talent as a representative of the name of a magical powerhouse. For the Regal people, losing Laila would be tantamount to losing the sun.

Lexia pondered with a serious expression on her face.

“…This engagement is strange. It is too sudden. And King Braha is not the kind of man who would use a political marriage as a diplomatic card.”

“Yes, I was surprised, too. The Kingdom of Sahar may not be monolithic either. It’s the kind of engagement that Laila would not want. If it were true, I would call her back immediately… but she’s a very responsible young woman. The kingdom of Sahar is a powerful country with a long history. If she had refused, there was a risk that things would have become violent. It is precisely out of consideration for her country and her people that Laila left the Regal Kingdom without hearing a word I have to say…”

The wrinkles between Orghis’s brows furrowed as he cast his eyes down, and one could tell that he was sincerely concerned about Laila.

Lexia puts her finger to her chin and thinks seriously.

“I am sure that Laila-sama does not want this engagement. Besides, the suspicious scent of an unnatural engagement… may be putting Laila-sama in danger…! ──I’m going to the Sahar Kingdom right now, Luna!”

“Huh. That’s terribly reckless of you.”

“W-wait a minute, Lexia-dono. What do you mean you’re going to the Kingdom of Sahar?”

To Orghis, who was puzzled, Lexia looked straight at him.

“We set out on a journey around the world to help those in need.”

“D-did you really set out on a journey, and it was a journey to help people with only Luna-dono… I’m surprised your father allowed you to go.”

“In fact, it’s not so much that he allowed it, but rather that he was forced into it by the force of momentum.”

Luna blurted out, but Lexia resolutely held her chest.

“Rest assured, Orghis-sama. We will go to the Kingdom of Sahar and solve the mystery of this engagement. And if Laila-sama is in danger, we will save her!”


Orghis couldn’t help but stammer. If something were to happen involving a princess from another country, the gravity of the situation would be immeasurable.

However, Lexia looked at Orghis with a soft gaze.

“I know it. I know that Laila-sama loves Regal and its people more than anyone else. She would never want to marry in a foreign country so far away from her people, even if it would make them sad. Neither can I leave Laila-sama and Orghis-sama in sorrow.”

“…! Lexia-dono…”

Orghis stammered.

Lexia smiled, her jade green eyes glowing with fire as she declared in high spirits.


“Leave it to me. I will bring Laila-sama back safe and sound! This is our first mission on our journey!”


Orghis’s eyes widened.

He could not hold back Laila’s determination to give herself up for her country and in his position as king, but as a father who wished for his daughter’s happiness more than anyone else, Lexia’s words were a ray of light in the dark clouds.

Orghis clenched his fists and bowed his head deeply, gnashing his teeth.

“Thank you very much. Please take care of Laila… my daughter.”


“Good grief, I don’t think it’s something you’d want to promise cheaply at all… Well, that’s how Lexia should be.”

Luna let out a sigh but also a small laugh.

Although her recklessness can be disconcerting at times, it is to Lexia’s advantage that she is straightforward in her concern for those in need and that she is willing to go forward on the path she believes in. After all, she has the audacity to take Luna, who tried to assassinate her, as her bodyguard.

“If that’s the case, I have no more business in this country! See you later, Orghis-sama!”

“A-already? Isn’t your stay here too short? No, I appreciate your quick action, but…!”

“Oh, but if we’re going to the desert, we’ll have to prepare accordingly! We need to repack!”

“A-ah, in that case, you can use the guest room; I’ll have somebody show you around right away.”

After borrowing a room and getting ready to go, they leave the royal castle.

Lexia’s dazzling blonde hair fluttered in the wind, and her jade-green eyes blazed.

“The next destination will be the Kingdom of Sahar! First, we must meet Laila-sama and find out her true intentions!”

“Oh, good grief, it’s going to be a long trip!”

Thus, the two left Regal and headed south to the Kingdom of Sahar, the Land of the Sun.


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