I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Prologue

Yup, it’s the side/girl’s story of Lexia and the others, so here’s the chapter and enjoy~



“Hah. It’s so boring.”

The Kingdom of Arcelia is a peaceful country where people live in prosperity.

In a room of the royal castle that rises above the capital, a girl let out a sigh.

Her blonde hair looks as if it has been sliced by sunlight, and her light-colored dress wraps her slender body. Her porcelain-white skin is smooth and translucent, and her jade-green eyes are large as if they are about to spill out.

Looking up at the sky with a melancholy expression on her face was Lexia, princess of the Kingdom of Arcelia.

Lexia is a half-elf born to Arnold, the king, and her high-elf mother. Her mother died soon after giving birth to Lexia, but she inherited her beauty and grew up to be a pretty girl who could be mistaken for a doll.

Her personality is very positive and tomboyish. She has a boldness and energy that is not typical of a princess, and she is always ready to do something as soon as she has an idea, often troubling her father, the king, and his aides, but she is very popular with the people because of her cheerful and friendly personality.

Such Lexia, like a young lady secluded in the inner room, let out a faint sigh from her coral-colored lips.

“Aaah. I wonder how Yuuya-sama is doing now?”

In the blue sky, Lexia could picture a boy with black hair and dark eyes, who was probably somewhere far away.

He is Yuuya Tenjou.

He is the one who saved Lexia’s life in the Great Devil’s Nest, where powerful monsters roamed, and he is the boy that Lexia is in love with.

Although he boasts of his unparalleled strength and unrivaled power, he himself is extremely humble and sincere. When he sees someone in need, he offers his hand without asking for anything in return.

Drawn to Yuuya’s kindness and strength, Lexia decides that she will marry him.

But that was only a one-sided story.

Yuuya said, “I’m afraid I’ll have to decline…!” But Lexia felt like she had been engaged to him.

“Hah, even though we are engaged, I haven’t been able to see him at all lately. Yuuya-sama seems to be busy, and I’ve been busy with my official duties… I’m tired of trying to put on a ladylike smile.”

“Engaged, you say…? In the first place, it is your duty as a princess to perform your official duties properly, isn’t it?”

A rather cold voice rises from the wall.

When Lexia turned around, she saw a girl with her back against the wall, her arms crossed in dismay.

She had silver hair like moonlight and clear blue eyes. Her slender body is beautifully toned, revealing a high level of physical ability.

“Besides, Yuuya has his own life. Don’t be stupid.”

“What? Saying that, but Luna misses him too, right?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see him…”

The girl called Luna exhaled shallowly as Lexia’s mouth twitched.

Despite her slender appearance, Luna used to be a skilled assassin who belonged to the Dark Guild.

She was known as the ‘headhunter’ and was one of the best in the Dark Guild; and once tried to kill Lexia upon a request.

However, that plan was thwarted by Yuuya. Luna herself, who grew up as an orphan and only knew how to live as a lone assassin, was saved when she learned of the warmth of people through her interactions and heart-to-heart exchanges with Yuuya.

Luna was saved when her target, Lexia, ordered her to “become my bodyguard!” Luna left the Dark Guild and is now working as Lexia’s bodyguard (and babysitter).

Although she is sometimes taken aback by Lexia’s wild and unpredictable ways, Luna faithfully fulfills her duties as a guard without ever leaving her side.

“Oh, I miss Yuuya-sama so much. It’s strange that we can’t see each other like this, even though I’m engaged to Yuuya-sama.”

“It’s a one-sided decision you’ve made. …Well, Yuuya might be lonely, too, if he’s alone. If he’s busy, it can’t be helped; I’ll stay by Yuuya’s side instead.”

“Waiiittttt!? How could I allow such a thing?”

A lively argument echoed in the luxurious room.

The two are not only princess and bodyguard but also rivals in love over Yuuya.

After the usual exchange, Lexia turned her cheek.

“Yuuya-sama is becoming more and more active, and I am sure by the next time we meet, he will be stronger again. At this rate, the gap between us as a couple will only widen…”

“As I said, you are not a couple.”

Yuuya’s strength was out of the ordinary, and he often surprised those around him with his extraordinary accomplishments without the knowledge of Lexia and the others.

As his self-proclaimed fiancée, Lexia was proud of Yuuya’s success, but at the same time, she was impatient with the growing gap between them during their time apart.

As Lexia looked at the clouds, she thought to herself──

“Oh yes, I just thought of a great idea!”

Lexia turned back to Luna, who was looking at her with a dazed look on her face, her jade green eyes shining brightly as she declared.


“We’re going on a journey!”



She was not concerned about Luna’s stunned voice, but Lexia’s voice was full of excitement.

“I have to experience many things and grow up so that I can be a suitable fiancée for Yuuya-sama! And for that, I think traveling is the best way! Yes, nothing will change if I just stay cooped up in the castle! Let’s go on a journey!”

“Do you know what you are saying? How can a princess be allowed to go on a journey──”

“Of course, Luna’s coming with me, too.”

“What? You can’t just decide that!”

“You’re my bodyguard. Of course, I’m taking you with me.”

“…Then, of course, you’ll take Owen with you, too, right?”

Owen is Lexia’s bodyguard, a knight with an honest and strict character and first-rate swordsmanship. He is not only an old guard but also one of the few protectors who can stop Lexia from going out of control.

But Lexia blinked.

“Eh? There’s no way I’m taking him with me. I can’t do whatever I want if Owen is present. Luna would be enough to protect me, wouldn’t she?”

“Do as you wish…”

“Since that’s the case, I’ll go directly to my father. I’m going to ask him to approve my and Luna’s journey!”

“Wait, Lexia! I haven’t decided to go yet… Hey!? Listen to me!”

Luna hurried after Lexia, who ran out of the room.




“──What did you just say?”

In the audience chamber.

Arnold, a man of prime-age wearing a red cloak and a crown on his head──the King of Arcelia──muttered in appalled disbelief.

He had a stern appearance and a well-developed face reminiscent of the beautiful young men of the past. But now, his face was stunned, and his voice, which should have been full of dignity, was gravelly with surprise.

“I want to go on a journey.”

Lexia repeats without timidity as she gazes at her stunned father with sparkling eyes.

“Yuuya-sama is getting stronger and stronger without my knowledge, and I am sure he is still saving many people. I want to go on a journey as Yuuya-sama’s fiancee to save people and countries that are suffering──no, I have already decided. Father, I am going on a journey!”

But Arnold, the king of a country and Lexia’s doting father, would not allow such an outrage.

“Wait, what do you mean by ‘fiancée’? I have not yet approved of it! And… I can’t allow you to go on a journey like that! You are the first princess of the Kingdom of Arcelia and my precious daughter. What if something should happen to you?”

“Don’t worry; Luna is with me.”

“I haven’t decided to go yet.”

Luna crossed her arms in dismay.

But Lexia is still determined to go.

“I’ve made up my mind. You know how strong Luna is, don’t you, Father?”

“T-that’s true, but…”

“Then it’s decided! Now then, let’s get ready──”

“Wait a minute, Lexia-sama.”

Arnold, who was being overwhelmed by Lexia’s momentum, was rescued by a middle-aged knight, Owen, who was Lexia’s bodyguard. He has served as Lexia’s bodyguard for many years, despite the pain in his head and stomach caused by Lexia’s outbursts. He used to object when Luna, who once tried to kill Lexia, became her bodyguard, but now he recognizes Luna’s ability and personality and relies on her as a comrade who protects Lexia and is pushed around with her.

However, as Lexia’s guardian, he could not overlook the turmoil that was unfolding before his eyes.

“If you are going on a journey, at least take me with you. It is true that Luna’s skills are perfect as a bodyguard, but it is too dangerous.”

“O-oh, yes. Lexia, if you must go on the journey, take Owen with you as your bodyguard. Truth be told, I’m still worried about you…”

While saying this, Arnold gives Owen a suggestive glance, and Owen nods in response. The two sides of the look at each other contained an unspoken understanding that they would send her on a journey to a nearby place for the time being, and when she was satisfied, they would cut her off at a suitable place.

But Lexia’s cheeks puffed out.

“I don’t want to. If Owen is present, he won’t let me do this or that; he won’t let me be free.”

“Of course.”

When Owen said firmly, Lexia shook her head.

“I absolutely hate that! I want to see the world with my own eyes, choose my own path, walk on my own two feet and grow up. As a person, as a woman, as a princess.”

“You say that, but it’s simply because you want Yuuya’s approval.”

“Right, is that wrong?”


Luna was surprised, but Lexia turned her head to Arnold.

“Hey, is it okay, Father?”

“N-no, but…”

“Good grief, Father, you don’t understand! You must allow it, or I’ll hate you!”

“H-hate…! U-ugh…!”

“Your Majesty, you must be careful!”

“Is that guy really the king…?”

Owen hurried to support Arnold, who had turned white as ashes and was about to collapse. Luna muttered quietly as she watched them.

Arnold staggered back to his feet, but with Owen’s help, he regained his composure.

“…Lexia, do you really understand? You are the princess of this country.”

“This is also because I’m a princess.”

Lexia met Arnold’s gaze, which was filled with dignity, with a straight gaze.

“This is my own training journey. If Owen were present, I would rely on him too much, and I wouldn’t be able to grow. You know what you always say, Father. Being able to think from the same perspective as the people and share their problems with them is a sign of good royalty. To do that, you said I should see the world with my own eyes, learn about the people who live in it and study them. Am I wrong?”

“B-but I have given you enough education as a princess. If you want to learn royal knowledge, then I’ll make sure you have a good tutor…”

“No, no. It is meaningless if I don’t make my own way. If Owen were present, of course, I would feel safe… but if I am protected forever, I will become an arrogant and narrow-minded person who only knows the view from there. I want to grow up on my own and become someone who can truly be there for others. And I want to help people.”

Lexia put her hand on her chest and declared in a loud voice.


“I promise you, Father. I will return home with the power to be royalty and a human being without bringing embarrassment, and I promise you that I will grow! This is my journey to do just that!”



“…The point is, you just want to do whatever you want.”

“Luna, shut up!”

Arnold lost his voice and thought deeply──and then muttered low.

“…I understand.”

“Your Majesty!”

Arnold slowly looked up and announced in a grave voice.


“Lexia and Luna. You are permitted to go on your journey.”


“Are you insane, Your Majesty?”

“Or rather, has it been decided that I will be going on this journey with her?”

“Please reconsider, or at least I should go with them…!”

Arnold shook his head gravely at Owen, who spoke of persuasion impatiently.

“No, indeed, Lexia has a point that she won’t grow if you’re around. It is only when she is freed from the wedge of her status and dives into the world herself that she can see the world.”

Arnold turned to Lexia with a stern look.

“Lexia, I understand your spirit. Go and learn with your feet and your eyes. Luna, take care of my daughter.”

“I have a feeling things are about to get a little tumultuous…?”

“Thank you, Father!”

Arnold tells Lexia, who is smiling like a flower with a pained expression on her face.

“But you must promise me that you will return safely. Send me a letter every three days, or every time you arrive in town. Be very careful of bad bugs, and if anyone tries to mess with you, I don’t mind using some rough measures… And I know you are aware of this, but don’t reveal your real name or identity lightly. It could cause people to think the wrong thing or get you into unnecessary trouble. Also…”

“Okay! Let’s go, Luna!”

“I’m still in the middle of my talk!”

Arnold shouted, but Lexia rushed out with Luna.

“H-hey, wait, Lexia, don’t pull me away! I didn’t say I’d go with you yet──”

“It was my decision! Just follow me!”

“How tyrannical can you be?”

Owen shouted in a panic as Lexia left like the wind.

“W-wait, Lexia-sama…! Are you sure, Your Majesty?”


Arnold narrowed his eyes at the backs of Lexia and Luna as they moved away.

“As Lexia said, getting to know the world is also an important duty as royalty. It will surely be a source of sustenance for Lexia to see and interact with other countries and their people. There is a saying, “Let a lovely child travel,” so let’s keep a warm eye on her.”

“…If Your Majesty says so. By the way, it is time for you to stand on your own two feet.”

“Fufu, no matter how old I get, I can’t stand my daughter’s ‘hate,’ Owen… it’s coming to my feet and legs…”

Arnold and Owen’s heartache was a thing of the past.

Lexia rushed back to her room with Luna in high spirits, ready to leave.




As soon as she entered the room, Lexia pulled a backpack from somewhere and packed it haphazardly.

“That’s everything!”

Luna let out an exasperated voice as she looked at the overstuffed bag on the bed.

“Can you carry such big luggage?”

“I’ll be fine! What about Luna’s luggage? Is that all you brought?”

“I’m a seasoned traveler. This one thing is enough for me.”

“Hmph. But it will be a long journey. If you need anything else, just let me know! Good──Kyaaa!?”

Lexia tried to carry her luggage on her back, but the weight was too much for her, and she fell on the bed.

“Haha, I knew you couldn’t carry it on your back… What in the world did you pack so much stuff in there? Let me see.”

“Oh, don’t open it without my permission!”

Luna shook her head and opened the cover of the backpack.

First out was a pile of sweets.

“…What’s this?”

“Emergency rations!”

“Okay, leave it all here.”


“You don’t need all these sweets!”

“Of course I need it! What if we wander into the wilderness and there is no food? Besides, if there are hungry and crying children, I can share!”

“Then I’ll hunt them down, be it fruit or beast!”

When Luna pulled out the contents with dismay, she found one after the other items, such as floating circles, bug nets, trumpets, colorful flags, shovels, picture books, and other items.

“You… are going to use this stuff anytime; it’s obviously going to get in the way. I mean, where did you procure them?”

“Because, it would be a disaster if we drowned in the sea, wouldn’t it? With an insect net, you might be able to collect valuable insects for magic research in the forest, and if we get lost in the snowy mountains, we can call for help with a trumpet. We need all of them.”

“No, we’re leaving it.”


Luna sorted through her belongings relentlessly, finally settling on two small backpacks.

“Oh, by the way, I can’t go on a journey dressed like this! I have to change!”

Lexia fluttered the hem of her dress and turned her back to Luna.

“Luna, can’t you undress me?”

“Why don’t you call your maid?”

“Luna is fine. …You can’t?”

“What’s wrong with you? Hah, good grief…”


NyX Translations


Luna exhaled and walked over to Lexia. As if unwrapping a gift, the lovely dress is removed, revealing her translucent white skin.

“Is this alright, Princess?”

“Fufu. It’s perfect!”

Lexia pulled a dress out of her wardrobe and fidgeted around.

“What do you think?”

“Well, it looks good on you… Speaking of which, why does a princess have any clothes other than dresses?”

“I often sneak out to the royal capital, so that’s what I’m wearing!”

“Why are you so proud of it…?”

The materials used are of high quality and do not hide the elegance that overflows from the dress.

However, Lexia did not care about such things and carried her luggage with a full load.

“Yes, it feels good! I’m feeling so excited!”

Luna shook her head and put on another piece of luggage.

“Come on, let’s go!”

As they left the room, the servants noticed them and turned around.

“Eh? Le-Lexia-sama! And Luna-sama, too… what is that luggage…?”

“Where are you going, dressed like that?”

“We’re going on a journey! Please look forward to your souvenirs!”

Lexia and Luna left the castle together with the surprised servants and soldiers with bright smiles on their faces, making them even more astonished.

The sky was clear and sunny. Her steps were as light as the wind as she ran along the cobblestone pavement.


“Hmm, what a beautiful day! It’s a perfect day to start off on a journey! Please take care of me once again, Luna!”

“Hah, it can’t be helped. What a tomboyish princess.”


Thus began the journey of Lexia and Luna.


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