Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 283

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Chapter 283 – Ten Days of Laziness


Ten days is quite a long time. Since there is basically nothing to do but stay holed up in the fort, I am killing time by doing moderate exercise, taking care of my weapons, armor, and tools, having a barbecue contest for no particular reason, holding an air board driving class, and so on.

Eh? Nightlife? That’s, you see, Seraphita-san is here, too, so I have to stay low-key.

“I smell another woman…”

Seraphita-san hugged me from behind as I stood in front of the golem workbench and said something frightening.

“Where do you learn to do that? That kind of thing.”

“It’s a common expression in the royal court romance stories and such.”

Can you stop hugging me and keep snuggling me while saying that? Or rather, what is it with the pressing and the cheek rubbing? Are you marking me or something? It’s scary.

“I’d like to ask you something, Kosuke-sama.”


Speaking of that, Seraphita-san started to call me by “sama” instead of “san” before I knew it. I think we have talked about calling each other “san” before.

“Why don’t you touch me?”

“You’ve come straight to the point…”

I stopped fiddling with the crafting menu and looked up to the sky. I have been in danger, but I have not crossed the line with Seraphita-san in any way. Or rather, I have not touched Sylphy’s family. The reason why is because, well, the ethics of my former world, which is almost dead, strongly insist that “that’s just not right,” and I’m protecting the last line.

“To be honest, there’s no particularly profound reason for this… What about that in terms of my homeland’s ethics…? I’m just wondering. I’d say that’s what’s putting the brakes on it.”

“Oh, I’ve heard that from Sylphiel as well. I heard that monogamy was the norm in Kosuke-sama’s homeland. I heard that it was considered an act of infidelity and was severely condemned if a man with a partner was involved with someone else of the opposite sex.”

“Yes, well, yes.”

“Is it too late for that?”

“Of course it is.”

Seraphita-san really hit a sore spot. It would be a little more reasonable if I had only touched Sylphy, but after having touched Isla, the harpies, Melty, Grande, Ellen, and the oni girls, it would be unreasonable to say no to Seraphita-san. It is a fair argument that cannot be ignored.

“It’s a bit of a mess, isn’t it?”

“It’s so frustrating.”

“I wish I didn’t have to think about all the details.”

A little further away, an outsider buried in the no-good oni sofa that I had specially made for her is making a lot of noise.

“Why won’t she just push him down with a single thrust?”

“I think so. Isn’t Danna-san weak against pushovers?”

Instead of me pushing her down, Seraphita-san is pushing me down.

“How long do I have to watch this farce?”

“Eleonora-sama, this is the place to watch in silence.”

Ellen and Amalie-san are watching Seraphita-san and me at the table while drinking tea. I mean, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome when you are not alone with them.

“I understand. I really wanted Kosuke-sama to take action, but in this situation, I had no choice. I will use my strength.”

“I don’t mean that I understand. Please don’t get agitated and go on a rampage!”

Seraphita-san hugged me from behind and tried to pull me into the bedroom, and I resisted by clinging to the golem workbench. I mean, if she hugged me so hard, my back would be so happy that it would make me lose strength.

“Since Seraphita-sama is trying to stand up in honor of her late husband, why don’t you just take her generously?”

“Yes, that’s right. You could easily support not just one or two more people but dozens more.”

“I’ll dry up and die with dozens of people!”

“If you can handle three of us at the same time and still be in good health, you can handle any number of people.”

The oni girls are smirking and laughing as they call out to me, who is desperately trying to resist. You girls will remember this later. I’ll treat you to a very spicy sausage disguised as a regular sausage!

“I have no choice… light spirit.”


Something’s glowing! It’s glowing behind me! Oh, it’s suddenly getting stronger!


I was pulled off the golem workbench.




I’m not going to tell you anything. In terms of overall physical specs, I am inferior to the majority of women in this world. It just proves it. Instead of my peace of mind being disturbed a little, Seraphita-san got peace of mind.


Since then, Seraphita-san’s mood has been at an all-time high. Almost everyone is warmly watching her, but there is one person who isn’t.

“Aren’t you getting too attached?”

“You told me the other day that I should make other people happy for the misery I cause them.”

“Mmm… that’s that, and this is this.”

Ellen hugged me tightly in my arms with a pout on her lips. On the other side, Seraphita-san hugged me with a smile on her face. Well, I’ve got flowers on both hands, but I don’t feel comfortable.

“Why are you being so competitive with Seraphita-san again?”

“She’s wearing her character like a light.”

“You’re the one who’s wearing a character.”

It is true that Seraphita-san is good at spirit magic related to the light system. Ellen, on the other hand, is a saint of the Adol religion and can perform miracles of God. Arguably, she is like a light. Certainly, in that sense, they may be characters.

“Other than that, I don’t think there’s any similarity at all.”

“I think you just want to use that as an excuse to take advantage of Kosuke. You’re just jealous of Seraphita, who is pampered by Kosuke, aren’t you?”

“And Eleonora-han is so adorable, too.”

“You’re noisy!”

Ellen is threatening Grande and Capri. Ellen is really a big shot to take this kind of attitude toward Grande, isn’t she? Grande is not the kind of person who would get upset over something like this, though.

Like this, I spent ten days with the lazy lovey-dovey.

Then, in the early afternoon, exactly 10 days after making contact with the enemy. Finally, a diplomatic delegation from the Kingdom of Tigris appeared in front of us.


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8 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 283

  1. “Certainly, in that sense, they may be characters.”

    I guess that means character cliches with stereotypical personalities, whose predominant attributes happen to overlap here, which is a cause for conflict between Ellen and Seraphita-san. Still, a more descriptive explanation would be nice, because this particular otaku jargon is not commonly known worldwide yet.


  2. Those bullsh*t “homeland ethics” again… It’s literally magical that he attracts women despite being a spineless wimp…


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