I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


As they followed Gloria through the sea of sand, a small complex of buildings appeared behind the shimmering lights.

“A town in the middle of the desert…?”

Half suspecting it was a mirage, they stepped inside.

The town was deserted, and the brick houses were half-collapsed and almost buried in the sand.

“It is a very old town. There doesn’t seem to be a soul in sight…”

“This is an abandoned town that was swallowed up by the desert long ago. Ordinary people can’t reach it because it is blocked by monsters and sandstorms.”

“Why do you live there? Isn’t it dangerous and inconvenient?”

“There is a reason why we don’t want to be seen.”

When they entered the largest house at the end of the town, they were greeted by a large group of children.

“Oh, Gloria, Tito-Oneechan! Welcome back!”

A lively chorus echoed through the house. There were about 20 children, both boys, and girls, ranging in age from 5 to 12 or 13 years old. They were all beastmen.

Gloria patted the heads of the children in turn as they hugged her.

“I’m back. I brought a guest. Can you boil some water for me?”


“A visitor! It’s been a long time!”

Gloria turned to look at the children who were running toward the back of the house, looking at them with kind eyes.

“──Well, that’s how it is. I take in and raise the beastmen’s children who have nowhere else to go. In some areas and countries, beastmen are persecuted and treated as slaves. Of course, there are countries where this is not the case, but there are still people who kidnap orphaned children and turn them into slaves or sell them for a high price. Young children are especially vulnerable. To avoid the eyes of such people, the [Red Moon Desert], protected by sandstorms and monsters, is the perfect place to hide out.”

“I didn’t know that.”

The small children look up at Lexia and Luna with wonder.

“Who are you, Onee-chans?”

“We are travelers──”

“I am Lexia. Lexia von Arcelia.”


Luna quickly rebuked Lexia, who had just announced herself so brazenly.

But it was already too late, and Gloria’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Arcelia? You don’t mean Arcelia…”

“Yes, that’s right. I am the princess of the kingdom of Arcelia!”

“Why would you suddenly reveal your true identity? Arnold-sama told you, and you assured him that, aren’t you? You’re too careless!”

Luna involuntarily held her head as Lexia puffed out her chest.

But Lexia shrugged her shoulders calmly.

“Gloria-sama is the Claw Saint, so she can be trusted, can’t she? And since Gloria-sama trusted us and invited us to her hideout, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t reveal ourselves either.”

“That’s true, but…”

Gloria was taken aback when she learned Lexia’s true identity.

“I’m surprised; you’re a princess from the kingdom of Arcelia. You’re beautiful and well-dressed for a mere traveler, and you’ve got quite a bit of courage, so I knew you weren’t an ordinary person, but…”

Tito rolled her eyes as well.

The surrounding children cheered.

“Both Onee-chans are princesses?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Oh, no, I’m just a bodyguard…”

“Wow, wow! Your hair is so shiny! It’s so beautiful, just like the sun and the moon!”

Luna’s mouth almost opened involuntarily as they looked up at her with shining eyes, but she cleared her throat and tightened her face.

“I’m Luna. I am Lexia’s bodyguard.”

“She is very strong, you know. After all, she was a former member of the Dark Guild!”


“It’s fine; it’s a fact.”

The children who were saved by Luna leaned forward at Lexia’s words.

“You know, this Onee-chan saved us from the monsters! She’s very strong!”

“She was so cool!”

Lexia’s chest puffed out even more.

“Moreover, she was also known as the Headhunter!”

“H-headhunter, you say? Headhunter is, um…!?”

Gloria’s voice is overturned.

The name “Headhunter” was known throughout the world. An unidentified assassin whose prowess is unmatched among the Dark Guild. A legendary figure in the underworld, Headhunter is a person who is rarely seen, even by those who wish to hire her services, because of her ability to complete even the most difficult missions with certainty.

“I’ve heard rumors, but… I never imagined she was such a pretty young lady. No wonder you carry yourself with such sophistication.”

Luna’s cheeks are slightly stained as she averts her eyes from the admiring gaze.

Gloria alternately looked at and compared Luna and Lexia.

“But why are the two of you alone in the desert… Is there some kind of unavoidable circumstance?”

“We set out on a journey to help those in need. We are on our way to the kingdom of Sahar for a certain reason.”

“A princess went on a journey to help people…? And with only one bodyguard in such a dangerous desert…?”

“Lexia, Gloria-sama has frozen up. Take responsibility.”

“Why? Didn’t I just tell the truth!”

“Those facts are too absurd.”

Gloria was speechless for a while, but then she thought about it with a serious face of some kind.

“Well… maybe these girls could…”

At that moment, the children brought them tea.

Lexia and Luna, who were thirsty, sipped it gratefully.

“Hah, it’s so good! It brought me back to life.”

“We almost ran dry thanks to someone’s idea of traversing the desert.”

“What? It’s okay; we’re all safe. Besides, we were able to meet Gloria-sama and Tito and the others.”

After they were all settled in, Tito offered them a bowl.

“Um, here are some dried berries for you if you like.”

“Well, thank you! They are very tasty and slightly sweet.”

“But, I don’t know if we can take this much. Aren’t they precious?”

“N- no, it’s the least I can do. I, when I try to use my power, I lose control, and I can’t stop myself… Thank you so much for stopping me at that time…!”

“You didn’t have to worry about it. By the way, what’s up with Tito’s claws? They seemed to glow when you were fighting the monsters.”

“U-um… originally, they are a little sharp, unlike humans, but when we fight, we clothe them with power and strengthen them…”

Tito tried to hide her sharp claws as she explained, and Lexia grabbed her hand.


“Heh, it’s true; it’s not glowing. Oh, but the color is a little different. It’s a beautiful color, like silver!”

Tito rolled her eyes in surprise as she looked at Lexia, who was observing her closely.

“U-um… aren’t you afraid…?”

“Eh? Why? Aren’t they pretty hands? And your nails are so beautiful.”


Tito stares speechlessly at Lexia, who looks sincerely amazed.

Releasing Tito’s hand, Lexia was in a good mood and picked the berries again.

“And by the way, these berries? They really are delicious, aren’t they? Yes, indeed! I’ll give you a piece of candy in return.”

“N-no, I can’t take such a fancy…!”

“Okay, yes, open your mouth. Ahhh.”

“But, um, my fangs are very dangerous…”

“That’s okay. Here, don’t be shy.”

“U-um… thank you, mmm.”

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

“Fuaa, fuaaa…!”

“Fufu. I have plenty for everyone!”

“Yay, thanks, Onee-chan!”

“Oh, it’s so sweet and yummy!”

“…How many candies have you been swindling…?”

“No need to worry about the details. Yes, Luna, aaahh.”

“No, I’m good, I can eat by myself, I can eat, mmm, I can eat by myself, I said I can eat by myself!”

Gloria, who had been staring thoughtfully at the lively exchange, looked up as if she had made up her mind about something and said something unexpected.

“Lexia, Luna, I have a favor to ask you.”

“Hmm? What is it?”


“──Will you take Tito with you on your journey?”




This unexpected request surprised not only Lexia and Luna but also Tito.

Gloria bowed to Lexia and Luna with a serious look on her face.

“I’m really sorry for making this sudden request. As you can see, Tito is still inexperienced and sometimes has trouble controlling her power and goes off the rails. …She may have the power to be a disciple of the Holy, but she can’t become a full-fledged person if she continues like this. As the future bearer of the title of Holy, Tito needs to grow up to be able to use her power to her full potential.”


Glancing over at Tito, who was looking down, Gloria looked into Lexia’s eyes.

“Until now──well, I could only stop Tito from going out of control by force. But it was you, Lexia, who stopped Tito earlier. I don’t know how, but you brought Tito back to her senses.”


“Yeah. Perhaps Lexia has some special power that allows you to stop Tito’s rampage.”

“! Come to think of it, at that time, something like a transparent wave seemed to be released from Lexia’s body…”

Luna muttered quietly, and Lexia’s face lit up.

“That’s right! At that time, I don’t know how it happened, but my body felt hot, and then, whoosh, shiny, boom! That’s when I felt it! I didn’t know I had that kind of power. It was like it was meant for Tito!”


Tito’s ears perked up in delight at the innocent smile on her face.

Gloria smiled softly and then turned her attention to Luna.

“And Luna. Can you please teach Tito some of your fighting techniques?”

“Fighting techniques? But even I couldn’t stop Tito that time, and wasn’t Tito strong enough…?

Luna tilted her head in surprise. It was clear from the battle with the condor earlier that Tito was strong enough to be a disciple of the Claw Saint.

But Gloria shook her head.

“In the desert, the range of fighting styles is inevitably limited. Tito, in particular, is not good at fighting in confined spaces. When she eventually becomes a Holy, she will have to fight in many different places and under many different circumstances. In preparation for that time, I want you to teach her how to survive, how to make good decisions, how to use weapons, and how to carry herself.”

Gloria looked alternately at Lexia and Luna.

“Besides, Tito has been living away from human society for so long that she is unfamiliar with it. Could you help her learn about human society?”

Gloria’s serious expression showed that she truly cared about Tito.

“Most importantly, you were not afraid of Tito running out of control. I know I’m asking a lot of you, but if it’s possible, please let Tito accompany you on your journey and teach her about society and how to use her powers.”


Gloria’s gaze wandered, and she raised her eyebrows in heartfelt apology.

“Originally, I should be the one to train her thoroughly, but that…”

“Gloria is so sweet.”

“If Tito Onee-chan is in any kind of trouble, she’ll help her right away, you know?”


Being teased by the children, Gloria awkwardly scratches her cheek.

“…I know it is necessary to push her away harshly, but when push comes to shove, I can’t help but help her. I am sorry for being such an incompetent master.”

“No way! Master always worries about me like this and helps me… I am so proud of my Master…!”

Tito shook her head with a tearful look on her face.

Luna’s eyes narrowed at the sight of the master and disciples in good harmony.

“Master, huh?”

Luna herself had no parents when she was a child and was raised by a master who was an assassin and taught her the art of living. Her master taught Luna knowledge and skills so that she could survive in the underworld and remained devoted to her until the very end.

Gloria probably decided that going on a journey would lead to Tito’s growth rather than leaving her under her protection.

“Tito is a beastman, so her hearing and sense of smell are good. She is also sensitive to the presence of monsters and evil. That should be useful. Of course, I’m not saying it’s for free. I’ll give you as much reward as I can──”



Gloria let out an absentminded voice when she heard the answer so easily.

Lexia looked over at the beastmen children and laughed.

“We don’t need any reward. You can use the money to help these children. Besides, the more friends we have, the better! Especially if she’s a disciple of the Claw Saint. If I had the power to stop Tito from rampaging, then we were destined to become friends. I’m curious to know what this power is, too!”

Next to Lexia, whose leaning her shoulders, Luna turned her gentle eyes on Tito.

“I agree with Lexia. But are you okay with it, Tito?”

Tito clenched her small hands tightly but eventually looked up.

“Master is kind, and I, I’m always being spoiled… but I want to grow up so that I won’t embarrass myself as Master’s apprentice! Besides, I’m still inexperienced and can’t control my power, but Lexia and Luna are trying to welcome me warmly, which makes me very happy… I may cause you trouble, but I want to help you both. I will do my best for that! Please, please take me with you!”

Lexia nodded vigorously, her golden eyes filled with strong determination.

“Yes, leave it to me! It will be a fun journey! Right, Luna?”

“Hmph. Well, I’m sure you won’t be bored. Besides, I would have had a hard time holding the reins of Lexia on my own. I can only hope that a disciple of the Claw Saint will join me.”

“What, you treat me as if I’m a rampaging horse!”

“It won’t make much difference.”

Gloria chuckles at the light-hearted exchange.

“Thank you. ──I’d like you to take this with you if you like.”

She handed Lexia a bracelet with a translucent stone on it.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a good luck charm. This stone is called a ‘sun drop,’ a rare ore that can be found only rarely in the depths of the Red Moon Desert. It is said to protect its owner. It will surely help you in times of need.”

“It’s so beautiful… thank you!”

Lexia thanked Gloria and put the bracelet on her slender wrist.

Gloria bowed again.

“Please take good care of my disciple.”

Gloria said fiercely, and Lexia nodded her head.

“Once it’s decided, I’ll be strict! I’m looking forward to working with you, Tito!”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to working with you, Lexia-san and Luna-san!”

Tito tightened her still-young face, and her big eyes lit up.


Thus, Lexia and Luna’s journey was blessed with a new companion.


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