I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 12 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Part 3


Around the time Yuuya and the others were talking about exorcism.

At Ousei Academy, the student council president, Kitaraku, was beginning to push forward with the school idol project.


“──So, school idol, let’s do it!”


“What are you talking about…?”

The gym teacher, Ohki, was tired of dealing with Kitaraku’s frequent and sudden arrivals.

“What, you ask…? It’s school idols, you know!”

“No, I don’t understand what you’re talking about in the first place…”

In response to Ohki, who was simply bewildered, Kitaraku continued with his usual tone.

“Oh, right. Actually, I’m thinking of making this school even more exciting…”

“Making this school even more exciting?”

The teachers, including Ohki, are aware that Ousei Academy has already become the talk of the town.

The reason is that every year, the school held large-scale athletic and school festivals, and this year, with the arrival of Yuuya, who was a remarkable newcomer, each school event had become more exciting than ever before.

But Kitaraku is not satisfied with that and wants to make the school even more exciting.

“Surely, even now, the school has already become a hot topic of conversation.”

“R-right? In that case, It’s not──”

“That’s naive!”


“You’re being too naive, Ohki-sensei!”

Kitaraku interrupted Ohki’s words and declared so.

“Didn’t you realize something at the school festival the other day?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“What did you think of it? Certainly, thanks to me, the school is now showing a great deal of excitement.”

“You say that it is thanks to you…?”

“The other day, at the school festival… we ended up competing with Nittei Academy, and I was made keenly aware of this. I was struck by how much effort they put into advertising their products and services, while ours did not.”

“Y-you say so, but in the end, we won.”

“That perception is naive. We managed to win that competition because of Yuuya Tenjou, who has recently been the talk of the town in our school… Without him, it wouldn’t have even been a contest.”


Ohki could not deny Kitaraku’s words.

In fact, Yuuya’s existence made it possible to win the competition against Nittei Academy.

…However, no one here pointed out that if not for Yuuya, the school festival competition with Nittei Academy wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

“Of course, winning or losing the school festival competition is one thing, but what I am more concerned about is what lies in our future.”


“…Unfortunately, I will be graduating from this academy and going on to higher education next year. This means that I will no longer be able to make this school as exciting as it is now.”

The current third-year student, Kitaraku, will be entering the University Affiliate of the same Ousei Academy next year.

Although he will still be in the same academy, he will no longer be able to meddle in the policies of the high school.

When the next student council president is chosen, Ohki knows that there is no way his successor would be able to act in the same way as him.

“It will be fine while I am here. I can take every possible means to publicize the charms of Ousei Academy to the outside world. However, once I am gone, there will be no one left to take on that role. Then, this school, even though it is currently attracting a lot of attention, will gradually lose its appeal.”

In the school festival competition, they won against Nittei Academy, but Nittei Academy was clearly superior in terms of the quality of its facilities, and the teachers there were also excellent.

Moreover, perhaps because of the defeat in the school festival, Nittei Academy, which until now had only admitted students from well-financed families, began to actively accept talented commoners, just as Ousei Academy had done.

This was an instruction by Mirei Kamiyama, the student council president of Nittei Academy.

She was trying to lead the school in a better direction by removing the hierarchical class consciousness that had been entrenched in their school up until now.

“And Yuuya-kun, who is now attracting a lot of attention, will also graduate from this school in due course. There is no guarantee that a talent as good as him will come back to this school. That is why I want to leave something behind that will attract as many new students as possible to this school.”


While Kitaraku said this with a serious expression, Ohki, who was listening silently, was trembling as if he was moved.


“N-no! That’s no good, no good! …I was almost swept away for a moment, but I don’t know what would happen if I let you have your way! Besides, how could I possibly decide on such a big project on my own?”


“Did you just click your tongue?”

“No, it was just your imagination.”

Ohki’s expression was indescribable as Kitaraku smiled refreshingly.

“But I’m in trouble… I can’t proceed with the project without your approval…”

“You know… think back on your past behavior. And even if I were to approve it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other teachers would approve of it. It’s more likely that they will stop you. So give up.”

Ohki told him and left to prepare for his next class.

“Mm… As I thought, teachers are wary when I make a move… Well, it can’t be helped, but it is what it is.”

Kitaraku was also aware that he had done quite a few things in the past, so he had already assumed that he would be rejected by the teacher in this way.

“In this case, it would be better to put someone other than myself as the representative… and it would also be better to put someone with a good reputation among the teachers… but who would do it…?”

At this time, other members of the student council came into Kitaraku’s mind.

“Um… Inukai is energetic but a bit of a goofball. Even though not as much as me, he’s causing trouble for the teachers, and Nekota isn’t very positive about this plan in the first place… although Houjou is the most realistic of the three… Mm… wait?”

As he thinks about this, a certain person comes to mind.

“Right… how about that Yuuya Tenjou, who has made the event so much fun…? He’ll be well received by the teachers, and he’ll be able to make good progress in gathering potential idol girls, which is key to this plan… Yeah, that’s good, isn’t it?”

Kitaraku’s eyes lit up, and he immediately began to move.

“Ahahahaha! Once that’s decided, let’s start planning again with him as the main focus!”

──Thus, it was decided that Yuuya would be involved in another big project without even knowing it.




“So, could you please perform an exorcism for me…?”


“You, why are you getting involved in so many things…?”


We immediately headed to Kagurazaka-san.

When we arrived at the shrine, we soon met Kagurazaka-san, who was cleaning the grounds.

I had visited here at night during the summer vacation, so I had not been able to get a good look at the shrine grounds, but the shrine was very quiet with a somewhat sacred atmosphere.

Ryo and the others were looking around with interest because the situation was so different from the time of the courage test.

“Heh… it’s like this in the daytime, huh?”

“In this way, it doesn’t look like it is haunted at all. It looks rather purifying…”

“It sure looks like they can do a proper exorcism here!”

While each of them shared their thoughts with the others, Lexia-san and the others were also looking around and getting excited.

“So this is Mai’s house! What can I say? It feels like… a church? It’s so relaxing; it’s like I’m surrounded by a divine atmosphere.”

“Right. I don’t usually believe in God, but the clean air of this place… might suggest that God is real.”

While I am the one who met the observer, a god-like being, the holiness I felt in this place was a different type of holiness.

Then Kagurazaka-san noticed Lexia-san and Luna and opened her eyes.

“H-hey! Why are you here?”

“Oh… actually, those two have decided to study abroad at an academy in this world.”

“Studying abroad?”

When I lightly explained the situation, Kagurazaka-san let out a sigh of exasperation.

“There are really too many things happening… Lexia-san and the others are studying abroad, but then suddenly there are demons… those are different from evil beasts, aren’t they?”

“I suppose so…”

“I really wish you would give me a break.”

No, really.

Of course, I welcome Lexia-san and Luna to this world, but I don’t want them to get into trouble with demons and other needless trouble, you know?

As I nodded my head in agreement with Kagurazaka-san’s words, for some reason, she gave me a cold look.

“You are nodding about something, but it’s mostly your fault, isn’t it?”


“Hah… well, that’s okay. You want an exorcism, right? To be honest, I don’t really know what this spiritual power or demon is, but I’ll do what I can to help.”

We were led to the shrine and made to sit there.

“Other places have a lot of chanting and other rituals, but ours is just this.”

While saying that, Kagurazaka-san pulled out a mysterious talisman.

“Well, you probably don’t understand even if I explain the details, so I’ll just do it quickly. First, close your eyes.”

We sat down and were instructed to close our eyes, and we did so obediently.

I know that Kagurazaka-san was fighting the evil beasts with those talismans, but how would she perform the exorcism?

But since we were told to close our eyes, there was no way to check.




As I waited, somewhat somberly, a sacred presence was suddenly released from Kagurazaka-san’s side.

As I recall, Kagurazaka-san was summoned to the Regal Kingdom as a ‘saint’ and should be able to use the same Holy power as me.

However, I think the feeling I’m getting now is something different from the Holy power.

I can’t say which is better or worse compared to Holy power… but this feeling seems to penetrate deep into my body, and it’s very comfortable.

It felt as if it was purifying all the bad energy that had built up inside my body.

After a while of surrendering to this comforting feeling, Kagurazaka-san called out to us.

“Phew… that’s enough.”


“As expected of Mai! How can I say this? I feel refreshed!”

“What’s that abstract impression… but Lexia is right. I felt like I was being healed from the inside out.”

“I’m glad you felt that way.”

Kagurazaka-san smiled after hearing Lexia-san’s and Luna’s impressions and shifted her gaze toward me.

“I think you’re all good now for now. As I said at your last test of courage, these things need to be done in moderation or you’ll be in trouble someday, you hear me?”

“R-right, Yukine-chan! Be careful, okay?”

“…I’ll think about it a little bit when you say that much.”

“Not just a little, but think about it properly!”

While I was smiling at Yukine, who didn’t seem to have learned her lesson at all, Rin suddenly mentioned something that was bothering her.

“I was wondering what this shrine is known for?”

“Oh, certainly. The exorcism earlier was amazing, but is it also known for warding off bad luck?”

“…I wonder what god they worship.”

As each of us talked about the shrine’s deity, Kagurazaka-san answered.


“We are a matchmaking shrine.”


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  1. Kitaraku is… Well he is not as bad as all those assholes who tormented Yuuya in the early parts of the story, far from it. But, he does seem to have a somewhat bad personality, feels less like the toxic abusive kind of bad as those aforementioned assholes, and more like the kind an asshole friend has.

    Y’know? The kind of friend who can technically be considered a genuine friend but also tends to have an annoying mischief streak?


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