Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 3 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Tame Skill Level Up and Ines and Felicia’s Holiday


“Nchu. Morning, Master.”

“Nchu, good morning, Master.”

The morning routine gives me strength, and I head to the salon. We have breakfast and discuss our plans for the day. Come to think of it, I thought I should give them both the day off. I don’t have any plans today, so I think I’ll give them the day off, and I’ll stay on the ship and play with Rimu… Yeah, that might be a good idea.

“Ines, Felicia, I’m taking the day off today, and since I’ll be staying on the ship all day, you two can have some free time after a long while.”

“Ufufu, you’re giving us the day off? But what shall we do?”

“I have no idea. I haven’t really thought about it since we were in the village.”

“Really? Well, even if you don’t think about it, just taking a stroll around the town and forgetting about your role as an escort would be a good way to relax, wouldn’t it?”

“Right, I used to take it easy when I was an adventurer, and I’m going to enjoy it.”

“Do you mean casual sightseeing? …I’ll try it.”

“You need money to have fun. Here’s your allowance.”

“Ten silver coins each? That’s too much, Master.”

“Well, ten silver coins is a lot to go out and have fun, but it’s the first time you’ve been out on your own in a while, and I’m sure you’ll find something you want or need, so you can buy all kinds of things and let off steam.”

“Alright, thank you, Master.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Have a good day.”

“”See you later.””

I see them off. At first, they seemed puzzled, but by the time they left, they were excited; I hope they enjoyed themselves.

Phew, it’s kind of relaxing to have two beautiful women like that by your side, isn’t it? I’m usually always trying to look good and act carefully, so it’s subtly tiring.

But I don’t want them to hate me, so I do my best. Of course, I’m happy to have a beautiful woman by my side, but I’m a fan of anime, manga, and light novels, so a sloppy life without putting in a lot of effort suits me better.


“Oh, Rimu, we’re staying on the ship all day today. Let’s have lots of fun.”

“…Like it…”

“Uhaahh, Rimu is so cute.”

I lay on the sofa in a slumped position and hugged Rimu. Hmm, I want to eat a hamburger and drink a coke while watching some anime. I wonder if I can do that when I get a luxury cruise ship?

We enjoy playing Rimu’s favorite game together. First of all, it’s higher, higher. I throw Rimu to the ceiling, and when he falls down, he is in a good mood as he repeats “…♪…” over and over again.


“Do you want to go outside?”

“…Outside… jumping…”

“Ah, you want to go out there and get higher and higher. But I can’t throw you as high as Ines. Is that okay?”


Sometimes Ines throws him so high that it worries me. My level increased, so I think it’s okay, but I’m worried. But if Rimu asked me to do something, I would do it.

He once crossed the barrier and was rejected when he came back to the ship. Rimu was fine with it, but I was really panicked.

“Then let’s go; there it is.”

I tossed him higher into the air than the flying bridge. I carefully caught the falling Rimu. I was nervous, but Rimu seemed to be having a lot of fun with “…♪♪♪…” After repeating the game a few times, I got tired and moved on to the next game.

We play for a while and have lunch.

“Rimu, do you like it?”


I hadn’t had lunch with Rimu since our tent raft. It was nostalgic.

“Rimu, let’s play a game of treasure hunt next, shall we?”


“Well then, you have to find the dried meat wrapped in this cloth. I’m going to hide it now, so wait for me on the flying bridge.”


Hmm, lately, Rimu can easily find it, such as under the bed, so where should I hide it…? Oh, maybe above those speakers at the top of the wall. Can he find it?

“Rimu, it’s ready… this time it’s harder, you know. Can you find it?”

“…Rimu… Find…”

Rimu moves around, searching for the place where I have hidden it before. Rimu is so smart because he remembers where the hidden places are.

Come to think of it, don’t you look for treasure while moving around? Is there a reason why he usually moves by bouncing around?

Let’s observe Rimu searching around… No, all I know is that he’s cute. Even with treasures that are hard to find, Rimu does not give up and expands his search area.

Whoa, he sticks to the wall and moves forward toward the speaker; I wonder how he noticed it?

“…Rimu… found it…”

“Oh wow, that’s great. I’m so proud of you for finding it even though I hid it in a difficult place.”

“Rimu, happy. Wataru, love.”

I’m surprised to see Rimu’s joyful intentions being conveyed to me like never before. No, now is the time to praise Rimu, let’s think about it later.

“Rimu, you’re amazing. I can understand your intention very well, you know? Can you say my name one more time?”


“Oh, Rimu, you’re getting better and better. We can talk more from now on.”

“Rimu, talk with Wataru.”

“Yes, let’s talk a lot.”

I enjoy hugging Rimu and enjoying his springy texture. I looked at my status and saw that my tame skill had increased to level 2. I wondered if I would be able to talk with Rimu more if my tame skill was further improved.

I talk with Rimu leisurely. I am healed from the bottom of my heart by Rimu, who talks hard while feeling my arms.

~Ines, Felicia’s point of view~

Hmm, what should I do? When I was an adventurer, I would eat delicious food and then gamble. Hmm, I don’t want to gamble with the money Master gave me.

I could eat good food and visit foreign countries. I’m pretty satisfied and can’t think of anything I want to do. I’d love to buy food at a food stall, but most of the food stalls in this town are busy collecting food, so it’s a bit more difficult than I thought.

“Hey, Felicia, is there anything you want to do?”

“Me? I’ve been thinking about it, but… I can’t think of anything.”

What did I do when I was in the dark elf village, you ask? I usually help my father and mother and hunt. Other than that… I practiced magic, hmm, even after being told to take a break, I usually strolled around this town with Master and the others, and I can’t think of anything else.

“No, I can’t think of anything at all. Ines, is there anything else?”

“I can’t think of anything either; that’s troubling.”

Felicia doesn’t have anything to do either; what should we do? What would be a normal thing to do?

Is there anything we need? …Clothes, yes, let’s go buy some clothes.

“Hey, Felicia, do you want to go shopping for clothes?”


“Yes, we’ll be on escort duty when we go into town, so we’ll have to wear equipment. But when we are on the ship, we will wear the clothes under the equipment that Master bought for us, and I think Master would be happier if we wore our normal clothes on the ship.

“…That might be a good idea. Let’s go take a look.”




“Ines, isn’t that outfit a bit revealing?” 

“Do you think so? I think Master will be more pleased if you wear something like that on board.”

“Would he?”

“It’s not like we’re only buying one dress, so why don’t we buy both a normal dress and a revealing one?”

“I think it might be too stimulating. Wouldn’t Master hate it?”

“Don’t worry; Master was happy to see me in that rag-like dress I wore in the slave trading house.”

“Now that you mention it, I have a feeling about that.”

“Yes, there are some interesting clothes; let’s go and buy some things.”

We had lunch on the way and then chose and bought clothes that were comfortable for spending time on board and revealing clothes.

“Phew, we bought quite a few things; it was quite fun.”

“Right, I couldn’t afford the high-end fabrics, but it was interesting to see all the different kinds of clothes.”

“I wonder how Master will react when he sees us wearing these? I think he’ll be pleased.”

“What do you think? He is usually honest about his desires, but sometimes he does play it cool, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, and then he regrets it terribly. It’s funny.”

“If he’s going to be cool, it would be better if he hides his regrets, too…”

“He thinks he’s hiding it, doesn’t he?”

“Is that so…?”

“Well, that’s alright. It’s getting dark soon. Shall we go back?”

“Yeah, right.”

~Inez, Felicia’s point of view is over~

We had a lot of fun and talked a lot, so we were tired, and Rimu fell asleep. I put him on the blanket and gently moved away so as not to wake him up.

Well, I’ve been healed enough, and I have to make time for this kind of thing once in a while. But what shall I do now?

I guess I don’t need to force myself to find something to do, so I’ll just let today go by without a care in the world. I’m going to lie on the sofa and enjoy the time in a daze.

…Hmm? I can hear Ines and Felicia’s voices. Have they come back? I give them permission to come aboard and welcome them.

“Welcome back. Have you had fun?”

“Yes, I had fun.”

“It was worthwhile.”

“That’s good.”

Yeah, they seem to be in a pretty good mood, and I’m glad I gave them the day off.

“Hey, Master, will you wait for me while I go change?”

“Eh? Change of clothes? I don’t mind, you know.”

A change of clothes, huh? Did they buy some clothes? I hardly ever buy clothes… I feel bad; I should be a little more careful.

As I waited, feeling sorry for myself, Ines and Felicia returned. Wow, what’s that, Felicia’s good, clean, feminine, and beautifully dressed. It suits her well; she is beautiful…

Inez is… dressed in a thin cloth with a thin bosom and protrusion and thighs that are full and sexy.

“I wonder which one Master prefers? I’ll make sure I wear whichever one you choose most often.”

“I’ll take Ines’ then… Let me think about it for a minute…”

What should I do? For me, Ines’ outfit is the best. But can I keep my cool with a beautiful woman dressed like that around me for a day? Will I be able to keep my wits about the situation?

“Oh, um, is it possible for you to dress as Felicia normally and change into Ines at night if I ask you to?”

“Yes, that’s fine, but you don’t mind dressing like this normally?”

“No, I don’t mind, but it’s just that I can’t do anything else when you’re around me dressed like Ines.”

“Ufufu. Right. I get it.”

Ines, you are totally on the wrong track. Felicia is also looking at me with a disappointed look. I love it when Ines stimulates a man’s desire. If I can make it to the end, I’ll change the subject, but… thanks for the treat.

“Ah, I was playing with Rimu today, and my tame skill level went up. Then I could understand more of what Rimu wanted to do.”

“Ufufu, that’s great.”

“Congratulations, Master.”

“Yeah, thank you. Well, let’s have dinner.”

After dinner, I took a shower and quickly got the two of them dressed in thin cloth… which was wonderful. Good night.

I woke up with the routine kisses and… oof, a thin cloth dress in the morning is very stimulating… I’m happy, but now I want to make out with them again. Patience, come on, it’s breakfast.

“Today, we’re going to show up at the merchant guild to pick up our payment, check on the location of Palermo, go to the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn to give the Girasole members their souvenirs if they’re there, and then we’re going to get some food.”


I went to the merchant guild and looked for Camille-san… Oh, there she is. I have the impression that she is always at the merchant guild, but isn’t there at least a day off?

“Camille-san, good morning.”

“Good morning, Wataru-san. You’re here for your payment, aren’t you?”


Well, Camille-san is such a fast talker, a beautiful big-breasted fox-eared Onee-san who can get the job done. That’s a heap of attributes.

“Here is your payment of 30 platinum coins; please check it.”


But 30 platinum coins is a huge amount of money. Is this a common practice in merchant guilds? In a way, it’s scary.

“Sure. Also, I would like to know more about Palermo. Can you tell me where it is?”

“Yes, no problem. You are going by ship, right?”


“If so, you can reach Palermo in about ten days by magic ship from the southern city to the east. From there, it takes about 20 days by carriage to Barletta, the capital city where the cathedral is located.

“Wow, that’s a bit tough.”

I’m at a loss. Should I give up on Palermo…?

“Yes, but if you continue along the continent for another seven days without landing, you will reach Bergamo, a port town east of Palermo. From there, it takes only three days by carriage.”

“I see, it will take longer than I thought, so I will think it over a little more. Thank you.”

Hmm, the journey by ship is fine, but not 20 days by horse-drawn carriage. The rest is a three-day route by carriage, or we could go for that amount of time, I think as I leave the merchant guild.

“I think we could go via Bergamo; how about you two?”

“Three days by horse-drawn carriage would be fine.”

“Yes, I think that would be fine.”

“Well, let’s make plans when we get back to the ship. The next stop is the Black-tailed Gull’s inn. I hope Girasole is back.”


I wonder if the members of the Girasole have returned? I hope they’re happy with their souvenirs. I have to cherish the relationship with the beautiful party I’ve just connected with.


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