Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 3 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Information on the Dark Elven Village’s Privates and Next Destination


“What are you doing? You must release Felicia as soon as possible.”

Romano-san shouted out his demands, not caring about the embarrassment of the people around him. It’s kind of painful to watch, and Romano-san’s parents are looking at him like he’s a dead fish. Please notice, now it’s just a memory that makes you want to die when you remember it.

“Ah, Village Chief-san, what should I do?”

“I’m sorry, Wataru-san. I had him locked up, but he seems to have slipped out, and we have been looking for him…”

Ah, the reason the village chief was called earlier was because Romano-san had slipped out, wasn’t it? However, the villagers are gathering in droves. It’s a small village, so maybe they all got together. What is Romano-san going to do now?

“Calm down, Romano. You say that we have been deceived, but in reality, we have settled on such a nice island. What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you get it, Father? We didn’t move here; we’re being held captive on this island. From now on, we are going to be livestock to be bred and raised by him.”

What kind of villain am I? I don’t understand how he came to that conclusion.

“Um… what can I say? Village Chief-san, I just don’t understand him.”

“Yes, we, too, have discussed this with Romano many times, but we just don’t understand each other. I really don’t know how this is happening…”

The village chief must be having a hard time; I know he doesn’t want to go through this kind of hardship.

“Wataru, what’s the matter? Are you in a hurry to be told the truth? I’ll forgive you if you let Felicia go right now and get off this island.”

“I can’t do that because I don’t want Felicia to disappear.”

“You heard him, people, he’s forcing Felicia to stay with him, and I’m going to rescue her.”

Ah, Romano-san’s father is approaching from behind. Ah, he hit him, he hit him in the back of his head as hard as he could; there was a tremendous sound, but is Romano-san still alive?

“I’m sorry, Wataru-sama. My foolish son has caused you trouble. I take full responsibility. I will do whatever it takes to make amends, so please only support the village.”

Making amends is not such a big deal, but I am afraid of what people like Romano-san might do to me if I let him go unchecked.

And it is tough to have two men disabled from this small number of people. Either that or I’m going to have Ines and Felicia do their best to protect me.

“There’s no need to make amends. I would appreciate it if you could talk it over with Romano-san and clear up any misunderstandings. That’s all I ask.”

Well, I think the hardest thing is to clear up Romano-san’s misunderstanding.

“Yes, thank you. I will re-train my son so that he will not bother Wataru-sama in any way. I deeply apologize.”

I wonder what kind of measures he is going to take. The next time I see him, I’m afraid he’ll turn out to be a smiling young man.

“Yes, there is no more problem, so please don’t worry about it too much.”

We parted ways, and I headed for the village chief’s tent.

“Wataru-san, I am truly sorry for the trouble we have caused you.”

“No actual harm was done, so please don’t worry about it. But why did Romano-san come to that conclusion?”

“When I was offered the immigration proposal, he began to strongly oppose it at a meeting in the village. No matter how much we talked about it, he said that Felicia was in captivity and that this village was in danger. I explained to him that a proper contract had been signed, but he was not convinced.”

“Is that so?”

Maybe he likes Felicia, but then he gets carried away and thinks his imagination is reality.

Just like that employee, I have to be careful, too. When I was commissioned to work on the island, I fantasized that all the members of Girasole were my girlfriends… so maybe I’m not a stranger to this.

I’ve seen people like that in the members of Girasole and Felicia, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Ines had someone like that too… Is this what it’s like for a beautiful woman to be a life-destroying tool?

“Well, I can’t help thinking about things I don’t understand. Oh yes, I have some souvenirs for you all to enjoy.”

“Thank you very much for your hospitality and for the souvenirs.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it. Since I was involved, it would not be good for my soul if everyone did not have a good time.”

I don’t want to get into a depressing situation where people are unhappy because I brought them to the island. I leave him some alcohol, assorted spices, and cloths that I bought in Gothenburg.

“So, Village Chief-san, have you found anything you need in the village?”

“No, so far, nothing has turned up. We have more than enough liquor, spices, and cloth.”

“I see, but I will leave some food on the ship, just in case. I am thinking of visiting other countries on this continent, so it may be a few months before I next come to this island. Is that alright?”

“Well, originally, we were living isolated in the forest. If we receive this much support, we will be able to live well enough. Please don’t worry about it.”

“Then I will return to the ship.”

I handed over the food to the village chief and the others who came to see us off to the ship, and we departed for the southern city.

“Master, I apologize for the trouble Romano has caused you.”

“Felicia didn’t do anything wrong. Anyway, as for what to do when we get to the southern city, I plan to wholesale pepper, buy food, get some information from the guild, and then sail away.”

“Do you want to hand out any souvenirs?”

“Yeah, that’s what I had in mind. We also have to get the pepper out to the ship before we arrive.”

We arrived in the southern city in three days without any unusual events. I asked for a messenger from the dock to Camille-san. As we were unloading the pepper from the ship, Camille-san came with a cart in tow.

“Good morning, Camille-san. I’m sorry to bother you so early in the morning.”

“Good morning, Wataru-san. I am glad you are safe. Will you be wholesaling these to the guild?”

“Yes, it is the same quantity as last time. Can you do it for us?”

After finishing loading the pepper, we headed to the merchant guild and were taken directly to another room.

“Please wait a moment while we check the pepper.”


While I was drinking tea and playing with Rimu, Camille-san came back.

“Wataru-san, the pepper was of the same excellent quality as last time. Would you be willing to sell it to us wholesale for 72 platinum coins?”

“Yes, that will be fine; please leave 30 platinum coins in cash and 42 platinum coins in my guild’s account.”

“Are you going back to the pepper trade?”

“No, I will not. I would like to visit another country on this continent, so I would like to keep more cash on hand.”

“I see. Well, may I take your guild card, please? Can you wait three days for the platinum coins?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Oh, Wataru-san, your adventurer’s guild card has expired, hasn’t it?”

“The deadline of the Adventurers’ Guild? …Oh, I forgot, I have to accept a request once every three months.”

“It is not a good idea to leave an expired request on your card, so you should either register it again with the Adventurers’ Guild or delete it.”

“Yes, I’ll go to the Adventurers’ Guild later.”

Wow, I completely forgot; three months is just a short time when you’re sailing. I guess I don’t need the adventurer title anymore, right?

But when it comes to other worlds, it’s adventurer… Yeah, but I have a feeling that even if I register, it will expire again. I’ll ask them to delete it once and register when I need it.

“So, I need to talk to you about something regarding another country.”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“Yes, on the southern continent, due to the civil war in the Kingdom of Catania, the price of pepper has dropped, so I’ve been forced to load up with more pepper. I want to sell it outside the country. I also want to do some sightseeing. Are there any good countries?”

“Outside of the country? There is still demand for pepper in this country, but is your goal sightseeing rather than selling pepper at a high price?”

“Of course, I would be happy to sell pepper at a high price, but I would also like to see interesting and rare things.”

“You are right; I think you can sell the pepper wherever you take it. If you are interested in sightseeing, I think the cathedral in Palermo, a religious state located in the eastern part of the continent, is the most famous. I’ve never seen it myself, but I hear it’s wonderful.”

A religious state…? Seems like a troublesome country in the image of a novel or something.

“I don’t know much about religion, but is it safe to go there?”

“I don’t think there will be any problem. It is a tolerant country as long as you don’t insult God in the cathedral.”

Oops? It seems that this is not a country where people are fighting a holy war in the name of God or something like that. Well then, I haven’t been to church lately. Maybe I should go to Palermo?

“I see… I’ll go there. And if it’s pepper, can you sell it in any country? Would it be alright if I just pop in and sell it at a store?”

“Yes, it’s fine. Pepper is hard to find in any country, so they will buy it.”

“Thank you very much; I will give it a try. And here are the souvenirs I brought this time. Please choose one of them.”

“I appreciate the souvenir, Wataru-san, but I can’t accept anything too expensive, and I don’t think this is a good way to give a woman an accessory, do you?”

“Hahaha, it’s not that expensive. I understand my lack of taste, so I would rather have you choose something you like and wear it than give you something you don’t like.”

“I see, then… I’ll take this pair of pink earrings. Thank you very much.”

“No, no, I’m always indebted to you, and could you please deliver this drink to the guild master? I heard it tastes good when mixed with fruit juice.”

I forgot all about the alcohol. Next time I see the guild master, I’ll ask him about the whiskey.

“Certainly, he was pleased with your last drink, thank you very much.”

“Oh, may I see Dino-san and Enrico-san?”

“The two of them are currently in the royal capital for escort duty. It will be a while before they return.”

“Oh, I am sorry, but could you give them their souvenirs as well?”

“Yes, of course. I will give the souvenirs to the two of them when they return.”

“Thank you very much. I will be back in three days, so please excuse me.”

I left the guild and headed to the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn to get a place to stay.

“I’m sorry, Wataru-san, but the inn is fully booked.”

“Is that so? That’s unfortunate.”

“Since Wataru-san brought the Girasole group here, they have been using this inn. Since then, the number of guests has been increasing, and we are very happy about it. Thank you very much.”

“I see. Are the Girasole members here now?”

“No, they on a commission. Shall I tell them when they come back?”

“Please, I will come back again.”

Did the members of Girasole stay at this inn as it is? That’s all it takes to fill up the inn. They’re very popular… Well, I understand the feeling.

“Ines, Felicia, since the Black-tailed Gull’s inn is full and I don’t feel like going to another inn, shall we sleep on the Luto?”

“Yes, I prefer the ship, so no problem.”

“Me, too.”

“Then let’s go to the Adventurers’ Guild, cancel my registration, hand out souvenirs, and then go shopping.”


Every time I enter the Adventurer’s Guild, I think to myself, I’m not cut out to be an adventurer. Although my level has improved through power leveling, and I should be as good as the people here, I don’t feel like I can beat even the novice adventurers. It’s a shame to come to another world and have this personality.

I went to the counter to have my adventurer registration canceled. In case you were wondering, I heard that you can re-register back to F-rank. I heard that high ranks could take a test and be registered back to their original rank.

I gave Guido-san and the others some alcohol and then delivered some to Donnino-san as well. Is that about it? All that’s left to do is to give the souvenirs to the members of Girasole.

We return to the ship after buying food for the trip to Palermo.

“Oh, I was kind of thinking of going to Palermo. Is everything okay with you two? If there’s someplace you want to go; we can go there too.”

“Ufufu, I wanted to see the cathedral too, no problem.”

“Me too.”

“So Palermo is our next stop… Speaking of which, can we get to Palermo by ship?”

“Come to think of it; I don’t know.”

“I don’t know too.”

“Yeah, well, I’ll ask the next time we go to the merchant guild. But what if we can’t get there by ship?”

“Right, if we can’t get there by ship, it will be a hard trip. I was fine when I was an adventurer, but I’m used to my life now, and I don’t want to make a long trip overland.”

“I don’t… like it either, but is there a problem with just drifting off into an easier life?”

“…I have problems, but do I have to force myself to go to a field I don’t like?”

Come to think of it; I think I’m losing the desperate feeling I had when I was hunting horned rabbits. Maybe I’m getting on a roll now that I’m making money. Most of the time, being in a good mood hurts, so let’s be careful.

“Well, why don’t we just ask around about the place, and then we’ll think about it?”

“Yes, let’s have dinner and go to bed for the night.”



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